Black Widow Spy(Der)

Black Widow Spy(Der)

by Friedrich O. Georg


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ISBN-13: 9781456758578
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/25/2011
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 1,023,566
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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Black Widow Spy(der)

By Friedrich O. Georg


Copyright © 2011 Friedrich O. Georg
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5857-8

Chapter One

The President has been shot!

These five words resonated through her mind as she stepped on the accelerator of her car. The people on the streets heard the bulletin as well and did not care about a car exceeding the speed limit as it raced up the street in Georgetown. As she approached her town house, the door to her underground garage was already open and one of her staff was guarding it. Even as she turned in to it, her speed was much too high, but she managed to hit the middle of the ramp and slammed on her brakes. She barely stopped a yard from the back wall, jerked her car to a stop as she killed the ignition prematurely by yanking out the key and jumped out, calling to the man who just managed to close the garage door.

"What happened?"

He just pulled up his shoulders as they quickly moved into the elevator. Hanna could tell he was too emotional to speak at this moment. Rather than going to her quarters, she proceeded to head for the main kitchen and as she had expected, her whole staff was concreting there already. They all seemed to talk at once, but when she stepped into the kitchen, they all stopped and looked expectantly at her. She moved to the big preparation table, put down her purse, threw the car keys next to it and pulled off her gloves, at the same time looking from one to another. There was a radio on in the back of the room and a Television was set on a local news station and suddenly the shatter from both seemed to flood out other sounds.

"What do we know so far?"

The head of her staff, which has been with her the longest, was first to speak: "All that's known is that the President and his Chief of Staff had gone to the Vietnam Memorial and there were shot. Both have been rushed to emergency hospitals."

"Nothing else?"


"I need to make some phone calls." She remained cool and collected on her outside, but her mind was now racing in turmoil. "I will be in my study and will keep a TV on, but should you hear anything specific, please interrupt me. Let's keep the house dark and locked; we want no one to ask questions right now."

Without any further commends she left and went directly to her quarters, knowing none of her staff would find any sleep tonight either.

In her mind she was clear in knowing how they all felt. They seen this tragedy just like most Americans and were not aware of how close this could impact this household of hers. All her staff was drawn from the Prussian Corps, a secret society formed by General Stienert long before the Second World War and dedicated to regain the Glory of the Prussian Kings. While History may have reduced this goal to a dream, under Stienert's tutelage, in real life this Corps was an effective espionage organization for Hitler's Luftwaffe and formed the model for the East German Secret Police. Subsequently Stienert and his Prussian Corps were handpicked by Marshal Boris Tikov to help organize the formation of a communist state in the Soviet occupied part of the defeated German Reich, which then became the German Democratic Republic or better known as East Germany. Stienert became the power behind the public faces of that State.

Marshal Tikov was one of the most powerful leaders of the Soviet Military and directed most of the Soviet espionage against the West. He was her friend and many years ago introduced her to Stienert and she became a member of the Prussian Corps as well.

Her connection to both these organizations and their leaders was never discovered as she was considered above reproach through her family connection here in the USA. She was the widow of an American War Hero, the daughter in law of one of the most powerful and longest serving Senator in the United States Senate as well as his consort through most of his later life. Besides, for the past forty years she administrated one of the oldest and largest family fortunes held by their Family Foundation. The recipients of its largess were progressive causes, the democrat party and their respective candidates.

Yet she knew of Tikov's and Stienert's efforts to destroy the American Leadership position of the Free World and the supporting of Saddam Hussein's hegemony over Middle Eastern Oil resources, but Tikov was adamant in opposing the assassination of political leaders. Killing leaders would stiffen resistance and dead leaders would usually be replaced with ones even stronger in opposition. Unfortunately, Tikov died under mysterious circumstances at the time of Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. While most of his power was lost during the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Empire, a fair part of the international resources fell under Stienert's control, particularly the connections in the Middle East.

Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait was humiliatingly ended by a coalition under the Leadership of the American President Bush, but Saddam was left in power to plan revenge. Militarily he was shown to be powerless, but now he was no longer constrained by Tikov's powerful hand, while he still had the Tikov/Stienert trained secret terrorist and assassin organization. Now Hussein wanted revenge and demonstrate America's inability to protect its own by assassinating its President. He had the right team, headed by his cousin Hakkim Aziz who was equally at ease in Western Societies as steeped in Arabian Customs and most resourceful assassins headed by Ibin Suleiman. Somehow Hussein gained Stienert's consent and support. She tried to counsel of Tikov's objections, but Stienert brusquely waived her off: "Tikov is dead; his Soviet Empire is dead; my East Germany is dead and the only slim hope we have is to force the West to its knees is through a major Energy Crisis. Our Victory is only possible through a Victory for Saddam."

An Assassination of President Bush failed, but through the good political use of her money and her ability to maneuver the Senator's support, the Bush Presidency became a one term failure, while Saddam survived. Yet Saddam was not appeased and still wanted a dead American President.

The next American President, Adam Clayton Beauregard was hunted by Ibin over the next eight years. While he escaped the assassin's bullet, his Presidency and reputation was effectively destroyed under Stienert's direction, but once again Saddam was not satisfied. The last time she met with Stienert and they reviewed the new administration, she tried to convince Stienert to call off this quest, but he shook his head: "Arabs, their minds work differently than western minds. Western minds reason and change path when expedient, Arabs think in terms of eternity. For them it becomes a historical objective and if one generation fails, then it becomes the duty of the next or the next to take up the same goal until it is achieved. They ultimately may no longer know why a feud is pursued, but they have to carry on if they want to reach their paradise. Reaching the objective is less important for them than dying in the act of trying. It makes no sense to us, but it is also what makes them so dangerous over the long term."

She tried to allude to Stienert she had a secret which would hold her back in the continuation of Saddam's by now unreasonable quest. In turn he had promised to persuade him to be satisfied with having destroyed two American Presidencies and call off his hounds. But for the past months Stienert was isolated somewhere near Tigrit in Iraq and Hakkim and Ibin had disappeared from the earth.

This shooting had to be by Ibin!

No sooner had Hanna completed this thought when the announcer on TV gave the news the Assassin had been captured and was a 'known Arab terrorist'. Little later, the name of the hero who captured the assassin was broadcast and the capturer was a member of another one of Stienert's secret cells. He happened to be there on the Mall to explore weaknesses around the White House. Both the shooter and his capturer could lead to Stienert and directly to her if they were made to talk.

This was not the time to panic.

What would Tikov do now? Should she try to reach Stienert? Her mind was racing, but she forced herself to calm down; she knew of Ibin and of the hero, but neither knew her or of her involvement. Only Tikov could directly implicate her and he was dead for years. The other was Stienert and he was away and save somewhere in Iraq, unlikely to show up and testify on anything.

Time is there to ride this out.

Hours passed and then there was the first good news, both the President and his Chief of Staff were badly hurt, but out of immediate danger.

The news to her got even better; the young hero capturing the assassin was actually resting with his girl friend in a dark and secluded spot when the assassin suddenly appeared near them and he reacted instinctively. Now his presence at the spot was no longer questioned.

The more Hanna contemplated her own situation, she drifted to the conclusion that Ibin would never talk, strive to be seen as the lone assassin and somehow induce his questioners to kill him. This was his only way to reach his paradise now.

The greater shock to her was when her computer came alive with a unique message:

"Exitus Preussen's Gloria."

First she sat there stunned because she knew what the message mend; then the tears just burst free. Gradually she calmed down and took stock of her situation. Now she was truly all alone. While in her later years the Senator had become her reliable partner, Tikov was always the rock and her foundation, but she learned to admire Stienert because he was Tikov's friend. Now he was gone too. Some time back Stienert left instructions for her should he die, just as Tikov put much on her shoulders, but for now she decided not to delve into this information just yet. Her responsibility right now would be to her staff, while the immediate concern would be over possible implications through Ibin and if he talked, potentially from a captured Hakkim.

Her hunch was correct, only days later it was announced Ibin had killed himself in his cell. How he died was not important to her. She also doubted he actually would have implicated Hakkim in his actions, nor did she think Hakkim would voluntarily surface as a future danger for her. If he did, she would figure out how to handle him.

Already she had given thoughts to her potential future and gradually her strategy began to crystallize. She was resolute, now was the time to develop a plan and implement it.

Chapter Two

The Jonathan More Administration had started out with so much promise. Like a popular uprising a movement started by Jonathan coalesced under the Libertarian banner and captured the balance of power between both the Republican and the Democrat Parties. The two major parties could have formed a unity government, but their differences were far too difficult to bridge. Each Party would have been able to combine in effective governance with Jonathan More's Libertarian wing, but only reached that desire after the election was over. Realistically it was far more natural for the Republicans to embrace More's reforms and once joined they worked well together and quickly passed his Government reforms and Tax reform bills. President More signed both legislations just hours before he was shot. Now both he and his Chief of Staff were seriously wounded and their survival was still under question, as the Presidential power was immediately but temporarily passed to the Vice President.

Within both major parties there were some who did not see this assassination attempt as a shocking disaster, but as an opportunity to recapture the power they thought to be rightfully theirs. Soon the extreme wings of both major parties broke their support of the Vice President's emergency Government and started to undermine the just passed legislation. Before long and word passed around the President was blinded, suffered brain damage would never be able to resume official power. There were calls for him to be removed from office, the Presidency given to his Vice President and a new Vice President appointed. Others felt Jonathan More should keep the title on an honorary basis, the Vice President should continue as acting President, while the position of his acting Vice President should be shared between the Majority Leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, The first a Republican and the latter a Democrat. Somehow this later viewpoint gained the upper hand and was adopted. Minor opposition, mostly from Jonathan More supporters and Libertarians, who demanded adherence to the Constitution were shouted down and threatened. Nor did many days pass and Hanna was contacted by progressive and anti administration groups she had funded in the past and they now looked for a resumption of funding to re-enter the political fight. Hanna turned them away and in turn was called a traitor to their past causes. Some even raised the memory of her Senator Father in Law's name as their 'saintly' sponsor of their causes and her refusal as a betrayal of him by not providing funding from 'his' Foundation.

Right now Hanna was not interested in this political infighting, but was more concerned with the danger of becoming somehow implicated in this assassination plot.

As Stienert had set up his Prussian Corps many years ago, his system of control over his organization and contacts did not depend on his physical presence, but he had created another channel to integrate Hannelore into his system. She was in effect his second in command and still his liaison to what remained of Tikov's organization within the USA. Even during this present time, Hannelore was still in the loop of all information flowing through Stienert's organization and she was surprised when told the domestic Muslim Brotherhood tried in the past days to make contact first with Stienert and then with Hakkim Aziz. She knew Ibin had freely moved around the USA with the Brotherhood's support and they in turn were financially supported by Stienert through money he collected from Arabs. Besides, she realized a number of Hakkim's agents were still sleepers in their own ranks and at all times ready to be activated by Hakkim. While Stienert would have been able to keep tab on Aziz and his agents, such type of control was totally out of her reach or the reach of resources she currently controlled.

For many years, first with Tikov and then with Stienert, they had a hard time keeping these progressive groups motivated in their cause; now, when she wanted them to disappear, they seemed to resurrect on autopilot with ten, twenty year old strategies. Her largest concern right now was Hakkim Aziz still being out there and still motivated by his cousin's irrational quest.

The more she thought about Aziz, and the more she convinced herself it was up to her to stop him now, but she also realized it was opposite to what in the past she willfully tried to achieve. Still, the open question was what was in Stienert's Testament he left for her, how big a conflict did it represent with what she saw now as her new objective; was there a chance for her to extradite herself from his shadow, could she if she wanted?

There was no longer time for her to waste and she rushed to explore the documents Stienert left with her in safe keeping. Now for hours she read them and then re-read them again. All this information was not what she expected. As it turned out, there were basically three sets of documents, but one set was for her eyes only. To her, these documents were the most significant and almost sounded like a confession.

Most importantly, he wanted it understood he treasured both hers and Tikov's friendship above all else and wanted to be loyal to them all his life. Yet he realized he failed them both by making Saddam's war his own. He now knows that when Tikov died, he realized he played a losing hand and he, Stienert should have seen this as well. He wrote:

"To some extend I recognized this and kept the Prussian Corps outside of most adverse activities that could have legally implicated it, but I relied instead on our Arab associates, their relationship with the Moslem Brotherhood and on Tikov's Cubans."


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