Butterface (A Hot Romantic Comedy)

Butterface (A Hot Romantic Comedy)

by Avery Flynn

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ISBN-13: 9781640635814
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/30/2018
Series: Hartigans , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 293
Sales rank: 1,396
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

When Avery Flynn isn't writing about alpha heroes and the women who tame them, she is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and has a slight shoe addiction. Find out more about Avery on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on her Facebook page or friend her on her Facebook profile. Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the Internet, she’ll be your best friend for life. Contact her at avery@averyflynn.com. She’d love to hear from you.

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Gina Luca knew one thing right down to the very marrow of her wedding-planner bones: brides were the devil. And a bridezilla on her fourth round of tequila shots during the reception? A highly flammable devil capable of anything, including hijacking the videographer and projecting an impromptu Kiss Cam on the movie theater — sized screen behind the bridal party dais.

The screen was supposed to be showing guests in real time celebrating the happy couple's nuptials. Instead, it was showing one of the bridesmaids going octopus on a startled guy in a brown suit holding a shrimp cocktail in one hand.

She stood on the outer edge of the crowd, watching the beautiful wedding she'd planned get turned into an episode of trash reality TV. "There is no way this is going to end well," she muttered to herself.

"With as many of my co-workers as are here tonight?" a man next to her said. "It's an HR nightmare."

Startled, she turned and took in the man who spoke. Tall. Dark hair. Green eyes. The scruff of a trim beard. The tie on his tux was undone and hanging loose around his neck. She recognized him immediately.

Ford Hartigan.

The name fit. He was a cop. He was built tough — muscular, without looking like he couldn't actually put his arms down. He looked hot, solid, and totally out of her league — not a shocker. Her league was microscopic, which she'd accepted and moved past because she had other things that were amazing in her life that had nothing to do with the size of her dating pool. She owned her own business and had great friends. The moral of the story? She wasn't the kind to ever turn a hot guy's head, but who the hell cared? Not her.

At least that took the pressure off trying to sound cool, which she most definitely was not.

"Aren't you just a total romantic." She softened the snark with a smile.

"With a Kiss Cam? At a wedding reception with an open bar? With about fifty-three percent of the Waterbury Police Department in attendance?" He snorted and somehow managed to make the rude noise sound sexy, because that's the magic good-looking people had. "Romantic isn't the word I'd use for it."

She crossed her arms and stared up at him with amusement. The glittering lights in the ballroom must have flickered at that moment, because she could have sworn his gaze dropped down to her mouth, then to her breasts — totally covered in her high-neck green dress — before snapping back up to her face. And what she saw in his eyes then? It wasn't the casual dismissal she was used to.

Obviously, something wonky was happening with the lights. She'd have to follow up with the hotel staff about it.

"How would you describe the situation?" she asked.

His intense focus turned back to the wedding guests hooting and hollering as the Kiss Cam zoomed in on a new couple. "Inadvisable."

"Agreed." She turned and stared at the couple on the screen. They'd been bumping and grinding on the dance floor an hour ago, the woman having matched the bride shot for shot earlier. "But at least we're not them."

The couple leaned into each other, mouths agape. Sloppy didn't even begin to describe the resulting kiss.

"Oh man," Ford groaned. "You can see their tongues. I should never have to see Partridge's tongue. That's gotta be a violation of something."

Gina smiled up at him, calling his bluff. "You don't use your tongue when you kiss?"

"On a Kiss Cam?" His eyes went wide but couldn't seem to stop watching the horror unfold on the big screen. "Hell no."

She laughed, she couldn't help it. Something about his hot and uptight vibe got to her. "Have you been on many Kiss Cams?"

His jaw tightened. "Just this one."

Her gut dropped to the center of the earth, and she looked away from him and back at the screen. The sloppy kissers were gone from the screen. Instead, it showed Gina and Ford.

While they stood there as if turned to stone, the crowd began to chant, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

And if that wasn't bad enough, she got to watch in live high-def as embarrassment turned her entire face a blotchy red and her already-large eyes did the whole bugging-out thing that made them protrude even more than they normally did. Great. Add that to the big nose and the stress zit on her chin from organizing this wedding from hell — all shown in great detail on the huge screen — and she was so not the kind of woman a guy like Ford would kiss. Even in the dark. Even after eight tequila shots.

She forced her mouth to form as much of a smile as she could manage at the moment and shook her head.

Of course, that didn't stop the chanting and catcalls from the rowdy guests. And here she'd thought planning a wedding of a Waterbury cop to a nurse at St. Vincent's would be a low-key, everything-according-to-procedure type of event. Wow had she been wrong.

"Kiss! Kiss!" the crowd continued.

A guy in the back yelled, "Give her a smooch, Hartigan."

"We're celebrating love, you gotta kiss," the bride called out as she lifted another tiny glass filled to the brim into the air as if she was giving a toast instead of making a drunken demand.

