Blood in Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood

Blood in Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood

by John Lee Brook


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ISBN-13: 9781900486774
Publisher: Headpress
Publication date: 06/15/2011
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 263,133
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

John Lee Brook, also known as Randall Radic, is a former Old Catholic priest and a convicted felon.
While in jail, Radic came in contact with many different gangs, including Nortenos, Surenos, Joe Boyz, Nazi Low Riders, Crips, Bloods, and the Aryan Brotherhood.
Currently working under a psudonymn for his own protection, he releases this controversial book in the wake of two previous titles documenting his extraordinary life in incarceration- A Priest in Hell: Gangs, Murderers and Snitching in a California Jail and Gone To Hell: True Crimes of America's Clergy.

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Blood in Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book Blood In Blood Out is full of lies we have an attorney looking into it.Shameful! If I could return it I would and I wont even critize it publically for fear someone else would buy it. Tom Silverstein was not at the RICO trial, has never said anything ever on the stand that he is affiliated this book is to just harm another person for money sickens me
readerAT More than 1 year ago
A must read! 5 ***** Once the main characters were introduced, I was sailing and found it difficult to put down!! "Blood In, Blood Out" was fascinating and very educational as to the inner power behinds bars of the various gangs. These are considered super max facilities but the cons are the force within. Most of us have no clue about these things and assume that our judicial system is removing the bad eggs from our society, but there is a lot of murder and other shenanigans going on inside of which we are unaware. The legal system is able to stall and use their delaying tactics to the convict's advantage. Most of us remember too vividly WWII without encountering thugs with swastikas or lightening bolts tattooed on their bodies. To think that for being a snitch, these brutal criminals could be back on the street aided by the system that helped put them away. Imagine giving a con a file to read so that he can rehearse his testimony! This is most impressive reading. You will come away gaining an insight into the inner workings of various gangs "in the joint." Raw and real, John Lee Brook does not disappoint!!
MaximusConfessor More than 1 year ago
Notoriety is the substantive form of the adjective 'notorious,' which is defined as "widely but unfavorably known or talked about." Which means that being notorious is the same thing as being famous, only for all the wrong reasons. Some obvious examples defining the subtle difference between fame and notoriety would be: Jesus is famous. Hitler is notorious. Mother Theresa is famous. Lindsay Lohan is notorious. Yet in today's world, which espouses an attitude of "there's no such thing as bad publicity," the distinction is lax. It doesn't seem to matter whether one is famous or notorious. Either way, one is a celebrity. Which is what it's all about. Without a doubt, with the publication of Blood In Blood Out, the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) will have attained its highest pinnacle of notoriety or fame or celebrity, depending on your viewpoint. For this book is bound to make them famously infamous. Essentially, it is a voyeuristic exhibition of infamy, in which, like a peeping Tom, John Lee Brook gives the reader a view into an extraordinary world. A world of drugs, money, and violence wrapped around an inner core of mystical warriors. Brook chummied up with bad guys - members of the Aryan Brotherhood - listening to macho skinheads tell incredible stories, and surveyed the connection between Cause and Effect. Bad guys who were there told him what took place. Hearsay, gossip, scandal, unconfirmed reports, and second-hand information from snitches and defectors make up part of the tale. Another part comes from rock solid facts. Put them together and you've got a hot, blue and booming tabloid version of the worst parts of the Bible. One thing's for sure. John Lee Brook has a sense of humor. You know that from the way he spins the story. Witty, waggish, whimsical language expressed with tongue-in-cheek incredulity. Like: are you kidding me, man? There is no way that is true . is there? Maybe. But since the tale revolves around the production and distribution of illicit drugs, there's a good chance it's the real deal. If it were a movie, it'd be Kill Bill meets Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp reprising his role from Blow. The Mad Hatter goosed up on meth. The Introduction sets the tone. The Introduction introduces an annotated history. Names and dates. A chronology of events, mishaps, and calamitous murders. The good guys - FBI, DEA, U.S. Marshals - look good. They follow the rules and go by the book. And what's weird is the good guys don't achieve much fame. Which somehow seems backwards. The bad guys look baaaad. No rules. No book. Just fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. They become notorious. But in the end, the good guys win. On the way to prevailing, the good guys put together the biggest indictment ever. Then the good guys begin rounding up the bad guys. The bad guys are in prisons all over the U.S. So the Department of Justice dispatches Con-Air, which really exists. Only it's called JPATS, which stands for Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System. Con-Air picks the bad guys up and flies them to L.A. Once in the City of Angels, the bad guys are housed in different jails, awaiting trial. Forty bad guys go on trial in Los Angeles. When the trials begin, assorted snitches, defectors, and informants come out of the proverbial woodwork. Everyone's playing Let's Make a Deal, trying to save their skins. (This review first appeared on Blog Critics)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago