Being Stupid Is Pure Genius

Being Stupid Is Pure Genius

by Joseph P. Auditore


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Being Stupid Is Pure Genius by Joseph P. Auditore

Here's the scoop, this book is derived from a random perspective of thought. Give yourself the opportunity to be drawn, pulled in, intrigued, fascinated, and allured. You may find this to be delightful, light, entertaining, leaving you with a lasting impact.
This book is a buried treasure and allows me to share with you ways on how to step into the supernatural world by tapping into your genius. Learn how to access great knowledge of wisdom, from simple definitions of a few words hence the title of the book.. Check it out, read it, reply to the author buy it keep the economy stimulated and alive, just buy it, the book, thank you, awesome, great, many thanks.

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ISBN-13: 9781456734619
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/24/2011
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.14(d)

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Being Stupid is Pure Genius

How to live and survive in this new and changing world
By Joseph P. Auditore


Copyright © 2011 Joseph P. Auditore
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-3461-9

Chapter One

Define Stupid

Where does one begin defining stupid?

My journey has brought me to writing this book. It is amazing, incredible, and astounding, this buried treasure I discovered. It can be referred to as a stroke of luck, a stroke of pure genius! Please don't have a stroke on my account, but it's crazy to note that being stupid is pure genius, especially when you know the definition of both. This is truly a great example of how opposites attract.

What is the definition of stupid? Merriam-Webster Online gives us the following:

1 a : slow of mind : obtuse b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c : lacking INTELLIGENCE or reason : BRUTISH 2 : dulled in feeling or sensation : TORPID <still stupid from the sedative> 3 : marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : SENSELESS a stupid decision> 4 a : lacking interest or point a stupid event> b : VEXATIOUS, EXASPERATING <the stupid CAR won't start> — stu·pid·ly adverbstu·pid·ness noun Examples of STUPID 1. She angrily described her boss as a stupid old man. 2. He had a stupid expression on his face. 3. I'm not stupid enough to fall for that trick. 4. Why are you being so stupid? 5. It was stupid of me to try to hide this from you. 6. We were stupid to wait so long before we made a decision. 7. I did some pretty stupid things when I was young. 8. Two glasses of wine are enough to make me stupid. 9. I was stupid with fatigue.

Origin of STUPID

Middle French stupide, from Latin stupidus, from stupere to be numb, be astonished—more at TYPE

First Known Use: 1541

Now what's the definition of genius? Merriam-Webster Online gives us the following:

Definition of GENIUS


a plural genii : an attendant spirit of a person or place b plural usually genii : a person who influences another for good or bad 2 : a strong leaning or inclination : PENCHANT 3 a : a peculiar, distinctive, or identifying character or spirit b : the associations and traditions of a place c : a personification or embodiment especially of a quality or condition 4 plural usually genii : SPIRIT, JINNI 5 plural usually geniuses a : a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude <had a genius for getting along with boys — Mary Ross> b : extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity c : a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ Examples of GENIUS 1. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were great1. scientific geniuses. 2. You don't have to be a genius to see that this plan will never work. 3. He was a genius at handling the press. 4. She's now widely recognized as an artist of genius. 5. He's admired for his comic genius. 6. My plan is simple—that's the genius of it. 7. The genius of these new computers is their portability.

Origin of GENIUS

Latin, tutelary spirit, natural inclinations, from gignere to beget

First Known Use: 1513

Please take a moment and allow these meanings of stupid and genius to assimilate in your mind.

Well what came first, the genius or the stupid? It looks to me like genius appeared in 1513 and stupid made its appearance in 1541. That's a twenty-eight year difference, a whole generation, and then genius created stupid for companionship. I wonder if God's a genius. On a random note, the first English Bible came about in 1455, give or take a hundred years.

On another note, I heard you should never judge a book by its cover. When I look at a picture of Albert Einstein, he doesn't look like a genius to me. I don't like to judge, but he looks pretty stupid. Hmm, I wonder what God looks like.

Let's face it, there are lots of stupid people in the world ... or are there?

By saying they are stupid, you could be saying they're geniuses.

How many stupid people do you know?

Have you ever experienced a lack of intelligence or slowness of mind, or perhaps made an unintelligent decision? Well then, you're stupid! Or are you? As I said, there is a lot of stupid in all of us, which in turn is pure genius! The first thing that pops into my mind when I apply the definition of stupid is love.

It's been said that love can make you do stupid things, like putting on mismatching socks or shoes, putting on your shirt backward or inside out, screaming at the top of your lungs in Times Square how much you love that someone, or asking someone to marry you at halftime. Those can be considered senseless actions. But for me ... that's amore.

