by Addison Cain

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"Addison Cain's writing blows me away each time!" NYT Bestselling author Anna Zaires

I sold my soul to win her.

First to her devil of a father, then to the true devil himself. The price exacted nothing less than eternal fealty. A boon I'd gladly relinquish a thousand times over to possess the love of my dark Princess.

Though she may hate me. Though my desire chars my bones black. I will love her forever.

Virginal, devious, cruel, kind, she's desperate for freedom. Used, wounded, coddled, and spoiled—the only immortal who can walk in the sun—will be mine.

So long as I can remove her father from his ancient throne and place something far worse upon that seat of power.

Publisher's Note: Cathedral is a standalone novel in the Cradle of Darkness series culminating in an HEA. The horror prequel, Catacombs, will enrich the experience of this book but is not necessary. This story features complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

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BN ID: 2940161105405
Publisher: Addison Cain
Publication date: 11/18/2019
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About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author and Amazon Top 25 bestselling author, Addison Cain is best known for her dark romances, smoldering Omegaverse, and twisted alien worlds. Her antiheroes are not always redeemable, her lead females stand fierce, and nothing is ever as it seems.

Deep and sometimes heart wrenching, her books are not for the faint of heart. But they are just right for those who enjoy unapologetic bad boys, aggressive alphas, and a hint of violence in a kiss.

