Berry on Top

Berry on Top

by Valerie Comer


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Berry on Top by Valerie Comer

God forgave him - but can she?

Liz Nemesek's first visit home in forever is tough enough before Mason Waterman shows up. Despite her best efforts, she's never forgotten - or forgiven - him for the hurt he once caused.

Former bad boy Mason Waterman has returned to northern Idaho to raise his five-year-old twins. The kids are determined to find a new mommy, but Liz is the last person they should latch onto... and the last person he should find himself falling for. Again.

If Mason has really changed, can Liz re-open her heart to him... and to the God who could have prevented her decade of heartache?

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ISBN-13: 9781988068114
Publisher: GreenWords Media
Publication date: 02/25/2016
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.72(d)

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Berry on Top (A Farm Fresh Romance, #6) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have fell in love with this series. Berries on Top did not disappoint. So much love and concern for others, our world and most importantly Jesus! I have enjoyed getting to know each character and find myself waiting for the next book to come out. Great read!
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
BERRY ON TOP is the sixth in The Farm Fresh Romance series, but it easily stands alone. This story focuses on Zach's sister, Liz, why she fled her hometown, why she came back, and why she must leave again. I didn't care much for Liz or Mason much at first, but after awhile they both grew on me, Liz more than Mason. He struggled with his feelings for Liz, for another woman that his mother set him up with, and with his feelings for his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his children. At times he seemed almost too wishy-washy, especially with one of the women, and too much of a pushover with another, which really seemed to weaken him, in my opinion. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed BERRY ON TOP. I'm sad to see the Farm Fresh Romance series come to end, but am looking forward to reading Ms. Comer's next series.
GingerS219 More than 1 year ago
I've read most, if not all, of Valerie Comer's Farm Fresh romances. This one falls right in line with those. I laughed and cried as Liz reconnected with Mason and fell in love with his children. The story touched a spot within me that I thought was long buried. I think I enjoyed some of her other books in the series better because of that, but perhaps God wanted me to read this one, especially, to deal with stuff. I enjoyed the story, and love the fact that I didn't have to skip errors because if there were any, I missed them. I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.
SoozeZ More than 1 year ago
Berry on Top is the 6th book in the ‘Farm fresh Romance’ series by Valerie Comer. Although the book is the 6th in a series it easily stands alone. This final book introduces a new person to the community as well as bringing back the characters from the first 5 books in the series. This book shows how these folk live as a loving & caring community of Christians who value each other and the ‘earth’. I truly enjoyed this book and wish there we more books in the series to look forward to. I received my copy of this book as a review copy; however, I give my opinion freely.
dawnrrr More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with Valerie Comer’s Farm Fresh books from the first one that I read. After reading the first book, I just had to read all 4 of the others, and like many people, eagerly awaited the 6th. I find that her characters are full, interesting, flawed people that I would love to know. Actually, the way the author writes, I feel as if I do know all of the characters. The community called Green Acres is beautiful, the people are all so different, yet manage to get along with each other most of the time, and respect each other all the time. Of course, being of like faith in that they all are Christians is a huge part of the equation! This story is about forgiveness and the author does not candy-coat, or make it seem really easy to just forgive and get on with life. I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I really have to work at forgiveness and not hold on to a grudge. I tend to do that, I am afraid, so I can really relate to Liz. I will not say any more, as I do not like spoilers. The only thing about this book that makes me sad is that it is the last in the series! I do not want to see the end of it and not get to know the kids as they grow up and the community as it evolves. I hope that we get to visit them in future books!!! This ebook was provided by the author for review purposes, but the opinion given is my own.
Ilovesweets More than 1 year ago
I loved that our hero wouldn't get involved with the heroine until she became a believer. she had to do that on her own and it was a fun read about a life style that is interesting and loving God is most important of all.
Cleheny More than 1 year ago
I stumbled across the first book in The Farm Fresh series on Book Bub and have been hooked since then. Valerie combines faith, romance and food and wholistic living in a totally believable way. This book could be a stand alone read but I highly recommend reading the others as they are just as well written. You won't be disappointed. This book was given to me for me to review by the author but the opinions are entirely mine.
