Baby's Got Bite

Baby's Got Bite

by Candace Havens

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A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

Some consequences bite...big time.

Bennett Langdon has a firm no-relationships policy. Still, it doesn't stop her from hooking up with a super-sexy bad boy at her best friend's wedding. After all, it's only one night-what harm could it do? Ten weeks later, a pregnant Bennett has her answer...

Linc Monahan can't believe it. This wasn't supposed to happen. He's a werewolf, and shouldn't be able to father a child with a human. Now Linc has to find some way to tell Bennett that not only do werewolves exist, but she's about to have a baby with one.

But when word of their surprise conception gets out, the fur hits the fan. There are people who don't want this baby to be born-even if it means killing. Now Bennett and Linc aren't just fighting each other...they're fighting for their lives.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633752948
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/28/2015
Series: Take It Like A Vamp , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 56,182
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Bestselling author Candace Havens has published more than 11 books. Her novels have received nominations for the RITA's, Holt Medallion, Write Touch Reader Awards and National Readers Choice Awards. She is a Barbara Wilson Award winner. She is the author of the biography "Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy" and a contributor to several anthologies. She is also one of the nation's leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. Her entertainment columns are syndicated by FYI Television, Inc. Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 1800 writers, and teaches comprehensive writing classes. She does film reviews with the Dorsey Gang on 96.3 KSCS, and is a former President of the Television Critics Association.

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Baby's Got Bite

A Take It Like a Vamp Novel

By Candace Havens, Stephen Morgan, Ava Jae

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Candace Havens
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-294-8


Who gets married on a private island to a Greek Billionaire?

Bennett stood to the left of her best friend Casey, who was doing exactly that — getting married — under a flowered archway in front of the bluest ocean she'd ever seen.

Sure people fell in love all the time, but getting married? Committing yourself to one person for a really long time? That wasn't Bennett's thing.

"I do," Casey said, repeating the words Nick, her groom, had said.

It was pretty much a done deal now. No backing out. One glance at Casey and Nick was all it took to see that they were firmly nestled in their fairy-tale ending. It wasn't like Bennett wasn't happy for them. She was. Casey and Nick, they were an odd match, an artist and a billionaire, but were perfect for one another.

Bennett had tried to find the same thing herself, but it never worked. A relationship meant giving up the autonomy that kept her safe. It just went to show her that even if Happily Ever After existed, it was only possible for other people. Not her.

Casey turned to face her and take the bridal bouquet Bennett had been holding during the ceremony. Her friend was radiant.

"For a married chick, you're kind of beautiful," she said as she handed her the flowers and then kissed her cheek.

Casey sniffed — always so emotional, that one. "You don't look so bad yourself. Now I just have to make it down the aisle in these heels."

Once the bride and groom had gone halfway down, Linc, Nick's best friend and best man, stepped up and offered his arm.

God, he's gorgeous.

Tall, with those lean muscles of an athlete, he had a presence. But she would never tell him that.

"Time to move, lass," he said with that accent and deep, gravelly tone. Jesus, did shivers just go down her spine?

Oh, hell no.

"I'm not an idiot," she said. "I know what happens next."

Fine, so that was totally bitchy, but there was something about him that rubbed her the wrong way — even if she couldn't stop fantasizing about him rubbing her the right way. Guys like him felt like they owned the world, and it just bugged her.

He chuckled.

That pissed her off even more.

And he was warm. Maybe it was the Mediterranean sun, but she could have sworn he was twenty degrees hotter.

Halfway down the aisle, it happened. Her high heel punctured the white runner, the shoe came off, she fell forward, and the only thing keeping her from doing a face-plant were the arms wrapped tightly around her.

Linc's arms.

Crap. His skin against hers made her feel like she was going to burst into flames.

He swooped her up like they were coming out of a dip during a dance, and then he righted her.

"Are you all right?" His beautiful eyes were full of concern.

Dammit. Why did he have to be so handsome? Why?

"Yes," she said, hating that she sounded so terse. But she couldn't help herself.

Earlier, Linc had seen her naked. He'd been in the dressing room helping Casey with last minute stuff. Bennett, who was running late, had rushed in and without thinking, stripped to her bra and her panties.

