Beautiful Killer: A Lawless Kings Romance

Beautiful Killer: A Lawless Kings Romance

by Sherilee Gray

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ISBN-13: 9781250155689
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 01/09/2018
Series: Lawless Kings , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 87,065
File size: 986 KB

About the Author

Sherilee Gray is a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful New Zealand with her husband and their two children. When she isn't writing sexy, edgy contemporary romance, searching for her next alpha hero on Pinterest, or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadburys Rocky Road chocolate in the other.

Sherilee is the author of the Lawless Kings series (Shattered King, Broken Rebel, Beautiful Killer).

Sherilee Gray is a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful New Zealand with her husband and their two children. When she isn't writing sexy, edgy contemporary romance, searching for her next alpha hero on Pinterest, or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadburys Rocky Road chocolate in the other.

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"I have him," I said into the hands-free walkie I was wearing. "Third floor, second apartment from the left. He's alone."

"Keep him in your sights, we're moving in now," Van said back.

Van King and his brother Hunter owned the King Agency, the P.I. firm I worked for. Van and I had also gone to high school and enlisted together. We had our own way of doing things, and often that meant working outside the law.

Not this time, though.

My finger rested along the barrel of my rifle. I hadn't moved in an hour and a half, my focus razor sharp, locked on the guy across the street. If he tried to leave that apartment, I'd immobilize him. We'd been paid to bring this guy in by any means. He was wanted in four states, had robbed three jewelry stores and two pawn shops. He'd also killed three innocent people and injured two others. The cops couldn't pin this asshole down and, though highly irregular, had brought us in to work alongside local law enforcement to get the job done.

Mainly because we had contacts, ways of getting information the NYPD didn't. Contacts we wouldn't share and the cops preferred not to know about.

My target grabbed a bag and started stuffing something in it. Clothes. "He's packing up, about to head out," I said.

Van's walkie crackled in my ear. "Don't let him leave."

I inched my finger back to the trigger ...

An image flashed through my head, flickering like an old movie projector behind my eyes. Suddenly, I was on a different roof, in a different country, at a different time. I squeezed my eyes closed, trying to shake it. But I knew what was coming and I also knew I couldn't stop it. Sweat slid down my temples. I had to hold it. Just a few more minutes.

My hand started to shake.


I took a deep breath, focused on my breathing, slow and steady. It was the only thing that helped me keep my shit together when this happened, when the memories forced their way into my frontal lobe and tried to fuck me up.

Tightening my muscles, I worked at controlling the shakes. The target slung his bag over his head ... then turned to go. Now or never.

I got the guy in my crosshairs, released a breath, ... and squeezed the trigger. The sound of shattering glass was swallowed by a frenetic New York City during rush hour. I watched through my sight as blood spread, soaking his shirt at the shoulder, his mouth open in a soundless scream. I lined him up again for another shot. If that didn't slow him down, I'd take out one of his legs. The target dropped to the floor, though, propping himself against the wall.

I didn't take my eyes off him until the door burst open three minutes later. Which would have been more than enough time for the guy to get away. Van and Neco, another of our agents, ran into the room. Ruby, a recent addition to our field team, and Neco's woman, came into view as well. Her gun was on our target while Neco cuffed him, and Van checked out the rest of the apartment.

I rolled to my back, put my rifle on the ground beside me, and pulled myself up so I was leaning against the small wall edging the roof. The tremor in my hand intensified and I curled my fingers into a fist. Those images I didn't want in my damn head forced their way deeper. Blood. Bodies, now unrecognizable, sprawled across the ground.

Grief overwhelmed me, hit so hard I didn't know how to process it. It had been over a year and at times like this, it felt like yesterday. These ... attacks, shit, I didn't know what to call them, hit at random, like my subconscious popping in for a "hi, how are ya," followed by a giant "fuck you." Dragging back all the pain, making sure I never forgot the way I felt that day. Taking me back to a time when I hadn't taken the damn shot, when I'd hesitated — when I'd second guessed, and my men had paid the price for it.