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Cathedral 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 55 reviews.
lvobrien 20 days ago
I loved Addison Cain’s story. There’s something about a woman (daywalker) who can dish out the venom and disdain for her existence. It was sarcastic and beautiful with all the clever words. So much so that I could feel Jade’s contempt. Her hunger. Her pain. “Jade was a terrible vampire, a terrible human, but for a daywalker… she was everything.” And for anyone who read “Catacombs”, it will click on who Jade is. And Darius, just when you think he couldn’t have been any worse, here he is in “Cathedral”. And Malcolm. I can’t decide whether I like him or not. He has the whole tortured soul that Ms. Cain is famous for—whether it’s unrequited love, lust or obsession—in his case, maybe a bit of all three. “Cathedral is a paranormal horror story coupled with psychological suspense and elements of erotica that makes for compelling reading even as you’re questioning your reading choices for the umpteenth time. Will there be a happy ending? Well you’ll have to read it to find out.
Anonymous 2 days ago
I finished this book and had to take the rest of the night off in contemplation. This book blew my mind.What a delicious, crazy rollercoaster of feels packaged in the darkness we love. Addison Cain has outdone herself and has firmly maintained her control as the reigning queen of darkness. Awe inspiring is not nearly powerful enough to describe this book. You need this in your life.
Anonymous 2 days ago
Addison Cain's writing takes you into another world, grabs on and never lets go. This book is not for the faint of heart. It is dark and twisted and is a love story like no other. It is gripping and captivating. Get ready to be pulled into a world of vsmpires unlike anything you've read before.
Shannon Morgan 14 days ago
This was perfection! I read it all in one sitting and loved every minute. The characters were fascinating, intoxicating. It is dark, yes, but the darkness is exactly the way it should be from word one. The wonderful little return at the end and maybe, possibly, more to come. So, so good!! Thank you Ms. Cain.
fantasylandblog 14 days ago
Cathedral will take you for a dark, dirty, and twisted ride through Jade's life as the devil's child. Jade is nothing but a pawn for Darius to become stronger and more political in the human world. All Jade knows is what she remembers and has been told. Little does she know that she shouldn't rely solely on her memory. Malcolm, well, he is one of those characters that you either love or hate. We met him in the first book, Catacombs. So I liked him in that book, and I have to say I grew to love him in this one. He is a vamp, so you can not expect him to have a soul. And even though you want him to be the night and shining armor, do not assume that, or at least not in the ordinary sense. Cathedral is an intriguing story, and if you enjoy vampire stories, this is a must-read.
goldie642 16 days ago
Dark, twisted, intense, and HOT in more than one way, Addison Cain takes us to the "Cathedral." If you've read Catacombs, then you'll have the backstory. If not, then be prepared to meet King Darius, Lucifer, his daughter Jade, and her guardian Malcom. Vampires that will keep you glued to the pages until they run out. No character will leave you untouched; you'll either love them or love to hate them. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book and wanted to give my honest and voluntary review. Truthfully, you don't want to miss this one.
Bookmum 18 days ago
Addison Cain, Vampires and sex(!!!) What more could you ask for??? This is a story that started in catacombs, which you do not need to read to understand cathedral. Cathedral is a love story not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Jade lives a "privileged" sad existence, a day Walker and daughter to king Darius (and another, catacombs spoiler) Jade is forced to perform tasks to appease her father even she resents them,and not performing would bring her father's wrath upon her. While Jade is strong in her own right I don't believe she is the strongest character Addison has written. Now if we were talking about pearl..... Let's not put any spoilers in this shall we. Malcolm, who has loved Jade since the beginning, is Jade's watcher essentially. Malcolm it took a minute to warm up to him just because you really don't know what side he's on or where he's coming from. Malcolm works for the king and he knows oh so many things, just will they come to light? Jade and Malcolm are both tortured "souls"who you wish a happy ending upon. Another great book by The amazing Addison Cain but then again what has she written that is not amazing?! That was a trick question. Oh what is this I hear a plot twist?!...
AutumnLeePA 18 days ago
And here I thought that I couldn't love anything more than I did Catacombs. I. Was. Wrong! The depth and richness of this story is unparalleled. Cathedral is darkness personified! I am a sucker for a good vampire story, anyway. But, this? This world that Ms. Cain has created is paranormal, vampiric genius!! Do yourself a favor and come immerse yourself in the twisted imaginings of Addison Cain's Cathedral!
Anonymous 19 days ago
I'm not sure how a story can be so dark, but end so well. Especially since Addison Cain enjoys torturing her characters so much. If you are new to Cain's writing this is the perfect book to start with. Its dark, but not as soul crushing (in a good way) as some of her other stories. Its the perfect book if you want something intense, but still light. Malcolm loves and protects Jade from afar as much as he can without giving himself away to her father. Even having to watch her relationships with other men play out in front of him.
RoseyLovesBooks 19 days ago
Daywalker Jade is Lucifer's daughter but she's definitely not daddy's little girl. Jade must do her father's bidding or suffer the consequences, and being tortured once is enough to convince Jade to never disobey him again. What happens after Jade's served her purpose? Note: this story ends on a cliffhanger. Cathedral is a dark, debauched and intriguing story that will suck you in. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Kasey_Marie 19 days ago
Addison Cain is a Goddess when it comes to the dark and macabre. Once again I spent my night devouring her new twisted tale of steamy vampires, violence, and manipulation. Every page had me craving the next and I couldn’t put it down. Cathedral definitely has a way of making you question your morals and your deepest, darkest desires. Just the way I like it!
Triciacoker 20 days ago
I've been hooked on the Cradle of Darkness since we met Pearl in Catacombs. She was engaging, Darius was monstrous and I could not wait for the next part. Addison has given us Jade, instead - The daughter of Darius, who is just as engaging as Pearl was. She's strong, at times, weak at others, and oh so intriguing. The hatred she carries for Malcolm, who watches over her and cares for her, is so entertaining it draws you in, but this is no light read. These are dark individuals with dark desires and their story is not for the faint of heart. I like to cheer for Jade and love and hate Darius while rooting for Malcolm and I encourage ever reader who enjoys Addison's books to try this one out too. If you don't read Catacombs first, you won't be lost in Cathedral, but it does give a nice prelude I encourage everyone to read first if they can.