That was the first time they met.

And now she'd fallen into his arms.

Yep. She was a dork.

I need a drink.

She took off the other shoe, grabbed the one stuck to the runner, and did the mature thing.

She stomped away.

A girl could only handle so much mortification in one day.

One wedding ceremony, two tequila shots, and God knew how much champagne later, Bennett felt comfortably numb to her loneliness.

Casey and Nick walked hand in hand onto the empty floor and began to dance. Bennet was thrilled to see her friend so happy, but a small part of her — a sad, pathetic part — was jealous. She would never have this.

Not that she wanted it.

There was no way she'd be able to share her life with one guy. She'd tried, and it ended the same way every time. Things started off passionate. Exciting. But then consuming to the point that she felt confined.

She couldn't let that happen ever again.

As far as guys were concerned, from this point on, they were good for only one thing.

And damn, I could use that one thing.

When Casey and Nick finished their dance, the band played a more upbeat musical number, a signal that the rest of the wedding guests should feel free to dance, too.

Fun. This was what she needed. She'd go find a man and shake her groove thing. Tempt him. Seduce him. Then she could scratch this itch and go back to life as usual. Alone, but safe.

As soon as this song was over. Or maybe the next one.

Okay, maybe this solo sex goddess role wasn't as easy she thought.

First things first. Pick a guy to scratch this itch. Someone safe. Someone definitely not named Linc.

She caught sight of Mason, Nick's top security dude. He'd been nice to her the few times they'd chatted while helping with the wedding setup. She'd never felt particularly attracted to him, and maybe that would be a good thing tonight. She could close her eyes and think of ...


No. No. No.

She straightened her shoulders and walked — well, really, there was a bit of weaving around at that point; she might have had more tequila than she remembered — to Mason and tapped him on the shoulder. He was watching the festivities from near where the band played.

"Hey, are you working, or will the boss man let you dance with me?"

Did that sound desperate? Maybe. But stupid, sex-on-a-stick Linc had left her that way.

Mason was a hulk of a man, not fat, but wide. And tall. Kind of like big Redwood, with the face of an angel. Perfect for a guy in the security business. A lot of Nick's people and friends were kind of perfect like that.

"Sorry, Mason. This dance is mine."

Her muddled mind didn't make sense of what she'd heard until he was in front of her.

"What kind of bullshit is this?" she asked, trying not to gasp as Linc slid one hand along her waist and took her hand with the other.

"I want to know why you dislike me." He pulled her into his embrace. "And I'm not letting go until you tell me the truth."

She snorted. "I don't dislike you. I just don't like what you stand for."

Crap, would her mouth never stop?

"And what, exactly, is that?"

They were moving as one, and she had no idea how. She was too tipsy to keep up, but they were making their way across the floor. God, the way his hands brushed against her hips and the small of her back, the outline of his biceps against his almost too tight button up shirt ...

"Rich. Privileged. You can have any woman you want. You live a life in the tabloids, and you don't seem to care."

"And you believe everything you read."

"Well, pictures don't lie. Do you deny you have a different woman on your arm every time you go out?"

"And variety is bad thing?"

She didn't have an answer for that. How could she judge him for the very same thing she did?

"This is a bad idea," she said.

"Is it such a chore to dance with me?"

What was she supposed to say to that? It wasn't a chore. It was driving her insane.

But come on. It wasn't just that he was a friend of Casey's. That would be complicated enough. That whole variety thing made her nervous. Not that she cared about comparing herself with other women, but she'd been mortified enough earlier when she was nearly naked in front of him.

Adding drunken sex to the mix — she'd have to move to another country.

No. That was not going to happen. He was the absolute last guy she was going to sleep with tonight.

Better to let him down quick and easy.

She shrugged. "You're hot. I guess you have that going for you. But you're kind of bossy and really not my type."

"And what is your type?" His voice was low, almost like a growl.

"Well, generally I go for the narcissistic asshole who doesn't care what I want, but tonight I figured I'd go for a guy who knows how to put someone else's needs above his own."

Oh. My. God. Shut the fuck up.

Well, damage done. He'd be mad, but at least he'd leave her alone.