I hope you're still with me. If you're thinking about love right now, that can be an intelligent or unintelligent decision; it's truly your decision. But love is a wonderful thing.


This could be classified as a self-help book with all this great knowledge you may have just discovered. I am not sure yet, but maybe we can make a collective decision at the end.

I believe that a simple word like stupid can carry so much depth, it's borderline profound. I believe stupid can pack a powerful punch. Just call someone stupid and see what comes back.

Try this test. Tell the person who is serving your food that he's stupid. Tell your boss she is stupid. This is a good one: tell your accountant that he is stupid. Or better yet, tell the officer that just gave you a speeding ticket that he is stupid. What do you think would happen? Would unmentionable things happen to your food? Would you lose your job? Then your money? And get arrested?

Now say, for instance, someone called you stupid. You would be able to say thank you because you were just called a genius!

When your stupid self is in genius mode, stupid is immune to everything. Stupid is the best immune boost you can give yourself for your health and well-being; it's better than vitamins. You become senseless. That's amore!

"I'll have what they're having."

Stupid is the best body, mind, and spirit therapy.

You are probably asking yourself, "What the bleep are we talking about?"

To sum it up, let's give it an Amen.

Chapter Two

Embrace your Stupidity

How would you go about embracing your own personal stupidity? I believe embracing your stupidity is tapping into your spirituality, the supernatural. Imagine the divine power one has in being stupid. This is the craft, or mastery, of complete transference of responsibility while receiving the benefits, recognition, and rewards of something great. You've got to love it.

For instance, when you respond to someone during a time of heightened emotions with, "I was stupid," you will be amazed how that diffuses that issue at hand. This is where the book becomes self-help or Creative Communication 101.

If you decide to be stupid for a day, how do you go about it? It requires planning, practice, and discipline. It's also similar to making a decision to lose weight or start a business.

You will need to step into your stupid side. Do you have a favorite stupid character you can use as a role model? There are so many to choose from, like the characters from the movies Dumb and Dumber or The Yes Man. You can turn to the sitcoms The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, or Chelsea Lately. One of my early favorites is Adam Sandler in Billy Madison and more recently, I like him in Bedtime Stories. I could go on forever with all the stupid shows.

So, who would be your role model to practice this fine art of stupidity? Spend a day in your stupid role model's shoes. If you don't have a stupid role model, then maybe you're not a movie or TV person. There are also other role models, like politicians, sports figures, celebrities, etc. There are leaders, from former President Bush to President Obama. Then you have sports figures, like Bret Favre, who I heard is a great advocate for texting, and Tiger Woods. What about Madonna and Lady Gaga. Their apparel alone can signify their genius.

Well if you're not a TV or movie person, it will be really easy for you to step into your stupid side by just going to the movies or watching TV. If you're frugal, it's even more reason for you to get satellite TV with pay-per-view. It sounds genius, doesn't it? Can I get an Amen, or an all-righty then?

The point I would like to make here is that you're stupid if you don't watch TV and stupid if you do!

It's like your darned if you do and darned if you don't.

Here's a cliché I believe will help clarify things: women—you can't live with them and you can't live without them. And vice versa with men. I'm glad I got rid of the shovel I dug myself into that hole with.

Have you ever been asked if you're book smart or street smart?

Let's run with this. They say people who read books are much more intelligent than people who don't (better keep reading). Well once again, that is just plain and pure genius! You know the people I'm talking about: it's the they, them, those people. A genius will say, "Let's take them for instance," and "You know what they say." How about, "Those are the ones you have to watch out for."

I would like to believe that whether you read or do not, everybody is unique in his own way. When you are reading to increase your knowledge, are you exposing a lack of intelligence? What would you call it: stupid or genius? Do you think God reads books or just writes them?

I hope by now you're feeling a little comfortable being stupid. It can make you smarter.

It would be amazing to know you have a stupid grin on your face from reading this book, which is part of the intent. I imagine those people around you, whether on a bus, subway, in an airport, or at a Starbucks, are watching you reading this book with that stupid, joyous grin on your face. You are drawing the attention of them: the ones who are curious about what you're reading and even more intrigued by the title Being Stupid is Pure Genius. I have to admit that as I gloat with a stupid grin on my face, it is pretty ingenious that I feel so stupid. It's great!

Another wonderful reason to embrace your stupidity is that you can look at and experience life and relationships with less sensitivity. It cancels out the personalization of one's self. You don't have to personalize it, stupid! This is the green light to act and behave out of your comfort zone, or do and say the things you would really like to. Wow! Being stupid even overrides sarcasm. Can you believe that? Don't try to figure it out—just be stupid. The pharmaceutical and alcohol companies would probably ban this book for the information you just received. You don't have to blame any of your inappropriate actions or behaviors on drugs or alcohol. You can take full responsibility for your actions and behaviors by saying these two magic words. "I'm stupid!" No apology necessary. "Your Honor, I'm stupid. The President, I'm _ _ _ _ _ _!"

