Best Hikes with Kids: St. Louis and Beyond

Best Hikes with Kids: St. Louis and Beyond

by Kathy Schrenk


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The mother of three young children, Kathy Schrenk formed a social media group for parents who wanted to join her and her kids on hikes around St. Louis. A few years later, that group has nearly 2000 active members. Kathy clearly tapped into an interest and enthusiasm for family hiking, which she has now captured in her new book Best Hikes with Kids: St. Louis & Beyond.

The St. Louis guide is divided into four sections: in and around the city of St. Louis; destinations in nearby Illinois; trails in northwest St. Louis County; and locales farther south, including a variety of state parks and conservation areas. The hike descriptions point out things of interest to kids such as unique geology (caves and sinkholes), places for a quick splash in a creek, or spots to go on the hunt for lizards. Parents will appreciate cautions about sharp drop-offs or tips for potty time on the trail.

Other features of the guide include:

  • Tips and strategies for hiking with kids—how to motivate them, what’s appropriate for different ages, sidebars with games, nature facts, and more
  • Direct and accurate driving directions and notes on public transit options where available
  • “Best of” lists highlight groups of top 5 hikes with special features to help parents select trips their kids will enjoy
  • Access details including GPS trailhead coordinates and info on permits, fees, and other info
  • Notes about barrier-free or ADA-accessible trails and suitability for jogging strollers
  • Full color photos throughout and detailed maps

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ISBN-13: 9781680511024
Publisher: Mountaineers Books, The
Publication date: 06/01/2018
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 516,936
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kathy Schrenk is a mom, writer, and hiker in St. Louis. She had a tremendous amount of fun researching and writing Best Hikes with Kids St. Louis and Beyond and is glad her family still likes to hike with her.

Table of Contents

Overview Map 8

A Quick Guide to the Hikes 11

Introduction 17

Why Hike with Kids 18

Know Before You Go 22

Suggestions? 30

How to Use This Book 31

Before You Go 31

Map Legend 32

About the Hike 33

Key to Icons 33

Getting There 34

On the Trail 34

In and Around the City of St. Louis

1 Forest Park: West 36

2 Forest Park: East 39

3 Columbia Bottom Conservation Area 42

4 St. Stanislaus Conservation Area 44

5 Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park: Lake Trail 46

6 Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park: Bootleggers Run Trail 49

7 Faust Park 51

8 Howell Island Conservation Area 54

9 Babler State Park: Hawthorn Trail 57

10 Babler State Park: Virginia Day Trail 58

11 Babler State Park: Dogwood Trail 61

12 Queeny Park 63

13 Rockwoods Reservation: Rock Quarry Trail 66

14 Rockwoods Reservation: Lime Kiln Trail 69

15 Bluff View Park 71

16 Greensfelder County Park: Beulah Trail 74

17 Greensfelder County Park: Eagle Valley Trail 77

18 Al Foster Memorial and Rock Hollow Trails 79

19 Rockwoods Range 82

20 West Tyson County Park 85

21 Castlewood State Park: Lone Wolf and River Scene Trails 88

22 Castlewood State Park: Grotpeter Trail 90

23 Lone Elk County Park 92

24 Forest 44 Conservation Area 96

25 Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park 98

26 Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center 101

27 Laumeier Sculpture Park 104

East of St. Louis

28 Pere Marquette State Park 108

29 Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge 112

30 Horseshoe Lake State Park 115

31 Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site 117

32 Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area: Cherokee Trail 120

33 Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area: Kaskaskian Trail 122

34 Stemler Cave Woods Nature Preserve 124

35 Salt Lick Point Land and Water Reserve 127

36 Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve 130

37 Piney Creek Ravine State Natural Area 132

38 Shawnee National Forest: Little Grand Canyon Trail 135

Great Getaway: Shawnee National Forest 138

39 Giant City State Park: Giant City Nature Trail 139

40 Giant City State Park: Trillium Trail 141

North and West of St. Louis

41 Cuivre River State Park: Lakeside Trail 146

42 Cuivre River State Park: Lone Spring Trail 148

43 Indian Camp Creek Park 151

44 Quail Ridge County Park 153

45 Frank, Emma Elizabeth, and Edna Reifsnider State Forest 156

46 Broemmelsiek Park 159

47 August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area 162

48 Weldon Spring Conservation Area ("Lewis and Clark Trail") 164

49 Matson Hill Park 168

50 Klondike Park 171

51 Engelmann Woods Natural Area 173

52 Long Ridge Conservation Area 177

Great Getaway: Lake of the Ozarks 179

53 Lake of the Ozarks State Park 179

54 Ha Ha Tonka State Park 181

South of St. Louis

55 Cliff Cave County Park 186

56 Bee Tree County Park 188

57 Strawberry Creek Nature Area 191

58 Mastodon State Historic Site 193

59 Shaw Nature Reserve: Brush Creek and Wildflower Trails 196

60 Shaw Nature Reserve: Prairie and Wolf Run Trails 199

61 Young Conservation Area 203

62 Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area 205

63 LaBarque Creek Conservation Area 208

64 Don Robinson State Park 210

65 Robertsville State Park 213

66 Valley View Glades Natural Area 216

67 Victoria Glades Conservation Area 218

68 Washington State Park: 1000 Steps Trail 220

69 Washington State Park: Opossum Track Trail 223

70 St. Francois State Park 225

71 Hickory Canyons Natural Area 228

72 Hawn State Park 230

73 Pickle Springs Natural Area 233

Great Getaway: Meramac State park Region 235

74 Meramec State Park: Natural Wonders Trail 236

75 Meramec State Park: Bluff View and River Trails 238

76 Meramec Conservation Area 240

77 Onondaga Cave State Park 242

78 Hughes Mountain Natural Area 245

79 Elephant Rocks State Park 247

80 Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park: Shut-Ins Trail 250

81 Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park: Scour Trail 253

Great Getaway: Johnson's Shut-Ins 255

82 Taum Sauk Mountain State Park 257

Resources 261

Acknowledgments 265

Index 266

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