Breaking Without You

Breaking Without You

by Carrie Ann Ryan

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BN ID: 2940159041661
Publisher: Carrie Ann Ryan
Publication date: 04/16/2019
Series: Fractured Connections , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 53
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Breaking Without You 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Homehair 2 days ago
Another awesome book. It is very well written. Love the story between Cameron and Violet. Can they find love again after he broke her heart many years ago. A must read. Ms. Ryan doesn't disappoint with this book. Can't wait for the next one. Which Brother will be next?
Nomore 15 hours ago
Rainn2978 21 hours ago
This is book 1 of the Fractured Connections series. It is an offshoot series of the Montgomery Ink Colorado Springs series but it is absolutely a stand alone! We just get to have Mace's sister's story and I know I have been wanting to know more about his family. This one is about Violet Knight and Cameron Connolly. Let me just start off by saying that this is definitely a story that will hit you hard if you have ever been personally affected by suicide. It doesn't go into how it happens but more so into the thoughts and feelings of the person (or in this case, people) left behind. And I had the waterworks going on in a lot of this book because it does hit home. That being said, it is still a romance! Violet and Cameron have reconnected after losing one of their best friends. And because of that event, it has afforded them their second chance to have their relationship work. I don't want to go into a lot of detail because I feel like it will spoil the story. But I absolutely loved it! I read it in less than a day because it was one of those books that once I started it, I couldn't put it down! And while yes, I did cry a lot while reading it-it also shows the reality of life. And how hard it is to move on and just let yourself be happy. I really can't wait to see where the other 2 books take us and how those stories go!
Anonymous 23 hours ago
Breaking Without You is book one in the Fractured Connections series and it appears that each book can be read as a standalone, but characters will crossover so if you are like me you will want to read in order to catch those little things you didn’t catch in the other books that others might not even be aware of if they are reading out of order. These Connolly brothers didn’t have it easy until later in life thanks to a loving couple. You will feel the heartache, the tension and the stress that they endure trying to fix their Fractured Connection that occurred and how to save the family bar. In this story we meet Cameron and Violet plus the whole clan. Cameron you will see did the best thing he did, and you can agree with him to a point except for maybe giving Violet a reason back then. But...that is life and life decided to take them on a different course. It was not the right time for these two is how I see this. Years have past but the connection between these two is still real whether they wanted to believe it or not. They need each other and you will see why. This is a second chance romance and at fixing mistakes that caused the issue between them and the brothers. Emotional and healing all in one. It touches on some sensitive topics that I believe can be healing or eye opening for others who may be going through the same issues. I for one can side with Violet on the headaches so it was nice to read about this. While we do get the brothers story and Alison’s snippets, I would love to see a novella down the road on the before story of the brothers and Alison’s connection. Best way to state this without details that would lead to a spoiler. After reading about these characters I’m excited to see where the stories are headed for Brendon and Aiden. Dillon is such a wise one for his age so hopefully we see a story on him in the future as well.
Khrista1029 1 days ago
Breaking Without You is the first book in Carrie's new series, this book starts out very sad, Carrie brings to light a very difficult issue that might be a trigger for people who have dealt with suicide. Violet Knight is an environmental chemist working at the University of Colorado at Denver. Violet loves her job, what she doesn't love is having to work with Lynn who is now married to Violets ex-husband. Awkward!! Violet, her sister Sienna and Harmony just lost their best friend to suicide. Violet was the one to find her, whats worse than that Allison didn't leave a note, no one knew why and Violet was having a very hard time with that, she needed answers. Why didn't they know Allison was having problems? Why did she think she couldn't ask for help? The cherry on this whole sundae is that Cameron, her high school/college boyfriend was back in town after walking out of her life without saying goodbye or even giving a reason why. Cameron Connolly came back to Denver with his younger brother Dillon who he has been raising for the past 7 years. They came back to try and save the bar he now owned with his other two brothers Aiden (Cameron's twin) and Brendan their older brother. Cameron, Aiden and Brendan were adopted by Jack and Rose Connolly and they owned this bar, now they both had past on the bar was the boys. The relationship with his brothers is a complicated one and slow to get better, there are a lot of hurt feelings and anger about Cameron taking off to help their drug addicted birth mother. Cameron couldn't regret going to California because Dillon out of the deal. Seeing Violet again was messing with his mind as well. He still loved her and knowing he really screwed up with her he wasn't sure he could mend that bridge. Breaking without you deals with a lot of complicated feelings and situations. This second chance romance is not a whimsical tale though.
