Assassin's Honor (Order of the Sicari, #1)

Assassin's Honor (Order of the Sicari, #1)

by Monica Burns

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BN ID: 2940153482934
Publisher: Monica Burns
Publication date: 09/24/2016
Series: Order of the Sicari , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 480,825
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

An author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine. A workaholic wife and mother, she is the author of numerous romances and e-books.

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Assassin's Honor 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Although her parents strongly believed in the Order of the Sicari and encouraged her to do so likewise, the Chicago-based archeologist Emma Zale assumes the legend is myth and no more. Still their tales of the ancient order and their murders led Emma to study archeology as a way of honoring them. While on a dig, Emma is shocked to find evidence that the Sicari were real. Soon after, she uncovered her proof, her boss is murdered. When she meets Ares DeLuca he claims to be a Sicari telekinetic assassin. The Sicari war and the Praetorian Guards are at war with the latter committing ethnic cleansing. Unless Ares can find the Tyet of Isis, his people will become extinct. To prevent the genocide he needs Emma's help because he thinks she know where the ancient artifact is hidden; to stay alive she needs Ares' help because she thinks he is a great warrior, but her fear is he will also take her heart. The first Order of the Sicari romantic urban fantasy is a superb opening tale that focuses on a several millennia war between the Praetorian Guard and the Sicari assassins. The lead couple is a terrific pairing while the support cast enhances the sense of a long running deadly feud. Monica Burns has an excellent first act of what appears will be a wonderful series. Assassin's Honor is a spellbinding tale. Harriet Klausner
dhaupt More than 1 year ago
Ares DeLuca is a leader in an ancient order long thought of as a fantastical legend, his people live in secrecy to avoid detection by their ancient enemies, detection that could mean death unless they strike and kill first. They're bound by honor to protect the innocent and have special powers to help them. The last thing Ares needs is a woman with her own power to muddy the waters and steal his heart as well as his "Assassin's Honor". Emma Zale is no stranger to tragedy, her parents were murdered on an archeological expedition and what was thought to be an isolated incident may just be more, more than she bargained for especially when she meets a sexy and dangerous stranger, a stranger that's not good for her heart or her health. Ms. Burns is quite the talented storyteller and she proves this with a unique and refreshing voice in paranormal romance. Her plot is as fantastical as her characters and you will need to think outside the box as you will with any otherworldly genre. The thing you will find with this novel is the believability factor. Even though her audience knows they're reading something truly fictional she gives a sense of reality with it. I love her dialogue with the hint of some old forgotten dialect of Italian interspersed with modern day narrative. Her characters also have that believability factor in them and we will love the hero and heroine as much as we will hate the villains. Speaking of her hero Ares and heroine Emma, this is a couple that should never be together because of their differences and yet we can't help but pull for them, root for them and hurt with them as they struggle their way together and toward their Happy Ever After, which if they get it will have earned it tenfold. The romance is fraught with sinkholes big enough to hide a small European country and perils that will turn the staunchest reader pale. Her love scenes are hot enough to scorch the paint of the walls so be near a fan when you read it. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to a new series especially if you love paranormal/fantasy series then this new series is for your. So start from the beginning and prepare to turn pages faster than you can imagine to get to the end of "Assassin's Honor".
JillLOswalt More than 1 year ago
Assasin's Honor is a captivating book that has an incredible story line. The main characters are emotionally griping with just the right amount of tension that leaves the reader breathless. It's the start to a great series!! It's a definite read!!
ArizonaBoo18 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in the series. I loved it! Very steamy, and a great story. Monica Burns weaves an excellent modern day story with a historical twist, plus, she throws in some archaeology. The main characters, plus several supporting, have paranormal abilities which come in very handy in several parts of the book. Very much looking forward to the second in the series, Assassin's Heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this is one of the best books i have read i enjoyed this book i couldn't put it down didn't take me long to read i am looking forward for the next book in the series and can't wait till it comes out keeps the books coming!!!!
DawnHullender More than 1 year ago
I wanted to write my review as soon as I finished the book, but as I was devoid of coherent thought, I figured waiting a day wouldn't hurt. Why provide a review filled with incomprehensible words? Besides, my keyboard wouldn't work well covered in drool. What is more sexy than a man with a sword and knows how to use it? Monica Burns has pulled me in and kept me reading in a way I've not experienced in a very long time. The mere atmosphere she set with the mysterious guild of assassins called The Order of Sicari is ingenious and steeped richly in an Italian nature so compelling, once you start reading, you can't stop until you learn more. I, for one, absolutely love archeology (and assassins if truth be known) and Ms. Burns incorporates so many elements of both along with insane psychic abilities in her novel that I found myself immensely disappointed when I finished Assassin's Honor. I want more. I can't wait for the next book in the series. For once, I enjoyed a romantic suspense that was filled with true and interesting facts combined with an artistic flamboyant style of writing found few and far between on the bookshelves today. On an overall level, this novel gets a rating of 5. Gonna keep it forever, probably read and re-read a dozen times over. On the heat level, this novel rings the bell as the highest. Careful when handling Assassin's Honor, you may get burned.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Assassin's Honor by Monica Burns is a fantastic Paranormal Romance. #1 in "Order of the Sicari", which is being re-issued, for the first time ever. This is a story where two worlds collide, Ancient Rome and present day Chicago. Ares DeLuca, an telekinetic assassin and Archeologist Emma Zale, who sees the past when she touches ancient relics. This is how she found evidence of an ancient order of assassins—the Sicari. And thus the story begins...... "Assassin's Honor" starts off fast and never let's up until the very last page, and it lingers in your mind for some time after, what if.... The sensual tension is such that it keeps the reader on edge, waiting to see who sucumbs to whom. Definitely fast paced, with wonderful mythical world building, mixing modern civilization with an ancient world of sexy assassins, a paranormal hero, and kick butt heroine with a cast of characters that only enhances the reading experience, rounds off this amazingly unique tale. Mix in a combination of exciting romance, suspense, intrigue, passion, adventure and a deadly long standing ancient feud between Praetorian Guard and the legendary Sicari assassins, what the reader finds is an fantastic read. Whew, talk about excitement and adventure, "Assassin’s Honor" has it all and so much more. Bravo, Monica Burns!! Well done! A definite must read for fans of paranormal romance, ancient feuds, mythical worlds, and sizzling romance. I look forward to reading "Assassin's Heart". Rating: 4.5 Heart rating: Steamy/hot Reviewed by: AprilR
ajenkins979 More than 1 year ago
I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the author's other work, but still a great story. This book is mostly full of suspense, with smut and romance thrown in. I was not fully captured by the story, only some parts were captivating. The story was very well written. Because the story is written about an ancient warrior group, the modern day warriors still use some of the old language. Ms Burns includes such words in the story, if you don't know them you have to figure them out with context.
greekgoddess422 More than 1 year ago
Paranormal Story . Hero is Ares. Heroine is Emma . There is a war going on between 2 superpowers that have been going on from King Constance and before that . The sicari is powerful beings that fight for the light . They have supernatural powers . Emma's parents were archeologists that were looking for a treasure . They were murdered during a dig in Egypt . Five years later while on a dig Emma's friend is murdered on a dig . Emma is also an empath and once she picks things up she gets images from the object . Emma is questioned by the police about the murder . She was the only one in the Tomb during the murder . While being questioned in the police station Emma sees a man in the background in Darkness . Emma wonders who it is ?? Once back in Chicago Emma finds out that she is delegated to a desk job . No more digs . So she goes home and that is when Ares shows up . Ares questions her about something that everyone is looking for and everyone thinks Emma has . Then a dark attacher shows up and Ares has to fight him and save Emma . Who is this race of Attachers ??? What is it that they are looking for ?? Lots of surprises
Cora-R More than 1 year ago
This new series by Ms. Burns is intriguing. Present day with an interesting twist. The main female character, Emma Zales, is on an archaeological dig when her friend is murdered. She finds she is in danger as well as she is too close to revealing a secret that she is not fully aware of. When someone attempts to murder her, the male lead, Ares DeLuca, who is part of a secret sect of assassins with paranormal abilities that has existed for centuries, the Sicari, saves her and throws her whole world upside down. I loved the male lead, hot and in control. The female is weaker and not that interesting. I give it three stars because it is not a strong as Ms. Burn’s historical romances. I did enjoy reading it enough to give the next in the series a read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book hope the second is just as good
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