Any Dream Will Do

Any Dream Will Do

by Debbie Macomber

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Debbie Macomber returns with a powerful standalone novel about a woman forced to start her life anew, embarking on the most courageous journey of all—to a place where she learns what love and trust really mean.
Shay Benson adored her younger brother, Caden, and that got her into trouble. When he owed money, Shay realized she would do anything to help him avoid the men who were threatening him, and she crossed lines she never should have crossed. Now, determined to start fresh, she finds herself in search of a place to stay and wanders into a church to escape from the cold.
Pastor Drew Douglas adored his wife. But when he lost her, it was all he could do to focus on his two beautiful kids, and his flock came in a distant third. Now, as he too is thinking about a fresh start, he walks through his sanctuary and finds Shay sitting in a pew.
The pair strike up a friendship—Drew helps Shay get back on her feet, and she reignites his sense of purpose—that, over time, turns into something deeper, something soulful, spiritual, and possibly romantic. Even Drew’s two children are taken with this woman who has brought light back into their lives. Perhaps most important, Shay learns to trust again as she, in turn, proves herself trustworthy to her adopted community.
But Caden’s return to town and a disastrous secret threaten to undo the life Shay has tried so hard to rebuild. It will take the utmost courage and faith if she and Drew hope to find healing and open their hearts to a brighter future.

Praise for Any Dream Will Do 

“Emotional, romantic and inspirational, the latest novel from romance maven Macomber is a must read! . . . Shay’s journey is one of courage, and there’s something in her story for every reader.”RT Book Reviews
Any Dream Will Do is . . . so realistic, it’s hard to believe it’s fiction through the end. Even then, it’s hard to say goodbye to these characters. This standalone novel will make you hope it becomes a Hallmark movie, or gets a sequel. It’s an inspiring, hard-to-put-down tale. . . . You need to read it.”The Free-Lance Star
Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber is a study in human tolerance and friendship. Macomber masterfully shows how all people have value.”—Fresh Fiction
“Macomber never disappoints. The message is uplifting and inspirational. Fans of Christian fiction or crossover works with a positive message will enjoy this book.”Library Journal

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ISBN-13: 9780399181214
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/26/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 58,014
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Debbie Macomber, the author of If Not for You, Sweet Tomorrows, A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, Last One Home, Silver Linings, Love Letters, Mr. Miracle, Blossom Street Brides, and Rose Harbor in Bloom, is a leading voice in women’s fiction. Twelve of her novels have reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller lists, and five of her beloved Christmas novels have been hit movies on the Hallmark Channel, including Mrs. Miracle and Mr. Miracle. Hallmark Channel also produced the original series Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove, based on Macomber’s Cedar Cove books. She has more than 200 million copies of her books in print worldwide.


Port Orchard, Washington

Date of Birth:

October 22, 1948

Place of Birth:

Yakima, Washington


Graduated from high school in 1966; attended community college

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Reading Group Guide

1. What are the major themes of the novel? How are these themes demonstrated through the characters’ actions?

2. This story is told from the perspectives of both Drew and Shay. Who is the main character? Why?

3. How does Shay change throughout the course of the novel? What precipitates her change? How does her change reflect the themes of the story?

4. In Chapter One, Shay mentions how much her father avoided religion when she was growing up. How does her childhood affect the way she views the church? The way she views Drew?

5. Both Mark and Sarah are extremely perceptive. How does their presence affect Drew and Shay’s relationship?

6. In chapter twenty-six, Linda says “I’m afraid that loving Shay is going to cost you your ministry.” What does she mean by this? What does Linda’s opinion mean to Drew? Is it important? Why or why not?

7. How do Drew’s sermons impact the characters in the story? Do they represent any major themes in the book? Why?

8. Discuss the title of the book as it pertains to each character. How does the title reflect each character’s journey?

9. Shooter and Caden both mistreat Shay at multiple points in the novel. How do their actions affect Shay’s relationship with Drew? What about her relationship with the other characters?

10. Who would play each of the characters in a film adaptation of Any Dream Will Do? Why?

11. At the end of the story, does Caden find redemption? Why or why not?

12. At the end of the novel, Shay says “As I looked around me, I had more than a handful of dreams and every one of them seemed to be coming true.” What were Shay’s dreams at the beginning of the novel? The end? Did they all come true? Why or why not?