Yeah. There was a reason why Gina planned weddings for a living. One, she hated — no, loathed — being the center of attention, which a bride always was. Two, she got off on color-coded spreadsheets, checking things off to-do lists, and organizing like nobody's business. Three, she was really good at it. Love, however, didn't have a single thing to do with her career choice.

"Kiss!" the bride's grandmother yelled out.

Again, Gina shook her head. Her voice seemed to be disappearing along with her last shred of dignity the more time that damn videographer kept his camera in a tight shot on her face. Taking the if-you-ignore-it-long-enough-it- will-go-away philosophy that sometimes worked when her washing machine started making that clunking noise that always eventually stopped, she dropped her attention to the very pointed toes of her tan kitten heels.

A whir of sensation tickled her ear and made her pulse pick up half a second before the man stuck in the Kiss Cam spotlight with her leaned in close.

"Let's just get it over with," Ford whispered, the low timbre of his voice edged with tension.

Her gaze snapped up to his too-handsome face, with its perfect square jaw, dark green eyes, and high cheekbones, and her flush of humiliation deepened. He'd probably never been teased a day in his life about anything and had no idea what being laughed at by a group of people was like. Meanwhile, she'd spent her formative years getting called rabbit because of her buckteeth. She'd thought that after the braces came off, all of that would be behind her, but that's when she'd gotten a new nickname that was even worse: Butterface. Why? Because her body was okay, "but her face?" Not so much. Annoyance at the unfairness of it all made her prickle. Just get it over with indeed.

"Aren't those the words that every woman is just dying to hear," she shot back, keeping her voice quiet enough that only he could hear and not letting her fake smile slip a millimeter. "I'm not kissing you."

Unlike her, while the wedding guests continued to call for a kiss, he didn't bother to hide his scowl. Of course, that just made him look even sexier. "Why not?"

Reasons! She clamped her mouth shut before that inanity escaped and called it a victory. Knowing the right thing to say at the right time had never been one of her gifts, so the fact that she managed to keep her trap shut was a total win. When he raised one dark eyebrow in question, she scrambled to come up with something besides because you're too hot.

"I'm working," she said.

Ford cocked his head and gave her some premium cop face, that blank suspicious stare that all but screamed you're full of shit. "You don't think our fine groom, Porter, was on shift when he met Meg at the emergency room after a guy he was arresting took a swing at him with a two-by-four? It's just a kiss, and then they'll move on to the next victim."

She turned her attention back to the big screen display of this horribly awkward moment rather than meeting Ford's unwavering gaze.

"Do not disrespect the Kiss Cam, Hartigan!" someone bellowed out as the chanting crowd grew more restless. And louder.

"One quick kiss," he said, his tone grim with a thread of something more vulnerable underneath. "Then, they'll leave us alone."

That's when Gina's gaze moved from her own face, blotchy with embarrassment on the screen, over to him. The tips of his ears were scarlet, and he was tapping the tips of his middle finger and thumb together like he was keeping rhythm for a ska band.

He was hiding it better, but the reality was he wasn't enjoying this anymore than she was.

Glancing from the screen to the actual man himself, her lungs tightened. He was a big guy, and she wasn't just talking about his broad shoulders that filled out his tux to a mouthwatering degree. He had to have at least four inches on her own five foot ten.

He glanced down, making eye contact, and for a second they weren't the hottie and the nottie. They were two people stuck in a completely socially awkward situation that they had no control over.

She nibbled the inside of her cheek and considered her options before deciding that Ford was right. A quick peck would get the videographer out of their faces and divert the boisterous crowd's attention to another couple happier to indulge in this bit of insanity. Then, she could finish up the last of her duties and go home to her peaceful, if totally messy, mid-renovation Victorian.

She let out a shaky breath, not sure she was making the right decision. "Fine. A kiss. Whatever."

Gina had barely gotten the words out when his large hands cupped her face, sending electric shock waves through her that made her lips part slightly with surprise. He dipped his head down — and he kissed her.

The roar of approval from the crowd faded to almost nothing when he seemed to groan involuntarily. Her body approved and made an answering sound of its own. At her encouragement, his tongue slicked across her bottom lip, and her mind lost all reasonable thought. Teasing her senses and sending her heartbeat into overdrive, she softened against him, practically melting against his hard, muscular chest. Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered that people were cheering. She just couldn't for the life of her care. The world turned electric and the air practically vibrated against her skin as he deepened the kiss. His tongue swept against hers in a brief but oh-so-potent move that had her clutching his lapel before she'd even realized she'd lifted her hands.

Then, almost as soon as it began, he lifted his head and stepped back, breaking the connection.

Dazed, she released his tuxedo jacket and looked around, catching sight of herself on the giant screen. Her face was flushed and her eyes hazy. She pressed her fingers to her still-tingling lips. She looked like a woman who'd been kissed senseless, which made sense because that was exactly what had just happened.

