Back To You (A Remington Medical Contemporary Romance)

Back To You (A Remington Medical Contemporary Romance)

by Kimberly Kincaid

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BN ID: 2940161983782
Publisher: Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 32,715
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Back To You (A Remington Medical Contemporary Romance) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
blonde_betty 1 days ago
In Back to You, Kimberly Kincaid branches out from her Station Seventeen series into a Gray’s Anatomy type medical contemporary. Familiar faces make appearances as these worlds are clearly connected. I was hooked from page one and wanted more time to just keep reading. I loved Charlie and Parker and can’t wait to see where Kincaid goes from here. I’m definitely going along for the ride. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
Michelle_V 2 days ago
This is an emotional story about Charlie and Parker getting a second chance at love. Charlie and Parker were once married and years later they are reunited when he interns at the hospital Charlie is a surgeon at. I loved these two together and I was cheering them on the whole way. This is a beautiful, well written story with believable characters, a great HEA and a great start to the Remington Medical series.
nelriv 2 days ago
Wow! Kimberly what a way to start a series..I loved her fire fighter series and now it looks as I will start to follow this series. I loved Charlie and Parker and was rooting for them the whole time, they had a lot to overcome to be able to give love another chance and was happy that they were finally able to do so ..I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
LynnB888 3 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! Fast paced, addictive and delightful! If you've been a fan of Kimberly Kincaid's Station Seventeen series, you're going to be thrilled to jump into the first in the Remington Medical series where you will see some familiar faces. The characters are well developed, the pace is fast moving and attention holding throughout, and the sexual chemistry is H-O-T! I can't wait for more to come! A freak accident made paramedic Parker Drake re-evaluate his life and set out to go finish up the thing he abandoned when life fell apart six years ago ... becoming a doctor. He knows with his daredevil reputation and the strike he already has for throwing in the towel once that this is going to be do or die and he's all in. He just doesn't know quite how much of a roller coaster it's going to turn out to be! Doctor Charleston Becker is back at Remington Memorial for a few weeks as a favor for a friend. She's expecting to dash in, work non-stop and be back home in Nashville before she knows it. What she doesn't expect is to have her ex-husband walk in with the group of interns she's going to be mentoring while she's there! Awkward!
MaryJoMI 3 days ago
Incredible second chance romance based at a hospital. First of all, I loved reading about the doctors and interns and how they deal with the daily life of a hospital and the challenging cases doctors face. I was pulled into the intensity and drama that this provided as this story unfolded. Charlie has become a successful surgeon and returns to the hospital where she had started her residency to fill-in for her best friend Tess as she goes on maternity leave. She never dreams that her ex-husband will be one of the new interns that she has to train. Parker had given up on his dream of being a doctor 6 years ago but also walked away from his marriage with Charlie. But did he really? Charlie and Parker have to navigate working together again and just maybe they will finally be honest with each other about the breakdown of their marriage. This is a wonderful romance for two driven individuals with a passion for taking care of people that had found an amazing love in med school which hit a huge stumbling block. The entire cast at Remington Medical added to the drama and making me want to learn more about each of them.
MJHughes12 4 days ago
I love second chance romances and it was wonderful to watch Charleston and Parker find their way back to each other after all they had been through – it really made my heart happy! I liked both Parker and Charlie and, even though they could be so polar opposite on things, they just made sense together. Charlie loves order and facts, she’s by the book and finds her comfort when the facts drive the decisions. Parker has a reputation of being a bit of a wild card and is seen as using gut instinct and reaction to drive his decisions, even though it’s clear his knowledge and skills play just as important a role. These two have a past that drove them apart, but when circumstances bring Parker and Charlie back together it’s obvious that what they had isn’t over by a long shot! I loved the use of the flashbacks – I was a bit put off by Charlie at first, but understanding what had happened and then unraveling the why’s behind her reactions helped to see beneath the somewhat cold and hard personality she had adopted as part of her coping mechanism. Parker was a total dream and I loved how he stepped up and became the man Charlie needed, especially when faced with the issues that threatened their relationship once again. There was great tension between Parker and Charlie but it never felt like the angst level got to be too much. And once they finally opened up to each other about what went wrong in the past and why, it created such a wonderful foundation for them to build their new relationship on. There were some great characters introduced and I look forward to learning more about each of them. It did get tough at times to keep track of everyone, but each new character introduced and every character that made a cameo from Parker’s former work-life (from the author’s Station Seventeen series) helped tell Parker and Charlie’s story and ensures that there will be some great stories that will be told in this series! It was a bit heavy on the medical jargon at times which slowed the book down for me in a couple of spots, but props go out to Kimberly Kincaid for making things as realistic as possible. This was a great start to a new series that promises to deliver some fun stories while still allowing glimpses into the lives of characters that have already had their stories told. If you like your romances with a healthy dose of drama and/or love those medical drama shows, then this one is definitely one to check out!
