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Jack Schiavone wants to rebuild his life after an embezzlement scandal saw him drummed out of his high-paying advertising job. So he’s reinvented himself as “Mr. Mattress,” a discount bedding franchisee in Ebbets Beach, Brooklyn. Running a mattress store is a nice, quiet life—until Jack gets sucked into a simmering mob war that pits an ambitious Russian crime boss against a softening Italian don.

Soon everyone is “going to the mattresses.”

Jack falls for the don’s gorgeous black-sheep daughter, a legal aid attorney, making him the target of a jealous wise guy/lounge singer who’s fixated on her too. And his new store manager—the don’s gentle, stamp collecting, cottage cheese–eating former consigliere—proves as good at selling mattresses as he was at cooking the books for the mob. Then the Russians put on a show of force, and the don’s only recourse is to call on the world’s worst hit man: a mild-mannered chiropractor with an innovative killing technique.

When the smoke clears, who will be the don of Ebbets Beach?

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ISBN-13: 9781612183961
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Pages: 425
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Bob Garfield is a columnist, broadcaster, and author. He is cohost of On the Media, a Peabody Award–winning weekly newsmagazine produced by WNYC and distributed by NPR. He is also cohost of the insanely popular Slate podcast Lexicon Valley, a weekly conversation about language. An inveterate journalist, he is a columnist for both MediaPost and the Guardian and the author of three previous nonfiction books. Another book, Can’t Buy Me Like, will be published in March 2013 by Penguin Portfolio. Garfield lives in suburban Washington, DC, with his film-producer wife, Milena Trobozic Garfield, and youngest daughter. He can barely locate Brooklyn on a map.

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Bedfellows 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Rob_Ballister More than 1 year ago
Bob Garfield's BEDFELLOWS is sure to be the most hysterical book you have ever read about the topics of organized crime and mob warfare. In the tradition of [[ASIN:0451205766 The Godfather]] and [[ASIN:0345441702 The Sicilian]], this book has Dons, hitmen, beautiful women, and corrupt cops. In addition, it has a hitman who has never once killed anyone even by accident, a mob daughter with a much larger bra size than IQ, a sandwich salesman who is a few slices of pepperoni short of a sub, and Amway. The Donato crime family is in serious trouble. Revenues are declining, the russians are moving in on their turf, and not worst of all, they seem to be losing their edge when it comes to being a feared crime family. Don Donato and his crew of semi-competent mobsters must band together before they lose influence in their own neighborhood...or worse, have to go legit. The book is almost farcical, the way it portrays the gangsters, mixing stereotypes with complete absurdity. For example, the only hitman the crew can afford is an outrageously stereotyped Jewish chiropractor. But the humor surrounding the violence that goes with any mob story makes the book. Garfield's character dialogue and situation descriptions will keep you smiling (when you aren't flat out laughing). Definite crude humor, violence and language. More of an "R" than a "PG-13." But definitely a great read. Fans of Christopher Moore will seriously enjoy this book.