Thankfully, the videographer — whom she would not be subcontracting out to again — moved on to another couple.

Just when she thought the whole situation couldn't get any more awkward, she and Ford were left staring at each other after the crowd's attention turned to the next couple being projected onto the screen. Ford's tux lapels were wrinkled, which just made the fact that his bowtie hung undone from around his open collar hotter, as if he'd just had a quickie in a linen closet. He'd probably done that at some point in his life. Gina had read about it. Did that count?

Nope. Not at all.

Ford cleared his throat. She tried to smile, but her mouth was so dry her lips sort of stuck to her teeth. Oh God, this wasn't completely uncomfortable at all.

She should say something, preferably something smart and witty, like ... her brain went totally blank. She had nothing. Who were these women who always said the right thing at the right time, and how could she learn their ways? Maybe there was an online class for the socially inept?

Ford rubbed his hand across the back of his neck. "Sorry about that."

"What?" Oh, brilliant, Regina. You should be teaching a snappy banter class.

He shook his head. "I should have known something was up when Ruggiero and Gallo slipped the video guy money and then hightailed it out of here."

"Well, it's over with now," she said, pulling herself mentally together. "Thank God."

"Can I buy you a drink to make up for it?"

And there went all the work she'd done to get her brain back online. A drink? With her? This hot guy and her? In a heartbeat, her brain waves were all static and nothingness. Of course, that's the exact moment when words came out of her mouth anyway: "It's an open bar."

His half-smile faltered.

Shit. He'd probably been trying to not be an asshole about the whole thing, and she'd given his peace offering the middle finger. Smooth move, Regina.

She took a quick step back, desperate for escape before she made a bigger idiot of herself. "I've gotta go finish up some things."

His gaze dropped to her lips as he started to tap his finger and thumb together again. "Maybe another time."

Like that was gonna happen. Women who looked like her didn't end up with hot guys like him — especially not when the him in question was a cop and her family had ties to the we-never-met-a-law-we-didn't-want-to-break Esposito family. Her overprotective brothers would lose their shit if she even hinted at dating a cop. Yeah, Ford Hartigan was straight up only jilling off material.

"Doubtful," she said, turning and not running but walking away from the scene of her latest humiliation as fast as her kitten heels could take her.

* * *

What in the hell were you thinking to slip her the tongue, Hartigan? Have you totally lost it?

Finally escaping the never-ending wedding reception and still wondering just how bad his kiss must have been for the wedding planner to have blown him off without a second thought, Ford walked through the hotel lobby, searching for the chuckleheads who'd made the whole Kiss Cam thing happen.

Shocking absolutely no one, he spotted detectives Johnnie Gallo and Tony Ruggiero at the hotel's bar, sipping amaretto sours through cocktail straws like sorority girls at happy hour.

Like the jackasses they were, Gallo and Ruggiero raised their glasses in salute as he approached.

"Feeling all hot and bothered there, Hartigan?" Ruggiero asked, his shit- eating grin as wide as his ass, which had seen four thousand too many doughnuts. "Or did you come for some bleach Chapstick to sterilize your lips?"

He and Gallo bent over on their barstools and slapped the shiny bar as they laughed. And this was the brain trust that ran point on the Esposito case for the organized crime task force. Or as he liked to think of it: bear claws versus cannolis.

"She's not bad-looking," Ford said, hoping like hell this conversation would end with that.

And she wasn't. She wouldn't be winning any beauty contests, but neither would most folks. Plus, Hartigan was trained to never trust only what he saw. The truth of a person was rarely on the surface. And that kiss ... It'd been a while since someone had surprised Ford.

She'd seemed all-business, in her just-perfect dress and shoes. But damn, the heat under the surface still rattled his senses.

"The wedding planner chick?" Gallo sputtered. "Did you see the size of that nose and the general ugh of that face? Do we need to let the captain know it's time to pull you in for a physical so you can get your eyes checked?"

Ford cut a deadly glare at the detectives who, technically, were his bosses. "Shut up, Gallo."

The comments pissed him off. Of all the people in the world, they should be the last ones to fall for the whole hot-equals-good bullshit. They were cops, after all. They spent every day neck-deep in cases of people who might be beautiful on the outside but were a fucking radioactive cesspool on the inside. Yet these two morons still only saw the surface, which probably explained why the organized crime task force was circling the drain.

"Come on, you gotta admit the wedding planner is harsh on the eyes, not like that one." Ruggiero glanced over at the boutique hotel's reception desk. "You know, she asked about you when we came out here."

Ford didn't mean to look over at the hotel clerk, but he did anyway. She was a sexy blonde with big tits and an ass that would bring a sinner to church — the kind of girl his brothers would be chatting up by now. But him? Not a chance.


