Boscoe and the Quantum Gizmo of Doom

Boscoe and the Quantum Gizmo of Doom

by John Regan

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Boscoe and the Quantum Gizmo of Doom by John Regan

A semi-nostalgic, Cold War-era, rather silly action-adventure novel that shamelessly lampoons what used to pass for “young adult literature” (think Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew with attitude, snark, and bad puns). Set in the halcyon days of the 1980’s, Boscoe Bleenerman is a straight “A” high school student with a heartfelt commitment to American jingoistic patriotism and the glories of free enterprise, while opposing the evils of Communism, fluoridation of the water supply, and pre-marital hand-holding. Through pluck, spunk, and a fortuitously timed emergence from cheap-literary-plot-device amnesia, Boscoe tries to save the Senator Remington K. Bunnystrangler Secret Missile Base from the evil machinations of a malcontent who, like so many students in the 60’s, left college without any useful skills.
Our hero and his best friend Moose learn the identity of the disreputable perpetrator but when they have trouble convincing the town’s so-called “adults”, they take matters into their own hands. Boscoe gets kidnapped by the evildoer “Fred” (not his real name) and, in a tragic scene involving a knick knack shelf, develops amnesia (!) and comes to believe that he (Boscoe) is actually a co-conspirator in the plot. While Moose continues to rally support from the kids at The Malt Shoppe, Boscoe slowly regains his memory as he and “Fred” sneak onto the base cleverly disguised as ice cream men.
Will Boscoe recover from his amnesia in time to save the day? Will Moose finally convince the adults that kids can be heroes too? And will Assistant Vice Principal Raul Nosewhistle, who lives for the morning Homeroom Announcements, ever find out who set fire to his Plymouth Valiant, forcing him to car pool in the back of a pickup owned by a lawn service company called “Three Legal Americans Who Just Happen to be Named Pedro”? (Hint: yes, yes, and no)
This all leads to an exciting (and, needless to say, dramatic) conclusion involving Lemon Pledge, the third verse of The Star Spangled Banner, and Boscoe’s dog Spot, who plays a pivotal role by disguising himself with a pair of sunglasses and enlisting in the Air Force.

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BN ID: 2940013418295
Publisher: John J. Regan
Publication date: 09/18/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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