Backstories from the West Edge: 40 years of Adventures and Journalism on Northern California's Coast [aka QuirkUtopia]

Backstories from the West Edge: 40 years of Adventures and Journalism on Northern California's Coast [aka QuirkUtopia]

by Andrea Granahan


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Andrea Granahan has served as a journalist on California’s north coast for four decades. She describes the rural area she worked in as “QuirkUtopia” because of the varied and interesting people (and animals) she has met there. She revisits the roots of some of the more controversial and exciting events she covered as a reporter. From going to war with the US Navy over submarines killing fishermen, to Mario Savio demanding she censor her journalism students, Granahan’s career saw a lot of action.

Some of her tales will make you laugh, others bring you to tears, or stir your sense of justice. This book reveals a unique corner of the world and shows small town journalism at work proving the pen is still mighty.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781634924917
Publisher: Inc
Publication date: 07/25/2017
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Andrea Granahan has won awards for her reporting and feature writing from the California Newspaper Publishers Assn. and the National Newspaper Publishers Assn. She is the only reporter to hold three Lincoln Steffens awards for investigative reporting. She was the founding publisher of the Bodega Bay Navigator, a weekly newspaper. Her work covering the fishing industry has been described as unparalleled. She currently works as a travel journalist.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Welcome to Quirkutopia

Part One - Learning the Turf and Getting Sea Legs

Chapter 1 - The Fishing “University”

Chapter 2 - The Great Mountain Lion Hunt

Chapter 3 - Communing on the Coast

Chapter 4 - Painting Humbert’s Shed

Chapter 5 - When the Porn Industry Invaded a Cow Town

Chapter 6 - Quilting Together a Community

Chapter 7 - Calorie Canyon

Chapter 8 - How to Keep Jehovah’s Witnesses Away from Your Door

Part Two - Parties, Battles, Denizens

Chapter 9 - Consciousness Raising

Chapter 10 - The Camp Meeker Cotillion Society

Chapter 11 - The Ex-Con Reverend

Chapter 12 - Lena the Logger

Chapter 13 - Farewell to Clarence Jonk, Our Own Mark Twain

Chapter 14 - The Joy Butts

Chapter 15 - Water Wars at Dutch Boss Creek

Chapter 16 - From Blackboard to Brothel

Chapter 17 - The Treetop Pot Farm

Chapter 18 - St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Chapter 19 - Big Event, Small Town

Chapter 20 - Weaving Spiders

Chapter 21 - Mama Evelyn

Part Three - The Docks

Chapter 22 - Seaweed

Chapter 23 - When Luther Brought the Bomb to Bodega

Chapter 24 - In Hazard

Chapter 25 - A Day with the Crabbers

Chapter 26 - Seaside Justice

Chapter 27 - When the Deckhand is a Lady

Chapter 28 - Shoals of Herring

Chapter 29 - Naked Lady Cove

Chapter 30 - The Great Porta-Potty Episode

Chapter 31 - The Oregon Beaver

Chapter 32 - Tootsie and Whippoorwill

Chapter 33 - Fishing for Bombs

Chapter 35 - Pulling the Trigger

Part Four - Behaving Badly

Chapter 36 - The Blue Angels Meet the Rainbow Warrior

Chapter 37 - Mario Savio and Not Such Free Speech

Chapter 38 - When Zero Tolerance Led to Unlimited Comedy

Chapter 39 - Ocean Strip Mining and the Attack Buffalo

Chapter 40 - Cleaning Out the Dirty Dozen

Chapter 41 - Submarine Warfare

Chapter 42 - When a Wanna-Be General Took Over our Parks

Chapter 43 - Dumpster Communities

Part Five - The Merry Menagerie

Chapter 44 - Slugs Galore

Chapter 45 - Humphrey the Curious Whale

Chapter 46 - Lambikin

Chapter 47 - Coyotes and the Nazi Poison

Chapter 48 - Love Songs of the Humming Toadfish

Chapter 49 - The Sad Tale of Don and Harbor Charlie

Chapter 50 - The Great Bear Chase

Chapter 51 - The Passion Vine

Part Six - Villains

Chapter 52 - The Slum Lord

Chapter 53 - Death and Daisy

Chapter 54 - When Sex Slavery Sneaked into a Small Town

Chapter 55 - The Mad Dentist of Bodega Bay

Chapter 56 - Crazy Ted

Chapter 57 - The Sad Merry Jane

Chapter 58 - Kentucky in Sonoma County

Chapter 59 - Murder on the Coast

Part Seven - Offbeat Adventures

Chapter 60 - The Mystery Woman and Army Intelligence

Chapter 61 - Dr. Wambach Comes to Town and We Enter the Woo-Woo World

Chapter 62 - Welcome Wagon for Aliens

Chapter 63 - The Great Blizzard, Us and Mohammed

Chapter 64 - Days of Innocence

Chapter 65 - The Great Scavenger Hunt

Chapter 66 - The Last Room in Reno

Chapter 67 - A Cautionary Tale About the Perils of Pajamas

Chapter 68 - The Bearly Famous Yosemite Trip


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