Born to Soar: Unleashing God's Word in Your Life

Born to Soar: Unleashing God's Word in Your Life

by Melissa Overmyer




“What more do you want, o soul! And what else do you search for outside, when within yourself you possess your riches, delights, satisfaction and kingdom—your beloved whom you desire and seek? Desire him there, adore him there. Do not go in pursuit of him outside yourself. You will only become distracted and you won't find him, or enjoy him more than by seeking him within you.”
– St. John of the Cross
If you have six weeks, you can change your spiritual life.
Born to Soar is a beautiful prayer and Scripture journal experience that combines video-based online teaching with written reflection in order to gently coach you through an exploration of the truths of Scripture. Even if you’re learning about the Bible for the very first time, artist, veteran Scripture teacher and founder of Something Greater Ministries Melissa Overmyer will show you how to achieve your full, God-given potential.
Drawing from the image of the monarch butterfly at every stage of development—egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, hatching, soaring and reproducing—Overmyer teaches in six simple lessons how to “cocoon” into God’s presence through prayer, Christian meditation and pondering the truths of Scripture. If you feel yourself in need of a renewal or transformation in your life, Born to Soar is the place to start.
The journal contains plenty of space to reflect and record your own thoughts as you explore the texts presented with each lesson. It also includes special resources for group discussion leaders as well as resources to continue exploring on your own.
In this journal study, you will meet St. John of the Cross, whose mystical poetry offers profound insights for truth seekers at every stage of spiritual development, whether or not they self-identify as Catholic. You’ll also discover the concept of Lectio Divina—the Bible as the Living Word, not just a dry text to dissect intellectually. Born to Soar is a powerful exploration of faith for individuals as well as groups, greatly enhanced by video-based teaching.

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ISBN-13: 9781632531735
Publisher: Franciscan Media
Publication date: 05/05/2017
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 6.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Melissa Overmyer is a dynamic Catholic evangelist who believes God is constantly communicating truths about himself. As the founder of Something Greater Ministries, she seeks to serve God by creating opportunities for people to encounter God through prayer, scripture study, community, and the teachings, traditions, and spirituality of the Catholic Church. The story of her conversion to Catholicism was published in her book Metamorphosis of a Soul and on her blog Melissa has been a Scripture study teacher for more than thirty years, and founded the Georgetown Women’s Bible Study, an interdenominational women’s scripture study, twenty-three years ago. She is a member of Catholic Voices USA, contributes to, and formerly served on the board of Walking with Purpose. She and her family live in Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

Preface: You Were Created for Something Greater ix

Introduction: A Spiritual Metamorphosis xiii

Session 1 The Egg-A Miracle of New Creation 1

Session 2 The Caterpillar-Feeding the Hunger 19

Session 3 The Chrysalis-Transforming in a Quiet Place 41

Session 4 Emerging-Practicing the Virtues 59

Session 5 Soaring-On the Winds of Praise 77

Session 6 Reproducing-Spreading God's Love 95

Magis-Doing Something Greater for God 113

More Ways to "Cocoon" with God 115

Acknowledgments 119

Appendix 1 Tips for Small-Group Leaders 121

Appendix 2 The Sacrament of Reconciliation 124

Appendix 3 The Virtues 133

Appendix 4 "Renewing Truths" 135

Notes 139

Recommended Reading 140

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