Excerpted from "Butterface"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Avery Flynn.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Customer Reviews

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Butterface 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I would't classify this as a "romantic comedy"; but it was a great storyline and had some good characters. I liked that Ford fell for Gina in spite of himself and his rigid adherence to the rules. Gina owns her "truth" in a way that's refreshing. There are so many "beautiful people" that are ugly on the inside, it's nice to see the "underdog" win!
JWright57 9 months ago
Butterface is the first book in the new series The Hartigans and if this book is anything to go by Avery Flynn will have another hit series on her hands. Ford Hartigan is a hot policeman who struggles with a few insecurities and he lives his life by rules are not meant to be broken so when he meets Gina Luca he struggles with her family history which is all about living on the wrong side of the law. Will Ford and Gina let their insecurities and families push push them together or pull them apart ....... Butterface is a laugh out loud romantic comedy with adorable characters, this author has a nack of giving you stories you can connect and embrace with and I can’t wait to see where she takes us next with the Hartigan family, great start to a new series.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Not every girl is everyone's image of beautiful, but Ford finds Gina is perfect for him. Her beauty comes from who she is and not her looks. Can't wait for the other books in this series. Loved this book. A great read that you don't expect, but will love.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Loved how this book took something thats not really talked about and put a great spin on it for love. Just ordered Muffin Top , Frankie's story and 3 weeks of vacation ...yum!
moohnshine 7 months ago
Gina Luca is a wedding planner. She is very insecure, having dealt with the cruelness of the pretty crowd growing up. Curse with the nickname "butterface" she was never able to believe in herself or others. But hey 10 years later and life is good. She has her own successful business and home to renovate. That is till it all comes crashing back when a kiss cam puts her in the spotlight to kiss a hot guy. Ford Hartigan always gets shit from his family. In a big Irish family full of fire fighters, what do you expect when you want to be a cop. But hey he loves his job and his family. Mr. No Rule Breaker Hartigan. Then he kisses Gina and his brain can't keep up. But she is a Luca. When he gets assigned to watch over her to gain info on her criminal brothers rules start to blur. The more time he spends with her the harder it is to not want to break those rules. What happens when he does? These characters were outstanding. Each with their own insecurities, but with hearts of gold. What happens when you just want to fit in and be loved for you? This is what Gina is faced with. Having been ridiculed all her life and to this day still gets hurt by others on a daily basis, she finds it hard to believe in herself. But just because you don't fit in the box of pretty does not mean you are unlovable. This is where Ford comes in. “When you look like I do, you get used to people treating you as if you were just a punchline and not an actual human being. So yeah, people have tossed me into the boys locker rooms, walked away from me mid-sentence when someone hot walks into the room, and—oh yeah—sent me to a hotel room when I hadn’t been invited. Stuff like that has happened to me for pretty much my entire life. I guess that’s why my brothers are so overprotective of me.” Ford is a very handsome and sexy man. At 6'2" he is the smallest of the Hartigans, but he is no less a man than his brothers. He believes in rules and follows them to a T. But he is also caring and loving. He sees past Gina's so-called ugliness. But convincing her is going to be tough. The whole Hartigan family is awesome. I love them. They are a big, loud Irish family. But they love each other infinitely. They are loyal and have each others back. A family that makes you feel welcome and loved. I can't wait to read more stories about this family. Overall this book was wonderful. It was a unique story on a subject that is not often touched for books. Dealing with being the ugly person in the room is a real thing. Something some people don't really want to explore and I am so glad this author did. This book really puts things into perspective for you. Plain Jane meets Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. A beautiful story. This book is fun, sweet and sexy. But even though it is all these things, it is serious and downright truthful. The characters are great and the story is meaningful. The author has a wonderful story line going with this series and it will be interesting to see what she has in store for the rest of that crazy Irish clan. This series is off to a good start. I am looking forward to Muffin Top book 2 in Hartigan series, when it releases sometime in September. So if you want a book that is fun and serious rolled into one, then you are sure to love this one.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Loved his family. Loved the premise. Loved the ending. It was just an ok story though.
K_P_Knupp 9 months ago
I loved every second of this book! There's definitely some serious parts, but there are also plenty of laugh out loud moments too. I love this author soooo much! She's going to make you attached to these characters, you'll never want to put it down
JaneN17 9 months ago
A Great Romantic Comedy!! Gina Luca is not what the world would consider a beautiful or even pretty heroine. But, she is a strong, independent woman who know her weaknesses and doesn't let that stop her from enjoying her life. Ford is the hot cop who sees past Gina's flaws to the girl she truly is. This story is fun, sexy and will open your eyes to just how much pressure we put on ourselves to be beautiful and live up to others expectations. Loved it!!
DavaDora 9 months ago