He chuckled. "Then I'd say I'm most definitely your type."

Wait ... what?

As he pulled her closer, she could have sworn he sucked in a breath. Her nipples pressed against his chest. They were so hard and tight, every movement was like an erotic caress. Warmth spread through her body.

"By my type, obviously you mean ... "

Please don't say narcissistic asshole. Please. Please. Please.

He leaned in so close that his breath tickled her ear. "I mean, I know how to put a woman's needs above mine. And I'm a narcissistic asshole."

That made her laugh. "At least you're honest about it."

He laughed, too. "I'm offering tonight. Nothing else. If that's what you want."

A shiver slid through her body, and her face heated.

Is it getting hotter out here? She resisted the urge to fan herself.

He blinked. How did a guy have lashes that long? Why was he looking at her like he was ready to eat her up?

No. No. Bad idea.

His thumb rubbed across the back of her hand.

Holy hell.

Okay, her body insisted she go through with taking to bed the one guy she'd decided was off-limits. But hold on. Hadn't he said he was only offering tonight? Wasn't that what she was looking for?

Maybe this situation was perfect. Exactly what she needed — the assurance that whatever happened, there was no chance of things spiraling out of control tomorrow.

"I could be persuaded," she said.


"Depends on your answer to one very important question."

"Ask anything you want," he whispered in her ear.

A tingling sensation hummed through her body. She shifted her hips closer to him, and his hard length pressed against her leg.

Holy hell.

"Could you take me back to your room and fuck my brains out?"

* * *

What did she just say?

Linc's cock tightened, and he nearly stomped on her toes when he missed a step. He'd been watching the ethereal beauty most of the day and into the night. The way she moved, laughed, and even the way she gave him shit intrigued him.

And she was tough. Just before the reception, he'd overheard her tell Nick that if he ever hurt Casey, she'd cut him. Then she'd smiled, as if her threat was a normal thing to say among friends.

Crazy? Perhaps, but she was his kind of crazy. He'd been known to cross the line, too, when it came to protecting the people he cared about.

And more, she wasn't looking for anything beyond the night, which was perfect for him. He couldn't allow himself to get caught up in anything — let alone a relationship — that took him away from his duties. The world might see him as the head of a fashion empire, but his real job was protecting those closest to him. He'd let down his family years ago, and he would never let that happen again.

Bennett chuckled as she stumbled and fell against him.

"Are you drunk?" he asked.

No way would he take advantage of Casey's best friend — or anyone else, for that matter. But he'd known Nick two hundred years, and there was no way he'd let a drunk woman come between them.

But holy crap. The feeling of her body against his. He'd been hard all day, just thinking about how delicious she would taste as he licked her neck, her breasts, and then went lower ...

"Just a little tipsy, thanks," she said. "But I'm also horny. Besides, I know what I'm doing. So if you can't get it up for me, no worries. I can try elsewhere. I just need someone with a dick. Not super picky tonight."

Something dark and possessive grew within him, surprising him, and maybe freaking him out just a little. But the idea of someone else touching her — that wasn't going to happen.

"Such a romantic," he growled.

She laughed. "Look, it's a wedding. People fuck at weddings, right? So if you're not interested, let's move it along." She glanced at the band. "Isn't this song almost over?"

No. He wouldn't let her go off and find some obliging idiot to fuck. When he'd first brought her into his arms for this dance, he'd seen something haunting in her eyes that sparked every protective instinct he had. She'd been hurt before. Badly. He wouldn't let her get hurt again tonight just because she was looking for a wild time.

If that meant he had to drop his guard and give in to his own desire so he could service hers?



Maybe, even if just for the night, he could put a little light back in her eyes.

He pulled her close again. "If you want someone to fuck, I'll help you."

She giggled.

"What's so funny?" He guided her off the dance floor and toward the back of the mansion, where his suite was.

"Promise me one thing," she said.

He chuckled. "Okay."

"You can't tell anyone. All right? I mean ... Casey would flip. And I don't want to answer a lot of questions. So pinky swear, you'll never tell anyone we did this."

"Casey would have my head, and probably some other parts I like attached to my body. Your secret is safe with me."

He pushed open the door to his suite, and once it was closed, he shoved her against it.

