Beautifully Broken Life

Beautifully Broken Life

by Catherine Cowles


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She’s on the run…

Tessa has finally found a safe haven in Sutter Lake, hiding in plain sight—just as long as no one asks too many questions.

He can’t escape…

Liam knows better than anyone how one wrong word, a single whisper can ruin a life. After seeing the darker side of fame, he's desperate to retreat and find his voice again.

Two people from opposite worlds, brought together by a connection neither expected.

But the forces they’re both running from still lurk in the shadows…

And you never know when they might strike.

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ISBN-13: 9781733596329
Publisher: Pagesmith LLC
Publication date: 06/25/2019
Series: Sutter Lake Series , #2
Pages: 324
Sales rank: 297,858
Product dimensions: 5.24(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.73(d)

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Beautifully Broken Life 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Crystals_booklove 22 days ago
Wow, this one completely had me hooked!! Both Tessa and Liam are fighting some demons from their past and have come to find both Sutter Lake and each other for sanctuary. The author has a way of pulling you into the heart and soul of these characters. I could not put this book down, the suspense had me guessing the whole time....and yet their love story was the perfect slow burn. 5 ⭐️ All the way for this one. I can not wait to see what’s next from Sutter Lake!
UpAllNightBB 2 days ago
5 beautiful stars! Review by Nancy Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Beautifully Broken Life had me completely enthralled from page one! The suspense and intensity of the story had me struggling to put the book down. It was definitely a beautifully broken love story. One of my favorite reads this year! This is the second book in the Sutter Lake series. Although it can be read as a standalone I do recommend you read them in order, because we first meet both Tessa and Liam in book one of the series. I fell in love with this story from the very beginning. Catherine Cowles knows her way around words. She writes these love stories full of on the edge of my seat moments that all lead to a happily ever after. Tessa had been running for far too long, that is until she found a little piece of heaven in Sutter Lake. She was low key and always made sure to stay under the radar for fear that the monster she ran from would find her. When Liam noticed her, she tried her absolute best to stay clear of him. Not only was he famous and could attract attention, but he was someone she could potentially get attached to and that wasn't for someone on the run. What she didn’t realize was Liam was on the run too. Liam had everything you could possibly dream of. His rock star career made everything happen for him but with all the fame and glory so came the crazy stalker fans. After a very scary incident with a fan, Liam decided hiding away was the best thing for his well being. Sutter Lake was the perfect place for running and hiding. Then, he meets Tessa. Not only is he immediately attracted to her, but for the first time in a long time, someone finally inspired him to write music. Two people from different worlds collide in a small town. When their pasts come knocking on the door, they have to stand united or be torn apart. The drama of it all was completely addicting and made me crave more. I can not wait for book three in the series!
Naty 14 days ago
Tessa is been hiding in Sutter Lake for two years. She left DC running from an abusive fiancé. When she mets Liam, famous rock singer trying to find his music again, they feel an instance connection. Can she fight her demons and start a new life? Can They help each other and find happiness and love again? But danger is near and they will need to fight for their future. I received a free copy of this book and I voluntarily review it.
12020351 20 days ago
This was my first book by this author and it was everything I wanted. Suspense, romance, broken characters that are stronger than anything, and more determined than ever to make everything right. I loved how strong the heroine was, how determined and how much grit she had. The hero was just enough Alpha without being pushy and just enough sweet without being a pushover. Great read, well written, and with a lot of depth. I can not wait to read more by this author!
sandie333 21 days ago
I loved Tessa and Liam's story!!! Tessa truly has a broken life, she has suffered both physically and emotionally and yet she is fighting for a new life. She is looking over her shoulder every minute of the day ready to run if she's found, afraid to let anyone get close, afraid to tell anyone her story. Liam, the hot rockstar, shows up at the tea shop Tessa is a baker for and it's instant attraction. Liam is a good man with lots of patience and understanding... a beautiful love story. Lots of drama and suspense coming from each of their pasts in this beautifully written book.
Anonymous 21 days ago
Beautifully Broken Life is book two in the Sutter Lake series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but you will see characters crossover from previous books. First time reading, never will you feel like your lost; not your first time reading then you are excited to see that two characters we wanted to know more about are having their story told. This is a story about two people from different worlds coming to a small town to escape for different reasons. Your emotions will get the best of you while reading this. From the beginning to end you will want to keep reading and you can only pray and hope that Tessa and Liam get the life they both deserve. The suspense is held throughout the whole book and pieces of the puzzles fit one minute and then don’t the next. In the end you will end up with not only a full heart, but a full belly with all those sweets you imagine you can taste. Whew! No pounds gained. Hahaha Tessa endured a life no one should have to but is strong and brave. I loved a little twist of fate that occurred on the ranch. Liam maybe a rock star, but everyone needs a little break from the crazy sometimes. I loved how he was called “Hollywood”. You had me there for a bit on the past, present and future on a few things is all I will say. Thankfully it ended Beautifully and not Broken. One thing you will love is that this story focuses on reality issues and I hope will help others that may have experienced what Tessa did. There is not a book by this author that does not break you and heal you in one sitting. Tuck yourself in the small town of Sutter Lake and let’s hope that Jensen is next to get a story. You will be wishing you can visit this small town, the ranch and be friends with this bunch of family/friends.