I'd been lost when I got home, but in the end I'd called Van and finally accepted the job my friend had been offering me since he set up his P.I. firm. I'd made a vow to myself that day, and to those men that lost their lives and their families. I'd take down as many pieces of garbage as I could, like the asshole I'd shot tonight, and I'd keep on doing it, until I couldn't do it anymore. It wouldn't bring my guys back, or make up for my failure, my soul would be forever marked by what I'd done — but I could do this.

It was all I had. All I could offer.

Nothing else got me out of bed in the morning, no one else, and that's how I wanted it.

I was empty, had nothing else to give. I'd die on the job and I didn't care when or how. The weight of those souls, they were heavy, a burden that I more than deserved to carry, but tonight, they were almost more than I could bear. Which is why I stayed where I was when I heard the scrape of a boot on the rooftop not far from me, when someone moved out of the shadows. I didn't reach for my gun or the knife down the side of my boot, choosing not to think about why, and stared down the barrel of the nine-millimeter aimed at me. I sat, and waited. This guy, whoever he was, had been tailing me for a week. I'd let him. I'd been waiting for him to make his move, had counted on it. Looked like tonight was the night.

"To your knees," the guy said. "Hands out at your sides."

I did as he asked. "Do I know you?"

"No." He shook his head. "You knew my brother, though. He was sentenced to ten fucking years because of you."

In this job, we sent a lot of assholes away. I had no idea who he was talking about.

He dragged his forearm across his mouth. "Killed himself a week ago."

I said nothing. What could I say?

The guy sneered. "You hunted him down like a dog and dragged him in. So I've been doing the same to you. Watching you, following you." He held the gun with two hands now. "How about I blow your motherfucking brains out?"

This wasn't how I imagined it would happen, but I was ready. More than ready. I wasn't scared of what came next, I was ... relieved. I lifted my head and stared him in the eyes, and waited.

"You got nothing to say?" he snarled.

I kept my arms out at my sides. "Do what you have to do."

The guy blinked. "I'm not fucking with you, I mean it." He started shaking. "I'm going to kill you!" he screamed.

Jesus, I was tired. So fucking tired.

"I mean it," he said again.

"Then do it," I roared back, then closed my eyes, locking out his shocked stare. My men never saw it coming, I deserved nothing more.

The sound of a gun cocking echoed around us and I braced ...

"Drop the gun, now."


The sound of running came next, a shot, shouting.

I opened my eyes. Neco was in pursuit and, pumped with adrenaline, my stalker sprinted toward the edge of the building. Neco was quicker, though, and tackled the guy to the ground before he could leap. I turned back to Van. He was standing in front of me, expression troubled. "What the fuck was that?"

I shrugged and climbed to my feet. "Unhappy customer."

Jude, an ex-cop and the agency's persuasion specialist, among other things, appeared and joined Van. I walked past both of them and headed for the roof top door.

"Zeke, hold up ..." Van called after me.

I ignored him. There was nothing to say. And sure as fuck nothing I wanted to talk about. They had everything in hand, so I took the elevator to the ground floor and kept on walking.

* * *

I stared down at my third glass of Jameson and worked at forgetting the look on Van's face. Shit. The guy's uneasy expression was branded on my brain. He'd been waiting for me to flip the fuck out since I started working for him, had several times mentioned counseling. Jesus. I didn't need him on my case about this, well intentioned or not. I downed the rest of my drink and motioned to the barman for another. The place wasn't overly busy, and no one was looking my way. If anyone did, it was never for long.

Most people were unsettled by me, avoided making eye contact. Not something I worked at, but I was okay with it. I didn't like to talk. When people talked, they gave away too much of themselves. They got close, formed connections. I didn't want that, not from anyone. The only people who knew anything about what happened in Afghanistan were Van and my father, and neither of them knew the full story. Van and I enlisted together, were deployed the first time together. He'd been my closest friend before we were shipped out.

I didn't know what we were anymore.

My hand lifted to the center of my chest and I rubbed at the ache. There was something inside me tonight, a feeling I couldn't identify, didn't know what to do with. A dark emptiness behind my ribs and a twisted voice in my head urging me to walk out of this bar and headfirst into a situation that would make that feeling go away, that would end it all ...

I was done fighting it.

