Calves In The Mud Room

Calves In The Mud Room

by Jerome O Brown

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BN ID: 2940149366095
Publisher: tetonwolf
Publication date: 02/14/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 102
File size: 541 KB

About the Author

When he's not directing tv commercials and corporate videos,
trading stocks, or hiking with his dog, Brown shoots stills and writes.

Calves In The Mud Room is his first novella.

He lives in Teton Valley with his way cool wife and
their collie, Maximilian.

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Calves In The Mud Room 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Wade doesn’t have the best home life. Both his mother and step-father are alcoholics and don’t want to have anything to do with Wade and his younger siblings. They live on a farm that his grandfather ran but since his passing it’s been up to Wade. This is another thing that his step-father doesn’t want to deal with. Today is the day that Wade is supposed to take Glory Schoonover to the Valentine’s dance. Everything seems to be going his way until he has to resort to using his late grandfather’s pickup, cows are caving way early, and everything else seems to be going to hell. He wants to have the attitude that he is just going to go to the dance for him but he knows better and goes to work helping the cows. After that he tries to meet up with Glory but she has all ready gone to the dance. Although Wade rushes to get there things go from bad to worse. I felt bad for Wade but I have to say that he is a great kid for all that he is going through you can still see how responsible he is. I grew up on a farm and I understand exactly what Wade goes through. I’ve also been in his shoes regarding a similar situation to Glory. Although things don’t work out it is true that they were not meant to and something better is on the way. This is more of a short story on a teenager trying to figure out what to do in his life. But I really liked it and would like to read more about Wade. This is a great story and I think you should add it to your list. It’s one worth reading and will make you want to read more from Jerome Brown. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
Kristin_S_Kim More than 1 year ago
Date with a hot girl. Calves coming early. In a blizzard. Argh, being a teenager sucks! Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. While this may not be your typical "coming of age" story as it only takes place over the course of a couple days, I would still term it as "coming into your own". Wade lives on a farm which has gone to crap since his granddad passed and his stepdad started taking over. Not "taking over the farm", mind you, because he can't be bothered to lift a finger. No, he's just taken over Wade's life, and not for the good.  When we meet up with Wade, it's the date of a school dance and the girl of his dreams as actually asked him to be her date. He should be on cloud nine, right? Well, he is, until his day snowballs into one from Hell. Cue all the ill-timed things which can possibly happen when you're in a hurry and need to look your best, and multiply it by 10 because he's on a farm. How will his night turn out? Great little story, and I'd definitely be interested to see where this character and author go from here. 5 stars
AngRI More than 1 year ago
My Review: I received Calves in the Mud Room from the author in exchange for an honest review. I grew up around a similar setting, though not exactly the same as described in this story so it was very easy for me to settle into it and understand the hardships Wade faced. High school is a tough time for anyone but especially when shouldered with so many extra responsibilities. I really enjoyed this book and from this perspective. The voice comes through very strong and while the format isn't quite what I am used to reading (brief sentences and abrupt thought lines and paragraphs), it really suited the character and storyline. My Rating: This story packed quite a punch for me. It really took me back to my own roots and I hope it opens others eyes to the struggles of the ranching life combined with both normal teen struggles and family issues. I give this one a rating of Four Paws.
Sheri-A-Wilkinson More than 1 year ago
Calves In The Mud Room by Jerome O. Brown Wade Summer wants to be a normal teenage boy. He looks forward to his date with the beautiful and popular Glory Shoonover. A blizzard hits, he has calves to birth and fears he won't make it in time for his date to the dance. His mother is a wreck, his stepfather is abusive and he is still grieving over the death of his grandfather. A great short story, Wade is an average teenage boy. He is very likable. He is young with a lot of responsibilities. It was interesting to see how he deals with his problems. He just wants to be accepted by his peers. Then that one snowy day everything changes in Wades life.  I recommend Calves In The Mud Room to young adult and adult readers who like a great short (drama) story.
All-Night-Books More than 1 year ago
I will start by saying that even though this book is only 77 pages long the author packs one heck of a punch into it.  Also seeing that this is this author debut novel I will say I hope he writes more. He packs enough emotion into this book and it's one sole main character that you not only feel the connection to Wade Summers but you feel the hard work the author put into this book. Wade Summers is supposed to be getting ready to go to the dance with his high school crush. He can't believe she asked him and he is hoping his mother and crappy step father keep their promises. This is in no way a romance novel, it does have hints of romance, after seeing all the work he puts into getting ready for his date but it's mostly about a young man coming of age and finding out what he can do for himself. The fact that it's snowing and the new cows his step father bought are calving and the fact that no one is there to help him deliver said calves he is left doing it on his own. Wade Summers hasn't had an easy life and you will notice that once you fully get into the story. It's a truly beautiful coming of age story and making life better regardless of the situation. Now his mom and step dad get what the deserve in my opinion, they don't deserve to have of the things that they do have. I will say that I do hope that all my readers take the time to read it. It's may be short but it's worth the time and money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great story about the hardships of growing up in a tattered family.  