Bringing the Story Home: The Complete Guide to Storytelling for Parents

Bringing the Story Home: The Complete Guide to Storytelling for Parents

by Lisa Lipkin


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Bringing the Story Home: The Complete Guide to Storytelling for Parents by Lisa Lipkin

Bring the magic of storytelling into your child's life using the everyday world around you.
Lavishly endowed with over 100 original, hands-on activities for children aged three to ten, this book teaches parents to incorporate storytelling into household activities and to address real-life situations. In addition to folklore from our own and other cultures, it features a rich sampling of tales actually invented by children and their parents—stories that will inspire readers to invent their own. "[I]t's refreshing to see how a parent can kindle a child's imagination through the magic of the oral tradition."—Stage Directions "After reading this unpretentious, delightful romp of a book, no parent will be able to walk into a room and not imagine potential stories in every corner."—Steve Zeitlin, Director, City Lore

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780393322606
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 11/17/2001
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Lisa Lipkin is a storyteller who has toured nationally and internationally. Her stories and articles have appeared in numerous publications. She lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

1.Making a Mountain out of a Molehill: Integrating Storytelling into Everyday Activities27
Household Chores32
Instead of TV34
More Fun Magic Caps37
Story: And Sometimes Y40
Story: The Magic Map46
2."When I Was a Kid, I Walked Twelve Miles to School in the Snow": How to Collect and Share Your Family's Folklore51
The World of Childhood55
What's in a Name?60
The Stuff of Our Lives62
The Healing Place: Hospital Stories64
Red as a Beet: Embarrassing Stories65
There's a Fly in Your Soup: Practical Joke Stories66
Naughty Naughty: Discipline Stories67
Family Expressions70
Family Customs71
Family Characters72
Story: Aunt Sally and Uncle Fifth73
Becoming a Folklorist77
Bibliography of Adoption Literature83
3.Gulps, Guffaws, and Giggles: How to Read Stories to Children84
Preparing to Read Aloud86
Making Written Stories Even More Fun90
Making the Most out of Illustrations101
Putting It All Together105
Story: A Boy Named Ray105
Fairy Tales107
Story: Cinderelma112
Story: The Indian Cinderella119
Bibliography of Favorite Read-Aloud Stories121
4.Wizards, Lizards, and Blizzards: Creating Imaginary Stories125
Recognizing Your Hidden Jewels127
Once upon a Time ...130
Creating a Story131
Stories That Soothe136
Creation Stories140
How to Prompt a Story142
Story: A Story for Heather144
5.Gobble Your Goblins: Taking the Scare out of Ghost Stories147
How to Have Fun with Scary Stories151
Spooky Activities without the Fright152
Creating Friendly Ghost Stories154
Story: Long, Long Fingers and Ruby, Ruby Lips157
6.Who Towed Noah's Ark? Bringing Bible Stories to Life159
Selecting Your Story162
Preparing Your Story164
Modern Midrash168
Story: A New Yorker's Guide to Eden168
Story: The Parable of the Serpent174
Discovering God177
Story: Leonardo Lobster179
7.When Life Makes Us Blue: Stories That Address Childhood Issues181
Feeling Left Out: The Growing Up of Littleberry Johnson183
Sibling Rivalry: Dumb Baby!187
Thumb-sucking: Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!191
Controlling Your Anger: The Dragon193
Fear of the Dark: The Boy and the Dark195
Death of a Loved One: The Cow-tail Switch198
8.Proud as a Peacock: Stories That Reinforce Positive Behavior203
Helping One Another: Heaven and Hell204
Sharing: The Two Friends: A Folktale205
Trusting Your Own Judgment: A Bedouin Tale208
Asking for Help: The Mountain and the Cliff209
Acceptance: The Rooster Who Would Be King212
Additional Resources217

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