Captivate (Need Series #2)

Captivate (Need Series #2)

by Carrie Jones


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Zara's pixies are locked away in the forest, but that doesn't mean the threat is gone. In captivity, the king's needs grow stronger and his power weakens. When a new king, Astley, arrives and tells Zara she's fated to be his queen, Zara discovers she's in deeper than she ever imagined.

Carrie Jones captivated readers with her evil pixies in Need and this series is showing no signs of slowing down. The sales are hot, the online buzz is still growing, and this sequel pubs in paperback just in time to entice fans with a teaser for the third book in January 2011.

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ISBN-13: 9781599903422
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 01/05/2010
Series: Need Series , #2
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 1,296,464
Product dimensions: 5.78(w) x 8.62(h) x 0.96(d)
Lexile: HL530L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Carrie Jones is an award-winning author who recently graduated from Vermont College's MFA program. In addition to penning Need, she is the author of the YA novels Girl, Hero; Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape); and Tips on Having a Gay (Ex)-Boyfriend, which was nominated for a YALSA Quick Pick and won the Maine Literary Award as well as the Independent Book Publisher Award (the IPPY) . Her upcoming picture book Moe Berg, the Spy who Played Baseball is being illustrated by Barry Moser. Carrie lives in Maine.

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Captivate (Need Series #2) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 550 reviews.
Deby_Fray More than 1 year ago
This is the second time when i really understand that the authors can actually made a perfect "book 2" within how many books they are planning to write. I love "Need", i really enjoyed it, the new crazy topic, the strong character that Zara White is, everything. And Carrie definitely did not disappointed me, or anyone with "Captivate". You have to realize that it is between the first conflict and the final one, but the new characters, the new situation, the traumatic changes that Zara is going through, accepting was is intended to be, being strong by herself, everything has a reason to be, and what a perfect way of putting all the pieces just there, in our minds, pieces that are going to be accommodated in the following book, or books. I loved it from the begginig to the end, i really think that Carrie Jones is creating a amazing strong female character, and a lovely group of people that touch your heart. I´m gonna be desperate until the next book comes out. But i wait, cuz it worth it!! And if you don´t agree after you finish the book, you can always complian to me!
iluvhersheys_andbooks More than 1 year ago
Captivate is a remarkable book, as a sequal to Need, I have to say the second surpassed the first, leaving me even more excited about what else is comimg up in the series. Romantic, suspensful, and captivating (pun-intended), Captivate is a must read sequal that takes readers more into the faerie realm introduced in the first book and into the minds of new and old characters leaving you needing (another intended pun) more!!! Zara, the spunky main character who has just recently lost her step-father, learned she is part faerie, and found out her real father is a faerie King that has been preying on little boys, is one of the many characters I fell back in love with after the months between reading Need and Captivate. In my opinion, Zara grew more as a character than anyone else in the book, and that made me love the book so much more. From the naive girl in the first book (remember- the girl who runs towards the unnatural voice in the woods in the middle of the night calling her name), to an incredibly strong leading character who isn't afraid of taking risks and plunging into danger for the sake of those she loves. Watch out Rose (Vampire Academy) Zara's now in the running for my favorite leading character!!! Nick, Issie, and Devyn also grow in this book. Issie is still the loveable best friend who would still do whatever it is to help her supernatural friends even if she isnt exactly sure what she is doing. I stilled loved Devyn, I jumped up and down when he finally got out of his wheelchair, but then sat immediately back down when I realized it wasn't Issie he was sharing this special moment with. I mean gosh, Devyn is the eptiome of how clueless guys really get. All through the book I was yelling at him "How can you do that to loveable Issie?". And Nick is still the overprotective "hero guy" he feels he needs to be throughout the book. Where do I start with this plot? So much is going on. Escapes, new Kings, a developing love triangle, transformations, discoveries, and so many near death experiences, and the new King Astley is at the center of it all. To be honest, I really didn't like him at all. Not only because he threatened my beloved Nick's place in Zara's heart, but because he seems so fake. Everything he said seemed to be totally ingenuine, and just for the sake of getting on Zara's good side. It was annoying. Every chapter brings a new faerie tip, and shocking gasps making you want to change pages even faster!!! The ending was the perfect setup for the next book. Though some might think it was just a way to guarantee readers buy the next book, I don't think of it like that at all. I am even more eager for the next book in this series than I was for the second, and I expect it to be just as great in every way!!! I Recommend: I recommend this book to all lovers of paranormal romances, lovers of the first book, fae, love triangles, and a book that you will definately not be able to put down!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Though I did love this book it was quite sad and I hate it when series leave you hanging and waiting for the next book.. but it was amazing
