Cat Lovers: A Compendium

Cat Lovers: A Compendium

by Helena Chamberlain


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Cats have nestled their way into hearts around the world. It is not surprising that an animal so beautiful, mysterious, and enigmatic is so popular. With 600 million across the globe, cats are the most widespread pet.

Throughout history cats have always been a source of fascination—and in some cultures they were even worshipped. Domestic cats still take many of their characteristics from their wild ancestors: arresting eyes, elegant body shape, and the ability to rush into action at any time.

The cat (Felis catus), also known as the domestic cat or house cat, to distinguish it from other felines, is a small predatory carnivorous species, valued by human beings for its companionship and its ability to hunt vermin. As with so many other domesticated animals, cats have come to an arrangement with mankind that both parties enjoy. They provide us with companionship, and we feed them and offer a loving home.

Unlike with dogs, the development of breeds is a relatively new phenomenon. In the past, there was no need for man to manipulate the genetics of cats. As a result, cats have remained relatively unchanged physically compared to their wild ancestors. It is only recently that selective breeding for appearance has become established.

This useful book provides invaluable insight into the history, development, and care of cats, as well as their relationship with the people who love them. This fully illustrated book highlights beloved breeds and shows the intelligence and beauty of cats around the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781435169821
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About the Author

Helena Chamberlain has written and edited books on a wide range of natural history and wildlife subjects for all ages. She has a particular affection for cats and currently is the proud owner of a Maine Coon called Percy and a Ragdoll called Marigold. Helena is fortunate enough to live in the countryside of New England in a farmhouse, which provides plenty of space for her beloved cats to play and roam. She has a husband and three children.

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