Art Without Compromise

Art Without Compromise

by Wendy Richmond

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ISBN-13: 9781581157338
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 02/16/2010
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 925 KB

About the Author

Wendy Richmond is a visual artist, writer, and educator whose work explores issues of personal privacy, technology, and creativity in contemporary culture. A graduate of Wesleyan University, Richmond received her Master's degree from New York University. Her teaching experience includes MIT, International Center of Photography, and Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where she co-created courses in expression and media. She is author of Design&Technology: Erasing the Boundaries and Overneath: A Collaboration of Photography and Dance. She also has a regular column in the design industry magazine Communication Arts. Richmond lives in New York City.

Table of Contents


1 The Creative Process Loop

Cultivating Creativity 3

The Creative Process Loop 6

Setting Up and Letting Go 9

Bringing Play to Work 12

Visual Reflection Notebooks 14

Developing a Creative Practice 19

The Underlying Questions 23

2 Culture's Frames and Filters

Your Work in a Historical Context 29

Frames and Filters 31

Ways of Knowing 34

Pilgrimage 37

Identity and Authenticity 39

Exhibiting the Complexity of Culture 42

Respecting Culture 45

What's in an Arch? 47

Constructed Walls 51

3 Life Support

First, Accept No Harm 57

Muriel Cooper 60

Designing the Self-Critique 64

Components of Collaboration 67

Your Portrait or Mine? 72

The Work in the Exhibit 77

4 Questioning the Tools

Your Cell Phone, Your Self 83

Twenty-five Years of"Better" 85

Improvisation and Interface 90

The Quality of Technique 94

Memory is Cheap 97

The Future of History 100

5 The Medium Controls the Message

Shaping Content 105

Concentrating on Contest 108

Framing Video 111

These Pictures Are Meant to be Sent 114

Learning (Again) from Las Vegas 118

Trust Me, Trust Me Not 121

6 Another Kind of Language

Another Kind of Language 129

The Power of Language 132

The Forward Momentum of Failure 135

Promoting Visual Thinking 138

Video as Learning Art 141

Why Do You Draw? 144

Mixing Centuries 150

Beyond Description 154

Sound Seeing 158

7 The Twenty-first Century Landscape

The Invasion of Public Privacy 163

Private Talk in Public Places 166

The Internal Retreat from Public Space 171

You Lookin'at Me? 175

What We Reveal 178

Killing Time 181

8 Your Excitement Meter

Excitement Meter 187

Visual Episodes 190

InPraise of Digression 193

Why Do We Look at Art? 196

Personal Work 201

The Value of Time 204

Acknowledgements 207

Bibliography 208

Index 212

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Art Without Compromise 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wendy Richmond's art is both a reflection of our social selves in the public sphere and a practice filled with the formal beauty that comes with years of working and thinking about art making. Her book, "Art Without Compromise", is a primer for artists and designers with insights for anyone interested in the arts but its spirit of generosity is what sets it apart from other books of its kind. Wendy Richmond is an artist, a teacher, and a writer. There is an openness and respect for the work of others that is uncommon in the artworld; a serious consideration of peers and of students alike. The book covers a surprising amount of ground looking at the creative process, at the intersection of contemporary art and technology, at cross disciplinary collaboration. In its role as primer it is filled with useful information, practical, theoretical, conversational. But again, it is the spirit of the book and Ms. Richmond's engagement that we care about most. There is a commitment to art making and to visual art in particular. There is a great chapter on the subject of visual thinking and a consideration of why visual thinking is a second class citizen in the United States. There is a voice that encourages artists to allow themselves the time and space to develop their own vision and to trust their own notions of what is important. This is not a utopian voice but the voice of someone who has worked in the commercial world and who understands the pressures exerted on artists to compromise and to second guess. It is a book that considers authenticity as subject matter but describes authenticity best by way of example.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bluebirdSM More than 1 year ago
I picked up Wendy Richmond's new book + I cannot read it fast enough but I don't want it to end and then there is so much meat to each story that I quickly remind myself to read s l o w ly. Wendy's style of connecting words, relaying sentiments and stories is so inspiring and compelling. Muriel Cooper!!!! INCREDIBLE. I love, love this character profile! I feel that Wendy writes about her thoughtful and perceptive insights and is such an acute observer of what is also around everyone else (what some may call the obvious) but not many people are feeling or are seeing what she notices. It is entirely relate-able and I love, love her language. In reading each story no matter what order, Wendy has woven all of her loves to make a dynamic career that continues to inspire and fuel her art and in-turn inspires the reader. This book is a treasure!! WOW!! I know I will re-read this book many, many times. What a treasure. Thank you for this gift.
Shulla More than 1 year ago
For all the thoughts and questions you have, this book is the best companion. It expands the dialogue and gives a brave look into the challenges and changes we face as artist and art lovers in the digital age. This book is a must have!
Glenn_Griffin More than 1 year ago
Wendy Richmond brings a fresh, contemporary and honest perspective to the making of art. For Richmond, it isn't just about the process, it's about context and self reflection. This book challenges artists of all kinds to understand themselves better and to push for more personally satisfying and successful work.
ST-LosAngeles More than 1 year ago
I'm reading it for the second of the next hundred times. Like Roland Barthes, it will be a touchstone at critical moments forever. Thank you. There are so many resonances, things to and with which we connect-- history, place, chosen environments. Your book is wonderful, smart, concise, inspiring and even sassy. I selfishly can't imagine anyone who could appreciate it more. That said, I'm sure it will influence all the best souls. Truth spoken to those excited about celebrating truth.
countingcounting More than 1 year ago
this book is so very useful and relevant for artists today. the best thing about it is its structure-- though there seems to be a fairly linear progression, i can open to any page any time, and whichever column i open to almost doesnt matter, because they all matter. the information and especially the insight that richmond gives is priceless, in order to help any artist along the journey that is life. i think this book can even apply loosely to anyone's life! richmond gives such helpful and relevant information, with a casual and very accessible tone. i feel as if i'm having a conversation, and so i can relate and learn and take what i can even more so. this is a book i am so glad to have, and it will be so in later years as well. its the kind of book you can pick up and learn new things many times; from reflecting in a new way even on sections youve read earlier in your life. highly recommended!
PaintBoxGirl More than 1 year ago
I just found your book in B&N in Kingston, about serendipitous. Am reading it now as I have resumed painting after a tough year. I revamped my website & started a blog. Which is so empowering. Art Without Compromise feels like a new friend. Thank you...I will recommend to every creative person I know.
rubySH More than 1 year ago
this book will challenge you to think differently and more deeply about the work you do, the life you lead, and the world you inhabit on a daily basis. a refreshing read!