I was about to stand, when the door opened. My eyes slid to the woman that walked in. Blond hair, wavy. Lots of it. Subtle makeup. My gaze lifted back to her hair. Shit, it looked soft. She slipped off her jacket and revealed a curvy figure, lush. Denim hugged her round hips, and the blue top she was wearing was doing the same with her breasts and small waist. She had silver bracelets on both wrists and an intricate necklace. It looked like knotted leather, some glass and silver beads as well. Unusual. Her boots were brown leather and had spiked heels. She was alone and as she moved toward the bar, more than a few sets of eyes followed her, including mine.

The most important skill for a sniper is observation, picking out any irregularity, any possible threat. Sitting still and looking for anything out of the ordinary.

This woman ... she was far from ordinary.

I needed a pair of shades just to look at her, she was so bright. Like a light shone from within. Fucking walking, talking sunshine, and I wasn't the only one that noticed as she moved to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. I found myself straining to hear her voice. I bet she smelled good, too. She handed over the money for her drink. Her hands were small, delicate, and she had a wide gold ring on her thumb. Not silver like the rest of her jewelry, and it was obviously a man's ring. She was twisting is as she stood there. A nervous habit, or maybe she was drawing strength from it? Because she looked a little nervous. The piece held sentiment. Someone she cared about. My gaze slid back to her face in time to watch her draw in a deep breath and glance around the bar. Yeah, definitely nervous. Tucking her hair behind one ear, she glanced at the door, then she turned back and ... her eyes slid to me ...

The oxygen punched from my lungs. Her eyes were wide and the brightest blue ... shit, no, they were almost violet.

They darted away for several seconds, then she glanced back. I stared, unable to do anything else. She quickly looked away again and took a step ...

Her hip collided with the stool, knocking it over. She flushed red and quickly righted it then tried to walk away again, but instead slammed into one of the waitresses, knocking a tray of empties to the floor. Sunshine dumped her bag and coat on the bar and got on the floor, helping pick everything up, apologizing and flushing darker. She laughed at something the waitress said, and her entire face lit up. My gut tightened and I shifted on my seat. As she handed over one of the glasses, I noticed a fading bruise on her elbow, then what looked like a burn on the side of her thumb, a scar on her ring finger. That, plus what I'd just witnessed — the woman was obviously prone to accidents.

Something inside me expanded until it almost hurt.

I'd take a wild guess and say Sunshine preferred to do everything herself. She didn't like to ask for help. A woman like her wouldn't be alone. How could she be? She'd have family, friends, a man. If she needed help, there'd be people she could ask. But she didn't. Why?

Finally, she stood and walked quickly to the other side of the room and took a seat at one of the empty tables. I finished my drink and ordered a beer. I needed to leave, but for some reason I couldn't make myself get up and go. I also couldn't stop looking at her every so often over the next hour. She stayed alone during that time, but her eyes darted to the door whenever it opened, like she was expecting someone. Several guys approached her, but she sent them on their way.

Surely she hadn't been stood up?

Who the fuck would stand her up? What kind of an idiot would miss the chance to spend time with her?

I forced myself to turn away and took a sip of my beer, but it didn't last long, and I was looking back at her table a short time later.

This time, though, the table was empty. She was gone.

The sudden urge to jump out of my seat and rush out of the bar after her, to follow her, make sure she got home safe, hit me unexpectedly.

What the hell was wrong with me? I kept my ass glued to my seat even as my thigh muscles bunched preparing to propel me across the room and out the door ...

The stool beside me creaked, followed by a wave of vanilla. I knew who was sitting beside me instantly. And shit, I was right, she smelled amazing.

The stool creaked again. "Um ... hi, I'm Sunny."

Her voice was soft, had a little bit of a rasp to it that sent tingles across my shoulders and over my scalp. I turned in my seat, my gaze sliding to the woman who now sat beside me. I glanced around us. She couldn't be talking to me. Why the hell would she? But she was. Her eyes didn't dart away this time, they widened slightly, but they stayed on me.

I stared back.

A blush crawled up her cheeks and a smile curled her full lips. "This is the part where you tell me your name."

What the hell was this?

Her smile started to slip. "Do you ..." She aimed her thumb to the exit. "Should I go?"

I shook my head, before I could stop myself. I didn't want her to go any-fucking-where.


Shit, of course that was her name.