And then he whispered against her ear, "I swear."

She trembled under his hands. Excellent.

"Tell me what you want," he said as he pushed an errant hair behind her ear.

She fluttered those long dark lashes up at him and smiled. "I like it rough," she whispered.

Fuck, he was going to come in his pants if she didn't stop, because everything she was saying let him know she was exactly his type. Nothing got him hotter than a woman who trusted him to keep her safe no matter how wild things got in the bedroom.

The beast in him roared, and a haze of need enveloped him. He had to get inside her.

He held her arms above her head before nibbling on her ear. "So do I. And just so we're clear: one night of fucking, and we're done."

She lifted her leg and wrapped it around his waist. When she pressed her heat against his rock hard cock, he almost came undone.

He pushed the beast down. They had one night, and he would savor every second of it.

"One and done." She ground her heat against his cock. "Now stop talking and give me what I want."


Ten weeks later

"Does my ass look huge in these jeans?" Bennett turned around in the dressing room's three-way mirror. She'd always been straight as a board. But her jeans no longer fit, and now she was trying to find a pair that didn't make her feel like her spleen and liver might be severed.

Where the hell had these curves come from?

Casey didn't even look up from her phone. "I hate it when skinny people talk about being fat. You can wear anything."

"Just look up."

Her friend did as asked ... and smiled. "About time you finally grew up and got an ass and some hips."

"Casey! Come on. I'm freaking out here. What's happening to me?"

Her friend stood, put one hand under her chin, and gave Bennett a once over. "There's no delicate way to say this, but are you hitting the Chunky Monkey a little hard?"

"No," Bennett said. "I don't even like ice cream."

"No reason to get so snippy. Maybe you're just on your period. God knows I gain like five pounds whenever mine comes."

Period? Bennett's stomach sank to her toes as she choked down a gasp. She'd been so busy with work, she hadn't thought about that. When was the last time she had her period? She counted on her fingers.

Five weeks ... Six weeks ... Nine weeks ...

Too long. It'd been too long. "Shit. Shit. Shit."

"What?" Casey dumped her phone into her giant purse.

Bennett's head felt light and fuzzy as stars spotted her vision. She sat on the floor before she could pass out. "This is a size bigger than I normally wear, and it's still tight."

Casey shrugged. "Hell, I can go up a size overnight. And you're going from a zero to a two. It's not really a travesty."

Bennett's head dropped between her knees, and she forced herself to take deep breaths. "Oh God."

Casey grabbed her hand and squeezed. "Honey, I'm sorry. You're beautiful and still super skinny. I was just giving you a hard time."

How could it have been so long? Maybe she'd miscounted. Or maybe it was just a fluke. Or maybe ...

She counted back again. Shortly before Casey's wedding. Just in time for her to go after that hunk on a stick fashion designer —

No. It couldn't be.

"It's not that." Her voice was hoarse with unshed tears. "Ten weeks."