Chrissie5677 22 days ago
Wow! This book was amazing! I’ve been waiting for Liam’s story since he was introduced in Further to Fall! This story of Tessa and Liam was full of feels. Definitely pulled at the heartstrings. I keep thinking about it. Don’t want to give too much away because this book is a must read! I honestly couldnt put it down and devoured every word. Catherine Cowles is an amazing story teller and I can’t wait to read everything and anything she writes!!
Truddy 22 days ago
If you haven’t read Catherine Cowles before, YOU NEED TO!!! If you have, then you already know what a fantastic writer she is and you’re chomping at the bit to read this second book in the Sutter Lake Series. Catherine did the story of Liam and Tessa so well that you will want to both race to the climactic finish because you can’t put it down while also wanting to slow down and savor every word because you don’t want it to end. This is such a heartwarming love story full of tender romance told at the perfect pace to make you fall in love with the chatacters. It’s also suspenseful, edge of your seat epic that will find you holding your breath countless times. The only wish I have for this series is that the books could be written as fast as I can devour them. Hats off to you, Catherine!
Beachbum01 22 days ago
I've had a major book hangover all day. I stayed up late finishing this book and then I couldn't turn my brain off so I could sleep causing the book hangover. My heart broke, was healed and broken again but all in all, I was healed again. My emotions are spent in the best way. I love when a book grabs you and takes you on a rollercoaster of a ride. Catherine Cowles made me fall in love with all the characters from Sutter Lake again. This story was beautifully written and I won't lie, I cried several times. My heart broke and ached for Tessa. She was such an amazing character that was worth getting to know. And Liam...well, I've had a thing for him since Further To Fall and he did not disappoint in this book. I loved how patient he was with Tessa. He gave her space but let her know she was in control and he waited and was so kind to her. He was simply perfect. "You make this life so much more beautiful." This is a story that will stay with you. It's about healing, about hope, finding your strength and overcoming your past. I loved every single word. Catherine has become a go to favorite author and I can't wait to read more from her.
Anelise Torian 22 days ago
Beautiful Broken Pieces will keep you captivated and wondering what will happen next from the first page. I knew at the end of the last book that Liam was going to be my favorite out of Walker, Austin and Liam from the previous books Catherine has written (Further to Fall and Beautifully Broken Pieces) I think what I liked most about this book is how real of a past Tessa had and how real she is living her life and how she avoids relationships of any kind. Liam wants to know her more and from her reactions he finds a way to be what she needs and be ok with what she will share. They are the perfect couple because they feel drawn together and have a very good push and pull element to their relationship. After meeting Tessa in Beautifully Broken Pieces we learn why she’s the shy, jumpy baker at the tea house and how Liam is able to help her come out of her shell. Liam is hiding in Sutter Lake from everything in LA including the record label and everyone wanting a piece of him and Tessa is running from a past that has her always watching her back. How will things turn out when a famous rock star wants the small town girl who is hiding from her past and is terrified of being found?
WLRagan 22 days ago
Tessa has been hiding in plain sight in Sutter Lake for the last couple of years. She doesn’t let anyone get too close. If they don’t know her they can’t find out her secrets. Liam has escaped to Sutter Lake after a traumatic experience in his crazy famous life. Liam needs some peace and quiet to try and find his voice again. Can Tessa and Liam escape their pasts in order to have a future? I love Catherine Cowles and the amazing characters she creates. She has taken 2 people who are both broken just a little and made me fall in love with them. Tessa and Liam had been introduced in previous books but finally got their own story. The author does an amazing job of taking you on an emotional ride with her work. Beautifully Broken Life is part of a series but could be read as a standalone. Start reading for all the feels.
paytonpuppy 22 days ago
A beautiful and moving story about a young woman who not only survives an abusive relationship, but finds a better life. Tessa thought she was in love, but that love turned to pain and abuse. With the help of a close friend she escapes to Sutter Lake where she has lived for the past two years. She has a job she loves, but still looks over her shoulder in case her abuser finds her. She is wary of men, but over time will become attracted to rock star Liam Fairchild. Liam is in Sutter Lake to escape his life in Los Angeles and to write music for his next album. He knows that Tessa is running from something and gently tries to gain her trust and friendship. While Tessa is dealing with her own situation, Liam has a stalker who is obsessed with him. Will he and Tessa be able to survive those who threaten their happiness? Will Tessa realize that she is no longer alone, but has the town of Sutter Lake on her side? I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