Her smile came back. She wasn't looking at me anymore, but I could see the curve of her lips as she ordered another glass of wine.

I'd never seen anyone like her in my life.

She turned in her seat when she had her drink and crossed her legs, resting an elbow on the bar, those violet eyes back to me. "Well, that's the last time I agree to a blind date." She laughed and shook her head and more of her vanilla scent hit me as her hair slid over her shoulders. "Why do I do these things to myself?"

Jesus. Her laugh was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard. I shook my head. I didn't get why the hell she'd need to?

"Gloria, one of my ladies at the Ashwood Retirement Home ..." She waved her hand in the air — like I'd asked a question, when in actual fact I was sitting there like a dumb fuck, with my mouth glued shut — before she carried on, "I go in Monday afternoons and teach arts and crafts ... anyway, Gloria set me up with her grandson. Apparently, he's an artist and she thought we'd get on. I guess he didn't agree." She took a sip of her wine. "Whatever, right?"

I nodded. It was all I was capable of.

"You never told me your name?"

"Zeke," I said.

She smiled at that, knocking the wind from my lungs.

We carried on talking for a little while, her mainly, but I actually managed a couple short and thankfully coherent sentences.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, which meant I noticed a short time later when her hands started to tremble slightly that she'd gone quiet. Her gorgeous eyes were taking me in as well, moving over me, and her breathing had grown faster.

I don't know why, but mine did the same. My pulse picked up speed.

"Zeke, I'm going to ask you a question," she said finally, voice soft, a slight husk to it that hit me in the gut. "Your answer will decide my fate tonight."

I had no idea what she was talking about. Her hand moved from her glass and curled around my forearm. I jolted, like she shocked me. That, combined with her wide eyes locked on mine, and I was frozen in place.

"I've never done this before ... but, there's something about you ... and I ..." She took a deep breath. "Would you like to ... I was wondering if you ..."

I held my breath. No goddamn way was she going to ask me to ...

"Come home with me tonight ..." she finished.

I still wasn't fucking breathing.

She stared at me, brows raised, a hopeful expression on her face. "Zeke?" I should back off, let her walk out of here and forget this ever happened.

But I couldn't do it.

For some messed up reason this beautiful, sexy, vibrant woman, wanted me. She wanted to feel my mouth, my scarred, rough-as-hell hands on her perfect skin. Shit, maybe I was dreaming. Maybe this wasn't even real.

Her fingers slid from my arm, taking her warmth from me.

Real. So fucking real.


