Arab-Iranian Relations

Arab-Iranian Relations


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ISBN-13: 9781860641565
Publisher: I. B.Tauris & Company, Limited
Publication date: 12/15/1998
Pages: 528
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Historical ties between Arabs and Iranians: Arab-Iranian relations - historical background, Abdul Aziz ad-Duri; Arab-Iranian ties - historical precedents, present and future confluences, Ahmad Luwasani. Part 2 Arab-Iranian economic ties - current situation and future prospects for development: geo-economics of OPEC members in the Middle East, Ali Shams Ardekani; contemporary Arb-Iranian economic relations, Jassem Khaled al-Saadoun. Part 3 Mutual awareness between Arabs and Iranians: mutual awareness between Arabs and Iranians, Wajih Kawtharani; mutual awareness between Arab and Iranians, Hadi Khesroshahi. Part 4 The political and media message of governments and elites and its impact on Arab-Iranian ties: the media and Arab-Iranian relations, Fehmi Houwaidi; the Iranian and Arab elites and the evolving rationality, Mashallah Shams al-Waezin. Part 5 The image of Arabs and Iranians in schoolbooks: the image of the Arabs in Iranian schoolbooks, Ghoulam Ali Haddad Adel; the image of the Iranians in Arab schoolbooks, Talal Atrissi. Part 6 The status of Arab and Iranian women: the status of women in contemporary Iran - trends and prospects, Massoumeh Ebtekar; the status of women in the Arab world, Mariam Selim. Part 7 Border and territorial disputes between Arabs and Iranians: the dispute between the United Arab Emirates and Iran over three islands, Shimlan el-Issa; Iraqi-Iranian boundary and territorial disputes, Sayyar al-Jamil; Arab-Iranian territorial disputes -cooperation in the region, not confrontation, Pirouz Mojtahed-Zadeh. Part 8 The Kurdish question: Arab and Iranian positions on the Kurdish question, Saad Naji Jawad; the Kurdish people - from confrontation to coexistence, Saideh Lotfian. Part 9 The Palestine question in Arab-Iranian relations: the Palestine question in Arab-Iranian relations, Ahmad Sudki el-Dajani. Part 10 Comparative study of civil society in Iran and the Arab Union: Arabs and Iran - Islam and the civil society, Ridwan el-Sayyed; Civil society in Iran - continuity and change, Mohammad Hadi Semati. Part 11 International relations in the Arab and Iranian corners, and sensitivity of international interests to their ties: Arab-Iranian rapprochement - the regional and international impediments, Mahmood Sariolghalam; Arab and Iranians in the "new world order", Niveen Abdulmonem Masaad. Part 12 (Part contents).

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