Bayside Passions

Bayside Passions

by Melissa Foster
4.7 31

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Bayside Passions 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 5 days ago
5 Star Review of Bayside Passions(Bayside Summers #2) by Melissa Foster Having already read several books by Melissa Foster I was ready to dive in to a new series. I particularly enjoy friends to lovers stories and this one did not disappoint. This is the story of Emery Andrews and Dean Masters and if I am being truthful, I would love a man like Dean in my life; he ticked so many boxes and I was drawn to him from the start, totally swoon worthy. When Emery decides to take the plunge and move to Cape Cod to work at her friend Desiree’s resort, she knows that she will be surrounded by good friends. What she doesn’t know is that Dean is hoping that he can convince her that he is the man for her. In fact Emery is totally blind to what everyone else can see where Dean is concerned. Bayside Passions is a story of friendships,humour,romance and overall is a heart warming book that will make you smile, feel good and is one I highly recommend. Ms. Foster wove a tale that kept me captivated from the first page until the last. I will most certainly be keeping my eye out for the next book in the series as I anxiously wait to find out who is next in the series.
LynnB888 3 days ago
Sweet, sexy and oh so fun! In her magical way, Melissa Foster has us falling for this couple and hanging on her every word as their relationship plays out as usual. She's always an easy, fast paced story-teller with feisty yet good-hearted characters and a well-developed setting of relaxation, beautiful scenery and a large support-team of life-long friends and family. The strife was a little light in this particular book, as Emery gave in a little too easily based on how opinionated and independent she was written to be, but it was still a really enjoyable story! When Emery Andrews's best friend Desiree fell in love and moved to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, she never thought she would be following along a few months later ... but here she is, rocking it! She's missed her bestie like a lost limb, and she can't wait to get into town and get started teaching yoga at Desiree's inn. The fact that she also became the best of friends with steaming hot Dean Masters over phone calls, texts and late night skype sessions since she met him during a visit over the holidays doesn't hurt matters either. She's going to love living here! Dean is overjoyed Emery is in town. He's been falling for her for months now and having her up close and personal will have them in a relationship in no time ... only ... she acts like they're only friends ... what's up with that? Good thing he's patient, because he's going to have to be willing to let her get her head wrapped around the fact that she can have a true relationship with him without self-sabotaging ... because she deserves it!
Anonymous 4 days ago
Aiesa 4 days ago
Ok, so we all know that we get a bit giddy about Melissa Foster's super hot fellas she writes about. Yep, we just take the plunge and fall in love with these hotties. Now Dean and Emery were working on a great friendship, but Dean was waiting to go further than that. Problem is that Emery is a bit quirky and just doesn't want to give in and date a friend. No matter how the sparks fly between them she tries to stick to "friends" relationship. Lets face it... the magnetism is strong so you can expect to read some funny, emotional, and hot stuff in this book
MikiHope 5 days ago
Emery has had it--she's been dating the wrong men and made the bad mistake of dating her boss. She swears she will never do that again! She loves what she does for a living and hates that she felt compelled to quit her job when she quit the guy. A free spirit who tends to say and do whatever she wants and is a notorious flirt decides to take her best friend up on a job teaching Yoga at the friends lodge. Emery picks up and moves there--despite her misgivings about leaving her family. Of course it might give her a breather from her 3 macho over protective brothers. There is also someone else that Emery can not wait to see--Dean--the guy she met at a wedding. They were immediate friends and had spoken every day or night since. But Emery has sworn off dating friends as well--will Dean be able to convince Emery that by dating they will not lose the friendship? Read this fast moving book to find out. It is a lot of fun!
