Battlefield of Angels: United States...the House of Slavery

Battlefield of Angels: United States...the House of Slavery

by D. R. Tracy


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Do you really believe in angels and demons...or that the eyes of heaven are constantly upon you?

What if the heavens gave you a small glimpse of the spiritual realm around you? Would it change the way you live your life today?

David Anderson was given such a glimpse as a young boy. Now, at the age of 32, he's been called and predestined to partake of a heavenly calling placed upon him that would change his life forever. But the evil powers and forces of the spiritual realm of Metro City will stop at nothing to keep the young man away from that calling.

To be transformed into a man of faith, it will take the power of the Holy Spirit and of the angelic warriors of God to prepare, protect, and safeguard Mr. Anderson along his path.

"Don't forget to entertain strangers, for by doing some people have entertained angels without knowing."
Hebrews 13:2

Soldiers in Christ

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ISBN-13: 9781491815663
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/16/2013
Pages: 526
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.17(d)

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Battlefield of Angels

United States ... The House of Slavery

By D.R. Tracy


Copyright © 2013 Daniel Reed-Tracy
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-1566-3


The fog began to thicken around the small industrial town of Harbor Port, and the lighthouse turned slowly signaling to the remaining ships and small vessels out on the lake. The wind began to pick up as the clouds darkened and lightning began flashing throughout the sky above. In the nearby Baptist Church of Christ on that summer afternoon, the spiritual realm was shaken. The church choir rang out praises with their beautiful bright colored togas to God followed by prayer and thanksgiving faithfully. The rain began to beat against the big custom stained window panes of the church and the wind whistled through the open cracks of the wooden doors. The hymn "Amazing Grace" ushered its way in following the choir's vocals and within minutes, the entire congregation was praising and singing with hands lifted high above their heads as if they were standing in the presence of God himself. Crouched on top of the lighthouse, the demon sat, watching the small community church and listening to the praises ring out with the sound of the music. Patiently, as the storm rose, his eyes were burning with rage and his hands tightly griping his wrist as he rested his elbows on his knees. As he stood up on the lighthouse and spread his wings, he looked up and down Harbor Port cautiously as he gave a push from his legs and took flight toward the shore. His leather-like wings spread like a black cape that shadowed the waters below as he gave what sounded like a war cry camouflaged by the whistling wind as he was joined by two other demons flying by his side. Five year-old David Anderson stood in the middle of the church aisle watching the light from heaven in the spiritual realm shine brightly above where the pastor was standing. The strong inspiring voice of the Pastor, having his eyes fixed upon David with tears streaming down his face, quoted the verse by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:12; "Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." The verse seemed to penetrate and echo through the young spirit of David. He looked around the ceiling of the old Baptist church at the celestial beings that shone with swords in their hands and fire in their eyes ... they appeared to be as big as trees to the young boy. David also saw other creatures with wings and swords that didn't shine as bright as the first celestial giants did. "Why are they fighting?" He questioned his young mind unable to understand. Landing on shore, the demons must have stood ten or eleven feet tall, hideous looking with the darkest of black eyes and very powerful in stature. Each of them had swords that hung around their waists, the leather sandals they wore had straps that tied all the way up to their calves and they wore leather bands that covered their wrists up to their forearms. Without uttering a word to each other, they knew they were there for one mission only; to stop David Anderson from becoming a problem with their plans for the future. As the demons began walking they transformed into human beings, one with pale white skin and dark brown hair that hung over his shoulders, carrying an ancient dagger in the back of his waist belt. The other two demons, one with darker skin and the other equally as pale as the first, with long dark hair flowing behind them were following closely behind their leader as the leather-like wings became long leather coats. They were walking in military cadence drawing closer to the church. Once they crossed the avenue, the three demons stood patiently waiting for the church service to end. As the doors of the church opened up, the three demons made their way toward the parking lot where the car of David's grandmother was parked. Holding a plastic bag over her head to avoid the rain, she fumbled for the keys to unlock the car door. The demon in charge reached behind his coat placing his hand on the dagger. The angels around the church began to take positions on the nearby cars and trucks, however, in spirit, unable to prevent what appeared to be happening so fast before their eyes in the physical realm they felt powerless to aid David and his grandmother. "Oh, David ... forgive grandma, baby. I left my Bible in the church. Let me run in and grab it, don't move I'll be right back, okay?" Slamming the car door she returned inside the church. "Okay, grandma!" David yelled from inside the car. Looking through the passenger window, young David saw the three men approaching the car and quickly, the demon pulled the dagger from behind his overcoat. David was now terrified with his eyes wide open and unable to scream or make a move; he sat frozen to the window glass as his breath began to cover the window with fog due to the mist of the rain. Out of nowhere, before he could reach the young boy, the demon was tackled with such a force by another man that left the dagger sliding across the wet parking lot. The two other demons engaged in a fight with another man that accompanied the tackling man. Young David wiped the fog from the window glass to watch the scuffling finding himself jumping out of his seat surprised by the demon that was violently thrown into the side of the car. Startled, David looked into the black eyes of the man who stared back at David. The young child noticed a medallion that hung around his neck before the man and his two companions could take off running into the fog. Before they were completely vanished out of sight, David saw wings spread out from behind them as they took flight into the fog of the lake. As the demons raced through the fog, they sensed that they were still in the vicinity of danger. Close behind them and moving at the speed of light, just inches above the lake, two heavenly warriors with radiant glows about them searched above their heads while in flight looking for the trio that attempted to take the life out of young David. "Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Coming from above the heavenly warrior's head sounded a yell, which intensified in a matter of seconds. "Splash!" They went straight into the lake, the celestial warrior found himself underneath the rushing waves of the harbor being driven deeper and deeper toward the bottom by one of the demons. Using his wings to roll within the current of the water, he placed one hand around the demon's neck and with the other hand ... he held the demon's arm that had drawn his sword. Tucking his knees into the adversary's chest, the heavenly being was able to catapult away from the demon. Both headed toward the surface of the water with the demon in a desperate pursuit of the angelic being. "Thooshhhh!" "Thooshhhh!" Both beings shot out of the water simultaneously like torpedoes. Face to face in mid-air, the demon and the heavenly being circled one another. The medallion on the demon's neck carried a name in the ancient language of Aramaic that read ... "Solon, Prince of Darkness". The heavenly host glanced down at the water and saw the wings of his companion laying spread open ... he knew his companion was no more, and looking back up with fire blazing from his eyes, the demon was gone ...

