Breaking the Adolescent Parent Cycle: Valuing Fatherhood and Motherhood

Breaking the Adolescent Parent Cycle: Valuing Fatherhood and Motherhood

by Jack C. Westman


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Breaking the Adolescent Parent Cycle: Valuing Fatherhood and Motherhood by Jack C. Westman

This book addresses the dilemma created by the discrepancy between our efforts to prevent adolescent pregnancy and our support of adolescent parenthood, which the author argues is America's greatest unrecognized public health crisis. It is the most preventable cause of crime and welfare dependency, and because we hold no expectations for parents who conceive and give birth to children, rates of child neglect and abuse in the United States far exceed those of other developed nations. Westman explores the circumstances and values that make motherhood seem to be girls' best option and that induce males to conceive without the ability to support their children. It proposes a feasible legal procedure as the basis for ensuring that adolescents' babies have competent parents with the resources and environments they need.

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ISBN-13: 9780761845362
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 07/16/2009
Pages: 570
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Jack C. Westman, M.D. and M.S., is professor emeritus of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. He has served as editor of Child Psychiatry and Human Development, president of the American Association of Psychiatric Services, and president of the Multidisciplinary Academy of Clinical Education. He is currently president of Wisconsin Cares, Inc.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Acknowledgements Chapter 4 Prologue Part 5 Part 1 - The Problem Chapter 6 Chapter 1 - The Neglect of Children and Adolescents in the United States Chapter 7 Chapter 2 - Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbirth Trends Chapter 8 Chapter 3 - The Denigration of Parenthood Chapter 9 Chapter 4 - Divergent Parenthood Styles Chapter 10 Chapter 5 - Dysfunctional Social Policies and Services Part 11 Part 2 - Theoretical Foundation Chapter 12 Chapter 6 - Chaos/Complexity Theory Chapter 13 Chapter 7 - The Rights of Babies and Adolescents Chapter 14 Chapter 8 - The Rights of Parents Part 15 Part 3 - The Human Developmental Process Chapter 16 Chapter 9 - Developing Human Relationships: Attachment Bonding Chapter 17 Chapter 10 - Adolescent Development Chapter 18 Chapter 11 - Emerging Adulthood Chapter 19 Chapter 12 - Parenthood as a Developmental Stage in Life Part 20 Part 4 - The Dynamics of Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 21 Chapter 13 - Choosing to Be An Adolescent Parent Chapter 22 Chapter 14 - Profiles of Adolescent Parents Chapter 23 Chapter 15 - The Impact of Parenthood on Adolescents Chapter 24 Chapter 16 - The Impact of Adolescent Parenthood on Children Part 25 Part 5 - Families Chapter 26 Chapter 17 - The Families of Adolescent Parents Chapter 27 Chapter 18 - The Impact of Adolescent Parenthood on Families Part 28 Part 6 - Neighborhoods and Communities Chapter 29 Chapter 19 - Social Class and Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 30 Chapter 20 - Peer Influences on Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 31 Chapter 21 - Gang Influences on Adolescent Parenthood Part 32 Part 7 - Culture Chapter 33 Chapter 22 - Cultural Influences on Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 34 Chapter 23 - Black Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 35 Chapter 24 - Latino Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 36 Chapter 25 - American Indian Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 37 Chapter 26 - Muslim Adolescent Parenthood Chapter 38 Chapter 27 - Hmong Adolescent Parenthood Part 39 Part 8 - Society Chapter 40 Chapter 28 - Impact of Adolescent Parenthood on Society Chapter 41 Chapter 29 - Programs for Adolescent Parents Chapter 42 Dampening and Amplifying Trends Part 43 Part 9 - Solutions Chapter 44 Chapter 31 - Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood Chapter 45 Chapter 32 - Valuing Parenthood Chapter 46 Chapter 33 - Parenthood Planning Teams and Certification of Parenthood Chapter 47 Chapter 34 - Adoption Part 48 Part 10 - Conclusion Chapter 49 Book Notes

What People are Saying About This

James Garbarino

Offers the child advocate a solid foundation for doing good. It is grounded in research and theory and in profoundly 'pro-child' values.

Charles D. Gill

Please listen to perhaps the only person in America who has the knowledge and the answers…If everyone in government did, our prisons would be virtually empty in twenty years. And, childhood would again be a time of joy, instead of the nightmare is now is for too many children.

Rebecca Maynard

A tour de force…the first 360-degree examination of adolescent parenting - - looking at its social, cultural, and biological roots; its consequences for not only the adolescent mother, but also the generations on either side of her; and strategies for preventing adolescent childbearing, as well as for creating nurturing environments for children who are born to adolescent parents.

Jay Belsky

Seldom do we see someone analyze social problems, review the relevant research, and offer practical solutions as compellingly…His insights no doubt derive from a unique combination of clinical, teaching, and research experience.

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