Being and Becoming Ute: The Story of an American Indian People

Being and Becoming Ute: The Story of an American Indian People

by Sondra G Jones


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Sondra Jones traces the metamorphosis of the Ute people from a society of small, interrelated bands of mobile hunter-gatherers to sovereign, dependent nations—modern tribes who run extensive business enterprises and government services. Weaving together the history of all Ute groups—in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico—the narrative describes their traditional culture, including the many facets that have continued to define them as a people. Jones emphasizes how the Utes adapted over four centuries and details events, conflicts, trade, and social interactions with non-Utes and non-Indians. Being and Becoming Ute examines the effects of boarding—and public—school education; colonial wars and commerce with Hispanic and American settlers; modern world wars and other international conflicts; battles over federally instigated termination, tribal identity, and membership; and the development of economic enterprises and political power. The book also explores the concerns of the modern Ute world, including social and medical issues, transformed religion, and the fight to maintain Ute identity in the twenty-first century.
Neither a portrait of a people frozen in a past time and place nor a tragedy in which vanishing Indians sank into oppressed oblivion, the history of the Ute people is dynamic and evolving. While it includes misfortune, injustice, and struggle, it reveals the adaptability and resilience of an American Indian people.

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ISBN-13: 9781607816577
Publisher: University of Utah Press
Publication date: 04/05/2019
Pages: 624
Sales rank: 656,741
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About the Author

Sondra G. Jones holds a PhD in history from the University of Utah, where she now teaches. Her publications include journal articles and books, including the award-winning Don Pedro León Luján: The Attack against Indian Slavery and Mexican Traders in Utah.

Table of Contents

Illustrations vii

Abbreviations ix

Preface and Acknowledgments xi

1 Introduction 1

2 Out of the Desert: The Núu-ci 8

3 First Encounters: Commerce and Colonialism, to 1846 27

4 Americans among the Utes: Trade, Trapping, and Trails 49

5 Colonization: Utah Territory 68 6 Conciliation and Defeat: Western Utes, 1851-1855 91

7 Colonization: Kansas/Colorado Territory 106

8 Containment: Colorado, 1855-1873 122

9 Conflict and Removal: Utah, 1855-1879 151

10 Conflict and Removal: Colorado, 1873-1881 180

11 The Land Divided: Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Reservation 208

12 The Land Divided: Uintah and Ouray Reservations, 1881-1906 224

13 Religion and the Perseverance of Identity: 1890-Present 247

14 Travail: 1895-1940 269

15 The Struggle for Rebirth and Identity: 1940-1970 297

16 The Quest for Self-Determination and Sovereignty 330

17 Uintah-Ouray Utes: i960 to a New Century 342

18 Southern and Ute Mountain Utes: i960 to a New Century 375

19 Epilogue 414

Appendix: Historical Nomenclature for Ute Bands 427

Notes 441

Bibliography 523

Index 549

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