ReadingInPajamas 4 days ago
✦Review: BACK TO YOU (A Remington Medical Contemporary Romance) by Kimberly Kincaid Publication Date: February 12, 2019 Genre: Contemporary Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated 4.5 Stars This story is a great opening to this spin-off series. I enjoyed watching Parker and Charleston’s romance re-blossom amid the hectic schedule of the Emergency Department. It felt new to me, and fun. As for the couple, I clicked with Parker right off. His personality was well-rounded, being both easy-going and dedicated. The established connection with Station 17, also made him feel like an old friend. Charlie was harder for me to connect to. I’m glad her behavior eased up early enough for me to grow to like her, because they made a great couple with a sizzling-hot relationship. Overall, this story pulled me into the world of Remington Medical and hasn’t let go. I’m already impatient for the next installment. *Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. ~*~*~*~
Cali-Jewel 4 days ago
Loved this beautifully sweet, sexy fun, emotional and engaging second chance romance that set my heart pounding and falling in love with this new series.... Six years is a long time with zero contact and never dealing with what happened... fate throws them back together, the undeniable passion won't let them forget ... loved it!!!
caroldh4 5 days ago
Back to You is book one in a brand new series, Remington Medical, by Kimberly Kincaid. I have long been a big fan of all things Kimberly and have been so excited to see what this new series is all about. I can’t wait to tell you about it. Charleston (Charlie) Becker is a successful surgeon at Nashville General Hospital. Charlie’s life revolves around her work and that’s about it. She has accumulated all kinds of vacation time so when her best friend, Tess, who is nearly ready to have a baby and is also a surgeon at Remington Memorial Hospital in North Carolina needs Charlie to fill in for her for ten weeks while she is out on maternity leave, she can’t say no. It’s been six years since Charlie stepped foot into Remington Memorial. Six years since her life fell apart and she moved to Nashville to try to put it all back together again. Six years ago, Parker Drake was so close to fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor when he began his internship at Remington Memorial. But everything fell apart and Parker left the program and became a paramedic which he has loved. He has a reputation of being a wild card, though, of breaking the rules when it suits him. Even though he loves his job, his dream was always lurking in the back of his mind. He has decided once and for all that he is going to do what he knows he is destined to do and Remington Memorial has agreed to give him one more chance. Only on his very first day, the doctor standing in front of him, one of several that he will be assigned to, is the woman he never thought he’d see again, that he hasn’t seen in six years, his Charlie. Six years they haven’t seen each other or spoken. Now they are forced to face each other and finally deal with the past they share. That connection, that chemistry, is still there between them and it doesn’t take long for it to spark back to life. When truths are shared, they realize that they were both at fault for what happened. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. “She might want him, but he craved her. And this time, he wasn’t going to let her go.” Parker and Charlie find the same comfort, that same amazing thing that they had six years ago, is still there. Maybe even better this time since they are both older and more mature. But, if Dr. Langston, the chief at the hospital, found out what was going on between them, Charlie would get fired and let her friend Tess down, and Parker would lose his one and only chance of becoming a doctor. So they had to keep it a secret. Not to mention the fact that Charlie is only at Remington for the duration of Tess’s leave. Then she has to return to her job at Nashville General. So do they just enjoy this time they have now and then say good-bye? Or do they attempt to continue things long distance? I loved this book. At first, I have to admit that I struggled a bit with Charlie. She seemed cold almost. And her all work mentality bothered me. But as I got to know her and found out what happened, it all made sense. She and Parker together were just magical. They really were made for each other and watching them slowly work their way back to each other was such a beautiful thing. There were so many secondary characters that I hope to see in future books, one being Charlie’s friend, Tess. But, the next book, will be Jonah and Natalie’s story in Better Than Me. I can’t wait.
ytcruz 5 days ago
This new series grabs your attention from page one with the story of Parker Drake and Charlotte/Charlie Becker. Six years ago they were interns who fell in love. Their love started with fireworks and ended up in tragedy, loss, misunderstandings and heartaches. Parker left the internship and became a paramedic, never forgetting his dream of becoming a doctor. When he gets a chance to do his internship at Remington Medical, he never expected to come across Charlie. Charlie had left town, and became a surgeon in Nashville, but is back at the hospital where it all started, as a favor to her friend Tess. Tess, an ER physician, asks Charlie to cover her shifts while she is on maternity leave. When they meet again and realized Parker was going to be one of Charlie’s interns, feelings run high and the past crashes back. A truce is made by these two. They are older and wiser and want to move forward. But will history come back to haunt them, or will they be able to get a second chance at love and life? The plot is engaging and the action non-stop. The main characters are complex and likable, as are the secondary characters. Characters that I foresee will have their own books in the near future. For those that have read Ms. Kincaid’s Station Seventeen books, you’ll get a chance to visit with some of the characters of those books and “see” how they are doing. Another winner from this very talented author. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.