Excerpted from Baby's Got Bite by Candace Havens, Stephen Morgan, Ava Jae. Copyright © 2015 Candace Havens. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Baby's Got Bite (Entangled Covet) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. It was light and the love was developed and believable. I like a bit more battle or physical conflict in my romance so that's why I've given this a 3 star rebiew but that's my personal preference. If you like a good hearted light tead with growing love, internal struggle and a hint of outside drama, then this is a wonderful read. I did want to know what the counsel decided the end I suppose it matters not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute story with hea
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sweet sexy wolf and strong smart heroine who knows her own mind. Loved every page.
Jess_at_From_Me_to_You More than 1 year ago
4 out of 5 stars, while at their best friends’ wedding Linc (Lincoln) and Bennett finally hook up with the knowledge that it was only a one-night-stand that would ever happen between them. However, because of a secret kept from Bennett all of her life she is now pregnant with Linc’s baby (even though Linc shouldn’t be able to impregnate any human woman because of him being a werewolf). Now as they work together for the sake of their child their feelings for one another grow exponentially but with old treaties saying that their relationship should never happen and a relative of Bennett’s who would like nothing better than to take her away from Linc, its them against the world if only they promise to work together. This dramedy just took Ms. Havens’ Take It Like a Vamp Series up a notch! I was smiling the whole way through! This was a fun unexpected baby romance presented in a paranormal world. I am intrigued to see where this series will go next and I hope that ALL the main characters from the first two novels will still be involved somehow. Linc and Bennett were a hilariously charming couple! Bennett with her “potty mouth” and Linc’s possessiveness delighted me, especially when they were down to the final days of her pregnancy. Their relationship made this novel a compelling read. I am so happy with how their story turned out, that even though I’m surprised there wasn’t a more dramatic ending to this novel I still don’t have complaints. LOVED them together! I recommend this novel and series to those looking for a comedic paranormal romance! Review By: From Me to You ... Book Reviews -- read more of this review and TWO TEASERS on my blog: --
PollyBennett More than 1 year ago
Linc and Bennett's story was just as charming and fun as Nick and Casey's. This is a great series with lots of action, suspense and laughs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read!
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars When I read the blurb for this book, I expected the kind of battles and struggles for power that I've come to expect from paranormal romance, but I wasn't very disappointed that it was not the case. A spontaneous decision to enjoy a one night stand at their best friends' wedding ends in long term consequences for Linc Monahan and Bennett Langdon and also the revelation that Bennett may not be completely human herself. Turns out she belongs to a group of supernaturals who have been at war with Linc's people for centuries and the pregnancy could potentially unravel the tenuous peace agreement that has been in place for that long. Not like she cares. Linc and Bennett were a very enjoyable couple, with great chemistry and very hilarious and sometimes snarky banter. I absolutely adored Bennett's irreverence and the fact that she did not fawn over Linc. For two people were not interested in relationships, having a baby together was a huge change in their lives and they had to learn to trust each other and also trust in the love they had for each other, not an easy feat with those pregnancy hormones! I have to say that Linc was great with Bennett - patient, understanding and very protective. However, I was a bit let down that the promise of some supernatural rumbling did not come to pass. I spite of that, I still had a fun time reading BABY'S GOT BITE. A word of warning: Do not read in public due to the amount of laughter inducing dialogue. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
144 pages. Good book
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars I really enjoyed reading Baby’s Got Bite. It was an easy PNR that had me laughing a lot. It had some steamy scenes, though I wouldn’t say this was the hottest book I’ve ever read. Bennett was my favorite kind of h, all tough and mouthy on the outside but with a really soft and kind center. All her sass drove poor werewolf Linc crazy, in a good way. Linc was my favorite type of H too, hot, alpha and protective. The fact that he was a fashion designer and could sew sent me for a loop a bit at first, but I got over it real quick. They hooked up at a wedding, a one night stand to scratch an itch on both sides…so when they get a surprise baby bump 2 months later you don’t know who’s more surprised: Bennett who was sure they’ve used protection or Linc who knows he can’t get a human pregnant. So now we have not only two anti-commitment people saddled up together and having to deal with feelings, they have to deal with Bennett’s unknown heritage and centuries’ old bad blood. There were a couple of unanswered questions that I would have liked tackled but I hopefully they’ll to get resolved in future installments… because there’s no doubt I’ll be reading more from Ms. Havens. *I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review*
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
