Bonding Through Books: A Guide to Reading With Children

Bonding Through Books: A Guide to Reading With Children

by Janice Mulholland

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Do you want to help your child develop a love of reading? Do you want to develop a special relationship with your grandchild? Are you wondering how to tackle sensitive subjects with your youngster? What books will help you achieve these goals? Where do you begin? Pick up this book. After twenty years as an elementary teacher-librarian in Palo Alto, the author helps you address these concerns with this very helpful guide. If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or caregiver, her tips for reading with children and selecting books children love will help you to engender a love of reading and create a special bond with your child. Different genres and types of books are described and explained. Expectations for specific age and grade reading levels are provided. The guide follows the rhythm of the child's school year, covering topics so important to children, including the start of school, making friends, the seasons, holidays, and family life. Titles to support writing, science, history, and many more subjects are included as well as books that are just plain fun to read. Many of the time-tested works allow opportunities for you and your child to discuss how to prepare, and handle challenging life situations. Important but delicate topics such as bullying behavior, sexual identity, illness, death, and divorce are also listed. It's time to get started!

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ISBN-13: 9781543954203
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 12/22/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 112
File size: 917 KB

About the Author

Janice Mulholland worked in school libraries on the San Francisco Peninsula for over thirty years. Recently retired after twenty years as an elementary school teacher librarian in Palo Alto, she has written this guide to time-tested resources her students enjoyed. Discover the joy of reading with your child and share important life lessons. Plant the seeds, nurture them with care, stand back, and watch what develops. Prepare to be amazed.

Table of Contents

Preface 1

Part 1

General Information about Reading and Children 3

Expectations 4

Choosing Books 5

Different Types of Books 6

Choosing a Book for the Child (Not the Adult) to Read 9

The Five-Finger Rule 9

Fluency 9

But He Is Reading the Same Book Over and Over Again! 10

The Setting 10

Voice 12

Story Form 13

The Plan 15

Part 2

Time-Tested Books Children Love 17

Beginning the School Year 19

Special Challenges 20

Preschool Children 21

Preschool Classics and Favorites 22

Five-and Six-Year-Olds Kindergarteners 26

Anticipating Kindergarten 27

Friendship 28

Alphabet Books and Reading 29

Counting 30

Holidays and Seasons 30

Winter and Snow 31

Spring and The Garden 33

Poetry, Nursery Rhymes, and Fairy Tales 34

Favorites for Five- and Six-Year- Olds 35

Six- and Seven- Year- Olds First Grade 36

Getting Ready for School 36

Friendship 36

The Seasons and Their Holidays 38

Bats and Halloween 38

Thanksgiving 39

Winter Holidays 39

The New Year and Winter 40

Valentine's Day and The Mail 40

Learning to Write 41

What is Happening to Our Teeth1 41

Weather and Spring 42

The Garden 43

Music 44

Family 44

Favorite Authors for First and Second Graders 45

Seven-and Eight-Year-Olds Second Grade 45

School Life 45

Halloween 46

Voting 47

Thanksgiving and Ancestors 47

Winter Holidays 48

More Biographies 49

Writing 50

Writing ideas 50

Letters 51

Diaries, Notebooks, and Journals 52

Writing Traits: Mechanics 52

Insects 53

More Favorites 53

Favorites Authors for Seven-to Eight-Year - Olds 54

Eight- and Nine-Year-Olds Third Grade 55

School Begins 55

Halloween 55

Writing: Twisted Fairy Tales 56

Genre Studies 57

Corning to America 57

February is Black History Month 59

More Biographies 60

Holidays 61

Festivals of Light 61

Fun Ties to Science 62

Writing 63

More 64

Favorites Eight and Up 65

Nine- and Ten-Year-Olds Fourth Grade 65

School Begins 65

Geography 66

Science Connections: Longitude and Latitude 67

Age of Exploration 68

Holidays 68

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday and Black History Month 69

More Biographies 70

Chinese New Year 71

Science Connections: Electricity 71

Poetry 71

Writing Inspiration 72

Punctuation and More 73

Writing Traits 73

Persuasive Writing 74

Memoirs 74

Memoirs to Tall Tales 76

The Westward Movement 77

Favorites for Nine-Year- Olds and Up 77

Ten- to Eleven- Year- Olds Fifth Grade 78

Geography Connections 79

Native American Legends 79

Science: Water 80

The New World 81

Holidays 83

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday and Black History Month 84

Earth Day and The Environment 86

More Recent Explorations 86

Science: Health 87

Poetry 87

Graduation 88

Favorites for Eleven- Year-Olds and Up 88

Bibliotherapy 90

Social Challenges 90

Bully Behavior 91

Differences 94

Sexual Identity 96

Illness, Death, and Divorce 98

Beyond this Guide 100

Acknowledgments 101

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