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Any Dream Will Do 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 60 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What an inspirational read! I couldn't put it down. It kept me needing to get to the next page to see what was going on. This's her best story yet!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There will be some people who will say that stories like this are unbelievable and sappy. But not me about this story. I appreciated that all the characters were well-rounded, had faults as well as strengths, and grew as the story progressed. This will be a book I re-read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read almost everything written by Debbie Macomber and this has to be one of my very favorite books. Thanks Debbie for writing this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I probably got 2/3 of the way, and skipped to the end. The characters were just boring and the story was predictible in that we all knew that somewhere, was going to be missing from the church. Borrow from the library!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GREAT READ! It was hard to put this down
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber is a wonderful heartwarming story about second chances and finding love. Any Dream Will Do begins with Shay Benson, our heroine, making a grave mistake in helping her brother; after serving three years in prison for embezzlement, which during that time, she never heard from her brother again. When Shay is released from prison, she has no money, and has no one to help her; she gets on a bus to nowhere, and ends up in a local church in a small town and desperately prays for some guidance. Drew Douglas, is the pastor of his church, and when he hears a noise, he realizes that someone has entered the church. Drew himself was deep in prayer, trying to find a way to get past his depression, since the loss of his wife 4 years before. Drew has two children, and he knows he needs to find a way to step out of his mourning for them, as well as he is losing members of his church. When Drew goes to find out who entered, he meets Shay, and he will try to bring her to one of the town’s clinics that help those in need. Shay openly explains that she just got out of prison, but Drew is determined to help the young lady. Shay at first is not too sure she will qualify to be in this program, but she will persevere and slowly change her perspective at having a chance for a new life. She meets many people who will become her friends along the way, which also includes Drew, who will become her friend, as will his two children. Drew finds himself having a new purpose, and begins to return to the living, winning back his parishioners, his friends, and spending quality time with his daughter and son. Drew also finds himself enjoying spending time with Shay, and how she is with his children. Both know theirs is just a friendship, which has some townspeople not happy, as Shay’s past has them determined to force Drew not to become romantically involved. Those who know Shay, have seen all the good she does helping others, with volunteer work, and the homeless, not to mention how Drew’s children have grown to love her. Shay’s brother and her ex will come back to haunt her, causing more problems, but she is now strong enough to fight them Even though this was an unlikely pair, their growing romance was so well written and beautiful to see. I loved how Shay was so loving to the children, and to Drew, even though she felt she was not worthy of him. I loved how they both got second chances in life to rise above the trauma of their past; as each needed to learn to trust their hearts, and have faith and hope again . Debbie Macomber gives us wonderful story about love, second chances, friendship, issues, and forgiveness. This was a sweet and inspiring story, with a great couple, wonderful children and secondary characters. I strongly suggest you read Any Dream Will Do.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read! Debbie Macomber always delivers awesome books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of her best ever!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thank you for making me feel good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Shay Benson loves her brother, Caden. When he reaches out to her in desperation for help, what is she to do? She put family over her job and the law and paid a price for it. Once she gets out of prison, she finds herself at rock bottom and desperate for a place to go and finds a church. The pastor Drew is a widower with 2 kids. He is able to get her to a place that helps Shay back on her feet. Shay ends up becoming a very important part of his family’s life. Then, Shay’s brother shows back up and their trust and friendship is strained to the breaking point. Will Shay and Drew be able to survive this? Debbie Macomber is an auto-buy author for me, so when I was given the opportunity to review one of her books, I jumped on it. This one really struck a chord with me. In our society, we are so quick to judge people based on their past, their background, or even our prejudices. It’s so easy to be cynical and see the bad in people, and so hard to believe that there is good in them. Obviously, you can’t break the law and expect to not get punished. While I felt that Shay got the raw end of that deal, there are consequences for actions. I found myself getting angry and irritated with characters in this book on behalf of Shay. Macomber gives you a protagonist in this book that you just want to cheer for. I thoroughly adored this book and gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. Thanks to Random House Publishing and NetGalley for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
iiiireader More than 1 year ago