Cali-Jewel 2 days ago
A beautifully heartbreaking emotional journey filled with so much passion and longing.... a truly brilliant look at life after loss and the heartwarming thrill of the possibility of a second chance. I cried so hard during and fell so hard for these amazing charters and look forward to seeing them again.
Tam 2 days ago
This series is a bit heavier than some of her other series - although given the name Fractures Connections, it's not a great surprise. This series is with Mace's sisters from Fallen Ink. Still a great read & I can't wait for Harmony and Brendon's story & then Sienna & Aiden. It was fun to watch how the girls interacted & how Violet & Cameron were able to achieve their HEA.
gillek2 2 days ago
When tragedy strikes Violet is left reeling, full of guilt and wondering what she could have done differently to change the outcome. In the midst of the pain it also brought Cameron, the man who broke her heart years ago, back into her life. When Cameron left town, it was with the best of intentions and he regrets the pain he caused not only Violet but also his foster brothers Brendon and Aiden. He has now returned to Denver to help run the family business, to try and repair the fractured relationship with his brothers and have a second chance with Violet. This is an emotional story love, family and second chances. Cameron redeemed himself with the way he handled both Violet and his brothers and Violet has to heal not only from what happened in the past with Cameron, but her recent tragedy as well. It was great to meet Cameron’s brothers and I can’t wait for their stories.
Pebbles92 2 days ago
Breaking Without You is Book 1 in Carrie Ann Ryan's new Fractured Connections series. Even though this is a Montgomery spin-off series, it's not necessary to have read those stories although I enjoyed the cameo appearances by some of the characters. This was an emotional story with some very heavy topics but the author did a great job intertwining such a tragedy with a reacquainted love. I adored Cameron and Violet and look forward to the next book in the series!
jennifer315 2 days ago
This is the first book in a new series by CAR. For me, it was different from her other books because the catalyst that propels this story happens off the page before the book even starts. This one event sets up the series and Violet and Cameron's story. I enjoyed all the characters in this story and I also felt the emotion that was put into this book. It is such an emotional story that really needed to be told. I am eager to see where the next books takes us.
the_gleam 2 days ago
Breaking Without You was a bit of a misnomer in that both Violet and Cameron thought they had already been broken and that they would break again. Nothing was further than the truth with these two strong people that had the support of family and friends (most of the time) and when they didn’t, they knew they needed to survive and be strong. Reconnecting only made them better, survivors and warriors of time & life lessons. I connected strongly with their struggles, that how emotional the book was. Another fabulous book! Mild spoiler..... And now thanks to the author and this book I can never go into my local produce department without thinking of Cameron and this book. As they sell gummy worms in huge containers along side the fruit.
DarGee 2 days ago
This book had me feeling so many emotions! Violet and Cameron’s story isn’t a true second chance romance in my mind, they were interrupted in their relationship. Life got in the way, and they were separated. Their lives took different paths, but it led them back together. While they deal with their multitude of feelings from what is happening that brought them back together, they find each other. There is pain and betrayal in what they feel for each other, but they decide to go with what they have. Their feelings are still there, and they feel good. They both need to feel good, so they take that chance. Cameron was such a great character, and I felt for him. He did the right thing, he really did, with everything but Violet back then. And he is doing all he can to do the right things now with her. He has such a strength to him, but still has a deep vulnerability. I wanted to hug him, and kick his brothers, not Dillon though. By the end of the book, less kicking was needed, and everyone seems to have needed hugs Violet’s feelings were so raw, so real, and they enveloped you through the whole book. Have your tissues ready. This story, the whole series, deals with some deep emotions, true and stark, and it starts at the beginning. Violet lets us into her world, and we get to see her thoughts and feelings. Far from fragile, she needs the love and support from her family, and her friends, and Cameron. Cameron is a part of her, and he comes along when she needs all her parts to hold it together This book, and this series, will touch a deep part of you. Not because finding and falling and love should always make you feel. But because life isn’t always easy, and finding and falling in love can happen even when things are hard, and you are hurt. Be prepared, and then be in wonder, as love happens, in any circumstance
Meggle50 2 days ago
Violet and Cameron are a great pairing. So the story starts with the lose of a friend and Violet isn’t sure how to deal with it. She can’t find closure because there seems to be no reason for it and no explanation is left for anyone. Cameron has returned home after being gone for years leaving violet and his brothers behind. He had family things he felt he had to deal with but didn’t give others a chance to understand his reason for leaving. He is back to help turn around the family bar with his two brothers. He sees Violet and his feelings for are still the same. Violet doesn’t want to fall for Cameron again because she doesn’t want to risk her heart another time with him. Slowly these two start to find each other and past reasons for Cameron leaving are explained. It takes them some work but all real love does. This is a great story and I look forward to the rest of this series. Can be read as a stand alone and there is a HEA at the end.
moonfox1234 2 days ago
This wonderful read blends painful, realistic, powerful emotions and heart melting romance. Violet and Cameron's get there second chance at love in this book. There is some darkness to this book. It deals with the subject of suicide and all the emotional repercussions of it. My heart broke for Violet. She has really been out through the wringer emotionally. I felt really bad for Cameron. He was a great guy, that did the right thing and has to live with that having hurt the people he cares about the most. If you love books that bring it all emotionally, you do not want to miss out on this book.
