British Theatre in the 1890s: Essays on Drama and the Stage

British Theatre in the 1890s: Essays on Drama and the Stage

by Richard Foulkes


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The final decade of the nineteenth century was one of the most exciting and productive in the history of the British theatre. In this fascinating collection, twelve leading scholars examine the playwrights, actors, designers and theatrical environment of the period. As well as shedding light on such familiar figures as Pinero, H.A. Jones, Beerbohm Tree and Mrs Patrick Campbell, much of the hitherto neglected activity of the period is explored including toga plays, painting and the theatre, theatre architecture and travelling theatres. The volatile issue of indecency and the music hall is also explored and the question of the immorality of the stage is analysed as a recurring theme of the decade. The volume contains numerous illustrations from the period and will be of interest to students and specialists of drama, theatre and social history and British literature.

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ISBN-13: 9780521103947
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 11/01/2008
Pages: 232
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Table of Contents

Introduction Richard Foulkes; 1. J. L. Toole's theatre of farce: ancient and modern Michael Read; 2. Criteria for comedy: Charles Wyndham at the Criterion Theatre George Rowell; 3. Pineroticism and the problem play: Mrs Tanqueray, Mrs Ebbsmith and 'Mrs Pat' Joel H. Kaplan; 4. The Only Way and the other way: a Dickens adaptation for the 1890s Jim Davis; 5. Toga plays David Mayer; 6. Svengali: mesmerist and aesthete George Taylor; 7. Indecency and vigilance in the music halls Tracy C. Davis; 8. Painting and theatre in the 1890s Shearer West; 9. The architectural response Hugh Maguire; 10. Louis Calvert: a Shakespearian in the nineties Richard Foulkes; 11. Benson's Shakespeare Ralph Berry; 12. Travelling theatres in the 1890s Josephine Harrop; References; Index.

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