“Any Dream Will Do” is a novel about second chances. Shay Benson is an ex-con who has just been released from prison. She has nowhere to go and no one to go to. Just a small amount of money is keeping her from living on the streets. In effort to stay warm and try to figure out where she will go on her first day of freedom, she wanders into Seattle Calvary church. Drew Douglas is the pastor at the church. His beloved wife has passed away four years ago, leaving him with two young children to raise on his own. He is at a breaking point, pouring himself out in prayer when Shay wanders into his church. Both Shay and Drew are looking for second chances. For Shay, she wants a chance to have a life that is free from the hate, abuse, drugs and beatings that have surrounded her for most of her life. For Drew, it is a second chance at devoting himself to God and to living a life that is free from the sadness and depression that have been his lot since his wife first became ill. The story is told from both of their perspectives, alternating chapter by chapter. What emerges from the narrative is a story that shows that God is in control and has a purpose for everyone and who will answer those who seek Him. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ms. Macomber's book. She touches on real issues that men and women have to deal with on a day to day basis. I believe this is a stand-alone book but I think a series around some of these characters would be wonderful. I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well, another one that I want more of in the future. Characters you care about and want to continue their walk with them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of Macombers for years, but that is sadly coming to an end. Paying $12.00 for 270 pages is outrageous! At least in her earlier works, there were free recipes! The characters were so predictable and lacked deep emotions, given the storyline. If this were a Hallmark movie, I'd be asleep. I am so disappointed in the weakness of this book to draw the reader into the characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a very heartwarming story! I truly loved reading this book!
BrandyJB More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful book. In a nutshell the very best book I've ever read. I somehow connected with both Drew and Shay and how wonderful to see the growth and the very sweet romance develop between two people who started as so different. I so hope this Debbie will write her next book in this same format. I so enjoyed how the Chapters were first one for Drew, then Shay, and yet they each connected. Five + stars for a book I loved and related to although my life isn't or hasn't been like this. Many thanks to Debbie, Jan Blake
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Hard to put it down. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the first Debbie Macomber book that I have read and it didnt disappoint. It was a great read and hard to put down.
Miccox99 More than 1 year ago
This book is well plotted out with great character development. There are a few twists and turns in the story, but it pretty much sticks to the theme of the overall book which is second chances. I must admit that the book isn't my usual preferred genre, but I have liked this author's books in the past and thought I would give it a listen. I like how the story's perspective was broken down to the point of view of each main character. Each chapter was a the others POV. The audiobook readers did a great job as there were two different readers to lead the varying perspectives.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Debbie Macomber has done it again. What an awesome and inspirational book. I'm having trouble putting into words how I feel after reading this book. It's a story about new beginnings and God's love for us all. She is a phenomenal writer of women's fiction.
V-Rundell More than 1 year ago
Shay Benson served three years after taking money form the bank where she worked to help her younger brother, Caden, pay off his drug supplier--and save his life. It's time she never wanted to spend, but she didn't have anyone left in her life to keep her or Caden out of harm's way. Now freed, she has $100 and some hand-me-down clothes with which to begin again. Tired and cold in the December weather, Shay stops into a church to find a little warmth. She also find Pastor Drew Douglas, a man still fighting his grief over the passing of his beloved wife three years prior. Pastor Drew makes it his mission to help Shay find shelter, and his connection with a womens' center gets Shay not just a place to stay, but also counseling and job training. Over the course of a year, Shay and Drew see each other sporadically. His friend runs her jobs program, and she sometimes watches his daughter in a center-sponsored childcare. Both his children, surprisingly, gravitate toward Shay and want to include her in family dinners and special moments.It's not long before Drew acknowledges his own attraction to Shay's gentle nature and abundant kindness. Though, it's not all easy. Drew's parishoners aren't keen on him marrying an ex-con--not when there are so many "decent" women to marry. And, Drew's bombarded by offers on many side before he recognizes that Shay is the gal for him. Naturally, there are some crises, and Shay falls under suspicion of wrong-doing--only to have things turn out sunny in the end. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of religious romance, but I really appreciate the delicate position of a minister looking for love. It brings an interesting gravitas to a romance. There's no steam here, but there are plenty of feels. Drew's plagued by doubt and guilt--in his faith and his love. Shay's a good woman who had a bad start in life, and she's paid her dues more than twice. I was glad she found a good stable man to love her, but she's not going to take any guff from him either. I sure liked the 'atta girl moments, and had a few times where I shook the bed holding in my laughter. Poor Pastor! Those eligible ladies sure had high hopes, and he's called tot he carpet a few times defending Shay from some nasty allegations. Expect a hefty helping of redemption in this one, and all the folks who initially cast a gimlet eye on Shay ended up being smitten with her in the end. Its a sweet read, and I enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read all Debbie Macomber books! Automatic purchase! Can't wait for more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago