Baby Boomer Comics: The Wild, Wacky, Wonderful Comic Books of the 1960s

Baby Boomer Comics: The Wild, Wacky, Wonderful Comic Books of the 1960s

by Craig Shutt

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The publishers of comics nostalgia classics All in Color for a Dime and Comics Buyer's Guide are talkin' 'bout your generations!

Join Craig "Mister Silver Age" Shutt for a hip look back at what made the wild and wacky comic books of the 1960s so special!

Baby Boomer Comics takes you on a wild, strange trip to a world of peace, love, and comics - and gets into the heads of the cats who really made the '60s comic scene so fab!

You'll be able to rap with some of the big brains in funnybooks after trying the hundreds of trivia tidbits inside. It's the most, man!

With a complete Silver Age price guide, so you'll know where it's at - and what it's worth!

If it was really out there - it's in here!

Face it, pal - you've hit the nostalgia jackpot!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440225130
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/28/2011
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 207
File size: 21 MB
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Secret Origin of the Silver Age!19
Chapter 2Enter... the Relationship!55
Chapter 3If this be My Gimmick!101
Chapter 4Peril on the Lanet of Op Culture!131
Chapter 5The curious case of the Quirky Comics!163
Chapter 6...lo, there shall come an Ending!199

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