Authentic Victorian Villas and Cottages: Over 100 Designs with Elevations and Floor Plans

Authentic Victorian Villas and Cottages: Over 100 Designs with Elevations and Floor Plans

by Isaac H. Hobbs

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Authentic Victorian Villas and Cottages: Over 100 Designs with Elevations and Floor Plans by Isaac H. Hobbs

More than 100 magnificent home plans provide lovers of Victoriana the finest examples of period architecture. Compiled by Isaac Hobbs, a prominent Philadelphia architect of the period, the book also offers an informative discussion on the principles and practices of practical home design and construction.
Designs and floor and ground plans for villas, cottages, and other residences are revealed in 122 detailed engravings, among them a six-room ornamental cottage (without bathroom facilities) for $1,500; an elegant Elizabethan villa, with entry hall, library, china closet, and five bedrooms, for $27,000; and an ornate Gothic suburban residence, complete with parlor, sitting room, dressing rooms, six bedrooms, and two bathrooms, at a cost of $33,000.
Invaluable to architects, preservationists, and home restorers, this authentic guide to a wealth of house styles from the late 1800s will also delight anyone intrigued by Victorian life.

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Authentic Victorian Villas and Cottages

Over 100 Designs with Elevations and Floor Plans

By Isaac Hobbs

Dover Publications, Inc.

Copyright © 2014 Dover Publications, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-486-14717-8




THIS building was designed and built for Colonel Walter W. Price, of New York City, upon the west bank of Lake George, one and a half miles above the Fort William Henry Hotel, upon one of the most commanding situations on the lake. It is surrounded by a large plantation, which is one of the most extensive and beautiful parks in the northern part of the State of New York. Fish-ponds, groves, and all the adornments and conveniences indulged in by Europeans, are here supplied. The building is superb and grand, and its proportions are adapted to the situation.

HEIGHT OF STORIES.—First story, 14 feet in clear; second story, 13 feet; upper story, 12 feet. Cost, $35,000.

First Floor.—A, vestibule, 9 by 10 feet; B, hall, 10 feet wide; C, drawing-room, 16 feet 9 inches by 29 feet 6 inches; D, parlor, 16 feet 6 inches by 24 feet; E, sitting-room, 26 feet 9 inches by 16 feet; F, staircase-hall; G, dining-room, 22 by 17 feet 9 inches; H, breakfast-room, 17 by 18 feet; I, kitchen, 14 by 19 feet 6 inches; J, kitchen, 14 by 12 feet 6 inches; K, pantry; L, servants' stair hall; M, carriage-porch.

Second Floor.—N, dressing-room, 10 feet 9 inches by 10 feet 9 inches; O, hall, 10 feet 6 inches wide; P, principal chamber, 16 feet 6 inches by 29 feet; Q, chamber, 17 by 22 feet; R, chamber, 16 by 27 feet 6 inches; S, bath-room, 13 feet 9 inches by 9 feet; T, chamber, 18 by 18 feet; U, chamber, 15 feet 6 inches by 15 feet 6 inches ; V, chamber, 16 feet 6 inches by 14 feet; W, bath-room, 4 by 8 feet.




THIS design is a beautiful type of suburban residence, with a Mansard-roof. It was constructed in Elmira, N. Y. It was built for Mr. Reynolds, of Elmira, and its cost, when completed, was $50,000; and it will compare favorably, for internal beauty and external grandeur, with any of those princely residences built in the city of New York. It is built of brick, with Ohio sandstone finish. As will be observed, the dimensions of all its parts are upon a grand scale. The stairway is of the most superb kind. The newel-post contains a bronze figure, holding a globe. The opening of the stair above passes half-way over the hall, and the wainscoting and railing are of a carved pattern of a very grand kind. The dining-room is also extremely grand and effective, having a conservatory for flowers in the manner of a bay, with a fountain in the centre. The lower lights of glass, being made of mirrors, reflect the plants most beautifully. The floor is made of ornamental iron-work, with places between the patterns for planting the flowers. The wood-work is of a new style of finish invented by ourselves.

First Floor.—A, parlor, 28 by 16 feet; B, sitting-room, 23 by 16 feet; C, library, 20 feet 10 inches by 16 feet; D, dining-room, 15 feet 9 inches by 26 feet; E, conservatory, 9 by 14 feet; F, hall, 11 by 38 feet 6 inches; G, vestibule, 8 by 11 feet; H, butler's pantry, 12 feet 6 inches by 8 feet; I, store-closet, 8 by 5 feet 3 inches; J, kitchen, 18 by 18 feet; K, nursery, 22 by 18 feet; L, lavatory, 6 by 5 feet; M, back porch; N, front porch.




