Body Holiday

Body Holiday

by Derek E. Pearson


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The young couple's holiday to die for, Milla Carter's and Franklyn's, looks in danger of becoming just that. The future depicted is dysfunctional, cold and frighteningly voyeuristic. Corporate power presides, with no respect for privacy. Saturated with hard core pornography this world has lost the power to even be offended.

TV Presenter JULIETTE FOSTER: "Imaginative and sexually explicit. Yet the edgy “in your face” writing and tightly structured plot are damn near impossible to put down."

An older couple, ex-glamour model Ruth and her rich husband Pearce, had engaged Milla and Franklyn to swap bodies, in a process called ‘Transition’. The lure of such a 'Body Holiday', reacquainting intimately in younger bodies, was simply irresistible to them.

Unfortunately the dream vacation descends into a brutal game of survival. The couples are pitched against a malevolent force that's always one step ahead. Can they escape the nightmare, or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives on the run trapped in each other’s bodies?

TV Presenter JULIETTE FOSTER: Chilling amounts of gore and explosions of Armageddon proportions give the story the adrenalin-coated rush of a Grand Theft Auto game. Yet there’s also a quasi gallows humour running through the narrative. It’s Milla who really stands out. She’s a woman of action, the shining light in the darkness, which is why her anger is palpable when a shocking plot twist exposes a terrible betrayal. Yet Milla’s integrity is a contradiction. By rights, it shouldn’t exist in a world that disparages decency, yet somehow it stays intact.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780957672864
Publisher: George Boughton Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2014
Series: Adventures of Milla Carter , #1
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Foreword Indies BOOK AWARD Finalist:
2018 GODS' Warrior (Fantasy)
2017 GODS' Fool (Fantasy)
2016 GODS' Enemy (Fantasy)
2016 Star Weaver (Science Fiction)

Derek E Pearson is a UK-based author and illustrator with more than a dozen published novels in the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Since gaining his bachelor's degree from Norwich School of Art in the late 1970s, Pearson has mainly worked as a children's book illustrator, including titles such as Tulsi the Tiger. Since the late 1980s, Pearson has also worked in publishing and journalism, specialising in the dental industry with his online magazine Dental Review.

Celluloid Peach, Pearson's latest novel, is a grand, romantic and adventuresome departure from his usual writings, but brings with it the dark twist familiar to fans of fantasy and sci-fi.

Pearson says, "When someone dies it has to matter. You have to believe a life has been lost. An author learns to love the people he lives with in his mind. They become real."

Table of Contents


Part one: The Women

The Shutterbox

Real Weather

The Killer

A Gentle Shave

A Short Walk

Since New

Needy Yet Sly

I Need a Holiday

New Tastes

Just As Any Woman

Where Do We Go From Here?

Part two: Body Holiday


The Joys of Youth

In the Male

She’s so Bouncy

Nothing Prepares You


Nettles in the Rose Garden

See me with strange eyes

The Sea, the Sea

Not the Old Man

A touch too much sun


Part three: Cooling to Room Temperature

Avoid Confrontation

We Are Here For You

Let me help

Life’s a Beach


Don’t Stop

It can’t last

Cooling to room temperature

Sorry for the Inconvenience


Die in his own skin

We’re in Danger

Part Four: Under Fire

Out of the Frying Pan

Curved Earth

Beach House

the Ballistic


Wheels or Wings?

Tokyo Bound

Effective Limits for Survival

Making Firm Plans

Are you Awake?


Tokyo Under

Part Five: An Unfortunate Slip

Always Fear Sharp Suited Men in Tokyo

Need to be More Careful

The Birthing Stone

Baby Talk


Morning Glory

Kyoto in spring

Die Happy

They know we’re here

A Seed to grow a Girl Child


Slow Arousal from Death

Why we call it a Dream Holiday



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