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Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series #1)

Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series #1)

4.9 9
by Ryan Michele

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*This is a full-length novel.**
Cooper grew up in the Ravage MC. This is his story.
Full Blurb and Cover Reveal Coming Soon!


*This is a full-length novel.**
Cooper grew up in the Ravage MC. This is his story.
Full Blurb and Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

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Ryan Michele
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Bound by Family (Ravage MC Bound Series #1) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
It was a great read. Loved the characters and the story line. This series is going to be just as good as the last one if not better. Love the next gen. Is getting books.
jmhoward07 7 months ago
OMG I didn't want this to end!!!! This story is that great, amazing, wonderful and any other words you can think of. At first I had a hard time getting young Cooper out of my head then it just hit me Cooper's a man NOW!! What a man he is too. Bristyl I just love that name. She's this amazing girl that captures Coopers attention. She's a strong willed and determined woman, that doesn't take any crap even from those of her family. She is one that knows how to stand up for one's self. They make this super amazing couple that is easy to fall in love with, the journey they take you on is for sure one hell of a ride. This story is a follow up maybe spin off of the Ravage MC, you still get the read about the original guys, but this time it's soooo much better, Seems to be anyways, I would recommend anyone to read the Ravage series first as this story talks about some of the events that has happened in the past not to mention you get more of a inside on the characters. I was kinda upset that I had finished this story and that I wanted more but, with all great stories there is always more to come. I can only hope at least. I do want and crave more. This is a MUST READ story. I loved the pace, the story line, characters and everything about it; even all the bad was really great to read. You would think at first that this story is going to be just like all the other MC stories that you read well it's not, seriously it's not. The romance is hotter. LOL ok not only that but they way the story unfolds in front of your eyes really breaks away and gets the story told but leaves you loving it and wanting more. Ryan has done a amazing job with this story couldn't have been any better at all. Worth the 5 stars and then more. ***I received this ARC for free in exchange for my honest thoughts***
melissaq 7 months ago
We first meet Cooper when he was a little boy in Ravage Me (Ravage MC series). Growing up with Ravage MC has showed him what real family is. Now a new series has him all grown up and sexy as hell. While on a trip to Florida, he meets Bristyl in a laundromat. Bristyl is the daughter of Sinister Sons MC prez, sister to 3 patches. All she has ever known is the Sinister Sons. When Bristyl is headed to a bike rally, Leah (Bristyl's BFF) informs her that she has made plans to meet someone. They end up in a situation where Cooper steps in to protect her. Which causes problems between MC clubs. Will Cooper and Bristyl survive the blowback? Will Bristyl leave her family and become a part of Ravage MC? LOVED this book! First going in I kept thinking "how am I ever going to think of Cooper as grown?" Well it didn't take long. I love love love Cooper! He is as sexy as he is smart. Cooper and Bristyl make a beautiful couple. Never disappointed in Ryan Michele's work. She is definitely one of my favorite authors! I have loved each one of her books. Bound by Family is a must read!
DannyJeffbooks 7 months ago
Bound by Family is the the first book from the next generation of the Ravage Sinners and can be comfortably read as a stand alone. Bound By Family was fact paced and had a good dose of grit and MC action and had me hooked start to finish. Cooper was wonderfully alpha and dirty talking and Bristyl was cute and sweet but most definitely had a back bone. I didn't quite connect to them initially but they grew on me as a couple as the story developed. This was a really enjoyable start to this new series and I'm excited for future stories. I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher; there was no inducement or obligation.
dyoz 7 months ago
Intense! Suspenseful and Super Sexy! LOVED IT! Sweet Little Cooper is all grown up!! Ryan Michele keeps this Next-Gen MC story going by focusing on Family Friendship and Romance. Mixing some of our past favorite characters with some really interesting new ones. It is action packed and kept me at the edge of my seat, I was constantly trying to get through the pages to see what would happen next in the book. Oh and the magnetic attraction between Cooper and Bristyl was explosive. With Cooper's Level-headed Alphaness and Bristyl's Witty Sassiness I couldn't get enough of them. They are perfect! Bound by family never leaves you wanting! The Characters Action and the Romance makes this a must read! I can't wait for the next book in this series.
Ryatsko 7 months ago