Baby's Got Bite by Candace Havens is a fun paranormal read. Candace Havens has delivered a well written book. Linc and Bennett's story is loaded with humor, drama and fantastic characters. Baby's Got Bite is my first read by Candace Havens. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. Baby's Got Bite is part of the Take It Like A Vamp series, but can be read as a stand alone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I won a copy of this book from Goodreads.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Who knew that a one-night stand would turn the universe upside down? Certainly not Bennett Langdon. Linc Monahan is the best man for his best friend and her partner for the night. Now life throws them a wicked curve ball. She's pregnant. Linc vows to care for her and the baby. He becomes over-protective and she fights his dominance. Where will this lead them? Bennett is such a feisty woman. She can and will make her own decisions. Linc has always had things his way. He is drawn to her, but he won't back down. Their battle of wills is monumental. I enjoyed every minute of it. Candace Havens throws in some unexpected plot twists that had me hooked. The dialogue is humorous and snarky. I enjoy a paranormal romance and this is a great one. I want to know more about the characters. I know there is more to their story. Baby's Got Bite was a quick, charming read.
Lagalloway More than 1 year ago
3.5-4/5 Thank goodness for road trips, but really only when I don’t have to drive. That is when I read and finished Baby’s Got Bite. For me, it was a quick read, simple and sweet. Bennett is sassy, loyal, smart, and above all, independent. Linc is rugged, sexy, protective, and an all-around lone wolf. Linc wasn’t supposed to be able to get a human pregnant and Bennett never wanted to see Linc again. Okay, that’s a lie. She did want to see him again, but her independence wouldn’t allow it. But baby’s change lives and when your baby is supernatural, it really changes things. Bennett and Linc must figure out a way to live with each other and raise a baby together, while not trying to kill each other. Oh, but there is of course the supernatural world that expects both Bennett and Linc to abide by the laws which neither of them are OK with. We follow their explosive relationship with each other, those around them, Linc’s need to protect and Bennett’s need for independence. Tensions run high as the baby’s due date comes closer and closer and the supernatural world needs appeased. Linc and Bennett were easy to love and cheer for them to admit everything they’re afraid to. They both make mistakes, but their hearts are in the right place. Nick and Casey (from Take It Like a Vamp) were the perfect secondary characters for these two and fun to see them implanted in this story. But my reason for not giving a complete 4 out of 5 has to do with the lack of the supernatural world coming after them. The synopsis makes it sound like they’ll be literally fighting off those trying to take away Bennett and the baby, leaving Linc to follow through on killing all those in his need to protect them, pissing off even more supernatural, but that isn’t the case at all. The most used weapon is words and negotiation, expressing one’s true feelings in the height of anger or fear. Either way, it was a good read even if it wasn’t the high stakes ride I had been anticipating.
ETrupkiewicz More than 1 year ago
A one-night stand, by definition, doesn't linger in any way. Certainly not with an actual physical reminder. Like a pregnancy. And yet that's exactly what Bennett Langdon has in exchange for one night of passion with bad boy fashion designer Linc Monahan. She's not the commitment type, and with a baby on the way, it's time to face the music, along with her fears, insecurities, and growing attraction for the man she can't possibly have. Linc, meanwhile, is shaken beyond description by Bennett's revelation. He's a werewolf. He's not supposed to be able to get a human pregnant. Which means ... way more than he wants to think about, let alone try to explain to Bennett about who and what she really is. Then her estranged father turns up expecting to rejoin his daughter's life, but Linc has a bad feeling about the whole thing. Not that he's feeling protective of Bennett or anything. He isn't the commitment type either. Entangled Publishing's Covet imprint introduces the sexy contemporary paranormal romance BABY'S GOT BITE by Candace Havens. As paranormal romances go, this offering is one of the more eclectic I've read. Imagine meshing high fantasy with your usual garden-variety paranormal, plus a few unexpected twists, and you come close to the world Havens has created, with a thorough and admirable attention to detail. And characters ... let's say I was immediately drawn to both Bennett and Linc, though for slightly different reasons. Linc is an incredibly sexy persona. He exudes sophistication, and power, along with a certain rough, edgy class that bespeaks the secrets he keeps for his brethren. In general, his attitude suggests someone who feels most at home in black leather on a motorcycle, and while I have no doubt that he could pull off that look with aplomb, he also manages to carry himself with the kind of easy confidence required of someone in his position, both in the fashion industry and among his pack. Meanwhile, Bennett is equally likable, a woman to whom readers will be inevitably drawn, not only because of her plight but also because of her steadfast determination (some might call it hardheadedness) and her unquestioning loyalty to her friends and family. When her dire straits demand that she be initiated into a whole other world she doesn't even believe in, she becomes even more sympathetic. Havens weaves her story threads together with healthy doses of humor and suspense: How will Bennett and Linc reconcile their respective worlds and differences? What happens now that there's a baby on the way? Will they be supported or rejected by their friends and family? What defines a family? Pick up a copy to explore these and many other intriguing themes, all intertwined with some scintillating romance! # # # Author: Candace Havens Title: BABY'S GOT BITE Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Covet) ISBN: 978-1-63375-294-8 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this work from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