I'm not saying drugs or alcohol can make you stupid; I could be saying it's stupid to take drugs and alcohol.

Chapter Three

Empathy for Stupid

This chapter might come across as very opinionated. But what the heck. Don't forget: just be in your stupid mindset.

When it comes to empathy for stupid, where does one begin? Let's look at politics. It is safe to say the world is doing more than a 180-degree shift, from economics to healthcare to war. You name it and we've got it. I cannot stress enough that you should put yourself in the shoes of the stupid. Now you can have a true understanding of the world, of people, and of decision-making. It truly is all stupid, and all one can do is embrace it.

I will be running for president in 2012 if I choose to stay stupid, because that's what will win the race. If you're a reader from the Y Generation, this is a compliment!

Here is a breakdown if you did not know (actual dates may vary according to sources):

The Y Generation are the people born from 1982–1997.

The X Generation are the people born from 1961–1981.

The Baby Boomers are the people born from 1946-1960.

What do you think about the new generation known as the Y Generation? Maybe it can be called the S Generation, S obviously standing for stupid, but you knew that already. Can I get an Amen? I believe the Y Generation, or S Generation as we are now calling it, is pure genius, think about it. People complain that customer service has gone out the window. They say there is less compassion and less initiative to do more than is expected. Give me what I want now and pay me above and beyond the actual work I do. Adapting to that mindset is incredible; it's pure genius.

Why fight city hall?

I also believe the movies The Invention of Lying and its alter-ego Idiocracy should be mandatory viewing. If you don't watch movies, as we discussed this earlier, man you've got to get with the times.

I'm advocating these movies as the new video Bible twin-pack set, recommended for mature audiences only. When, or if, you decide to watch them, please have this book with you to refer to. Maybe you can invite friends over, but first they must read this book. Maybe I can encourage you to have an S party before viewing the movies.

One of my secrets for true success in this new and changing world is to embrace your stupidity. I would like to say the Baby Boomers conquered the world by perseverance, achievement, and accomplishment and have now handed it over on a silver platter for the S Generation—except for the major financial deficit they're left with. The cool thing is the S Generation will be geniuses and figure it out; they can do it. The S Generation was created by the Baby Boomers! I'm picking on the Baby Boomers because they can take it; they're a tough bunch. Baby Boomers can be looked upon as sore losers and complainers compared to the S Generation.

I'm talking from a place of experience. I have been working with the youth of today in my own career, and they're genius. For all you Baby Boomers with young adult children: stop complaining. Don't be a baby. Chill or chill lax!

Since we're off on a tangent of generations, movies, preaching, and role models, what do you think about Social Security? Better yet, I look forward to the day when people will be diagnosed as stupid or clinically stupid! After all, we know what stupid means, and here's your opportunity to receive your piece of the American dream.

Imagine the new jobs that will be created, just like the TSA at the airport. There will be a PSD, Professional Stupid Diagnoser, which will need stupid people to operate it. I believe a prototype for the walk-through stupid detector is being tested and is ready to be manufactured right now in China. It's cheaper to outsource.

One of the first things they (PSD) look for are books, Nooks, iPads, and Kindles (remember what reading can do to you) by observing your posture and body language to know if you are carrying any books. But once you're diagnosed, you're entitled to free healthcare, you receive a disability check, and you keep your job, but only if you're stupid enough. There might be a rescreening every two years. The great thing is being stupid does not discriminate. Stupid comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and species, so don't worry, you'll be taken care of. But don't try to be a smart-aleck and do things on your own. That doesn't sit well with those people. You know who they are. Welcome them with open arms. Remember, hard work and perseverance will not get you anywhere in this new and changing world, so don't keep telling yourself it will. Just do what you're told, even if nobody told you. Don't try to figure it out, and you'll succeed!


Excerpted from Being Stupid is Pure Genius by Joseph P. Auditore Copyright © 2011 by Joseph P. Auditore. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Define Stupid....................1
Chapter Two: Embrace your Stupidity....................8
Chapter Three: Empathy for Stupid....................13
Chapter Four: How to Make Stupid Decisions....................18
Chapter Five: Being Stupid Takes Practice....................23
Chapter Six: The Highest Level of Spirituality....................26
Chapter Seven: The Key to the Supernatural....................30
Chapter Eight: Welcome to Planet Stupid....................34
Chapter Nine: Success=Stupid....................38

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