Words can hurt and cause long lasting emotional trauma; especially if they’re ugly adjectives to describe a person or more specifically, a teenage girl in her formative years. This is the premise of Butterface, the first book in the Hartigans series, featuring Ford Hartigan and Gina Luca. This emotional and at times funny romance is told in dual POV, and be prepare to weep a few times before we reach the beautiful HEA. I was surprised how much this story touched me; I genuinely felt Gina’s pain and hated the injustice she’d lived through her entire life, due to some mean-spirited people. I fell in love with Ford, and his fabulous family, who saw the real Gina. Gina Luca’s family has ties to the Esposito crime family, something she’s distanced herself from and wants her brothers, Paul and Rocco, to do also. If their father could walk away from it they should, too. The overly protective brothers are small time loan sharks and not very good ones at that. “When you look like I do, you get used to people treating you as if you were just a punchline and not an actual human being.” Gina is content with her life; she might not have a man in it but she’s a successful wedding planner who’s doing her own DIY projects on the Victorian house she inherited from her grandfather, Big Nose Tommy. That, unfortunately isn’t the only thing she inherited from her grandfather. Gina’s made peace with her nose, it’s one of the prominent features people focus on when they see her. And she’s aware of the nickname she was called in high school, and its significance: Butterface. “The world is a visual place. People judge others on what they look like, from skin color to age to physical ability to prettiness, within seconds of meeting.” Ford feels like he doesn’t quite fit in his family. The straight lace, by the book, handsome Hartigan decided to become a police officer and, with three generations of Hartigans working at the fire department, that’s something his family can’t understand. When he meets Gina, at a wedding she’s organized, they’re pushed into a very public display on a Kiss Cam and he’s surprised by his attraction to her. So when Ford’s assigned a position in the organized crime task force, looking into the Esposito family, he volunteers to find out what he can by getting close to Gina. He’ soon surprised by what he finds. “And when I look at you, I don’t see a beautiful woman. I see you, and that’s better than any effing beauty queen.” Poor Gina! She’d always been level headed and untrusting, knowing firsthand what it felt like to be in the receiving end of deceitful man. It’s why her brothers were so over protective of her. And when she finds herself falling for Ford, and trusting him, the last thing she’s expect from him was to be hurt.
Shweetsandi 9 months ago
I adore this book! Author Avery Flynn gives us real life situations with 2 real life people. Ford is our hot cop who no one can believe he has a thing for Gina who is not most beautiful girl out there. She has a high nose and off yes come from a family who has been rumored to to be on the opposite side of the law. While this book had some in my parts and lots of heat ...there where do many times I could just relate to Gina on so many levels. This author was able to write such a great story that showed Gina pain and I have to say some of the jerks... Yep some of them really do love out there in the real world. I hope we get books about all the Hartigans clan and yep the Lucas too. Ms. Flynn please get your "write on" ... Interface was a 5 star read. Looking forward to the next book in this series.
CeeCeeHouston 9 months ago
4.5 buttery stars This is the first time in I don’t know how long, that I’ve read a book in 3rd person POV and managed to forget that I was. Usually it takes me out of the story as I much prefer 1st POV. But, Butterface did a great job of hooking me from the very first page. Gina Luca isn’t your typical gorgeous girl, bursting at the seams with confidence and sex appeal. She has a beautiful body but her face isn’t quite picture perfect. She’s lived with derision and ridicule her whole life because of this and when she meets Ford Hartigan at a wedding she’s not ready for what follows. From a forced kiss on a Kiss-Cam, to having Ford move in to ‘protect’ her when her long lost grandpa turns up in the most unexpected place. Ford is a detective with the Waterbury Police, he loves rules, and following them to get where he wants has got him to where he is today. But, Gina is an exception he just wasn’t ready to give up. This was a fabulous, hot and sexy, hilarious story. The main characters were perfect foils for each other and the secondary ones helped bring the whole story to life. I can’t wait to read the next book about Ford’s firefighter brother Frankie.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I loved the storyline. I honestly couldn’t put the book down for a second. I really hope she writes about fords bothers but also Gina’s brothers. I can’t wait
Anonymous 9 months ago
Great book all the way through can't wait to read Lucy's story next
MJHughes12 9 months ago
Bold and funny, Butterface delivered the hot romantic comedy as promised, but also struck a real-life chord with how hard the struggle often is to not be one of the “beautiful” people or fit into the societal norm. It was hard not to fall in love with Gina. Despite being made fun of and being the butt of many a practical joke, she’s strong, driven, and smart, and she’s not afraid to use any of those traits to get what she wants to build a fulfilling life and career. She’s not convinced that she’ll ever find someone to love her just for her, so she’s convinced herself that love isn’t important – she has her family and her friends, and that will be enough. Even though Gina sees Ford as one of the beautiful people, he’s carrying around his own baggage that makes him feel less. He’s got his own insecurities and is certainly a bit inept when it comes to social interactions, but he’s kind and fair, and, something that also serves him well as a detective, he knows better than to just look at the surface of something, he knows