Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

by Laura C Cantu


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Betwixters: Once Upon a Time by Laura C Cantu

A mysterious forest near the cozy town of Herogate, England is more than what it seems. The gnarled trees appear to breathe, gloomy storms follow you around, and prowling shadows come to life before your very eyes. Referred to as The Dark Wood by the townsfolk, the forest is guarded by a strange old man and creatures not of this world. Even the locals never set foot in the bewitched woodlands, and trespassers have a way of turning up dead.

When Noah Walters moves to town with his parents, his father—a contractor working on a top secret project for a private security firm—makes Noah promise to never enter those woods; but he doesn’t know that Fate has other plans.

Noah and his new best friends, Ethan and Skye, are chased into The Dark Wood by Grucker, a schoolyard bully, and their lives are changed forever. They are forced into the heart of the forest, where they discover a lost fairy who needs their help to find her way back home before it's too late.

Join Noah and his friends on a magical adventure as they race against time and plunge headfirst into the unknown. They are challenged with secrets to keep, a dangerous mission to accomplish, and a test of courage that will bring them face-to-face with magical creatures they thought only existed in fairy tales.

This is more than a tale of discovery, mystery, and excitement; it’s an epic adventure that will usher you into a world where magic is in the air, in the trees, and in every heart.


Long ago, gifted humans known as Betwixters traveled between three magical realms and ensured the world existed in harmony. The realms were Merlydon, where enchanted beings such as faeries and elves lived; Suntamor, the human realm; and Haventhrone, where angel-like beings called Bellwethers resided. For centuries, Betwixters did their jobs well and Mother Nature existed in peace and harmony, but then a catastrophe struck and evil was born. The realms unexpectedly separated and magic was diminished in the human realm. Betwixters could no longer travel through portals or the mists; chaos ensued.

Thousands of years later, the balance of the world has reached a tipping point and Mother Nature sends a silent cry for help to humans in hopes of finding a new generation of Betwixters. Only the most innocent and loving hearts possess the ability to hear her call. She summons people who can travel between the realms in hopes of restoring balance and rescuing her from impending doom. But she’s not looking for just anyone; the humans she needs are rare. They have powerful gifts and bravery that come not from pride, but from the willingness to believe. If she is to survive, they must become the first Betwixters in thousands of years.

Join Noah, Skye, Ethan, Olivia, and Neevya as they form unbreakable bonds and work tirelessly to restore the Order of Betwixters and save the world. They must learn and train for the prestigious title as well as travel far and wide, from one enchanted realm to another, in search of a powerful magical object that promises to heal the divides between dark and light. Along the way, they meet new friends, brave dangerous situations, master the powers of magic, and come of age. They will also learn about love, generosity, loyalty, courage and kindness. But will it be enough? Will they be able reunite the realms, save Mother Nature, and usher the world into a new era?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988585195
Publisher: Winterwolf Press
Publication date: 07/01/2017
Series: Betwixters , #1
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 1,220,248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Laura C. Cantu is a multitalented artist, visionary, and humanitarian. Throughout her life, she has felt an overwhelming desire to explore the mysteries of the unknown and to expand her awareness and experiences. By allowing her perspective to shift and change, Laura has learned to unleash her imagination and use it to guide her through creative processes. She passionately follows her dreams and has achieved high levels of success in her various careers. As a professional dancer, Laura won six national titles and placed fourth in the Professional Argentine Tango World Championships. She also stretched her creative muscles as a visual artist with drawings that toured across the globe. Adding to her diverse accomplishments, Laura earned her master's degree in Oriental Medicine in 2012, which has afforded her opportunities to assist many along their journeys to realizing wellness.

Despite her already jeweled career, there is another passion Laura delights in-the art of storytelling. Her first young adult fantasy novel, Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising, earned rave reviews and a Goodreads' book of the month award. Currently working on The Vathylite Realms, Laura is harnessing and focusing her energies to craft engaging stories that are meant to bring joy, inspiration, and awareness to all who read them.

Laura is on a mission to live a life of inspiration, truth, and empowerment. With future books pending release, she continues to dance as a hobby, study energetics and wellness, and explore her imagination. Laura also enjoys drawing and creating 3D art and animations, hiking, meditation, playing guitar, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

Social Media handle: LauraCCantu

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Betwixters: Once Upon a Time 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ScottReads More than 1 year ago
I was searching for a book to read with my 10 year old niece when I came across Betwixters: Once Upon A Time by Laura C. Cantu. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the cover design. It looked mysterious, adventurous and a bit otherworldly. It certainly made me want to read what the book was about. The back cover description sounded promising; it seemed to have everything a young girl or boy would be interested in... three best friends on a dangerous adventure to rescue a faerie. I was pretty sure my niece would love it, but I didn't expect that I would enjoy it as much as she would. Boy, was I wrong! I generally read nonfiction and biographies, and middle grade fantasy is not exactly in my genre. Betwixters had me hooked from the get go. I finished it in one sitting and then read it with my niece. She loved it and asked if we could read it again... absolutely! There are so many valuable lessons and discussion points for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. to share with the children in their lives and with each other. With each read I find something new... a hint of an idea I hadn't seen before. We are anxiously awaiting book two. The writing is top notch and I felt I was taking the journey right alongside the characters. Although this book is classified for middle graders, I feel it's a must read for all ages. Bravo!