Vampiregirl95 More than 1 year ago
I read need right when it first came out. The cover had drawn me to it and I', soooo happy it did! The book really sucks you in. I love the relationships between the characters(especially between Nick and Zara.) I can not wait for captivate to come out! Carrie Jones is an excellent writer. Go out and by Need, so you can read Captivate!!!!! :D
katie_kaleidoscope More than 1 year ago
this book was absoultey amazing. a very excellent sequel to need. what happens to nick will break your heart and make you wanna cry(it did me!) and what zara has to do is shocking. i loved it. i highly recommend it. and i can not wait for the 3rd :))
acornucopiaoflove More than 1 year ago
As the second book in the series, I wasn't sure what to expect from Captivate. I enjoyed Need, the first in the series, and I was interested to see how Zara's story would progress now that her pixie king father was trapped in a house surrounded by an iron circle. One of the first things that I noticed was that each chapter was introduced differently than they had been in the previous book. In Need, each chapter started with a phobia, but in Captivate, each began with a pixie hint/tip, or a definition. In my opinion, this was the best indicator of how much Zara had grown over the course of the two books. She has a group of great friends, and she's become a person who deals with her problems head on. One of the reasons that I like Zara's character so much is because she isn't a damsel in distress. Sure, sometimes this characteristic gets her into trouble, but she isn't going to go home and relax on the couch while her family and friends are out fighting pixies. This book introduces a new character, Astley. He's another pixie king who has come to Maine, and he has a strange connection to Zara. I think that his character added a bit of romantic tension to the book, and also caused Zara to acknowledge her half-pixie side. I'll be looking forward to seeing whether Astley's true intentions are revealed in the next book, because I'm not sure I completely trust his character. I think I actually enjoyed reading Captivate more than I enjoyed Need. This is rare, because usually sequels don't live up to the high expectations I have. The action picked right back up, however, and it sucked me back in. Not only was it action packed, but it was fairly emotionally charged, too. Without giving too much away, toward the end of the book my heart broke for Zara. The only issue that I had with Captivate, is that the book ends with a big cliffhanger. I've found that cliffhangers are something that readers either love or hate (or a bit of both), so that's just a warning. I do think that the cliffhanger fit well with the story, though. Overall, I'll be eagerly anticipating the next book. I also love the cover, and I thought I should give some bonus points for that.
DreamerWA More than 1 year ago
I'm not exactly sure why - but whenever the story comes around to Zara and Nick the writing becomes overwhelmingly, unbearably corny! The first half of the book is a challenging obstacle with poor dialogue and tacky overuse of the pet name "baby". Zara, who is supposed to be the heroine of the book, lacks admirable characteristics - she is selfish, narrow-minded, immature, and a hypocrite - all of her focus and her main top priority is her boyfriend, Nick. There is no mention of concern on Zara's part about the safety of the people in their town, instead her constant thoughts and worries focus in the safety of her boyfriend which is repeatedly mentioned in the first half of the book. Let us not forget that Zara is supposed to be a major supporter of Amnesty International, yet to the contrary she is quick to judge, condemn and imprison an entire species that she knows little about. You would think that a person who would have the compassion to write letters in support of human rights would have a guiltier conscious and be more highly aware of oppression. The writing vastly improves when Nick leaves the scene which happens in the middle of the book. The chemistry and mystery of what's to come between Zara and Astley is captivating. To be more specific, Astley is captivating - Zara is tiresome. Astley is an intriguing character and was my only reason to continue reading. The book does end with a major cliffhanger which may irritate some readers - but it has effectively made this somewhat disappointed reader anticipate the next book.