Ana94 2 days ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Carrie Ann Ryan is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
BarbaraLack 2 days ago
This book is just overflowing with emotion. Violet’s world has been turned upside down with unbearable grief. Everything has been thrown at her at once. I can so relate to her turbulent emotions. She’s a strong character that just tears at your heartstrings. Cameron’s life is also in a tailspin. His family dynamic is very unusual. He and Violet were high school and college sweethearts. This is a second chance romance that is so much more than that. This is the most realistically and honestly written book that I’ve ever read! The writing is incredible and written from the heart. You won’t regret reading this book!
Jenn2018 2 days ago
Wow! This night be one of my favorite Carrie Ann books! This is an emotional gut punch, but it's done so beautifully. This captured my heart from the beginning. This is a story of loss, friendships, family, a second chance at your first love and navigating the muddy water that is life. Violet and Cameron are like two meteors on a collision course, one that is just meant to be and you can't help but get sucked into their orbit. I absolutely loved this and I can't wait for the rest of the series!!!
Jayme_NE2008 2 days ago
OMG. Violet and Cameron. This book has all the feels and deals with many hard subjects, but the romance is there. This is a great start to the series. I received an ARC of this book and voluntarily reviewed it.
Anonymous 2 days ago
"Breaking Without You", the first book in Carrie Ann Ryan's newest series, is a novel full of second chances and reconnections. It's a story about those left behind, about happens after a loss. The book opens with a funeral of a mutual friend of all the central characters, the funeral of a woman who committed suicide, and it just get more emotional from there. This book was...different. Very emotional, very raw. The first person POV (which is different from all the other Carrie Ann Ryan books I've read) inserts the reader into the head of the character, maybe a little too much. I found the repetition of language a little tiresome, though completely realistic, especially considering the emotional tumult the characters were going through. I have to admit that it took me a bit longer to read this one -- I usually binge and read her books in one sitting -- but this was a little too much to take in in one sitting. Definitely more angsty than my usual reads, it had more of an NA feel even though the characters were in their late 20s. There was just a lot going on with everyone (divorce! death! reunions! career issues!) I like it but wow. Yeah, lots to unpack here, which isn't a bad thing at all. It was just a lot, but it also provides a really nice set up for the rest of the books in the series. I'm looking forward to seeing how all the different characters work through their grief and deal with all the other stressors they have in their lives. Bottom line, Breaking Without You (Fractured Connections, #1)is a must read if you want All The Feels
Lexee9 2 days ago
I really enjoyed reading this story. It has a different tone than the rest of Carrie Ann Ryan's stories. It is more somber and so in that way on the darker side of things. Violet has lost one of her best friends to suicide and she doesn't understand why. She is dealing with the grief and loss of it along with all the questions of why and how did I not see it. All of the friends are suffering and it brings them back in close contact with the Connolly brothers who are also hurting and dealing with hard things. This book focuses on that and how even in the midst of everything, love still finds a way. It might not be easy and it might be hard to see at times, but it's there. I enjoyed the story and the way it was written but it is not a light-hearted story. The characters are struggling and there isn't really an easy way out. This story was real and absolutely something that I think people can relate to. It was really well done and I'm excited to get the others stories and figure out what's going on with them and see them come out the other side.This book held my attention from beginning to end. Once I started, I wanted to find out more about the characters and then were rooting for them to find their happy ending. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
SarahJaneBailey 2 days ago
Book one Breaking Without You in Fractured Connections Series by Carrie Ann Ryan This book starts with all the Knights sisters and Connolly’s brothers attending there friends Alison funeral after she committed suicide without a note saying why. Cameron is an adopted Connolly like his twin brother Aiden and other adopted brother Brandon but after his adoptive mum and dad died and his birth mother called begging for help he discovers another brother called Dillion how now only 18. Cameron tried to call his brothers to say they had a younger brother but non of his brothers answered his calls so his stopped calling so a lot of time and distance caused a massive friction between everyone. Violet is Mace’s sister from Fallen Ink (Montgomery Ink Colorado Springs Series) This book starts with Violets Harmony and Sienna attending there bff funeral and meeting up with the Connolly’s especially Cameron Violet’s ex. There’s massive backstory and a lot of history between most of the characters but mostly Violet and Cameron and how they broke up but also how they develop their new relationship and not repeat old mistakes. I really loved that this was all about relationships between brothers sisters friends and parents not too much drama and a great second chase story.