Excerpted from "Beautiful Killer"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Sherilee Gray.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Beautiful Killer: A Lawless Kings Romance 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Found this series by accident and so glad I did!! Love the complex characters!
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Killer is book three in Sherilee Gray’s Lawless Kings series. This one hit in all the right places! Zeke is in a hard place when Sunshine walks into the bar and propositions him. There’s no hope for anything more between them—on his side or on hers—so it'll be just one night of sweaty, sexy fun, right? But Sunny’s got a lot on her plate and when she comes to Zeke’s security team for help, Zeke might just find that he’s in over his head. This book doesn’t shy away from the emotional punches. Sunny’s been overlooked by her family and hasn't built the connections she's always been looking for. Finding Zeke at the bar with his quiet intensity shakes up her life more than she expected. Zeke's dealing with severe PTSD, and meeting someone like Sunny seems too good to be true. When their fates become further entangled, both of them have to figure out where they stand and if more is possible. I think Zeke has to be one of my favorite heroes yet in the series! I love how Ms. Gray’s heroes have the protective, possessive gene, but they still know how to treat a woman right and give her room to find her feet. Beautiful Killer is no exception. I just wish the ending hadn’t dragged as to get to that pivotal moment. There were a few moments as well I thought could have been expanded to really pull the reader in. But I really, really just loved this book! There were swoony moments, plenty of laughs, and more than enough happy tears to keep me flipping pages. This book was smoking hot, too. Like, seriously. If you want a gritty romance with dark and light moments, hot sex, and some suspenseful action, than look no further! 4 stars.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Oh my gawd!! I absolutely, unequivocally loved this book! This by far is the best yet of this series! Okay, so I’m pretty sure I’ve said this about each book, don’t judge me! Zeke was so incredibly broken. Broken beyond all repair and seeking a way out of that pain. He was living with guilt and shame in a place of darkness that shackled him to the very thought of finding a way out of his desolation. When things reach a pinnacle he is suddenly confronted with the very image of sunshine and beauty. And then miraculously he is losing himself in her light…for one night. Sunny has known only loneliness her whole life. She hides behind a blank look, a false smile and words meant to free those around her before they chose to leave of their own free will. One night with Zeke allows her to show him everything that is within. There are no expectations of tomorrow. But suddenly there is a tomorrow and another and another. Until their time abruptly comes to an end and she is once more discarded. When Sunny becomes the victim of a home invasion she comes face to face with Zeke again. It’s been two months since they’ve seen each other but the fierce chemistry between them still flares hot and bright. Each holds a bit of themselves apart from the other – Zeke because of the guilt, and Sunny to protect herself from the eventual final goodbye. But as the story progresses there is so much more bringing this couple together rather than pulling them apart. Zeke stole my heart and I’m positive there will never be another book boyfriend that can take it from him. Sherilee Gray has the ability to know exactly what I want in not only my heroes but my romance as well. Beautiful Killer fits neatly into each little box I have created in my mind for the perfect book. I loved every single thing about this story. This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press/Swerve
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Holy hell what a book this is. WOW! Just one huge WOW! This is my favorite in the series thus far and will likely remain that. This is Zeke's story starting from when he returns from his last deployment and after a quick trip home, takes Van up on his offer to come and work for them at the King Agency. Zeke was a master sharp shooter and during his last deployment two men on his team were killed. He blames himself and walks around with a sort of death wish. Damn good at his job, he keeps to himself and doesn't deal not dealing with his past. After a stressful night he hits a bar where he spots a woman who he keeps an eye on, a woman hasn't turned his head since....? He looks at her and she's all sunshine and light and of course the negative self talk is chattering away in his head. He's been there a while and suddenly someone sits down next to him and it's her. Her name is Sunny. I loved her right from the beginning. Her story is so real and so like so many people. They go home together, he makes clear it's a one shot deal and she's good with that. It's all she can handle. After all, she always gets left. Better this way. She's got a nasty ass step sister who siphons money from her for her crappy husband. The girl has piddled away her inheritance and now hits up Sunny, using every manipulative trick she knows to get her to fork it over. Sunny who feels part guilty and lots of angry gives her the money, until the next time. She was a piece of work the step sister Julia. Ugh. So the one off with Zeke turns into more than once and they have few words between them, it's all just sex and Sunny is okay with that. She knows he doesn't talk and she lets that rest. Slowly they get more involved. Let me rephrase, he starts making more late night visits to her bed, he never stays and when he tries to stay away he turns into his old self actually. Sunny is good for him, he knows it too. The guys notice it. No one says a word. When something happens to Sunny in her home, the guys get involved Ruby and Lulu are frequent visitors to Sunny's jewelry store. When they see her bruised and bandaged Ruby offers a card. She decides to go, not knowing that Zeke works there. The guys have a new mission and that's to find out who did this. Zeke tends to overprotect and overbear. Sunny goes on the defensive at times. This story is woven so well. The emotions so close to the surface. I could feel myself frown at times. I never do that. There are a few surprises tossed in and a wicked twist and again a huge wow! It's a must read and each of these can stand alone although you'll want to read them all, this one just tops my list. Must read this one! **arc from NetGalley and publisher*** *I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. The above is my honest review and all opinions are my own**