acsimps More than 1 year ago
I was not as happy with this book. I know that things cant always be roses and sunshine but I was not real happy with the direction of this book. I love Zara and Nick together. Where will Astley fit in when Nick comes back? and What the HELL was Zara thinking??? I dont want to give too much away for those of you who intend to read the book. I liked the book but did not LOVE the book. This book is definatly a filler between Need and the third book. I "Need" to read the next one....hope it comes out soon (and does not disappoint).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must pulls you in and doesn’t let go. I read this in one sitting..
bookluvrmindy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
** spoiler alert ** I really like this series. To read about pixies and the battle Zara has to choose if someone is good or evil is a nice change for me. My problem with the book is Zara's personality. I don't mind the obsession with phobias but her obsession with Amnesty International and spending all her free time writing letters to protest for prisoners really bugs me. Doesn't she have other things to worry about? I mean really! #1 - She has a crazy father that is determined to turn her mother into the pixie queen. #2 - There are 2 kings that are after HER to turn her into the new pixie queen. #3 - She is half pixie so she turns blue whenever she is near a pixie king but she does not want to be a pixie she wants to be full human. #4 - The pixies she trapped in a house are pissed off at her and they are determined to make her pay. (OH and she is still thinking..."isn't it the same that I have trapped pixies in a home when they haven't proven that they are all guilty of evil?" OH PLEASE! #5 - Her boyfriend is in danger because he is a threat to the 2 pixie kings. #6 - Her boyfriend is a were-wolf, her grandma is a were-tiger and her friend is a were-eagle...OH AND DID I MENTION that she is half pixie? (LOL) #7 - Her father is in NEED so the pixies are going to run wild and go after teen boys for blood. #8 - All pixies are gathering together in her town to start a war. All that and she is still giving herself carpal tunnel writing for Amnesty International and creating her own Amnesty International at her school! GAG! Please leave politics out of UF books!
kbpup903 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read Need, this review may contain spoilers.I didn't think it was possible but I may have enjoyed reading Captivate even more than I did Need. It hooked me from page one and I was up late into the night finishing it. I couldn't stop reading!Captivate starts where Need left off. Zara and her friends are trapping pixies but what they don't know is that more are coming and that they are all in even greater danger, especially Zara. If Zara thought her own father was bad, just wait until she meets the other kings, who want her for their queen.Captivate was so wonderfully well-written. It flowed really well for me and it made the book even better. Carrie Jones already had me hooked with the story but her writing was the icing on the cake.I guess the thing that bugs me the most is that there is going to be another book. I don't want to wait to find out what happens to everybody. I want to know now! Then again, if I wasn't complaining about that it would mean that I just didn't care about the next book so maybe this isn't so much complaint as compliment to Carrie Jones! =]Overall, if you've read Need, go get this and read it as soon as you can. And if you haven't read Need go get that one because both of these are books that I can't praise enough.
sleahey on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This continuation of the series about Zara and her pixie problem was appealing to me for its Maine setting, but needed editing to cut out some of the repetitive angst and whining. The ending, while not exactly a cliff hanger, felt like a dirty trick without any real resolution, clearly setting the stage for the next installment. Seems like this could have been tightened up and combined with whatever is coming next, all in one work. In the audio version, if a Maine accent was attempted, failed miserably.
angelicacraig on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
First of all¿ how beautiful is that cover? I mean come, on. You can¿t go wrong with fairy dust.I really loved the first book of this trilogy and was hoping for the same from Jones¿ second book, Captivate. It just didn¿t have the same appeal as Need. It didn¿t captivate me. (See what I did there? Hah.)I love Zara as a character. She¿s quirky and tough, but still vulnerable. There are so many things going wrong in her life, but she brings the humor. Captivate finds us just after Need ends and Zara is trying to decide between 2 equally sucky choices that she is facing. Enter¿cute fairy boy. (Not that type of fairy boy. A REAL fairy.) Zara is forced to take action into her own hands and come up with the best compromise that she can offer, given the tense situation.I also loved the appearance of this new and interesting character. For me, he made the book. I knew I wasn¿t supposed to like him, but I couldn¿t help it. It was definitely a great addition, since a few of the characters that I really enjoyed in Need were rather flat this time around. The biggest thing that bothered me in Captivate was the pacing. I feel like it was rushed and we didn¿t get a good feel for how epic the decisions Zara makes are. A good portion of the book was spent building up the relationships (which IS important, but it may have gone too far) and not enough on the actual plot.I¿m really looking forward to Entice, to see whether or not Jones was able to up the ante and pull me back into the story.