THIS suburban residence is in the Italian style, with Mansard-roof and octagonal corner tower. It will have a grand effect, if built in the spirit of the design. It contains a very complete set of apartments, large and commodious, and would make an admirable river-side residence, with ample grounds, sloping gradually forward. Terrace-walks and fine finish of lawns are requisite; smooth and well- kept walks, and well-graded and closely-shaved slopes, are necessary to carry out and give full effect to the design. It has a character of rich and grand effect: nothing grotesque will be in harmony; everything must be in the highest type of refinement, vases with plants edging the walks, and the shrubbery must be grouped on the lawn in the best manner, to carry out the desired effect. It can be built for $25,000. It is intended to be built of brick, with the dressings in wood; the whole to be painted and sanded, in imitation of a warm-colored sandstone.

First Floor.—A, hall, 10 feet wide; B, reception-room, 14 by 14 feet; C, sitting-room, 14 by 21 feet; D, drawing-room, 20 by 30 feet; E, dining-room, 15 by 32 feet; F, conservatory, 16 by 25 feet; G, kitchen, 16 by 20 feet; H, servants' hall, 12 by 16 feet.

Second Floor.—L, bath- and dressing-room; M, chambers; N, billiard-room.




THIS design is in the Ovo order of architecture. Each detail part has its proportion, extracted without deviation or change, from the very first line to the consummation of the design. This building is designed to suit a situation upon the side of one of the ranges of the Alleghany Mountains, at Tyrone, Pa. The ground rising so rapidly demands an evolution peculiar to the situation, which is obtained by shortening the depth and increasing the length of the front. Where houses are backed by ranges of high hills, they appear very diminutive by contrast, and it is necessary to bring to our aid some stratagem by which this can be overcome. This building will be nearly one hundred and twenty-five feet front, yet have no more space in it than many first-class residences we are continually designing. The cost of the erection of this building will be about $35,000, and it is intended for the residence of Mr. Caldwell, of the firm of Caldwell & Loyd, Bankers, Tyrone.

First Floor.—A, porch; B, vestibule, 12 by 13 feet; C, library and reception- room, 13 by 16 feet; D, sitting-room, 23 feet 3 inches by 34 feet 6 inches; E, hall, 12 feet wide; F, parlor, 18 by 46 feet; G, scullery, 12 by 11 feet 6 inches; H, kitchen, 16 by 18 feet; I, stairs; J, dining-room, 16 by 33 feet; K, porch.

Height of first floor, 15 feet; second floor, 12 feet and 13 feet 6 inches; third floor, 10 feet and 12 feet 6 inches.




THIS design, with a Mansard-roof, is intended for a town or suburban residence. It needs the association of other houses, with small plantations between, and set some sixty feet back from the road, but should always take a position on a line with others adjoining. In such a position, with well-trained grass, nicely- kept walks, with a few terra-cotta "jardinières," furnished with flowering plants, a small fountain, with a few well-chosen bushes in the rear, forming clumps impenetrable to the eye, set in such a manner as to form small vistas, but closing up the view before the rear of the lot is exposed, properly treated in this manner, a degree of refinement will be thrown over the whole that even the largest, most pretentious, or costly houses may lack. The building cost, where it is situated, on the bank of the Raritan River, at New Brunswick, N. J., $7000. It was built with the addition of a fine porch extending from bay end in the front to the left-hand side, making an improved effect. The design was made for Dr. Robbins, of the above place, and was executed to his full satisfaction.

First Floor.—A, vestibule, 4 by 6 feet; B, stair-hall, 12 by 14 feet 9 inches; C, parlor, 16 by 18 feet, with bay-window, 8 by 12 feet; D, dining-room, 14 by 16 feet, with bay-window, 4 by 9 feet; E, library, 12 by 13 feet, with bay- window, 4 by 9 feet; F, kitchen, 11 by 22 feet; G, store-room, 6 by 8 feet.

Second Floor.—Four chambers, marked M, all of sizes as rooms below; H, bath- room, 9 by 12 feet.

Third Floor contains an equal number of well-ventilated chambers; high stories.




THIS design of a suburban residence contains large and ample accommodations. By reference to the plans, the rooms will be seen to be of very good proportions, and all differing in size and shape. The house is of brick, painted, with slate roof. The upper stories contain ample rooms for servants, tank- and store-room. It is finished with the base course, window dressings, corner-steps, and chimney-tops of sandstone, smoothly cut. Ample provision is made for heating, ventilation, and all modern appliances, as verandas, bays, porches, etc. The design was first made and built of frame, for Albert Dilworth, Esq., East Liberty, near Pittsburg, Pa., and is quite successful.

The sizes of rooms, etc., are marked upon the plans. The stories are 12 feet for the first; 11 feet, second story, in the clear between floors and the ceilings. Cost, $8000.




THIS design will make a beautiful and convenient residence, harmonizing well with a rolling country. It can be built of stone, or brick, painted; or, with some slight modifications, it can be altered to frame, if desired. It will cost about $9000.

The great beauty of such a building is in the proportion of its parts, and its adaptation to the site for its erection, whether it is to be seen at a long or short distance, as upon this a great deal will depend.

