Anti-Bullying 101: A Quick Guide on How to End, Overcome, and Rise Above Bullying

Anti-Bullying 101: A Quick Guide on How to End, Overcome, and Rise Above Bullying

by Christina Catalano, HowExpert Press


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There are so many books about bullying, but many of them do not cover how to rise above bullying while you are experiencing it or after it occurs. It covers exactly what we can do to rise above the experience of feeling pushed down.

Society often forgets that the effects of bullying does not end once the school day ends or you put on your high school cap and gown, and have a diploma in your hand. For many people, their personalities and life tracks are shaped by what happened to them in school.

Regardless if you are a tween, in your mid-twenties, a seasoned professional with school-age kids of your own, or still in school, you can benefit from this book.

How do you or someone you know rise above bullying? Catalano teaches you how to use your natural talents and your experiences to become your own game changer.

Here's What You Will Learn Inside This Guide:

Chapter 1: This is Our Story

How my story started and the way it has impacted me; I will be tying in the concept of why my story matters and inspiring you, the reader, to look into why your story matters.

Chapter 2: What is Bullying?!?

This chapter will be to point out how bullying is simply bullying - it occurs in different ways and manners. All in all, bullying cannot be put in a box and we should not to do so; the last section of this chapter will be focusing on what kinds of experiences you may have/have had.

Chapter 3: Game Changers

A chapter about getting into the positive mindset using a "game changing" mentality (which includes translating the experiences into positive energy).

Chapter 4: The School Bell Has Rung

Analyzing and engaging in a discussion about the hardships that comes unique to the school environment. I then provide exercises that help you rise above these cruel school years.

Chapter 5: Writing Your Own Office Memo

Similar to school bullying, I have you, the reader, explore with me the "water cooler impact" and its unique effect on how people work, and provide exercises to inspire you to take charge of your work life.

Chapter 6: Rising Above Family and Relationship Traumas

Relationship bullying can be an even more "personal" type of bullying. I help you see how this sensitive issue requires a special kind of care when rising out of your comfort zone, and away from trauma.

Chapter 7: Bullying in Countless Forms - It is Not Black and White

Describes the many forms of bullying that have occurred with others, and demonstrates how your story can be influenced by what you have learned herein.

Chapter 8: The Power of Positivity

Spotlights the power of positivity and a "game changer" mindset to bring about change with bullying experiences; shows how the power of change can be for life and not for just the one experience of being bullied.

Final Word: Our Stories Coming Together

Once you have come to peace and grown from your experiences being bullied, you can now use these experiences to help others and help them "game change" their lives; gives exercises that ask you to look inside of yourself and use your calling to tie into what you have learned from being bullied.

About the Expert:

Christina Catalano is an anti-bullying advocate and a survivor of 13 years of bullying. Catalano is the Founder and CEO of RISE Anti-Bullying, a charity that counsels children who are or have been bullied as well as conducts research for school policy for safer environments; Catalano has raised more than $10 million for the cause by taking steps to change how she reacted to her experiences of being bullied and becoming a game changer herself.

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Anti-Bullying 101: A Quick Guide on How to End, Overcome, and Rise Above Bullying 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
They use their own theory they created (game changer theory) to describe how to make a difference from being bullied to becoming your best self that you can be in our world today. It's super powerful and exciting to see theory backed works in the book. I'm starting my journey today and going to see how it goes with these steps.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Found it to be an honest and practical guide on how to deal with bullies and what to do . Purchased a couple of copies for my kids,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
self-help books are usually not very helpful because they are either too long, too informative or too short. She strikes the perfect balance between informative and entertaining. I read this to my daughter who is in middle school and she felt inspired by it. The author is young but she is a STAR even if she does not see that herself, she's done so much for her age and talks about her journey on how she made it. She doesn't tell the reader what's shes done and that's it, NO NO NO. She invites the audience to sit down with her and talk about how they can be the best they can be. This is one of the most inspiring books I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I am in my mid-fifties.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An interesting find and a breathe of fresh air because you just cant find books that actually help the reader anymore and this book does that for kids