_KatMar 5 days ago
Bayside Passion is full of chemistry and romance. The characters are very well thought out. Emery Andrews is very quirky, independent, and cautious. She's very personable, a whirlwind, and fun-loving. Emery often acts before thinking. That has caused issues in past relationships. She's been accused of flirting when she never meant to. Emery has never had a relationship last. When her close friend, Dean, tells her his true feelings, it throws Emery for a loop. Emery is afraid her habits and personality will cause her relationships to fail like they have in the past. Her friendship with Dean means far too much to her to risk. Dean Masters is patient, caring, and determined. Dean has been falling more in love with Emery after every nightly phone call since they met. He knows how skittish Emery can be with relationships. Dean tries to keep his feelings to himself, but seeing her with other people is too much. Telling Emery his feelings is a huge risk to their friendship. Emery is worth the risk, but going at her pace could be challenging. The main characters have amazing chemistry. As long as Emery doesn't stand in her own way due to fear, the risk Emery and Dean are taking could be greatly worth the risk. The Bayside Summer series are fun to read. I can't wait for Vi, Emery's friend, to get her own story. I received this book as an Advance Reader's Copy. I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
Scarlett_Ian 5 days ago
Dean and Emery have been close friends since they met, even though they did not live near each other. They’ve had a strong connection and now that Emery is moving to town, Dean is thinking maybe they explore the option of taking their relationship to the next step. Going from friends to lovers is a hard enough battle, but when you have a history of ruining things is it worth the risk of possibly losing one of her closest and strongest friendships? The steps that Dean takes to show Emery that she and him are perfect for each other are so romantic! In typical Melissa Foster fashion, she has written such a great book – there is romance, characters with big personalities, and enough swoon worthy moments that most of us readers are wondering if we can find ourselves a Dean [I’ll be honest – I may or may not have pictured a Dean from my childhood.. I was a big Gilmore Girls fan]. I’m also a huge fan of Melissa Foster’s books; she creates a world that just grabs the readers attention from page 1 to the end of the book. Her characters are realistic and relatable; you can’t help but fall in love with them! **4.5 Stars - I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader copy of this book.
SherryMH 5 days ago
You had me at beard. Okay, so I like a guy with a beard and our man Dean has just not only a beard but a heart of gold and he isn't afraid to wear it on his sleeve. Melissa Foster has done the impossible - given us yet another handsome, hunky hero that we find ourselves falling in love with even before our heroine Emery realizes what's going on right in front of her eyes. While Emery may be young and afraid of her feelings, Dean isn't afraid to follow his heart even if he has to be patient. I loved the fact that Dean slowly worked his way into Emery's heart and that he took control of the situation and made her see what was there. Their banter is realistic and the emotions leap off the page. I loved this book and I can't wait to see what Melissa has going on next. Believable characters, romantic storyline, hunky heroes, and head-strong heroines make for a fun read and another great addition to the Bayside Summers Series.
AmyBosica 5 days ago
4.5 Whirlwind Stars! “He was a strong man, but Emery had become his Achilles’ heel.” “What is it about me that makes guys want to build a fortress and lock me away? I’m tough. I can handle myself. I don’t take s*** from anyone and there’s no guy on earth who’s going to get anything I don’t want to give.” “I’m too broken to be fixed.” “Everything you want, Emery, everything you need, is standing right in front of you.” Bayside Passions is a entertaining friends to lovers romance with a bit of unrequited flare. Dean and Emery pull you into their story from the very first page and keep you begging for more. The banter between the two of them was so cute and entertaining. And don’t ever get me started on the sparks between these two!! The sparks between Dean and Emery were intense and held so much promise; I just couldn’t get enough. I loved the build and lead up to their romance. Emery and Dean had an amazing friendship, and their feelings only grew the more time they spent with one another. Things between these two were just so effortless, you couldn’t help but root for them. Dean was so unbelievably sweet and protective. Not only was he a total alpha, but he totally rocked the swoon factor. He knew from the moment he met Emery that he had to have her, but was afraid to frighten her away. You see, Emery has burned by relationships with friends in the past and was determined to do whatever it took to keep Dean as her friend. She was awkward and frustrating at times, but I understood her and her actions. I couldn’t wait for her to open her eyes and see what an amazing man she had right in front of her. And Dean…. You could tell that he worshiped Emery and would give her the world if she let him. Bayside Passions was a fabulous read from beginning to end. Melissa Foster doesn’t disappoint with her sexy and swoon worthy alphas and unforgettable love stories. And let me tell you, Bayside Passions was all of that and then some. It was fun and entertaining. It was sweet and seductive with just the right amount of drama and sexiness. I loved getting lost in Dean and Emery’s story and look forward to discovering more of this series in the future.