A whole new Ravage generation!!!! .....and some old favorites!!!!!!!! (Rhys, I love that man!!!!!) Cooper raised in the Ravage MC CLUB .....all alpha, fierce, loyal, and extreme protective for "his family" Bristyl raised in Sinister Sons MC CLUB.. .....is independent, sassy, loyal and loves "her family" Love the connection between Cooper and Bristyl.. This novel is intense, suspenseful and full of action!!! .....very steamy, and also has sweet moments.. (and also is funny, and of course "family" drama)
kJenn 7 months ago
Bound by Family is the first book in the second generation Ravage MC series. This is Cooper and Bristyl's book. Coop was raised Ravage MC, it's in his blood, family and they are his family. Bristyl was raised in the Sinister Sons MC, her father and all three of her brothers are all a part of the club. While out on a run Cooper meets Bristyl through chance, and then it again... is it really still by chance? Minor spoiler in this and the next paragraph, stop reading if you don't want any spoilers!!!!! I really enjoyed this book, breezed through it in no time flat. Was very easy to read and flowed well. Towards the end of the book, I was thinking things are just too easy flowing, very anti-climatic but being close to the end of the book I was like no, this can't be that smooth... then the shoe drops.... which I was like phew! I was afraid it was going to be a super sappy romance novel not a MC novel.... I enjoyed the characters, and there was a good amount of steamy scenes in the book and it reads fast and easy. I really like seeing old characters, seeing how they are doing/what they are doing so for those that aren't new to the Ravage MC you will get to catch up with some of your favorites. For those new to the Ravage MC, it's ok if you haven't read them the author does a great job explaining who each of the people are, and you get a reminder of each of their unique personalities. One thing that shocked me at the end was the teaser for the second book in the series. I was expecting a complete different couple than is being done next. Hopefully the H in the next book will redeem himself, wasn't really thrilled with him in this book. However, the other couple I suspected will be next I really can't wait for their story!! Happy Reading!!
AngelaG_2012 7 months ago
Cooper is all grown up and damn does he make sexy look good!! This book has been long awaited by any lover of Ryan Michele’s Ravage series. And if you are new to her books, get ready for a wild ride of sexiness and alphaness that will make you want your own biker. I have to admit that there were times that I felt very naughty reading this story because I remember reading about Cooper as a kid and then as a teenager. But Ryan Michele has created a character that has broken out of the mold that we last saw him in and forged his own path. And his intended mate is not afraid to stand up for herself and has no problem with the alpha male that claims her as his lady. Cooper Cruz has grown up and joined him father and mother and the club of badassery! His club is his life and he bleeds Ravage. They have always been there for him and they will always have his respect and loyalty because they earned it. His brothers and the club are his life and he is enjoying all the perks and benefits that being a member entails. Yet on a rally down in Florida, Cooper comes to the rescue of a woman that makes him think that having a woman of his own won’t be such a bad thing. Being the daughter of the VP of the Sinister Sons MC is not all it is cracked up to be. Bristyl Daniels has to deal with the smothering protectiveness of her father and brothers and the irritation of having to deal with the stupidity and irritation, commonly referred to as her brothers, of keeping the books for her families businesses. However, when her father and brothers take a run Bristyl knows that it is time to hang out with her bestie and watch her favorite band. What she didn’t expect was to have a run in with the lusciously sinful Cooper or the feelings that he would bring out of her as they spend more time together. I LOVED THIS STORY!! Again, Ryan has proven what a great writer she is by incorporating an alpha male with a soft side into a story that has romance, pain, betrayal, and family loyalty. All of Ryan Michele’s males are sexiness personified and the length’s that they will go too for their women is swoon worthy. Her writing style and storylines pull readers in, and that is exactly what BOUND BY FAMILY did with me. This is a two thumbs up and I can wait for her next installment to this series!
_booklover 7 months ago
When Ryan Michele announced this spin of series for the next generation I was super excited and boy did this story live up to that excited. Cooper has definitely grown up to be an alpha just like his dad. His sexy, smart and tough and exactly the right fit for the ravage mc. Bristyl has also grown up with an MC that her dad and brothers belong to, but their clubs could not be more different. Bristyl is a loyal, smart and sassy women and is the perfect match for Cooper. Makes you want them to find their happy ever after. Adding in a great storyline filled with action and suspense, meeting the new generation of Ravage and the catching up with the older generation this book is a must read for any fans of MC books. Michele Ryan's writing is smooth, making the story a joy to read. I highly recommend this book and am interesting to see what develops next in the series.