Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation

Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation

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ISBN-13: 9781591798903
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 542,017
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Sandra Ingerman
Sandra Ingerman, MA, is an award-winning author of 12 books, including Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth. With Sounds True, she has published The Book of Ceremony, Walking in Light, Shamanic Journeying, and Awakening to the Spirit World (coauthored with Hank Wesselman), as well as many audio programs, including Shamanic Meditations and Soul Journeys. She is also the creator of numerous training courses and the Transmutation App.
Sandra is a world-renowned teacher of shamanism who has been teaching for more than 30 years. She has taught workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Sandra is recognized for bridging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into our modern culture, addressing the needs of our times. Sandra is a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional mental health counselor. She is also a board-certified expert on traumatic stress. She was awarded the 2007 Peace Award from the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines. Sandra was chosen as one of the Top 10 Spiritual Leaders of 2013 by Spirituality & Health magazine.
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Hank Wesselman

Hank Wesselman, PhD, is a paleoanthropologist and shamanic teacher who has worked with noted anthropologists investigating the mysteries of human origins in Africa. His books include Visionseeker, Spiritwalker, and Journey to the Sacred Garden. He lives in Hawaii.

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Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
AWAKENING TO THE SPIRIT WORLD is more of an experience than it is reading a book. Not that the writing by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman is less than excellent: these two spiritualists communicate the road to the Shamanic path with great ease and easy to understand verbiage. It is that the manner in which the information shared so warmly and realistically in this book is of another place, a place the authors are inviting us to explore, to become. Having spent hours with this book and the accompanying CD of drumming, this reader has experienced some transformations that seem to fall out of the field of 'reviewing' a book. And that is hopefully what many people will find if they take the time to enter this sacred space - this oneness with Nature. As is quoted from the book defining what is necessary to achieve the level of oneness, the following summarizes only one of the issues: 'Three necessary tools are gratitude, or the ability to see through the false ego to the heart; seeing, or cutting through falsity to the true nature of Spirit; and blessing, or recognizing the Spirit flowing through one. Shamans are viewed as hollow bones or empty reeds, people who learn "to move ... ego out of the way so that the power of the universe may work through and within them." Words and critiques of a book of this sort fall short in describing the atmosphere the reader (rather the willing reader!) discovers. Try not to enter this world on the recommendations of others, but commit to the elevation of exploring Shamanism from your own need if not curiosity. It is not new, it has been present since life began, it is a meditation that takes us beyond ourselves and into ourselves all at one time. AWAKENING TO THE SPIRIT WORLD is a gift from Ingerman and Wesselman. Accept their offer. Grady Harp
Jay-Smith More than 1 year ago
This book is the one that got me started... How could you not
Pamela Joy Reyes More than 1 year ago
Very informative of shamanic practice with insightful anecdotes from several known shamanic practitoners. Written with imense integriy aand concern for all of humanity.Connecting with Nature is our greatest hope for a healthy future.
earthlistener on LibraryThing 8 months ago
A very nice book which goes over a lot of different things. I was slightly of put by the authors not really going into any warnings and mentions of the potential dangers of journeying however as well as stating that all spirits were especially helping spirits. In general though I enjoyed the book and have a lot of interesting information and thoughts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I kept feeling like the writer was looking for acceptance by the reader. I want a teacher who is sure about who they are, and what they know, not my approval (after all we are all free to feel and do things that we feel is correct for our own pathways... nothing is EVER written in stone).