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVED this story. It's filled with so much passion and emotion that it will stay with you for a long time. Zeke and Sunny are both incredibly flawed. She's looking for love, family, and connection. He's avoiding all of those yet when they are together it's explosive. This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me angry, and most of all it made me feel. The author did a great job of crafting a story and characters that grabbed my attention from page one and I couldn't put it down until I had the whole story of these two incredible souls. Definitely one for the must read list. I highly recommend it.
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Killer is book three in the Lawless Kings series by Sherilee Gray. I’ve long been a fan of Sherilee’s books, I’ve read them all. But this book…after reading this book I am awed by this author. I loved it that much! Zeke Stanton is an ex Navy Seal Sniper, the best of the best. But he came home from his deployment a changed man. He suffered from severe PTSD. He felt responsible for the deaths of two of his team. Then when he found his fiancé with another man, he fled his home town to New York to team up with his friend Van at his Private Investigation Agency. Zeke takes the worst cases. He wants to put himself in danger. He feels it’s his punishment for what happened. His debt to pay. But it’s hard to keep going every day when his buddies didn’t. And just when he was ready to give up, she walked in and sat beside him. “I needed a pair of shades just to look at her, she was so bright. Like a light shone from within. Walking, talking sunshine.” Sunny knew men saw her as beautiful on the outside. But on the inside, she never felt like she was good enough. Her now deceased father barely noticed her. Her step mother and step sister hated her. And when she was told she couldn’t have children, her ex told her she wasn’t enough for him. So she has accepted her life alone. When she went into the bar that night, though, she saw him sitting there and for some reason, she felt pulled to sit beside him. To talk to him. “Everything about him pure, raw male. Like a warrior, or a knight from some story book.” Zeke had no idea why this beautiful woman was even sharing her space with him. But he couldn’t let her walk away. He could give her one night. He had nothing more to offer. But he would share her light for just one night. But then he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Every day, all day, she was there, in his head. He couldn’t stay away from her. He knew he was a broken man, that she deserved so much more, but night after night, he found himself back at her door. As Zeke gets to know Sunny, he realizes that she is the same as he is in that she keeps part of herself locked away. That she doesn’t expect anything from him, accepts whatever he gives her without believing that she deserves more. “Sunny didn’t deserve what she’d been through, to feel like she didn’t matter, to go it alone. Well, that was over now. I’d make sure of it.” When someone breaks into Sunny’s house and she is severely injured, Zeke’s agency gets involved when the police aren’t making any progress finding the culprit. Sunny finds herself falling more and more for this mysterious man but can he ever return her feelings? Dare she get her hopes up? Or is it like everyone else in her past, that she just isn’t enough? This book! From the first page I was glued to this story. I woke up each morning counting the minutes until I could pick it back up again. These two had my heart from the beginning and didn’t let go. I have loved this series from the start but you can read this as a stand alone. The previous characters from the first two books are there but it wouldn’t detract from this story if you hadn’t met them. But, the whole series is amazing. As is everything else she has written. “Thank God you found me.” “We found each other.”
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Wow! The Lawless Kings just get better and better. Sherilee Gray has the magic touch when it comes to the big, bad, broody Hero's. After reading about Zeke in the previous two books of the series, I really had no idea just how much I was going to love him. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't perfect and I wanted to slap some sense into him a few times but oh man, I couldn't get enough of him. If you got a thing for tortured Hero's, Zeke's your man. Our heroine, Sunny was just as awesome. This is going to sound crazy but I loved how careful and guarded she was. I'm just not a fan of reading about women chasing men. I want to see the opposite. When the woman is standoffish, it makes the man stop and take notice. It's such a rare find that I tend to enjoy these types of couples more. The story itself had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Sunny is in danger. Zeke goes into over-protection mode. Something is fishy with her step-sister. All of this together meant that I just couldn't read this book fast enough. I'm not sure how the author is going to top this one. Loved it! ARC provided by Netgalley.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Killer by Sherilee Gray Lawless Kings #3 Zeke, returns from war a changed man. He is filled with guilt, has PTSD and his fiancé did a number on him. Desperate and feeling there is little to live for he runs into Sunny at a bar…and for some reason she approaches him. Her smile, her giving, her warmth and everything about her begins to slowly thaw Zeke although he still feels he is not relationship material. Sunny has been on her own a long time. She knows that it is casual with Zeke but over time she starts caring for him and wonders if they could have more. The two have more than the non-relationship filled with sizzling moments to deal with when Sunny is robbed, harmed and fears what may happen next. Zeke feels strong responsibility for Sunny but can’t seem to move beyond responsibility to love and that drags for a bit with the push-pull and his unwillingness to sort out his problems. There is eventually a HEA for the two but there are many things that happen before the two get there. I enjoyed the story and would like to thank NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press-Swerve for the ARC – this is my honest review. 3-4 Stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love these books, want more king series