Body Language

Body Language

by Millie Criswell

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Some languages need no interpretation

Ellie Peters has a great apartment, a cool job as a UN interpreter, and a terrific dog. Now all she needs is the right guy to share it with and life will be perfect. But everything she's worked for is threatened the day her obsessive-compulsive, disinfectant-loving mother announces she's divorcing Ellie's father and moving in with her! And to add insult to injury, Ellie's just learned that her ex-fiance, Michael, has become her new boss!

Michael Deavers remembers all too well the sparks that flew between him and Ellie. He'd love to rekindle what they once had, but he learned from their brief engagement that he's just not a commitment kind of guy. Though with Ellie once again under his nose, it's hard to remember why he ever had cold feet.

Now Ellie is desperate to get Michael out of her head, her mother out of her hair and her life out of the gutter…but old flames die hard, and this interpreter hasn't counted on the language of love.

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ISBN-13: 9781460363867
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/15/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
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Body Language

By Millie Criswell

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.

Copyright © 2004 Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-373-77011-1

Chapter One

ELLIE PETERS WAS HAVING a midlife crisis. Well, not exactly midlife, since she was only thirty-two years, three months, and seventeen days old. But she lived in midtown Manhattan, so the "mid" part was definitely valid.

And as crises went, hers was major!

"We need to find a place to live, Barn, and we need to find it fast. Brian will be back from L.A. next week, and we've got to be moved out of here by then."

Her idea, not his.

Brian foolishly thought they could still work things out, even after he'd called Barnaby "God's stupid mistake" and suggested to Ellie that she take the dog to the pound, and all because he'd peed in his Bruno Magli loafers.

It had been an accident, for crying out loud!

Ellie's bulldog, who had a face only a mother could love (if said mother was blind), digested this news by letting loose with a very ungentlemanly fart, and then whimpered, obviously knowing that it was her ex-boyfriend's hatred of him that had sent Ellie and Brian's relationship into the toilet, forcing her to look for a new place to live.

She may have dumped Brian, but it was his apartment she'd been living in these past six months, and that had been really poor planning on her part.

"Don't worry, Barnaby," she said, patting thedog's head affectionately. "Good dogs are much harder to find than good men. And Brian was too anal for his own good, anyway.

"I mean, what person in their right mind flosses after every meal?" As the image of yards and yards of dental floss hanging over the edge of the waste-basket emerged - floss she'd been forced to pick up and dispose of properly - YUCK! - Ellie shuddered in distaste, knowing she'd made the right choice.

It was so much better to be the dumper rather than the dumpee, for a change, she decided.

"At any rate, we are going to be much better off without Brian, Barn."

Seeming to agree with her assessment, Barnaby licked her face, producing an inordinately large amount of drool, which Ellie wiped off with the sleeve of her Georgetown University sweatshirt - her alma mater - before going back to peruse the classifieds.

Apartments in New York City were ridiculously expensive. She was no Donald Trump, and Ellie's job as a translator at the United Nations didn't pay her enough to find something as elegant as where she was living now, within a stone's throw of Central Park.

She sighed at the thought of moving. Barn loved walking in the park, rolling in the grass and romping with his canine buddies. Ellie loved strolling down Fifth Avenue and looking in the store windows at merchandise she couldn't afford to buy.

It was important to dream, even if those dreams were occasionally dumped on.

"Thank you, Brian!"


Brian Pomeroy's taste ran to the expensive - Hugo Boss suits, Rolex watches, dinners at La Cirque - but he also had a substantial income as a law partner in Fields, Morgan and Pomeroy that allowed him to indulge his every whim.

And for a while, Ellie had been one of those whims.

For all his faults, which were too numerous to mention - What kind of a man didn't like dogs? - Brian had been generous, buying her expensive jewelry, planning weekend trips to Bermuda, and taking her to the opera ... which she loathed.

Apparently, her ex-boyfriend had been under the misguided impression that because Ellie was half-Italian and could speak the language fluently (in addition to speaking French and Spanish), this meant she would automatically be an opera aficionado.

Ha! She hated hearing the fat lady sing, in any language.

Ellie had met Brian at a cocktail party at the Italian embassy. He'd looked dashing, she'd been desperate, and somehow they'd hooked up.

It had been an opposites-attract sort of thing, because they'd really had very little in common, other than a love of good food - the city had fabulous restaurants, and they'd eaten at most of them - and a desire to read the Sunday New York Times from cover to cover. Occasionally they worked the crossword puzzle together, but usually ended up arguing.

Brian thought he was smart because he knew what bifurcation meant.

Like anyone would use that word!

Lifting the hem of her sweatshirt, Ellie looked down at the slight bulge that was now her stomach, thanks to the aforementioned good food. She needed to lose at least ten pounds, fifteen would be better.

Diet and exercise, she'd decided, along with all her other life-altering decisions of late, would become part of her new game plan.

Ellie's plan consisted of: locating an apartment near her work (something fabulous, but not expensive), losing weight and getting in shape (without giving up any of her favorite foods or killing herself on the treadmill - exercise was an evil necessity, but it was still evil), and last but by no means least, finding Mr. Right. And not just any Mr. Right, but Mr. Perfectly Wonderful Right. She'd been with too many Mr. Wrongs and was long overdue.

Not to mention, a decent orgasm wouldn't hurt!

Her ex-boyfriend knew a lot about bifurcation, just not a whole lot about clitoral stimulation. And you could forget about that whole "G-Spot" thing. The man had been alphabetically challenged.

Shaking her head, Ellie cursed beneath her breath to erase the unpleasant memory of Brian Pomeroy. Picking up the phone, she began dialing several of the potential landlords listed in the "Apartments for Rent or Lease" section of the newspaper - the ones who accepted dogs, of course - and made arrangements to see them.

"Get your leash, Barn. We're going hunting."


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Body Language 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It was funny and poignant, with plenty of witty dialogue. The characters leaped off the pages, the pacing was fast and fun. I highly recommend BODY LANGUAGE!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Ellie Peters enjoys her work as a UN interpreter, loves her dog Barnaby, but wishes her sex life was better as she has not had a boyfriend since Brian left for LA and he was a loser. When she reflects on her life she realizes that she has not had a good orgasm since her fiancé Michael Deavers dumped her without explanation seven years ago in DC....................... Her mother informs her that she is leaving her cheating husband in Florida and moving in with a beleaguered Ellie in Manhattan. Ellie also learns that Michael is her new boss at the UN. He has never forgotten her and realizes she is his soulmate, but he has commitment issues caused when he was young when his father¿s business failed. Still in love, will he overcome her hatred of him and his own inability to say I do so that they can share a lasting family relationship or will Michael fail both of them while his beloved watches her parents thirty-five years of marriage collapse?........................ This is an entertaining chick lit second chance at romance starring a delightful protagonist whose world implodes between the returns of her mother and her former fiancé into all aspects of her life. The amusing story line predominantly provides asides from Ellie as she offers the polite response but turns to the audience with what she is really thinking. Fans also obtain some insight into Michael¿s feelings, but his electrons battle between love and commitment phobia rather than like the humorous thoughts running through the heroine¿s mind. Though Michael¿s issues seem to have weak base, readers will enjoy this love at the United Nations tale........................ Harriet Klausner