Years later in Metro City ...

Metro City was like any other city in the year 2012. The city, which sat encircled by snow-capped mountains to the west and uprising skyscrapers to the east, offered its open doors for any individual, family or company willing to make a change toward prosperity. Over the last five years, the city had undergone heavy construction in the downtown area with the building of new loft apartments, and many restaurants from all over the world crowded in the lower downtown area. Mountain homes on the outer city limits were rapidly becoming safe havens, so to speak, for people wanting to escape from the rat race of the inner city's hustle and the crime rate that had escalated throughout the Metro area. Every night it appeared as though new nightclubs were given birth throughout the city, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life were there to stake their claim. Pleasure seekers gathered themselves with the multitudes satisfying their fantasies, and whatever their hearts desired could be found within the city. However ... beneath the beauty of this city laid another foundation was at work unlike any other city across the nation had ... something evil ... something ... demonic. The city that shadowed itself in spiritual chains with a Sodom or Gomorrah lifestyle was unable to see the ancient accent of Roman oppression for those believers in Christ in the spiritual realm. Many religious beliefs had flooded neighborhoods and various spiritual practices had clouded the minds of those seeking something to believe in to fit their way of life. Even in these last days, the Christian faith had become tainted by such influences, that all appeared to be walking in their own direction, having a form of godliness, but denying its power. (2 Timothy 3:5). Twenty six year-old David "Preacher" Anderson, stood with both hands in his pockets looking down from the fifth floor window of his bedroom along the old fire escapes, and into the alleyway listening to the springtime rain beating against the glass in the lower downtown district of Metro city. Glancing back over his shoulder toward the nightstand, the electric alarm clock read 10:22 p.m., walking over to the bureau grabbing his cigarettes; he took one from the pack placing it in his mouth and returned to the window. It was his moment to be alone; his time to think about what direction his life was heading in. Leaning to one side of the window pane lighting the cigarette and crossing his arms, everything seemed so peaceful and quiet around Metro City. Looking into the night sky seemed to bring back the memories of his early childhood ... the vision he had captured in his mind when looking up at the small Baptist church ceiling watching the presence of angelic warriors engage one another in warfare had never erased itself from his mind. In addition, he remembered that life in Harbor Port didn't have much to offer for the youth in those days. It gave them three choices.1—To graduate from school and go to the armed forces to serve their country, which was discouraging for most considering those who had returned home to spend the rest of their days drinking cheap wine on the corners of the city or getting hooked on drugs.2—To join the local neighborhood gangs and everyday wonder if they would live long enough to see their 21st birthday. Or,3—Dedicate their lives to the service of God through a local community church and try to offer hope to those living under the crushing economy of higher taxes and unemployment since the Steel Mill Industry was coming to its end. David wanted to help people by becoming one of those pastors he'd seen over the years encouraging the masses with the same message of Christ that inspired him so much in faith. During his school days, he never could get his life off the ground as he intended to in the past. Dabbling around in college in Biblical Theology and Sociology ... studies in the history of the bible, never seemed to satisfy David's hunger for what was missing in his life, besides ... heaven appeared to be waging as much war as the world. "Could this war in heaven be for the new Heaven and Earth ... the new Jerusalem, which the Word of God spoke of for centuries?" He thought to himself looking down at the rain splashing along the ground of the alleyway. So many years had passed since sitting next to his grandmother in that small community Baptist church where she attended so faithfully three days a week, so he began hearing the echoes of the sermons being preached, and the people ... so many people, shouting, praising and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Slightly smiling, he couldn't deny the joy and peace he felt as he saw himself as a little boy dancing in the middle of the aisle to the worship music the choir would play and sing during that time. He was among family ... even those he did not know personally, he felt were part of his own ... there, was a sense of belonging ... unity. He found himself looking at the people around him that were praying, and speaking in different languages. Surely, he knew these people were speaking directly to God himself ... more strangely, the words they spoke out with their eyes closed, sounded foreign to his little ears, but as he listened even more closely, they sounded familiar and clear ... he could understand bits and pieces of what was being spoken: "My little Preacher." His grandmother would say from time to time ..."There is something indeed very special about you, David. Always pay attention to the hand of God in what you do, because He is with you, and will never leave you ... so you stay faithful to the calling on your life, my son." She said placing both hands on the sides of David's little face. Suddenly, a disturbing look crossed his face as he envisioned that day in the church's parking lot. Flicking his ashes in the window seal, he couldn't understand why someone, or something, would want to bring harm to an innocent young boy. His eyes brighten remembering the glimpse of the wings that he saw disappear into the fog that rainy afternoon. "Preacher" ... a name that grew along with David after being found by his grandmother and other relatives in front of his bedroom mirror imitating the pastors he'd recently heard at church services. Quite often, he would spend his time alone being the only child of his mother and father who had been divorced since he was four years of age. He found comfort spending most of his time at grandma's house, besides ... there he had older uncles and aunts whom he would pretend most of the time were his older brothers and sisters he never had, and by the age of seventeen, young David was sure that his life was set on its path. Having gone through more experiences in life than any other young teenager, David felt he was prepared and ready to face life, but nothing could possibly have prepared David for what he was about to encounter next ... One summer night, there he was on his knees in his bedroom saying one of his routine prayers before bedtime. Something David found pleasure in doing faithfully as he talked with God, telling him about all his desires and hopes, David thought it was a perfect opportunity to offer his Holy Father thanks and praises. But this night was a little different, He found it very difficult to stay focused on prayer, he was agitated and was concentrating on other things ... bad things that continued to enter his mind ... thoughts of people hurting one another, people cursing God and shouting horrible things toward Him. He began to feel fear, as he sensed that something or somebody was with him in his bedroom. He lifted his head up staring at the wall glancing from each corner of his eyes trying to see behind him. He slowly started to rise from his knees turning around only to find something standing in his presence he'd never seen before ... not even like the creatures he had seen in the church when he was a little boy. As he stood paralyzed unable to speak or mutter a whisper, within his heart the only words he found himself repeating were:

"Lord Jesus, help me. Please, help me Lord Jesus." Clinching the sides of his pajama pants with all his might, his deep dark brown eyes began moving slowly upward as his heart was beating like a drum within his chest. It appeared to be that a ten-foot giant was standing in his bedroom. He began to hear every bone in his body rattle as he stood trembling before its overwhelming presence. His mouth hang open as he continued looking upward toward the ceiling, it was massive with wings that relaxed behind him, as a cape would drop to the floor. Surely, he'd seen these beings before in the past; he had heard about them during church services and read many stories about angels in the Bible of how they would aid God's people in time of need. However, something was different, something did not fit, something was wrong ... though as huge as the angels he'd seen this creature was not glowing like the ones in those stories. It was dim, it appeared angry, and its eyes ... the deepest of black darkness. Its face was that of a man, its hair was long draping over its shoulders and its wings were a grayish black in color. Its breathing was very deep and its presence in the room was very powerful. Around its neck hung a medallion with all kinds of different stones and inscriptions of different symbols and letters that he could not understand. Something was definitely wrong; it was very cold, evil and filled with hatred unlike David had ever known. The giant being began reaching slowly toward the huge sword that hung on its side within its sheath. Staring back intently into David's eyes, he closed his eyes repeating the words he had spoken earlier: "Lord Jesus, please help me, please help me my Lord Jesus." When he opened his eyes, the being was no longer there. Since that day, David knew that something else existed outside the beautiful splendor of heaven's walls ... opposite to God's goodness.

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Prologue....................     ix     

Acknowledgments....................     xi     

Introduction....................     xiii     

Chapter One....................     1     

Chapter Two....................     17     

Chapter Three....................     35     

Chapter Four....................     61     

Chapter Five....................     81     

Chapter Six....................     100     

Chapter Seven....................     123     

Chapter Eight....................     137     

Chapter Nine....................     158     

Chapter Ten....................     182     

Chapter Eleven....................     198     

Chapter Twelve....................     221     

Chapter Thirteen....................     240     

Chapter Fourteen....................     258     

Chapter Fifteen....................     271     

Chapter Sixteen....................     292     

Chapter Seventeen....................     309     

Chapter Eighteen....................     327     

Chapter Nineteen....................     343     

Chapter Twenty....................     359     

Chapter Twenty-One....................     378     

Chapter Twenty-Two....................     398     

Chapter Twenty-Three....................     417     

Chapter Twenty-Four....................     437     

Chapter Twenty-Five....................     454     

Chapter Twenty-Six....................     474     

Chapter Twenty-Seven....................     495     

About the Author....................     511     

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