moggetcat on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
i quite enjoyed the 1st book (need) but this 1 just annoyed me and i couldnae finish it
justablondemoment on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Zara half pixie half human has to come to some hard choices in this 2nd installment. Believing that the pixie problem is contained they try to resume life while still staying vigliant. Then a new King arrives and all bets are off.I am swept away by this series. Much better to me than the twilight series. I hade a bit of a time getting use to they abrupt sentencing but yah know its young adult and keeping that in mind..well teens are prone to be abrupt in there communication soooo...Big kudos for this series..LOVE IT
ericajsc on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I always worry a little bit when I start reading a sequel to a book I really enjoyed. I¿m afraid that the conflict that arises in the new book will completely upset the story I¿ve already come up with in my head for the characters. Let¿s face it, that¿s what sequels do ¿ a new (or ongoing, but renewed) conflict shakes things up and things may or may not settle back to the way they were. This is definitely the case in Captivate, but the story flows so well with the characters that all the changes that happen don¿t seem quite so upsetting.Since Zara and Nick were together at the end of Need, in this book we get to see them in all their glory as a couple. They¿re still deep in the newness of their love, and though it borders a bit on getting too sappy and ¿Please stop making swoony eyes at each other¿, it¿s also sweet. There aren¿t a lot of books where the couple actually gets that much time of uninterrupted happiness. Okay, so it¿s not totally uninterrupted because, even though they trapped Zara¿s pixie-dad and his followers in a house in the forest, there are random pixies just showing up, and it¿s up to Zara, Nick, and their crew to protect the town. But still, for the majority of the book, they¿re drunk on love.Clearly from the book¿s description, Astley and his claims that Zara is his queen brings in the requisite love triangle. The fact that Zara is wholeheartedly devoted to Nick despite Astley¿s claims to her makes for an interesting dynamic between the two. Although she is in love with Nick, she is half-pixie, and that side of her reacts to Astley without her permission. Nick is convinced that all pixies are evil, but Zara feels a draw to Astley and is willing to trust him. And when Nick¿s life is endangered, as well as Zara¿s and the lives of everyone else she loves, we see how much she¿s willing to sacrifice for him.Astley informs Zara of a huge battle that is looming, a battle that will forever change the pixie world and have wide-reaching effects spilling into the human world. Zara is a strong character, strong-willed even though she lacks the physical strength to fight off evil, rogue pixies and anything else that may attack. She¿s convinced that she can save everyone on her own. But Astley tells her, ¿We all need to rescue and we all need to be rescued.¿ I think this is an important point that a lot of stories fail to make; nobody is the hero all the time, no matter how strong or independent they are. It is only when Zara can accept this that she can truly help the people she loves. My complaints about this book are few. First, I didn¿t really like the introduction of Cassie, a student at the school who is keeping secrets of her own. To me, Devyn¿s response to her didn¿t seem in keeping with his character. Even if he didn¿t want to explain exactly what was going on between them, it seems like he¿d be able to give some explanation for his behavior. Drawing it out seemed unnecessary to the plot. My only other complaint is really only half a complaint. I didn¿t at all like how things played out with Nick. Zara¿s heartbreak at this turn of events was devastating. However, I understand it as a necessary part of moving the story forward, but I still hated to read it!A small warning regarding this book: it¿s very cliffhanger-y, so if you¿re into the story at all you¿ll probably hate the ending. I had to keep reminding myself that I actually finished the book because the ending was so open. I¿m not happy about having to wait so long to continue the story!