you need to look further to get a true picture of something…or someone. Watching these two struggle to come together elicited all sorts of emotions. There was some great dialogue between the two – making me laugh out loud as well as sigh. It was also frustrating to watch Ford stumble over words and not be able to communicate his feelings and to see Gina’s heart breaking. One thing that did bother me a bit more than I thought it would was the very bad behavior of Ford’s colleagues when it came to Gina’s looks. She may not have been beautiful in the classic sense, but it really made me very angry to hear them continually make comments about her looks. And I kind of wish that Ford would have found a way to set them straight – he never really confronted them, just kind of talked around their comments. I’m sure things like this happen in real life more often than I would like to believe, but I would like to think more people would stand up to people like that rather than just ignore that type of commentary. So, kudos to the author for eliciting such strong feelings in me – well played, or should I say written! This is the first book in a new series, The Hartigans, that is set in the same Harbor City world as many other books by this author, so it was fun to see a little bit of a crossover between series. The Hartigan family seems to be filled with fun, colorful characters that are going to provide some great stories for future books in this series, and I can’t wait to dive into those when they are available. This author is one that I know will not disappoint when I pick up one of her books. Guaranteed to deliver romance, steam, and some laugh out loud moments, Butterface is definitely worth adding to your TBR list!
Rhondaz 9 months ago
5 STARS FOR BUTTERFACE!! What a fantastic story! The story is full of humor, sexiness, sweet and a lot of heart. I loved Gina and Ford their story was amazing and will keep you flipping pages. This is book 1 in a new series and I can't wait for more. Avery Flynn has delivered a phenomenal first book in this new series. Do yourself a favor add buy this book.
FromTheSouth 9 months ago
From the synopsis, you clearly pick up on the fact Gina, the heroine, had a past history of being picked on for being an ugly duckling in high school. What was surprising and unexpected was she is still cast in that very unfavorable role in the present, as well. To the point I gringed every time her looks were mentioned. Whether by herself or others, the bulging eyes, huge honker nose, and other disportionate facial features described twisted my stomach into knots. In heart break and anguish for her, my fellow romance book loving friends, because everyone, including herself, thought she was an unattractive, eye sore. You would think she resembled the hideous creature from the Black Lagoon. It just felt distasteful, disrespectful, and totally unnecessary to demonize her looks in such a repetitive, harsh, demeaning fashion. It ruined the book for me. It was plain and simply overkill. Ford, the hero, of course, was supermodel gorgeous. To humanize him a little bit, so Gina would slightly be worthy breathing the same air as him, he was given a small quirk or two. Nothing major or overly annoying though. In fact, some may find those few things more a positive than negative aspect. What actually endeared me the most was the unapologetic, ferocious protectiveness of Gina’s two gangster type brothers towards anyone who gave their baby sister any grief. Yeah, they would not hesitate twice about rearranging your face or other body parts if you disrespected or messed with her. I wanted to hug and high five them to thank them for having her back no matter what. Even though they could be a tad overzealous, she recognized and appreciated their unconditional love. It was the main thing she had going for her, and Ford was putting that in jeopardy. It was pretty obvious where this storyline was headed, folks. Ford is lying to her from the get go and deceiving himself in the process. Well, this gal may be uglier than sin, but she’s not completely stupid. I wish I could have finished it to the end. I’m hoping all the many characters who made fun of Gina to and behind her back get a heaping dose of karma sent their way and regret every single hurtful remark. I simply couldn’t tolerate seeing a heroine being considered/treated this way for one single second longer. Make no mistake, I normally love this author’s romantic tales. I wish her continued writing success. If the ugly factor had been toned down, I might have enjoyed it more. But by almost 70% into, I realized even the writing itself had not lived up to my expectations. I officially no longer cared if they got their HEA. P.S. I’m surprised the cover didn’t feature the heroine wearing a big bag over her head instead of strategically placed balloons. It would have been more appropriate and fitting considering how most people, including herself, viewed her appearance. Title: Butterface, Series: The Hartigans (Book 1), Author: Avery Flynn, Pages: 250, stand-alone but part of a series, very unattractive heroine with a sweet personality, gorgeous cop hero, very steamy scenes, didn’t want to finish, author I usually like., stopped at 70% into it. (I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
LynnB888 9 months ago
