by Cassia Leo

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My brother's best friend.

The bad boy next door.

My sworn enemy...

Now he's back to claim what's his.

For most of my life, Ben Hayes was the gorgeous bad boy musician next door. My brother's heart throb best friend.

Then, he was my boyfriend for six of the happiest years of my life. Until he dumped me on social media in front of millions of people, officially cementing his role as my worst enemy.

Three years later, Ben returns to our small beach town with an ego the size of California, a drinking problem, a movie deal that's about to fall through, and a secret that only he and his dying father know.

I'm not the same pathetic girl I was when he broke my heart. I'm stronger now. I won't let him break me again.

But it's hard to resist those ocean-blue eyes, that sculpted, tattooed body, that smooth voice, that enormous... Well, you get the picture.

Every time he makes me laugh or swoon, my defenses fracture. The walls around my heart are crumbling fast. And Ben's wrecking ball of a secret is about to deliver the final blow.

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Publication date: 07/26/2018
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time re-watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. When she’s not binge watching, she’s usually enjoying the Oregon rain with a hot cup of coffee and a book.

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Break 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was good but I wished she would have slowed down . There were many emotions left out. If your looking for a fast paced romance this is a book for you .
Red_Hatter More than 1 year ago
Surprisingly, this was actually my very first time reading anything by Cassia Leo. It’s ok, I kind of want to smack me too. I can clearly see I’ve really been missing out because Break is outstanding! Not your typical celebrity meets average girl romance here with this epic second chance. Nope. Break is overflowing with heartfelt emotion, shocking secrets, devastating loss, but most of all love. Lots and lots of fill you heart up, cry your eyes out, happy sighing love. Then, just because apparently all of that isn’t awesome enough, there’s bits of laugh out loud humor sprinkled in when you least expect it. Charley and Ben are simply everything. I loved every bit of these two together. Even if they did make my cry like a baby occasionally. Charley is such an all around sweet woman. My heart shattered for her right from the start and I just wanted to give her a hug, but her capacity to love and forgive is endless. The strength she exudes even in moments where she feels weak is magnificent. Then there’s Ben, sweet made me want to both kick him and kiss him, Ben. So many secrets are hidden behind the celebrity mask he wore but even still I found myself rooting for him to make things right with Charley. It’s clear even through the fog of secrets that the love these two share is the epic once in a lifetime kind of love we all search for. Charley and Ben’s story is overflowing with so much of that love that you can’t help but find yourself entirely wrapped up in this book. Now I’m off to nurse the mother of all book hangovers by binging on more of Cassia Leo’s writing.
KaraS More than 1 year ago
You're going to love Charley and Ben. "I love us" - how can you not be drawn in by that. This book is so much more than it seems...more than a brother's best friend romance - really that is a very small part; more than a second chance romance -as there is SO MUCH MORE to their story than even Charley knows...more than a celebrity romance - because of Ben and Charley. They are so beyond awesome together. But Charley has been deeply wounded and it's affected her life since Ben so spectacularly broke them! "All I can think is that Ben is like the ocean. He's beautiful, powerful, capable of lulling you to sleep with his song. He's also unpredictable, full of secrets, and easy to drown in." "'It means that I promise I'll never give you another reason to doubt me.'" This is a special love story that you do not want to miss. And it will NOT be what you are expecting. And that ending - just perfection! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance reader copy.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
Ben Hayes was the boy next door. The love of Charley’s life. Their romance was everything Charley could ever want….until one day Ben turned her world upside down and destroyed her heart. 3 years will pass before Charley and Ben will be reunited. Charley is determined to stay strong and to not let Ben back into her heart. However, Ben has other plans. He’s not just there to spend time with his dying father. He’s there to right his wrongs and hopefully win back the girl of his dreams….. Break is a second chance romance about first loves, the one who got away and owning up to your mistakes. From the moment I picked up Ben and Charley’s story, I was intrigued. I was so sad for Charley and everything that she went through when she lost Ben. In fact, I was so annoyed by Ben, that I was totally glaring at his name when it came up in the story. Of course, that all changed when I found out what Ben was keeping from Charley. I could see where he was coming from. He was young and at the time, he thought he didn’t have another choice and that by doing what he did, he could protect Charley. But, Charley ended up getting hurt anyways. And I think for Ben, knowing that he broke Charley was something he couldn’t live with. She was his everything and he was determined to find a way to get her back. The road to happily ever after for Charley and Ben wasn’t an easy one. Ben had a lot of explaining and groveling to do. He had to prove that he was there for the long haul and that he would never hurt Charley again. I really appreciated that Ben took the time to get to know Charley again and that he tried to earn her trust back. That made their journey that much more satisfying. I loved watching Ben and Charley together. Their chemistry and love still strong despite all the time that passed. Neither one of them was perfect, but I think they tried their best. They were both still pretty young and still had a lot of growing to do. For me, it was fun watching them try to navigate their way through things and strive for their happiness. Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I’m a sucker for a good second chance romance and this one hit all the marks for me. My only issue with this book was that I felt like things were a bit rushed toward the end. I can’t really give you specifics because I don’t want to spoil anything, but for me, there was a particular situation that I would have liked to have had fleshed out a little more/given more resolution. And of course, I would have loved to have seen a little more groveling from Ben Other than that, I thought Break was a great read and had a lot of fun getting lost in Ben and Charley.