Business Fraud: Know It and Prevent It

Business Fraud: Know It and Prevent It


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ISBN-13: 9780966608540
Publisher: Publishers Place, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/28/2001
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Protect Yourself for Successxvii
Chapter 1General Fraud Techniques: Understanding the Methods of the Con Artists1
Chapter 2Materials for Manipulation: Analyzing a Questioned Document13
Inventory of Submitted Evidence
Examination of Printing/Machine Processes
Photocopy Process Examination
Paper Examination
Examination of Mechanical Printing
Examination of Rubber Stamp Impressions
Infrared Examination of Inks
Examination of Folds/Crease Marks, Punch Holes, Staples, and Tape
Latent Writing Tests
Handwriting Examinations
Chapter 3The Power of the Pen: The Strength of Signatures on Documents21
Anatomy of a Signature
Common Signature Forgery Techniques
"Forgeproofing" Your Signature
Signature Stamps
Digital/Electronic Signatures
Writing Implements
Chapter 4Preventing Contract Fraud: Preparing "Iron-Clad" Contracts31
Legitimate Contract Denial
Signature Denial
Substituted Pages
Bogus Contract Enforcement
Forged Signatures
Signature Epiphanies
Substituted Pages
Altered Contracts
Remedies to Contract Fraud
Chapter 5Accounting and General Business Practices: Everyday Protection Against Potential Fraud45
"Fraudproof" Your Accounting Practices45
Embezzlement Schemes
Bogus Invoicing Scams
Phone Solicitations
Merchandise Return Scams
Preparing Company Checks
Time Card Schemes
General Office Procedures57
Securing Your Private Office
Handling the Mail
Taking Out the Trash
Chapter 6Recognizing Bogus Negotiable Instruments: Accepting Checks, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, and Traveler's Checks61
The Anatomy of an Authentic Check
Steps for Detecting Fraudulent Checks
The "Inkless" Fingerprint System
Guarantee Cards and Warrants
Cashier's Checks
Money Orders
Traveler's Checks
Using a Loupe
"Safe Hours" and Negotiable Instruments
Accepting Identifications
Chapter 7Recognizing Counterfeit U.S. Currency: All that Glitters is not Gold79
Security Features of New U.S. Currency
Table: Counterfeit vs. Genuine Currency
Additional Procedures for Recognizing Counterfeit Currency
Chapter 8Preventing Credit and Debit Card Fraud: Extending or Using Credit89
Counterfeit Credit Cards
Stolen Credit Cards
Signatures on Credit Cards
Falsified Credit Applications
Checking Account "Debit" Cards
Likely Fraud Sources
Extending Credit to Customers
Vulnerable Seasons95
Chapter 9Restaurant and Tavern Pilfering Scams: Don't Let Employees Eat Up Your Profits99
Food Service Scams99
Duplicate Check Scam
Coupon Scams
Discount Scams
Gift Certificate Scams
Pilfered Food
Bartender Scams103
"Memory" Scam
Open Drawer/Busy Night Scam
Substitution of Liquors
"Short drink" Scam
Chapter 10.Medical Malpractice Exposed in Patient Charts: Investigative Methods to Reveal "Cover Ups"107
Keeping Careful Medical Records107
Overall File Consistency
Signatures, Initials, and Handwriting
Infrared Examinations
Latent Handwriting Examinations
Examination of Mechanical Impressions
Examinations of "Trace Evidence"
Sheets
Fraud by Medical Patients
Chapter 11.Fraud in the Insurance and Banking Industries: Safeguarding Financial Assets115
Six Types of Insurance Fraud115
Bogus Claims and the Importance of Documentation118
Fraud in the Banking Industry120
External Bank Fraud120
Loan Scams
Securities and Investment Frauds
New Account Scams
Merchant Fraud Against the Bank
"Inkless" Fingerprint Program
Loan Scams and Bogus Bankers
Internal Bank Fraud125
Fraud Against Bank Customers
Chapter 12.Real Estate and Probate Documents: Deeds, Wills, and Forgeries129
Real Estate Documents129
Direct Real Estate Transactions132
Fraud Issues in Real Estate133
Meta-escrow Fraud
Real Estate Scam Artists
Probate Issues136
Two Types of Wills
Holographic Wills
Typewritten Wills
Preparing a Will
Where to Keep Your Will
Contesting a Will
Chapter 13.Avoiding Personal and Investment Fraud: Hanging on to that Nest Egg145
Identity Theft146
Unauthorized Loans
Unauthorized Credit Cards
Internet Identity Fraud
Protect Yourself from Identity Fraud
Telemarketing Scams149
Investment Schemes150
Bogus Stock Transfers
West African (Nigerian) Scams
Fraud Against the Elderly154
Ponzi Schemes
Promissory Note Fraud
Bogus Invoicing to Alzheimer's Patients
Romance Scams
Chapter 14.Computer and Internet Fraud: Outsmarting High-Tech Scammers161
"Desktop Counterfeiting"162
Cut-and-Paste Forgeries163
Digitized Authorizing Signatures164
Computer Date/Time Changes165
Saving and Deleting of Computer Files166
Data and Mirror Image Backups167
Fraud in Network Environments169
Preventing External Attacks
Using Internet Technologies to Commit Fraud172
Auction Fraud on the Internet
Credit Card Fraud on the Internet
Purchasing Software on the Internet
Prescription Drug Sales on the Internet
Espionage on the Internet
Bulletin Board Fraud on the Internet
Online Work-at-Home Offers
E-mail Abuses
Chapter 15.Dealing with Anonymous Documents: Investigating Espionage, Threats, and Harassment in the Work Place183
Anonymous Notes and Letters184
Generally Harassing Notes
Sexually Harassing Notes
Death Threats or Threats of Assault
Sabotage Notes and Bomb Threats
Preserving an Anonymous Document188
Investigative Steps190
Aiding Law Enforcement Investigations
Chapter 16.When Fraud has Already Occurred Systematic Solutions for Damage Control197
Questioned Document Examination198
Work of Questioned Document Examiners
"Forensic Document Examination"
The Scientific Method
Questioned Document Examination and Litigation
Care and Marking of Questioned Documents205
Selecting a Qualified Documents Expert207
Appendix A.Glossary-Index211
Appendix B.Handwriting Identification: Formula for Authenticity (Technical Paper)219
Appendix C.Documents Affected by Forgery227
Appendix D.Description of the Term "Forgery"228

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Business Fraud: Know It and Prevent It 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
jaygheiser on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Very good read, and interesting material. Author is a certified Examiner of Questioned Documents, a forensic examiner. Relevant & useful information. Enjoyed it and learned from it.