What a delicious story! So on the average day, we pick up a novel depicting a gorgeous heroine who turns every head around right? Well, our dear Avery Flynn has decided to give it to us straight and showcase one of us that isn't so perfect for a change! It's fun, it's sad, it's oh so true ... and best yet, it teaches a message if you're willing to open your eyes and see it. Words hurt people ... and we all deserve love and true friends as much as the next person! I adored Gina and Ford together, the secondary cast of family and friends were great additions, and the overall plot was interesting. Looking forward to more in the series! Wedding planner Gina Luca knows she's not pretty. Life has been one hard lesson after another in what's expected and acceptable and she's just simply not it, but she's top notch at what she does, dependable, and the bomb when it comes to being a friend, so it's not all bad! She thought she was over the mob mentality anxiety that grew from her childhood trauma at the hands of the other not so nice kids, but when she has the bad luck of being stuck by the most handsome man in the room on a Kiss Cam at a wedding, she's mortified! They can't expect this guy to kiss her ... he'd never live it down! Detective Ford Hartigan is only too happy to get his hands on her, but isn't sure why she seems so put off by him. Once he catches wind of the razzing she gets on a fairly regular basis, he gets why she thinks he wouldn't take her seriously ... but he's here to tell her that he does. He likes her ... a lot! Only problem is, his job just might be pushing him in her direction as well to see what kind of info might be floating around about her mobster brothers!
Lorizen 9 months ago
Captivated from the very first page. I know my review isn't going to do this book justice because it's truly beyond words. Gina Luca is a wedding planner, who meets Ford Hartigan detective at a wedding that is quickly spiraling out of control. Ford is there because it's one of his fellow officers getting married. The couple has a kiss cam and when the camera focuses on the two of them neither wants to kiss, until they do and Ford gives Gina his all. I melted into a puddle. Gina has spent her life being bullied, the brunt of every joke possible because of her face. We get the idea in general but not a graphic image of her shortcoming. Gina does however have a great shape, two overly protective brothers whose occupations border on somewhat criminal, familial loose ties to the mob and an old Victorian house she inherited from her Grandpa who went missing twenty years ago under much speculation as to his fate. Again the allusion to mob ties. Ford is working a task force with two jack hat detectives who make it a point to get under this skin. They've been working on a case that involves yet another family who bring heroin into their small town. The Luca brothers may or may not be involved at least peripherally. Gina has done her best to distance herself from any family business and any remnant died off with the older generation. When something happens at Gina's home, Ford's boss decides it a great opportunity for him to spend some time with Gina gathering intel. All Ford can think about is Gina and her black lace panties. So he's camped out on her couch. Helps her with some handyman work and the two slowly warm up to each other. Gina is fully aware what she looks like. Her brothers are spitting nails she's involved with a cop, his family is relentless because he's a rule follower and heaven help anyone who breaks a rule. He comes from a long line of firefighters, he is the first to step out and become a cop. These two both have issues and as they slowly seem to work through them, there's another twist to the story and while it goes against Ford's rules, he definitely enjoys breaking the no hitting the sheets rule with Gina. These two make enough steam to power a small city. Then once again, more twists and curves that turn the whole works upside down. The last straw for Gina pinched my heart in the worst way. Did Ford get what he was looking for, he got that and then some; along with his come to jesus moment. What a rollercoaster ride of emotions, it's funny, intense, moments when you want to take a swing at someone, mumbling to yourself. Best of all are Gina and Ford two characters that I loved that will stay with me for a while. I love Gina's strength and her weak moments, Ford I loved for feelings for Gina and his crazy family. Ford is dedicated, he commits. I love Avery Flynn, her books are always stellar. She totally slayed me with this one. I still thought about it today. This book has everything you could ever want, two characters you fall in love with, a great story, humor, love, plenty of steam and oh those emotions... Start reading now. You don't want to miss this one. Honestly deserves more than 5 stars. Ready for the next book in the series! advanced reader copy from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.
BookSnuggle 9 months ago
Butterface by Avery Flynn. This is Gina Luca and Ford Hartigan’s story. This was a fun and steamy romantic comedy with a few tears too. Gina and Ford’s characters and their interactions were amazing. I loved that I could feel how much Gina and Ford cared for each other. Gina has a great figure but is no raving beauty. She has been teased and laughed at all her life about her big nose. Gina plans weddings but never expects to plan her own wedding. Ford and Gina meet at a wedding. Circumstances keep throwing them together. There were so many obstacles for Gina and Ford to overcome but I loved how the author pulled everything together. Will Ford be able to see the real Gina? Will they be able overcome all the obstacles and find true love? FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Lisa-Lou 9 months ago
Butterface by Avery Flynn is the first book in her brand new series, The Hartigans , and is a spin-off to her Harbor City series. A standalone romantic comedy tat not only will have you laughing in public but will also having you fist pump for the sheer FU to society's ideas of pretty and normal and thin. Gina Luca is an excellent wedding planner getting her startup business off the ground with great success. What she doesn't have success in is avoiding the impromptu Kiss-Cam at one of her clients weddings and ends up kissing someone she views as completely out of her league, one Ford Hartigan, surly detective and supremely hot guy AKA out of her league. For Hartigan is drawn to Gina from the start. She may not be conventionally pretty but her eyes shine with joy and humor, her face glows with the success of a job well done and most importantly, she is genuinely a wonderful human being. The Kiss-Cam incident which causes their lips to meet for the first time sends him reeling. He can feel the chemistry between them sizzle but is thrown for a loop when she brushes him off. Best intentions don't always mean you make the best choices for those you care for. Ford may not go about his goals with Gina in the best way but his intent is sincere and if he can just get her out of her own head and hangups long enough perhaps he can make her see that too. Loved This! Told in dual POV complete with a happily ever after it was well-written and well-paced and yet another wonderful story from one of my favorite authors. Enjoy!