RPrioleau More than 1 year ago
***I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This book is as much fun as the title suggests. If I could go back and do my twenties all over again, I’d be just like Bennett. She’s cool, confident and knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. Linc isn’t what I consider to be the typical alpha male, being in fashion and making his own furniture puts him way ahead of pack, he’s not only hot he’s actually useful as well. I love Bennett and Linc as a couple. They’re good together. She’s very no-nonsense with a potty mouth that could make a sailor blush… and although he’s got the necessary alpha male qualities he’s also very sweet and thoughtful. There are a few twist and turns in this journey that I did not see coming. I love how they work through their major problems and become stronger as they get closer. Plus, anyone that remembers what prego hormones do to the libido will appreciate how HOT and heavy things get along the way. This is a great read that will lift your spirits and leave you in a good place when you put finally down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
I have no words for Baby’s Got Bite. I just simply loved this book. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim Candace Havens was one of the first authors I read when I started reading paranormal romances. I've had Take it Like a Vamp on my tablet for about two years now. I haven't read it and for that I'm an idiot. But with that said, I was excited for Baby's Got Bite. I have no words for Baby’s Got Bite. I loved Bennett and Linc. I loved the way they interacted with each other. I loved the story line. I just simply loved the book. Going in, I felt like I was missing something by not reading Take it Like a Vamp. What that something was, I’m not quite sure. But, I was still able to really get into Baby’s Got Bite. Bennett and Linc are a lot alike in some ways. Neither believes in relationships or think they can be good at them. They’re protective of those they love and care about. When their one night stand results in a baby, they each vow to be the best parent they can be, no matter what. Bennett is funny, brutally honest, and has a severe case of potty mouth. Linc isn’t the playboy he likes the world to think he is, he’s attracted to and loves Bennett because she doesn’t put him on a pedestal like a lot of other women. If you’ve read Take it Like a Vamp, you’ll be happy to know that Nick and Casey have roles in this book. In addition to the storyline of the book, I loved the twist involving Bennett and the little history between Bennett and Linc I didn't see coming. I even enjoyed the heart pounding “oh my gosh this can’t be happening” moment. Baby’s Got Bite is definitely a must read. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion.**
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Fantabulous Paranormal Read ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****** This is book 2 in the Take it Like a Vamp Series. This is Bennett Langdon & Linc Monahan’s story. They were the best man and woman at their friends’’ wedding. They have had an attraction for each other and ended up sleeping together after the wedding ended. Then exactly 10 weeks later, Bennett realizes she is pregnant and not only is she pregnant, she got pregnant by a werewolf and on top of the pregnancy, has to now deal with Werewolves, witches, and vampires. Linc never realized that his one night stand would end up pregnant. This sexy and handsome Alpha Werewolf is so thrown for a loop but he turns into a supersexy werewolf protecting his baby. He never thought he would be a dad . Then to top it off, the woman who is the mommy is his one night stand , if that isn’t one to blow his mind. He isn’t sure what to think but he needs to make sure to keep his child safe which means to keep Bennett safe. This means he has to let her into his world of the underground of the shifter politics since she didn’t know he was a werewolf. Bennett is having a hard time keeping things together but Linc is her baby daddy and they are trying to work things out. They aren’t in love but she wants him in her baby’s life. She is scared to raise her baby alone . She is a smart, loving, woman who wants to give her baby the best in life. When she is with Linc there is definite chemistry – she becomes sensual, electric – it isn’t insta-ka boom wedding bells for them. They do not fall immediately in love but their road to each other is paved with rocks and thorns. They work slowly and the secondary characters that are in the back who help them find their path to each other do help this story along. I really loved the paranormal theme and Linc and Bennett really make this a fantastic story. Their love story is one that I enjoyed reading and the ending was WONDERFUL. I cant wait to read more in this series AND I HOPE there is more in this world. My rating: 4.5 stars ****