caroldh4 22 days ago
Beautifully Broken Life is book two in the Sutter Lake series by Catherine Cowles. This is my third book by Catherine and every single time I’m just blown away. This book was no exception. I loved every…single…page!!! We have met the two main characters in this book in the previous books, Liam Fairchild, the famous rock star, and Tessa, the very shy baker at The Tea Kettle. Now we get their stories! Liam lived in Los Angeles. His face was known to almost everyone, and was constantly dogged by the paparazzi as well as some over zealous fans. The public felt like they owned a piece of him, that they had the right to the parts of him he wanted to keep private. Liam knew both sides of fame, the high he got when he performed, when he made music, and the dark side. When that dark side catches up to him, as well as his label pressuring him to write, he needed to escape. The music just wasn’t coming to him anymore. His friend Taylor now lived in Sutter Lake and he had loved the peace and quiet there when he visited her. So that’s where he headed. Maybe he could clear his head and the music would find him again. “I was drowning in unmet expectations. I needed a change of scenery.” Tessa was in hiding, from a past so volatile that if she was found, she would most definitely be dead. Sutter Lake held a connection to a past she knew nothing about. It was a beautiful small town where she could just blend in. She had two jobs, one as a baker in the little restaurant, The Tea Kettle, and one helping to take care of some horses. She kept her head down and didn’t talk unless she had to. But then Liam came in. There was something about him that drew her eyes to him. He didn’t scare her, he made her feel safe. “Liam Fairchild was a potent mixture of hard lines and smooth edges. And I knew I was sunk.” A funny thing happened when Liam was in the bakery near Tessa. The music started to tickle his brain again. Just little snippets trying to come back together. But he knew he had to be careful with her. That something had happened to make her so afraid. He was determined to do whatever it took so she would trust him. “How could a simple touch undo me? Liam Fairchild must have magic in those fingertips.” I loved watching Tessa bloom with the affection from both Liam and from their friends. Her feelings grew fast and strong for Liam. But, the most important thing for her survival was to stay hidden. Liam was famous, people trying to snap pictures of him wherever he went. If just one picture of her ended up in the tabloids, she was finished. How could this ever work? Tessa and Liam together was such a beautiful thing. But both are hiding and trying to heal from the darkness of their pasts. And both of their pasts come back to haunt them. I had a feeling that this was going to be a nail biter and oh my gosh, it was!!! Catherine has such a way of blending together sweet romance, sexy, steamy scenes, and suspense! This book had it all. I loved these characters so much. I love this whole group so much. The next book in the series will be Jensen’s story, the owner of The Tea Kettle, in Beautifully Broken Spirit. Catherine Cowles can’t write the words fast enough as far as I’m concerned. “You make this life so much more beautiful.”
jjeffrey77 22 days ago
OMG this book....I can't even put into words how this story made me feel. Liam and Tessa's story was everything and I loved everything about it. Just when I didn't think she could top the first book in the Sutter Lake series....she not only did so but cinched the top spot as my number one read of 2019 with this phenomenal story. From the very first page I was drawn in and hooked....I devoured it in hours. I was absolutely consumed with all things Liam and Tessa....I couldn't put it down. I knew that Tessa's story would break my heart and it did....absolutely shattered it. The things that she has been through, she is constantly on guard always looking over her shoulder. Swore that she would never let anyone in again especially a man. She didn't count on Liam being there to knock down those carefully constructed walls and to be the man that she can count on and trust with her heart. Liam has his own demons to battle, tired of the LA life and the music scene he just wants to go back to his roots and make the kind of music he wants on his own terms. He knew that Tessa was someone special and that he would be the man she needs to make her feel safe again. I adored how patient, kind, selfless, and tender Liam was with Tessa. He won me over with his big loving heart. Liam was so good for Tessa and Tessa for Liam. She needed Liam as much as he needed Tessa. This was such a beautifully written story one that I highly recommend to all. I am a huge fan of this author and with every book she just keeps getting better and better and she has definitely a forever fan in me. I can't wait for the next book in this phenomenal series. Another 5 star book from this talented author....well done!!!!
Itsgottabethebooks 23 days ago
BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN LIFE By Catherine Cowles 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Release Date June 25 Catherine Cowles brings us back to Sutter Lake and gives us the journey to Liam and Tessa’s love story. I adored Liam and his patience with Tessa. He found solitude in the small town and a muse in the shy and scared woman. The two had great chemistry and the connection was so real. Beautifully Broken Life is all things beautiful. The cover, the characters, their is utterly and most definitely beautifully written. I was consumed and captivated by Ms. Cowles words, her writing, everything about it had me invested and touched my heart. The journey to Liam and Tessa’s hea has its ups and downs but that what made it such a perfect story. This is a must read!!