AnnE42 More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful additional to what has been an outstanding series. It was enjoyable catching back up with the families that are part of the Green Acres community and following Liz's and Mason's stories as they try to put the past behind them and find their place in the community. This was another one from this author that I read in one setting because I didn't want to put it down. I have loved this series, and I hate to have to say goodbye to the families of Green Acres. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
Berry On Top ( A Farm Fresh Romance - Book 6 ) By: Valerie Comer Berry On Top is the sixth book in A Farm Fresh Romance series. I really love this series, the story and the characters ,both were easy to follow. Just when I think I have read the best by Valerie Comer she comes up with another one that tops the last one. I was hooked right from the first and not let go till the end. Ms. Comer did not disappoint me. When I started reading Berry On Top I did not want to put it down till the end. All the characters at Farm Fresh seem so real. They are all willing to help one another any way they can. Liz comes home for a visit and the last person she wants to see is Mason, a man from her high school years. She wants to stay as far away from him and his twins as possible. Liz is down on God , she thinks he let her down years ago when she needed him. There is lots of forgiving in Berry On Top. There is bad memories between Liz and Mason. Can Liz ever forgive or will it push them further apart. I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful book! The whole series is very refreshing and inspiring. A true joy to read. I would recommend these to everyone.
Lesesne More than 1 year ago
Great series! This book was definitely the "berry on top""! I enjoyed being able to follow the lives of characters from the previous books and find out how their lives developed in conjunction with the new characters. (and yet each book could stand alone as well!) I learned a lot about sustainable living, and appreciated the clearly Christian focus without a lot of moralizing. It is refreshing to have a wholesome, intriguing story without a lot of bad language and yet be very up-to-date in situations and problems that Christians can encounter in the modern world. It is very clear that it is God at work in the lives of His people! A copy of this book was given to me, in exchange for an honest review.
SHaffner More than 1 year ago
Valerie has a way of bringing out each character and you can really feel what their are going through. I have enjoyed the whole series but I really enjoyed this one the most. The way one of the characters had to get so far down before she realized her need and then to share is a difficult challenge for any one of us. I truly enjoyed this book and did not want to put it down. I would highly recommend reading this.
Misty More than 1 year ago
What a great ending to a amazing series. I have loved every book. Everyone of them made you feel like you were part of the community. Great writing Valerie. As the others this book has a inspirational message. Although we are all of the flesh if we put our faith in God life is alot smoother. Liz has been running from God for to long. Mason has made his fair amount of mistakes but turned his life over to God to guide the way. When Liz walks back into his life. There is history there there no one knows about. I give this book 5 stars and a must read the whole series. They all have a inspirational message in them on different struggles. Received a ARC Copy in exchange for a honest review.
BeccaCarter More than 1 year ago
I’ve had such a good time this winter in terms of reading material, and Valerie Comer’s stories are a large part of the fun. Her Riverbend Romance novellas and the Farm Fresh Romance series meant more than reading time for me – I spent hours getting to know a growing group of friends I could picture meeting in my hometown. Are we absolutely sure these settings and their citizens aren’t real? I want to have dinner with these folks! (Normally I’d say “have a cup of tea” with a character, but the great food described in the Farm Fresh books means I’m aiming for more time with them and almost drooling as I read…) Berry on Top brings the Farm Fresh series to a close with another great tale of food, friendship and love. Liz and Mason drew me in from the start with their past and present struggles and the choices they’ve made. Their journey to accepting God’s love and His plans for their lives was thought-provoking and satisfying at the same time. I also enjoyed the wrap-up with the rest of the characters I had met in previous books, plus the teaser for the first book in the next series, Urban Farm Fresh Romance. I’m not going to miss an opportunity to savour more of such great writing, though the wait may pose a problem for me… This ebook was provided by the author for review purposes, but all opinions given above are my own.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
Liz and Mason have a lot of regrets. Liz is angry with Mason, ashamed of the choices she's made, and ready to run away, again. After turning from his bad boy ways, Mason is raising his 5 year old twins alone and trying to make the best life he can for them. I love the Farm Fresh Romance series but don't worry if you haven't read them all, each book is an entertaining stand-alone! The characters are genuine and the message is full of hope, forgiveness, and meaningful community. I appreciated Valerie's attention to the issues of homelessness, adoption, and salvation. Berry on Top was entertaining and inspiring!