First Floor.—A, hall, 8 by 21 feet 6 inches; B, parlor, 14 feet 9 inches by 16 feet; C, library, 15 by 15 feet; D, living-room, 21 feet 5 inches by 14 feet 6 inches; E, back parlor, 14 feet 9 inches by 13 feet; F, rear hall; G, porch, 9 by 19 feet 9 inches; H, dining-room, 13 by 16 feet 3 inches; I, kitchen, 12 feet 9 inches by 13 feet 5 inches; K, porch, 13 feet 4 inches by 6 feet 8 inches.

Second Floor.—L, dressing-room; M, chamber, 14 by 15 feet; N, chamber, 15 by 13 feet 9 inches; O, chamber, 36 feet 8 inches. by 14 feet 6 inches; P, chamber, 15 by 12 feet 5 inches; R, hall, 8 by 11 feet; S, chamber, 16 feet 3 inches by 13 feet; T, bath-room, 5 feet 9 inches by 8 feet 3 inches; U, bed-room, 7 feet 3 inches by 12 feet 9 inches; V, stair-hall.




THIS house is suited to the wants of a good-sized family, and furnishes liberal accommodations. The roofs are to be slated, in two tints, cut to ornamental shapes. The superstructure is to be of stone, and the verandas of wood or iron, as may be preferred. Entrance is effected through the vestibule to the main hall, which communicates with the parlor, dining-room, and stair-hall; and access to the library and kitchen is had from the rear hall.

Upon the chamber plan are five spacious chambers and the bath-room.

From the third floor a short flight of stairs leads to the tower. Cost, $8000.

First Floor.—A, vestibule, 12 by 12 feet; B, stair-hall, 12 by 12 feet; C, dining-room, 14 feet 6 inches by 29 feet 6 inches; D, kitchen, 18 by 20 feet; E, library, 18 by 20 feet; F, parlor, 20 by 28 feet 6 inches; G, main hall, 12 feet; H, rear hall, 6 feet; I, porch.

Second Floor.—K, porch-roof; L, tower-room, 12 by 12 feet; M, stair-hall; N, five chambers; O, bath-room, 12 by 12 feet; P, hall; R, back stairs.




THIS design is in the Anglo-French style. In this specimen, the Grecian classic finish is harmonized, and presents to the eye the chaste elegance peculiar to Italian architecture. It will be seen at once that the building is intended to be erected of stone, with a roof of slate cut to ornamental forms. The chamber plan is arranged to meet the wants of a large family, with due regard to rooms for guests. This house would make a most desirable residence for a gentleman of means and liberal modern views. At present prices of materials and labor, it could be built in the vicinity of Philadelphia for $15,000.

The first floor contains a vestibule, two halls, a library, dining-room, drawing-room, and billiard-room. The main hall connects with the drawing-room, library, dining-room, and main staircase.

The domestic offices, such as kitchen, wash-room, etc., are placed below.

The second floor contains fine, spacious chambers, as bath-room, dressing-room, and five fine closets.

First Floor.—1, vestibule, 10 by 8 feet; 2, hall, 12 by 35 feet; 3, drawing- room, 20 by 35 feet; 4, library, 20 by 21 feet; 5, hall, 4 feet; 6, stair-hall, 10 by 14 feet; 7, 8, closets; 9, dining-room, 16 by 28 feet; 10, billiard-room, 15 by 18 feet; 11, back stair-hall, 6 by 12 feet; 12, 13, porch.

Second Floor.—14, 15, chambers, 17 by 20 feet; 16, bath-room, 8 by 10 feet; 17, chamber, 16 by 21 feet; 18, chamber, 15 by 18 feet; 19, 20, 21, closets; 22, passage, 4 feet; 23, hall; 24, closet; 25, dressing-room, 8 by 12 feet; 26, closet; 27, chamber, 20 by 21 feet; 28, 29, verandas.


Excerpted from Authentic Victorian Villas and Cottages by Isaac Hobbs. Copyright © 2014 Dover Publications, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of Dover Publications, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Hobbs's Rules for Criticism
A Model Residence
Suburban Residence
Anglo-French Villa
French Villa
French Country Residence
Romanesque Villa
Ornamental Cottage
Country Residence
Village or Suburban Residence
Italian Villa
Suburban Villa
Suburban or River-side Residence
Ornamental French Villa
English-Gothic Residence
Small Cottage
Cottage in the Pointed Style
Picturesque Villa
An Elizabethan Villa
Suburban Residence, Grecian Style
An American Cottage
Suburban Residence, Italian Style
Residence in the Italian Style
Mansion in the Elizabethan Style
American Bracketed Villa
Gothic Church
Episcopalian Church
Plain French Villa
Ornamental Residence
Gothic Suburban Residence
Southern Cottage
Suburban Mansion
American Cottage Villa
American Suburban Residence
Rural Model Residence
Structural Park Residence
Park Picturesque Villa
French Suburban Residence
Swiss Cottage
Children's Home
Carriage-House and Stable
Cemetery Entrance
Memorial Architecture

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