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*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.* I loved this book about Bennett and Linc, and the pregnancy that results from a one night stand, one night that neither can forget. There's just one thing - Linc is a werewolf and shouldn't have been able to impregnate a human. So now fearing for all their lives, Linc will do anything he has to to keep Bennett and the baby safe. This a fun sweet romance that made me smile a lot. Like the first book in the series, Take It Like a Vamp, the characters are funny and likable. I look forward to more books in this series.
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I received an advanced copy of this book and to say I dropped everything to read this one is an understatement... I will definitely leave my honest review soon... For some of us, Linc's story was something we waiting for a long time... And it was definitely not a disappointment. I fell more in love with the character and the author gave him more of a loving soul that made you cheer for him more. Linc's story left off after the wedding of his best friend, Nick. We knew there was something brewing between Linc and Nick's wife's best friend, Bennett, but we didn't know just how hot it got. The two of them had an unforgettable night and it left them both wanting for more. They received that and some. Linc and Bennett both had to learn how to trust and love. They also had to find themselves within the story while letting go of the pain that had kept them from finding happiness. It was nice to have Nick & Casey play such a large part of their happiness since Linc helped guide Nick as well. The story was definitely worth the wait. I definitely LOVED this installment of the series!
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I loved this story. I am so happy the author decided to write a story after Take it Like a Vamp. This is Linc and Bennet's story. They meet at Casey and Nick's wedding and end up pregnant. This is the story of a fiercely independent, modern female and an overprotective, alpha male. This is a story about learning to compromise and to trust. This is a story about getting to your HEA by taking the rocky road. This has the humor that can be expected from a Candace Havens' story. It has moments that make you want to slap some sense into someone, go on a crying hag, and laugh at something someone said or did all in a short time frame. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves reading supernatural HEA stories.
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Baby's Got Bite is a rapid moving love story between Bennett Langdon and Linc Monahan. After a one night stand, Bennett finds herself pregnant with Linc's baby. Bennett was totally unprepared to be a mother but she quickly discovers that not only is she pregnant but Linc is a werewolf and she is now also thrust into the supernatural world she never knew existed and all the politic that entails. It isn't insta-love but a relationship that grows while friendship and mutual trust grow. The story seems to open the possibility for a bridge to branch the divide between of the supernatural community. Leaving a few plot directions open,, you wonder if these questions will be answered in installments in the stories to come. I found Baby's Got Bite to be a nice, easy and entertaining paranormal romance. I received this ARC copy of Baby's Got Bite from Entangled Publishing, LLC - Covet in exchange for a honest review.
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Baby's Got Bite by Candace Havens Irreverent and frequently swearing Bennett Langdon attends her best friends wedding and just like the cliche, finds a man to push the loneliness away. What she doesn't know, but soon finds out with the resulting pregnancy is that Linc Monahan is a werewolf and Bennett herself isn't human either. As the couple adapts to living together and loving each other, they must also deal with the Council and fae King while keeping Bennett and the baby safe and protected. Second in the Take it Like a Vamp series, this paranormal romance is lively and humorous. While it stands alone, Casey and Nick from the first book play large parts in this novel. Bennett's attempts to stop swearing because of the baby is hilarious. A brash girl but a little innocent and big hearted. "Fun. This was what she needed. She'd go find a man and shake her groove thing. Tempt him. Seduce him. Then she could scratch this itch and go back to her life. Alone, but safe. As soon as the song was over. Or maybe the next one. Okay, so maybe this solo sex goddess role wasn't as easy as she thought." Excerpt from Baby's Got Bite by Candace Havens I received a copy of this book from NetGallery.
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Bennett Langdon has a little problem because she hooked up with a groomsman at her best friend's wedding and now she is expecting a little bundle of joy. Linc Monohan, is a werewolf and isn't supposed to be able to impregnate humans, so he is blown away when Bennett delivers her news. Linc's relationship with Bennett is complicated, because she doesn't know he is a werewolf and has a pretty good hunch that she isn't completely human. Bennett and Linc make the best of a hard situation and start to plan for the future. Their new relationship is strained by Bennett's mysterious heritage and the pregnancy. Will they be able to overcome all their obstacles to find happiness with each other? This was a fun, but complicated book. I don't want to say to much because half the fun of reading it is watching how two strong characters deal with incredibly difficult circumstances. I enjoyed the paranormal universe created in this book and plan look up book number 1: Take it Like a Vamp. I was given a free copy for an honest review by