Black History: What Every American Should Know

Black History: What Every American Should Know

by Jared T. Dalton

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Not so long ago, there was a terrible time in our young nation's history that has to this day left a mark that has only begun to heal with the election of the first African American President. We all know that there were some very terrible things that happened to the black population in America that are undeniably a big part of the history of a people.

Few peoples of the earth have experienced such profoundly humiliating events to become such a central part of their heritage and their past. Even though other tribes and races have endured slavery, including the American Indian and the ancient Hebrews, slavery for people of color is even more pivotal to the psychology of the African American culture because it is THE central historical event that launched their start as citizens of this country.

It is hard to gain any perspective on such a heinous crime against humanity as slavery, but inside "Black History: What Every American Should Know" we attempt to do just that. Throughout black history, people of color have hungered to know where their ancestors came from in order to teach black history for kids of every color, to explore black women history, black history events, and secure black history facts to fight against untruths and rewriting of black history.

Inside "Black History: What Every American Should Know", you will discover so much addressing black history with the goal of setting the record straight. Here is just some of what you will find inside:

• A Troubled Time
• Brown versus the Board of Education
• Slavery
• The Dred Scott Decision
• Affirmative Action
• The Fifteenth Amendment

In some ways slavery was an evolution of the system of indentured servanthood in which an immigrant trades a certain number of years of service to a master in exchange for payment for their travel costs to come to America. But in the case of Africans who were brought on ships as slaves, there was no desire to come in chains to serve as property until death.

The impossibility of hope in that situation is almost impossible for any of us, black or white, in modern day America to grasp or appreciate. The central question must be asked: Has anything good come out of the legacy of slavery in this country?

Beyond the obvious answer being one of suffering and humiliation, a bond that was formed in the hearts of a people was permanently cemented during those horrible years. The music that the slaves used to keep their spirits alive has been passed on to us as a rich legacy of spirituals that we cherish born under inhumane suffering. It is also true that many black men and women led the way to a brighter day of freedom for their fellow African Americans.

This is further explored by chapters, including the following well-known leaders of the African American community:

• Booker T. Washington
• George Washington Carver
• Harriet Tubman
• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• Rosa Parks
• Thurgood Marshall

You can also read about history making events, including:

• The Harlem Renaissance
• The Triumph at the Berlin Olympics
• The Underground Railroad
• Equal Opportunity Legislation

And much, much more!

One thing that was a permanent outcome of slavery in the African American community was the sense of resolve to never go back to such a time ever again! That was burned deep into the soul of a people to fight no matter how long or how hard to gain the civil rights of full citizenship in this country. The African American people can be proud of how far they as a free people in a free country have come, and can continue to use that pride to press on toward ever greater accomplishments in the future, such as achieving what so many who have gone before never thought would be possible: An African American holding the highest office in the land!

All this and so much more awaits you to explore!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of "Black History: What Every American Should Know" today and either discover for the first time or re-discover just how much a people suffered but never gave up hope of gaining freedom and equality one day!

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Black history not a mystery we were lost now we're for all to see