Reader_Barbara on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
While I enjoyed Need by Carrie Jones, I couldn't finish Captivate. It felt too forced to me, too predictable. I could see where things were headed from about Chapter 2 and I got about 3/4 of the way through before I lost all interest. I stopped caring what happened to Zara--she felt too selfish, too wrapped up in herself & her own determination to save the world to care about those around her & she lost a lot of the qualities that I liked in her in Need. I lost interest in the story and put the book down, walked away and thought that in a day or two I'd go back to it. I didn't--two days later it was on the list for my book swap site.
MsMoonlight on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In a word: Captivating!I am loving this series and think author Carrie Jones is brilliant. The book concept and delivery is superb. The characters are wonderful and completely original to me. These books are page turners that I never want to put down or end. I can't wait for the next one!In this second book of the series, Zara, Nick, Devyn and Issie are still battling evil pixies in their home state of Maine. Zara and Nick are continuing their relationship and very much two teens experiencing first love. They adore each other and make a great couple.They take turns "patrolling" AKA hunting for evil pixies and when they find one, they lock them in the pixie house surrounded by iron and assorted metals to keep them in. Then a new pixie king shows up in town and he insists he isn't like the others. He insists that some pixies can live side by side with humans and not kill them - provided the king has his queen to keep him in control. When a pixie king doesn't have a queen he loses control and not only himself but his own people/pixies go evil and feed off teen males' blood. A pixie king MUST have a queen to help him keep control. And the new pixie king in town, wants Zara to be his queen.Great story! Full of action, love, some teen sexual tension, humor, a bit of sadness and some real laugh out loud moments. My favorite laugh out loud moment was Zara teasing her werewolf boyfriend about his love of eating dog treats and peeing on fire hydrants!I had only one issue with the story and that was the end. A tragedy hits the town with multiple deaths that rock the entire town. Even the pixie hunting foursome suffer a huge blow, yet that doesn't stop them from going to a formal dance-huh? They should be attending funerals and crying their eyes out, yet they are picking out dresses for a dance. That didn't work for me on any level and I dearly wish the author had cut that out of the book. I'm guessing she kept it in so the book would have a 'happy ending' but in this case it did not work.
titania86 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Captivate picks up right after Need left off: princess and half pixie Zara and her friends have imprisoned her pixie king father and his followers in a house surrounded by iron. They continue to put pixies they find in with them because they don't want to kill them, but can't let them free. These pixies aren't like Tinkerbell where they just flit around and look cute: they delight in torturing and bleeding human boys. Now a new pixie king named Astley is trying to usurp her father's throne and take over. He insists he isn't like the other pixies and will make everything better. However, there are other pixies in the race as well that may be worse than Astley. Zara knows never to trust a pixie, but she can't help but believe some of the things he says. Should she trust him or trust Nick, her loyal werewolf boyfriend? Will her decision come too late to matter?Zara and her loyal band of friends are back. As in the first book, I like Zara and feel she's a strong female figure. She does make some really stupid decision I wanted to shake her for that kind of pushed it into Bella during New Moon territory. This novel addressed what I expected at the end of the first: Zara's conflict of practicality and personal morals. She and her friends locked up the pixies in a house, which was practical to stop the pixie attacks, but completely against her personal morals. Forcing them to live trapped in that house is akin to torture and she has trouble living with that, resulting in looking for other ways to deal with the problem. I also really like Issie. She's so sweet and kindhearted. She's a really good friend to Zara, even if Zara seems kind of insensitive to problems that aren't her own. Devyn kind of annoyed me with his weird attitude and blockheaded-ness. Of the new characters, I like Astley. He's the perfect mix of good, mysterious, and danger. He was the most compelling character of the novel. He revealed much more about different kinds of pixies than anyone ever before. I had to resist singing Never Gonna Give You Up by the incomparable Rick Astley in my head when I finally found out his name. Aside from the silly name, I look forward to more him in the next book in the series.Every chapter starts with tips in dealing with pixies. I don't think they are as good at foreshadowing events in the coming chapter or, frankly, as interesting. The narrative isn't as compelling to me in this novel because her descriptions of the setting weren't as present as in the first. I felt that Need is the better and more engaging book, but Captivate is a good book as well. Carrie Jones gets major, major kudos for two things: having the characters create a pixie survival guide inspired by Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide and Issie's mentions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am huge fans of both so my inner nerd leaped for joy. Even though the book is flawed, I really enjoyed it and happily wait for the next in the series.