A_Gluten_Free_Mom 6 days ago
Taking a chance on fate is very hard to do. Especially when that chance has you dropping everything you have known for ages and picking up your entire life to move to another town. Granted things are a little easier when you are moving closer to your best friend, but still, changing everything in your life is a hard pill to swallow (especially in today's world!). Emery has done just that. Dropped it all and is starting over from scratch. Foster's writing style has a habit of making me forget that I am reading a fictional novel. I grow so attached to the protagonist by the end of the story I feel like I could pick up my phone and text "Hey, drinks tonight?" and Emery would respond with "bonfire at the beach, 8:30". Hot and steamy is the mood throughout this novel. Even though Dean starts off firmly in the friend zone I knew he wouldn't stay there for long. Watching Emery and Dean fall head over heals made smile. Overall, this is a really great installment in the Bayside series. I look forward to the next story!
lifeasleels 6 days ago
Oh how I loved this romance! Emmie is Desiree’s best friend, who decides it’s time to make a change in her life and moves to be closer to Desiree. Since her last visit, she has become really close friends with Dean – Desiree’s fiance’s friend. They have talked, texted, and video chatted ever since Emery came to visit and have grown super close. Incredibly close. In love close – except Emery doesn’t see that. She sees Dean as a friend and has been in denial of her actual feelings. Emery’s first call – and first stop – when she arrives in town, is Dean and it is evident where this will lead. I loved following their romance – fighting their feelings but slipping up every now and then. I love Emery’s bold personality and her hold nothing back self. There were a couple surprises in regards to who was who – which I loved – and made the romantic journey all that more sweet. Dean has a heart of gold and I loved watching their romance blossom. Melissa’s characters are always people that I wish I could know in real life!
lifeasleels 6 days ago
Oh how I loved this romance! Emmie is Desiree’s best friend, who decides it’s time to make a change in her life and moves to be closer to Desiree. Since her last visit, she has become really close friends with Dean – Desiree’s fiance’s friend. They have talked, texted, and video chatted ever since Emery came to visit and have grown super close. Incredibly close. In love close – except Emery doesn’t see that. She sees Dean as a friend and has been in denial of her actual feelings. Emery’s first call – and first stop – when she arrives in town, is Dean and it is evident where this will lead. I loved following their romance – fighting their feelings but slipping up every now and then. I love Emery’s bold personality and her hold nothing back self. There were a couple surprises in regards to who was who – which I loved – and made the romantic journey all that more sweet. Dean has a heart of gold and I loved watching their romance blossom. Melissa’s characters are always people that I wish I could know in real life!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 8 days ago
4.25 stars-lively, delightful and captivating 4.25 stars--BAYSIDE PASSIONS is the second instalment in Melissa Fosters’ contemporary, adult BAYSIDE SUMMERS romance series. This is yoga instructor Emery Andrews, and landscaper Dean Masters’ story line. BAYSIDE PASSIONS, and subsequently BAYSIDE SUMMERS is another one of Melissa Foster’s spin off series from both the Love in Bloom and Seaside Summers series but can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Several characters and couples cross over for cohesion and familiarity. Told form dual third person perspectives (Emery and Dean) BAYSIDE PASSIONS is a friends to lovers story line that follows the building relationship between yoga instructor and back-care specialist Emery Andrews, and landscaper Dean Masters. Months earlier our couple met during the Christmas holiday engagement party of mutual friends Rick Savage and Desiree Cleary (Bayside Desires #1). With Emery’s return home to Oak Falls Virginia, our leading couple pursued a long distance friendship through emails, Skyping and text. Fast forward to present day wherein Emery will accept an invitation to teach yoga at the Inn in Wellfleet Massachusetts where she will come face to face with her future and the man with whom she is falling in love. Enter Dean Masters, landscaper, gardener and Rick Savage’s business partner. What ensues is the growing love between Dean and Emery, and the potential fall out when the Masters’ dysfunctional family dynamics threaten any semblance of balance between Emery and Dean. Melissa Foster pulls the reader into a sexy and smooth flowing story of family and friendship; balance and harmony; bitter memories and letting go of the past. BAYSIDE PASSIONS revisits old friends, welcomes newcomers and follows a relationship where anything is possible including the breaking down of barriers and preconceived notions about one man who struggles to be everything and more. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters many of whom we have met in previous story lines. We welcome the return of Rick and Desiree (Bayside Desires), Rick’s brother and Dean’s best friend Drake Savage, resort manager Serena Mallery, Desiree’s half-sister Violet, and Jana, Harper and Sky. The reader is introduced to Dean’s brothers Jett Masters, as well as their parents Dr. Douglas and Sherry Masters, nursing home residents Rose, Arlin and Magdeline, and nursing home administrator and Serena’s sister Chloe Mallery. Drake and Serena’s story line is next in BAYSIDE HEAT. BAYSIDE PASSIONS is a spirited storyline with sassy characters, sexy innuendo, and great back and forth banter between lovers and friends. The premise is lively, delightful and captivating; the romance is passionate and seductive; the characters are engaging and fun. Melissa Foster writes stories that resonate from the heart.
Lauren817 8 days ago
Several months ago I read Melissa Foster's ONLY FOR YOU (Sugar Lake, #2) so when the chance came up to be part of the blog tour for Melissa's BAYSIDE PASSIONS (Bayside Summers, #2) I jumped at the chance. I couldn't wait to dive into another one of her series. Plus BAYSIDE PASSIONS is a romance that takes place at the beach, and truly, what's better than that? The result? Super sweet as well as super sexy, BAYSIDE PASSIONS is fun & fast-paced friends-to-lover romance. BAYSIDE PASSIONS introduces Desiree and Dean. Desiree is work savvy, flirty, and a wild child. BUT she has has two problems. The small one? She's HORRIBLE at relationships. The bigger one? She's falling head over heels for her best friend Dean and given her romantic history she's terrified. Can she risk potentially losing her best friend? From the moment Desiree is introduced I thought she was hilarious. The first scene where she "helps" Dean with weeding his garden had me in stitches! It was definitely something I could see myself doing as well. I could relate to Desiree's struggles with Dean. It is hard deciding whether a romance is worth the risk of losing a friend. I also enjoyed that her work was included. It was awesome to see how much positivity she brought to her patient's lives through yoga. Dean is an alpha hero: strong, protective, and charm-your-pants-off sexy. He's in the same thought-process as Desiree: is giving into their chemistry worth the potential fallout? Dean is starting to think so. I loved how protective Dean was with Desiree, especially at the beginning. For example, when he took charge of her living situation I was laughing out loud. What a guy! Additionally, I liked how he approached pursing a relationship with Desiree. He was always willing to take his time to make her comfortable (a big win!), but he also wasn't afraid to call her out if she was being ridiculous (another win!). As mentioned above, the romance in BAYSIDE PASSIONS is sweet as well as sexy. While it wasn't my top favorite friends-to-lovers romance, I still enjoyed seeing it develop. I especially loved the banter between Desiree and Dean as well as how they both would push each others buttons to the extreme. They were an adorable couple for sure! There is one thing, though, that brought BAYSIDE PASSIONS down a little in my eyes. It lacked a certain "spark." Yes, I enjoyed reading it, but I was never glued to the pages, dying to know what would happen next. Probably more of a me problem than anything, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Overall, BAYSIDE PASSIONS is a the perfect quick read for a lazy Saturday.
Nicolerko 8 days ago
I really enjoyed this book. I'm a sucker for friends to lovers story and this was a good one. I loved Dean. He's definitely dream guy material. I loved that he does the little things. Dean and Emery are perfect for one another. Emery has some inner debates to work through if Dean and her have a chance. Another thing I liked about this book is the camaraderie between the friends. They're a great bunch of people. I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series.