ACody89 2 days ago
Holy cow can Carrie Ann write!!! I've always loved how well written her stories are, but this one has a SUPER hard subject and she did it SO WELL! These friends are dealing with a crippling loss when we are introduced to everyone, and you truly get to feel their feelings as they deal with it. Violet had gone through so much between this and her stupid ex that it was almost a little refreshing to see someone who wasn't completely put together. Really all three women were working on putting themselves together, but since this was Violet's book we got to see hers up close. I loved that. I also loved adding in Cameron, the one who disappeared. From the time that Violet awkwardly see Cameron again I knew they had the best story. There was so much untold between them, and I knew it'd be such a ride finding out what happened there. Their love was the best roller coaster. We truly got the best seat as they talked through, sexed through and repaired their relationship. I also loved how she really used the word Fractured in this book. Both Violet and Cameron had many fractures that they needed to repair. It was so amazing watch them repair too. Now we have to talk about everyone else. I LOVED these girls so much, Harmony and Sienna were so great, and I loved the addition of the Connolly brothers, Aiden, Brendon and even Dillon. It was so mesmerizing to watch when the group got together, and I especially loved Dillon's quirks. Watching the girls come to grips with their new lives, and the brothers do the same. It was so special. I cannot wait to read these next books and go on their roller coasters too
CoensK 2 days ago
Cameron and Violet have a history, one that they can't just ignore. When a tragic event end up bringing them into each other's lives again, they have to figure out what they really want and if they can heal what's been fractured. Cameron felt he had no choice in the past and did what he had to do, Violet was left to wonder what it was that happened and why. The journey that they take you on if full of hurt and grief, but also love and rediscovery of who they themselves are and who they want to be for each other. Breaking Without You is a full ride of emotions and beautifully written. I loved Violet and Cameron.
TCpisi 2 days ago
A touching story full of sadness and love. The characters were amazing and the heartbreak and love were felt deeply. A great first book in this new series!
Coffee_Books_Life 2 days ago
Breaking Without You is the emotional and deep beginning to a brand new series, Fractured Connections by Carrie Ann Ryan. Violet Knight is living through one of the hardest events of her life. Losing her best friend has left Violet with many unanswered questions and feeling empty and numb. For the second time in her life, Violet feels as if she’s broken. On the day of the funeral she (literally) runs into the man that caused her first heartbreak. Seeing Cameron caused a flood of emotions she was unprepared for, and hits her like a bomb. Now how to pick up the pieces and move on…….. Cameron Connolly has a past that most people never to want to think about let alone imagine. He had an addict for her mother, was moved around to foster homes being separated from his brother until a wonderful couple not only open their house but their hearts changing the lives of not just one but young men’s lives. Giving them a family made deeper than blood, made on love. Cameron’s loyalty and dedication to family caused him to make s decision that intern hurt many people he loves. Now back in Denver, Cameron takes tries to fix the fractures that have cracked his life. Cameron is amazing. Hands down. He made choices that cost him, but in reality they also show the kind of man his is. He tries so hard to rebuild the relationships that have suffered. Cameron never lost his love for Violet and that makes me smile. He’s a dedicated, loyal and so compassionate. Violet is so strong and doesn’t even realize it. Her would keeps throwing curveballs at her and she keeps getting up and going. Even though at times it may not seem like that. Heartache is just as bad as any physical pain and we see Violet going through it all. Cameron and Violet never lost their love for each other but the heart is finicky when it gets broken. Communication is always the key, and at times the keys got lost for Cameron and Violet. Their chemistry was amazing and passion was heart touching. They just had to find their way back home to each other. Breaking Without You is unlike anything Ms. Ryan has given her readers. There is so much emotion throughout the book it’s so hard not to get lost in all the feelings. Loss is a touchy subject to begin with, then add in all the unanswered questions, the raw emotions and the guilt. That’s a emotional bomb just waiting to go off. Violet loses her best friend to suicide which puts her in a state of unknown, and I must applaud Ms. Ryan for her elegance and grace on handling the subject. The roller coaster of emotions, the bouncing between being fine and being at the end of the string. Ms.Ryan hit the nail on the head so to speak, with the beautiful way she delivers Violet grief. Breaking Without You, the first book of the Fractured Connections series is everything I have to love for Ms. Ryan and more. Grab some tissue ladies, you just might be needing it for this one.