Battle for the Falklands: The Winter War

Battle for the Falklands: The Winter War

by Patrick Bishop, John Witherow

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‘Boldly planned, bravely executed and brilliantly accomplished’ was Margaret Thatcher’s assessment of the Falklands campaign. But what did the war mean to the men in the trenches and below decks?This gripping first-hand account of the Falklands War, written by bestselling military historian Patrick Bishop and Sunday Times Editor John Witherow, reveals the true experiences of the British soldiers and seamen on the front line. The authors, then rookie reporters, lived alongside the fighting men, experiencing the daily realities of a British task force that was hugely outnumbered on a barren island 8,000 miles from home. The Falklands: The Winter War looks at the covert role of the SAS and the heroic death of Colonel ‘H’ Jones at Goose Green, and considers just how close Britain came to defeat.This is an extraordinarily frank and unsparing account of a military campaign that has held a defining place within the British national conscience since victory in 1982.

Patrick Bishop is one of Britain’s leading military historians and the the author of the critically acclaimed and best-selling Fighter Boys, Bomber Boys, 3 Para, Ground Truth and Target Tirpitz. He spent more than twenty years as a foreign correspondent, reporting from war zones around the world.John Witherow is the current and longest serving Editor of the Sunday Times. He has reported from the front lines of the Falklands War, the Iran-Iraq War and held several posts at the Sunday Times before becoming Editor, including Defence Editor, Diplomatic Editor and Foreign Editor.

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About the Author

Patrick Bishop has been a foreign correspondent for over twenty years, reporting from conflicts all over the world and working as senior correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He is the author of ‘The Irish Empire’; the acclaimed book ‘The Provisional IRA’ with Eamonn Mallie; and the bestselling ‘Fighter Boys’, ‘Bomber Boys’ and ‘3 Para’. He lives in London.

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