Jenthomason1109 8 days ago
This fantastic story is about Dean and Emery. Dean has been living and working at the resort with Drake and Rick, and met Emery awhile back when Rick and Desiree got engaged. After building a solid and close friendship via phone calls, texts, and Skype – Emery is moving to Wellfleet to start a Yoga business focused on back care. Dean is beyond ecstatic that Emery is moving to the area, but knows that she also considers them “just friends.” Dean has to find a way to convince Emery that she is more than enough, that they are more than just friends, and that it’s worth the risk. So… Ladies… Let me warn you about Dean. This man is sexy, hot, intelligent, caring, romantic, and the list goes on and on. Prepare to completely fall in love within the first 40-50 pages of the novel. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Emery too with all of her individual quirks, but dear God, Dean steals the show in this one. And don’t even get me started on the hot, steamy scenes… Prepare to turn up the a/c or take a cold shower, my friends. Moreover, this novel had a lot of relevant and appropriate themes regarding healing from broken relationships and the effects your parents’ divorce can have on your own relationship views. Also, it touches on the burden of not living up to parents’ expectations and caring enough about your own self to not care what they think. As always, Melissa’s characterization and plot drew me in from page one. This is definitely a page-turner and will definitely make you believe in friends making the best soulmates. I absolutely loved and devoured this novel and cannot wait for Serena and Drake’s story!
DBergs 10 days ago
Bayside Passions portrays the tale of two individuals who grow as friends before giving into the inevitable. Emery Andrews met Dean Masters through Emery's friend Desiree and although Dean seemed to know right away that Emery was what he was looking for, Emery looks at her previous dating history and fights the chemistry. The journey that Emery and Dean go through as Dean proves that he is what she is looking for is one that shows great friendship with a few bumps and lots of laughs. Dean breaks down Emery's walls and she is there for him when he needs her most. Dean and Emery's story is another favorite of mine, I can't wait for the next book in the Bayside Summers series!
xtymom 10 days ago
Wow!! What an incredible book to start the new year off with! It’s cold, snowy and dreary here, so reading this summer fun book set in Cape Cod was just perfect to keep me warm. And some of it would definitely melt the snow outside. Dean and Emery are a great couple. They are so relatable. I can see myself doing and saying some of the exact things that Emery does. I just love books like this. Dean’s caring and love for Emery can not only be read, but felt on every page. I definitely liked how time was spent making sure we as readers understood how close Dean and Emery had become as friends even though we didn’t see it all happening. That made their connection and feelings so much more real for me. Oh and I can’t leave out Rose and her friends. They were so fun! You definitely don’t need it be summer to read this fun, sexy beach read.
tracykids4 10 days ago
This was a beautiful story. I love friends to lover’s stories. Dean was one of those friends you could tell anything to and he would listen and not judge. He was protective but not overbearing. Emery is a girl that is so easy going and a true sweetheart that it’s easy to get along with her. After months of just talking through Skype, texting and on the phone Dean and Emery finally get the chance to hang out in person as she finally moved to Wellfleet to be near her BFF Desiree. There were sparks the first time Dean and Emery met months ago which is how their friendship started, but now with Emery is staying in Dean’s guestroom there are fireworks for as far as the eye can see. Will Dean be able to hold back his feelings for Emery until he can convince her he is the man for her? Will Emery be able to resist the one man that makes he feel so good inside and out? I absolutely loved this story. My only problem was it ended. I was so wrapped up in Dean and Emery I never wanted the book to end.
Angela_Peay 10 days ago
I loved Bayside Summers book 1 and was extremely excited to read Bayside Passions which is the second book in the series. It is a stand alone book, but it brings back characters from the first book. Dean and Emery are such a great couple. I was captivated by their friendship and how close they are and when they go to the next level things just get hot! I was disappointed to finish the book because I just wanted to crawl into their world and live there for awhile. It really makes you want a love like theirs. This is top notch writing by Melissa Foster. I love this series of books.
KimberlyDawn55 10 days ago
Bayside Passions is the second book in the Bayside Summers series. This is a stand alone book that is part of the series and the focused couple met before this book starts. Emery and Dean got to know each other a lot between the first book and this one, and in that time they have developed a deep relationship. Now when Emery has been given the chance to move closer, we get to see how things go when they are face to face. Will it be all they hoped for? I really enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend it!
