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Believe and Achieve: W. Clement Stone's 17 Principles of Success

Believe and Achieve: W. Clement Stone's 17 Principles of Success

by W Clement stone

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In 1952, W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill joined forces and philosophies. Stone added his Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) concept to Hill's principles, resulting in the classic book, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. The two men spent the next ten years writing and lecturing about achieving success through PMA. Their formula was to become the foundation for virtually all modern motivational writing. Believe and Achieve is not the last word on creating success; that story will continue to evolve as long as the human race endures. Instead, the Napoleon Hill Foundation hopes that it will be nothing more than the first words in the next chapter of your life: the first of many chapters in which success is the theme.

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ISBN-13: 9789352645848
Publisher: Harper India
Publication date: 07/10/2017
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 328
File size: 445 KB

About the Author

William Clement Stone (1902 - 2002) was a businessman, philanthropist and author. He is the author of several self-help books including Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (co-authored with Napoleon Hill), The Success System That Never Fails, and The Other Side of the Mind (co-authored with Norma Lee Browning).

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