Bumpy's World: Bumpy's Boogie Man and The Guest

Bumpy's World: Bumpy's Boogie Man and The Guest

by Jean Marie


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ISBN-13: 9781491801550
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/01/2013
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Bumpy's World

Bumpy's Boogie Man and The Guest

By Jean Marie, Kathy Kerber


Copyright © 2013 Jean Marie
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-0155-0


It was a cold Fall day in Sandy Ville. Bumpy was in class looking out the window when he saw the wind was blowing so hard that the trees were moving all around. Bumpy couldn't take his eyes off them when Mrs. Sahara, his kindergarten teacher says "Bumpy dear, stop looking out the window. I need you to pay attention to the lesson. Now what color is under the letter C?"

Bumpy looked at the board and forgot the color, but just for a moment and was about to answer when Camela interrupted and says "Blue Mrs. Sahara." Camela whispered to Bumpy, "You owe me one!" Mrs. Sahara says "That is correct Camela but next time raise your hand." "Of course I will Mrs. Sahara," Camela said. Bumpy didn't care if Camela was right or wrong, he was just worried about how scary everything looked outside.

Bumpy has never seen wind blow this strong before, so he raised his hand and asked "Why is it so windy outside? The wind is moving the trees so hard it will probably move our school to another place!"

Camela stands up and says "It's because the Boogie-Man is coming!"

"The Boogie Man?" asks Harry, another student in class. "Who is the Boogie Man?" asked Bumpy.

"There is no such thing as the Boogie Man now Camela," said Mrs. Sahara.

"Yes there is!" Camela shouted. "My older brother Riff says there is! He says that the Boogie Man comes when it's really windy like today because he is really big and the wind helps him get around."

All the children were scared and some even started to cry. "That's enough Camela! There is no such thing as the Boogie Man and you children have nothing to worry about!" said Mrs. Sahara as she consoles one of the children, "Now let's all go to the cafeteria for lunch since it looks like it may rain."

The class headed out to the cafeteria where they can play board games and eat lunch. Bumpy was not very hungry. He was curious. He wondered, who was the Boogie Man? Why was he so big and what happens when he gets here?

Bumpy went up to Camela and asked, "Who is the Boogie Man and what does he do?"

Camela said "Well you should be worried Bumpy. You don't have the special pillow."

Harry asked Camela "What special pillow? I have a pillow and it is special to me."

"No!" said Camela, "the special Star Pillow. If you have it he doesn't do anything to you because he hates stars. That's why he comes when you can't see any stars in the sky like when it's raining, foggy or really windy. That's why I have a star pillow."

"What does he do if you don't have one?" asked Bumpy.

"Well the Boogie Man is a big monster that hides in your closets or under beds. He scares you so you can't sleep by yourself and gets you in trouble with your mom and dad. I used to hear him in my room before I got my star pillow. Only special kids can have one so tough luck for you Bumpy, you can't even spell you name right, that's not special!" Camela said with a smirk.

Bumpy was worried and Harry looked scared. Jessica, another classmate said "Don't worry you guy's, I'm sure he thinks your room has stars in it. I mean you're always looking out the window into the sky."

"I'm special" Harry said, "My mom always tells me I am!"

"He doesn't listen to mommy's Harry! Either your special or you're not! He can smell it!" says Camela.

Later that day at home, Bumpy couldn't stop thinking about the Boogie Man. He thought, "I'm special, I don't look or act like anyone else and I like to make friends. But maybe I don't smell special enough. I'm sure if I take a bath with my Super Sandy Hero bubble bath it will work, after all, his a hero! He has to smell special!"

After his bath, Bumpy's mother was going to tuck him in bed when Bumpy asked, "I'm special right mom?"

Bumpy's mother replied "Of course you are. You are very special dear."

"I smell special too right mommy?" Bumpy asked his mother.

She replies, "Yes, you smell special also dear" with a confused look on her face. "Good night dear, sweet dreams" his mother says as she closed his bedroom door.

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