59Square on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is Jones¿ second book in this series, and it is clearly not the last. I am guessing this must be a trilogy, as the story has ramped up quite a bit in this book. Zara found out in the last book that she was a Halfling ¿ a pixie princess. However, she and her shifter friends saved their small town from drowning in pixie-ness for that moment. In this book Zara begins to turn blue on a regular basis, any time she is around another pixie king who has come for her father¿s kingdom. Astley, the pixie king, convinces her that she needs to be his pixie queen, and after her boyfriend and true love, Nick, is killed, Zara agrees to do it. This is clearly one stage on the way to a huge, epic war. I still have some problems with this author, such as the fact that their high school keeps ending up with half fae people ¿ this book includes a girl who is half-elf. That is annoying, and only partially explained by the fact that their small Maine town is the place where this enormous war is going to take place. Zara sacrifices herself for her boyfriend, and while I can understand a teen thinking this way, I can¿t believe how quickly she agrees that turning pixie, with their enormous fangs, blue skin and tremendous powers, is a good idea. There is a weird combination of Norse mythology and faerie kingdoms that seems incongrous.
susanbevans on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Need (the first book in the series,) and was eager to get my hands on Captivate. As soon as it was available at my library I snatched it up! I devoured it in just a couple of days and was not disappointed. I love the direction the story is taking and the Norse mythology surrounding the fairies added an interesting depth to Jones' fictional world.Captivate is full of action - from page one - and has fantastic plot twists that kept this reader on the edge of her seat. The introduction of fascinating new characters as well as further development of favorite characters from Need, combine to make Captivate an exciting and well-written addition to this delightful series.
millett23 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book did seem a little predictable, but I still thought it was an okay book. It did feel a little forced and rushed at time, like there could of been a couple more chapters and the book could of survived more. overall, a good book.
readingdate on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Captivate is book 2 in the Need series. It has been a while since I read Need, but it was not hard at all to remember the characters and storyline and catch up with the story. Captivate continues right where Need left off. Zara, Nick, Issie and Devyn are still hunting pixies. These are mostly evil, killer pixies, not the nice, cute kind. Nick and Zara are a couple, she is half pixie and he is a werewolf/ shifter. Nick and Zara have more encounters with the pixies, and there is a war developing in the town between the weres and pixies. Sides will need to be chosen. Zara meets a pixie named Astley, who claims that not all pixies are killers, and some want to live peacefully. Zara works on coming to terms with her pixie side. That is all I can say before we get into spoiler territory!I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to get into and fast paced. There is lots of action, and some romance as well. I really hope there is another book in this series! The ending left me hanging, looking forward to the next book.
alesi1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Captivate is the 2nd book in the Need series. If you liked need you are going to love Captivate. Short Summary:Zara and her gang are still capturing pixies when 2 pixie kings start snooping around. There is lots of action and there are hard decisions to be made. I really don¿t want to write any spoilers and it is really hard to write a review with out giving anything away.My emotions when reading this book were as confused as Zara¿s. It has good twists. I was unable to predict what was going to happen. I was starting to be suspicious of a certain someone but it turned out to not be that way.
amberic on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book takes place right after Need did. Zara and Nick are so in love now. But there are pixies all over coming to their town. They are trying to find them all and trap them. Then a new Pixie King comes to town and he has his eyes set on making Zara his queen. He seems nice though and not like the other Pixies. He keeps popping up in her life and even saves her life. He doesn't try to force her to be with him though. He says he will only kiss her if she asks. Zara thinks she is pretty safe then. But when the Pixies they trapped break free and Nick is taken and her only chance to help rescue him is to turn into a Pixie, will she ask?