by Rebecca Perry


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Rebecca Perry's debut collection has the duality and symmetry of its title at its core. Beauty/Beauty is a book with tenderness running through its veins, exploring salvation, reparation, and the fullness of being alive; the difficulty of defining wh

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ISBN-13: 9781780371450
Publisher: Bloodaxe Books
Publication date: 03/20/2015
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

I The Human Heart is Curved Like a Road

Pow 10

Flowers, Love etc 11

Other Clouds 12

Wasp 13

Alabaster Baby 14

A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages 16

II My Skin Is

Sweetheart, come 20

Windows 21

Over/wintering 22

The woman in the sun, a letter 23

A Guide to Love in Icelandic 24

Kintsugi 26

III Licking the Flavour

The boy 30

Django Fontina 31

Hello, Little Bird 32

Ergonomics 34

Junk Mail 35

Immortelle 36

IV When a Dog Goes to Heaven the Stars are Green

All the Sad Movies 41

Baba Ghanoush 42

The Pet Cemetery 43

Dear Stegosaurus 44

Pepo 45

The Year I Was Born: the day by day chronicle of events in the year of your birth 46

V Some People are Said to Be Sleepless

My grandfather considers his life in three stages 50

Shifting 52

Phonograph 53

Casida of the Dead Sun 55

The Glass Boat 56

Hungry 59

VI With Perfectly Symmetrical Face

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey 62

On serendipity 64

Poor Sasquatch 65

Exemplifying Grace 67

Character Development of the Lovers 68

A Most Satisfactory Dreamlife 70

VII I Am Cargo

Soup Sister 74

Is transported on a ship from Y to Z 76

How the earth increases 78

Estrapade 80

Poem in which the girl has no door on her mouth 81

A Woman's Bones Are Purely Ornamental 82

Notes 87

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