nelriv 9 months ago
Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..I have to say one of the things that I really appreciated was the the heroine was not considered beautiful, sometimes well a lot of times we read these books that everyone is in love with the heroine/hero in these books, everyone because they are so gorgeous. Butterface was so not the case however I have to admit that at times I didn't want to hear anymore about her ugliness that broke my heart constantly hearing the bullying. That being said I was happy that Gina didn't let her keep her down she had a great job and great family her brothers loved and protected her, yes they could be overbearing but to me with what she went thru that was a small price to pay. So we have Ford, of course he would be gorgeous, hey it is what it is and he was lying to Gina and I wasn't about that part but we get a story and as he spends more time with her he gets feel for her true feelings. So I don't want to give a lot away because I am imploring you to grab a copy and Enjoy! because I am pretty sure that you will..
moonfox1234 9 months ago
This book is incredible. It is not often that you find a book that can make you laugh until you cry and then turn around and make such an impact on you emotionally, that you cry tears because your heart has simply cracked open. This is one of those very rare books. Gina and Ford are both such lovable characters and in spite of all there differences, they are perfect for each other. Their chemistry is so steamy, their attraction so intense and their dialog fast is paced and witty. Features a well written storyline, an entertaining cast of secondary characters, drama, humor, suspense, sweet romance, love and passion. I loved this book so much and can't wait to see what happens in future books in this series.
EileenAW 9 months ago
I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this wonderful, snarky, and funny book, Butterface by Avery Flynn, the first book in her Hartigan series. This book had me on an emotional journey, reminding me of my own experiences of not fitting in nor being accepted while growing up. Gina Luca knows she is far from beautiful with her oversize nose and bug-like eyes, despite having a killer body. Being put on a wedding Kiss Cam with one of the hottest guys there brings back all those old humiliations. The kiss cam guy is Ford, the only Hartigan male not become a firefighter, but a cop for the city of Waterbury. Gina believes that Ford is out of her league despite the heart stopping kiss they shared. When Gina finds the body of her missing grandfather, Ford stays with Gina to “keep her safe,” but he is actually checking out her mob-connected brothers. The more time they spend together the more it feels like a real relationship. Ford not only helps Gina with the renovation work on her house but takes her to dinner with his folks and six siblings. Gina is smart and questions Ford’s true reasons for hanging around because every time she turns around, she is once again reminded of who her lack of beauty. What’s going to happen when Ford figures out he loves Gina and can’t live without her? Will Gina be able to accept his apology and love? I loved how Gina accepted, if not loved, who she is and did not want to change her looks; even with plastic surgery. There was so much more to Ford than his good looks. He was a driven, rule following guy who loved his family and put up with a lot of ribbing and practical jokes. Ford also had a sense of fairness and was compassionate, especially toward Gina. This book was filled with sarcasm, laughs, snark, and even some sexy scenes that made me wish it never ended. Ms. Flynn wrote a wonderful and hysterical story which drew me in as well as into the lives of her characters, making me forget the world around me. I had trouble putting this book down, turning page after page, not letting go until I turned the last page, still wanting more and really looking forward to the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
xrayer0 9 months ago
A romantic, hysterical and steamy read. Ford, you by the books detective and Gina the wedding planner. The way they were thrown together started the whole story in a great way. Gina and Ford have a bumpy ride in their relationship but watching each character develop was great. Gina is a strong, smart, independent. She also has a side that is fearful of a relationship because of her past. Ford feels like he is the black sheep of the family and is a by the rules man. When he meets Gina there is something about her that makes him break all the rules. This is a great story that makes you laugh and swoon but also holds a powerful lesson of bullying. Gina is a strong women but there were moments when she was remembering her past that made me sad. It is a lesson of how someone can love themselves not matter what anyone else thinks of them. Another great read with awesome characters.
Bette313 9 months ago
This is a truly intriguing book. Don't take that the wrong way. It's sexy, funny, and completely entertaining just as we expect from this author but it also makes you stop and think about how events from our past can cling on and shape us into the people we are today. Gina Luca was the girl everyone liked to joke about in high school. Because of that she's strong, determined, and it takes a lot to ruffle her. So when a wedding video turns into a kiss cam featuring her and hot cop Ford Hartigan it feels like high school all over again. Thing is when they kissed it was magical leading Ford and Gina down a path neither ever expected. This book is very well written with a great storyline, nice pace, and characters that are well developed and unforgettable. I definitely recommend this one.