Wade, the main character had learned everything from his grandfather, the only person who really actually cared about him.   After his grandfather is gone,  Wade is left to do everything on the farm himself with no help from his mothers husband.  A tale that is true for some families these days when the children take responsibility for things that the adults should be doing.  I think everything that goes on in this book makes Wade stronger in the end and somewhat hopeful for the future.  A very nice read that you can get done in one sitting.  I enjoyed it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was a GoodReads Giveaway Wade Summer’s is only thinking of one thing, his upcoming date with Glory Schoonover. But there is something standing between him and the perfect night, those stupid cows. Jerome Brown’s debut novel Calves in the Mud Room is a wonderful coming of age story that would appeal to any young adult. Or to anyone who grew up on a farm.  When I read the first sentence and it was sixteen lines long my first reaction was negative. I didn’t think I was going to get through the book. Fortunately the adjectives and adverbs were held in check. The one hang up I had about the book was it is written in the present tense. But, that’s just my thing.  Jerome Brown really takes you to Small Town, USA. His writing is wonderful and descriptive. For such a short book, 98 pages, the characters come alive. You really get a feel for who they are and who they will become. The ending will leave you wanting for more. I cannot wait to what else Brown has in store. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who live and or grew up in Small Town, USA. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seventeen year-old Wade Summers faces some hard realities. He comes with a motley pedigree: his grandfather’s presence guides him with quiet wisdom, while his mother and stepfather are a danger to themselves and anybody near them. Wade has a soul connection to his grandfather and, to his credit, sees the grim truth about his parents. Trouble is, his grandfather is dead, having departed life the past summer, fallen among the tall grass of the high meadow. It’s now late winter in the mountain west, Valentine’s Day, a heavy blizzard is blowing in and the damned cows that belong to his lazy stepfather, but are Wade’s responsibility, have begun calving early and wrong. Today of all days. Wade rescues an abandoned newborn from the crusted snow and loads it into the truck with a glance and a greeting. “Yup, this is life. Welcome.” And that’s only the first orphan of the evening. “Calves in the Mudroom” is a sharply felt and beautifully written contemporary story that takes place in the fleeting hours of a dim afternoon unraveling into night, and on into the wee hours of insight and change that follow. The story starts out as race against the clock. Wade is caught between his manure-streaked cowboy work and the perfumed tease of romance. From his late arrival at the Valentine dance, offending the fancy girl who had invited him as her date, his evening goes pretty much sideways by midnight. (Although the class rebel, a girl more his kind, enters the picture with certain compensations. OK, there is that.) Brown obviously has firsthand experience with real ranch life, stink and all, as well as the dramatics of small-town high school life with its insider/outsider cliques, clumsy flirtations and raw heartaches. He spins the ballad with edgy instincts and rock-and-roll attitude. Come daylight, Wade has a hard-earned, distinctly clearer view of life. It’s not going to be easy, but let’s just say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. This fine novella is a pleasure to read and deserves a wide audience.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wade Summers' stream of consciousness reverie ushers us into Jerome O Brown's Calves in the Mud Room. The novella's opening paragraph, musing on the delicious Glory Schoonover, is free of terminal punctuation, belying the coming-of-age continuity woven throughout. The reader discerns a breathless quality that contrasts starkly with the single-shot sentences regarding the cows, which immediately follow. The infinity Wade finds inside his mind with Glory is cruelly voided when it collides with the finite embeddedness of his feet in mud, manure and mortality.   The premise is that uber-teen-queen Glory has, just out of the blue, invited farm-boy Wade to take her to the Valentine's Day Sponge Dance. Stunned, but determined to be up to the task, Wade meticulously prepares every element, girding his virginal loins for this odyssey into a world in which he has little experience. As the saying goes, "life is what happens when you're making other plans." Wade's heifers chose that frigid, blizzard-fueled dance-night to rewrite his itinerary, with his alcoholic parents adding to the sabotage with a bunch of dead-end detours.     The quest for Glory, foiled by a series of calving obstacles, presumes to be the spindle around which Calves in the Mud Room spins. However, the center-point of this retrospective gradually and undoubtedly emerges to be Wade's connection with the life-forces that created him. The reader is hitched to the plow alongside the author, side-by-side straining to turn the soil, and revealing a richness that defines this boy whose chaotic upbringing has been mitigated by a precious few.   There is a ring of authenticity in Brown's inaugural novella that draws the reader into every venue in the story, and every entity encountered. The rich prose is sensuous, and evocative of every sight, sound, smell and feeling ever experienced, frequently resulting in a visceral reader response. Brown does not back away from the primal quality of his characters, causing the reader to become enmeshed in the relationships. This 98-page novella draws readers inextricably into the dance-night episode, causing them to infer that they have only just scratched the surface of the seasons of Wade Summers. A great read, perfect for even the busiest among us. We all need to have our souls refreshed on occasion, and this book will do just that.