BookReview4you 10 days ago
BAYSIDE PASSIONS by Melissa Foster is book Two in the "Bayside Summers" series. This is the story of Dean and Emery. I thought was easily a standalone book. Emery and Dean hit is off after meeting at a wedding and kept in touch. But Emery has been putting him in the friend zone and Dean wants more. Emery ends up moving to start a new chapter in her life with puts in moving closer to her best friend and of course Dean. This was really a sweet friendship to romantic love story. I am a fan of this author and will look forward to more of her books.
CharlotteLynnsReviews 10 days ago
Back at my favorite book setting, Cape Cod. This time Melissa Foster takes her readers to Bayside and we get to catch up with the Bayside crew. Dean and Emery deserve to have their story told and I am so excited about it. These two met last summer and have been keeping in touch through FaceTime, text, and phone calls. They have been flirting, sexting, and sharing their lives for so long it seems that they have been together forever. I laughed often while reading Bayside Passions. Between Violets craziness and Emery’s uncensored reactions I chuckled, giggled, and laughed out loud many times. There were times I cringed at these same ladies and how unrestricted they were at times. But I loved every word of it. I also loved how the rest of the Bayside Crew accepted them as they were. There was never judgment just 100% acceptance. Together Dean and Emery are opposites. Dean is settled, living his life, and just doing his thing. Enter Emery. She blows his world apart. Leaves her things all over his house, enters his every thought, and changes his life for the better. The best thing is Dean also changes Emery’s life for the better. He brings in some form of order, accepts her for all her quirks, and shows her what true love really is. I was so happy to be back with these characters. It was wonderful to get to know Dean and Emery better and catch up with the other Bayside characters. I cannot wait for more from this wonderful location and amazing characters. **CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**
AboutThatStory 10 days ago
I can't believe this was my first Melissa Foster book. Where the heck have I been? Sweet and sexy with an engaging cast of characters. It’s an inviting read with a swoon worthy hero. Truly wonderful! Dean and Emery coming together was so fantastic. It was light, fun, and witty, drawing me in. I loved seeing their friendship grow into more. I loved their struggles and personal battles as they come together. Emery had such a great personality, she was a spitfire. I loved watching her blinders come off when it came to Dean. And Dean? Oh my! Sweet and sexy! I adored him. I loved how open and caring he was, so strong and confident. Their playful connection made for some really entertaining moments, I loved their conversations and the easy flow of them being together. They had fantastic chemistry and I love how that built. I had so much anticipation for them to truly connect. There are great secondary stories happening with both Emery and Dean that I enjoyed as well. I liked how they were their for each other during those trials. There is a tremendous cast of inviting characters introduced making you want to become a part of their world. This made me want to read other stories and series the author has written, it was so enticing. The writing was excellent. There was great character development for Dean and Emery and I felt like they really came alive. The story was so inviting, really pulling me in as I got to know the characters and where they live in. I couldn't get enough, I was excited while reading and invested. This was just an entertaining read. Sweet, fun, romantic and sexy and filled with love and hope. I love being pulled in to a new world! I see reading more Melissa Foster in my future. Complimentary copy received for honest review.
KindleKat64 10 days ago
Wow! I love this book so much!! This is a such a sweet love story. Just when I think Melissa Foster can’t possibly come up with a hunkier, sexier, sweeter hero, she somehow does. And the cover of this book, this is Dean all the way!! Dean Masters is a beautiful man inside and out and Emery Andrews has friend zoned him. They have spent months getting to know each other from a distance until Emery moves to Wellfleet. Now they have to face their growing feelings head on but can they get past Emery’s hesitation to move out of the friend zone despite how she feels about Dean? This story is full of fun, hotness, laughs, sexiness, romance and best of all heart. A lot of heart. I loved everything about this story and this couple! This new group in Bayside is so special!!! Can’t wait for more! This is a must read for romance fans! I wish I had more stars to give!