Anonymous 20 days ago
I've loved Malcolm since I first met him in Once Bitten. I only love him more now! Jade too, but Malcolm is my real love! What can I say, I have dark tastes? I even liked Vladislov! This was a deliciously dark and tasty tale... if you like dark romance and/or vampire tales, I definitely recommend it!!
KaylaCruz 20 days ago
Addison Cain brings you another sinfully delicious story. The queen of everything bodily fluid and dark, she doesn't disappoint in this beautifully written romance. Folks, you wont be disappointed if this type of tea is up your alley.
Anonymous 20 days ago
Can love exist in Hell? I knew Addison Cain writes a great story, but let me tell you. This is the best book she has ever written. I don’t know where she comes up with plots she uses and the plot of this book is totally different from anything else I’ve ever read. She has you feeling sorry for the residents in hell and paints the true face of politicians and affluent people in the story. Keep writing please Addison!
Jenny_B_AZ 20 days ago
After reading this I realized how much I have missed vampire reads. Hands down I think this is one of Addison's best books yet. It was full of suspense and kept me on my toes the entire time and wondering what to expect next. I fond the characters to be deliciously dark and everything I love in paranormal.
tepaj 20 days ago
Bloody hell. Addison Cain does not disappoint at all! If you didn't read the novella in the anthology "Bite Me", no worries as you won't be missing out. This is the full length version where you find out the lengths true love will make someone go to to protect and cherish the one they love, especially when they are existing in true hell. If you are a fan, don't miss out on this book!
dbxmom 20 days ago
This one is dark! If you have read any of Addison Cain's stories you will know that she loves dragging her readers down into dark holes that are full of pain and suffering, so extreme you don't know how you will survive the book. This is one of those. It's also beautiful and emotional, and captivating to the very end. And that ending.... OMG! One of my favorite things about Addison writing is her broken female characters. They have inner strength, but they are also so damaged. You can't help but want to protect them. She has a way of taking their pain and forcing you to feel it with them. That emotional connection, as well as her beautiful storytelling grab you and keep you glued to the story. I would comment that I can't wait for the next one, but it's never a good idea to expose your weaknesses to a sadist. However, I'm inviting all the masochists to join me in my torturous wait for the rest of this incredible series.
MaddieE72 20 days ago
Man, this book plays tricks with your mind and then some. A take off dark, twisted, craziness and so much steam that it's going to make your head spin.
Rebecca Shelton 20 days ago
This was the continuation of Jade and Malcolm's story that we originally started in an earlier anthology. This is that story from there repeated for clarity and flow and then it continues on to its conclusion which I was defiantly more than ready for. So it’s the full book rather than the taster we were originally given. This is dark and brutal and brutal and everything else you have come to expect from this particular author. A riveting page-turner of a read than I inhaled in one complete sitting. Darius was again the sadistic father of the year we have come to expect from our previous interactions with him, while Malcolm seemingly the king's right-hand vampire works behind the scenes protecting his beloved Jade. Despite appearances to the contrary for him, she is what is important. I really liked where this went and it was a satisfying conclusion for all involved. Reading Catacombs the short story set in this world is not essential but will definitely enhance the whole experience giving you the insight to catch small nuances delivered here that you oversize might miss and also understand the back story itself. This is definitely not going to be a story for everyone it's not pretty and certainly doesn't pull its punches in terms of its dark content but if you have read this author previously you will have an idea what you're in store for. A dark vampire romance with some serious bite. I voluntary reviewed a copy of Cathedral.
Anonymous 20 days ago
This is not your typical happy ever after. It is an emotional journey of battling inner demons as well as outer ones in order to get the happy ending. Jade learns so much about herself with the help of a man she was made to hate by her fathers manipulative abilities to erase or change memories. Find happiness through the help of the love of an suppose enemy and a demon more powerful then the one you want to be free from. Addison has out done herself!
Anonymous 20 days ago
This is not your typical happy ever after. It is an emotional journey of battling inner demons as well as outer ones in order to get the happy ending. Jade learns so much about herself with the help of a man she was made to hate by her fathers manipulative abilities to erase or change memories. Find happiness through the help of the love of an suppose enemy and a demon more powerful then the one you want to be free from. Addison has out done herself!
jami-kehr 20 days ago
OMG! This book is crazy! Cain doesn't disappoint! Like one of those mind blown kind of books! You don't want it to end even if the ending you're given is perfection! There aren't enough stars to give this one justice. If you're a fan of Cain's work then this is definitely up your alley. She goes above and beyond in the writing and storytelling. A must read and for sure one of the top five favorite reads of the year!
Anonymous 21 days ago
Could not be more perfect. The evolution of pacing for this story is everything to satisfy your heart's desires. Trapped in an incurious cycle of defeat, degradation and humiliation, Jade's escape and rehabilitation is deftly handled by the author, Addison Cain. Jade's transformation is so beautifully done with meticulous care given to her mental and physical state. All the while, devoted Malcom stands sentinel. I was impressed and floored by the pacing of the story. Not once did it seem that the ending was wrapped up conveniently or in a hurried state. Nor was a magic wand waved to fix all of the female protagonist's issues. They are still there, but the raw captivated glimpses belie her fragile new state. It's a fantastic underdog story with all the gravitas of birthright and rightful retribution. Everyone gets what is due to them including Malcom for "he was no gentleman. Gentlemen didn't gain the rank he had in my father's court. They didn't [...] steal the princesses for themselves." Who knew Addison Cain could write a sumptuous, riveting, and gratifying Happily Ever After book. It's a new take on paranormal vampires set in New York like everyone else's favorite assassin who happens to love dogs. It's modern with real current events playing in. This complete book can be devoured over and over again without worrying about diminishing returns. Looking forward to what comes next with The Relic.
Heart5 22 days ago
What began in Catacombs continues here with Jade's story. Jade tries to make her way in a world ruled by her father. Desperate for more day walkers and more political favor, her father uses her sexuality like another weapon in his arsenal. Enter Malcolm, her protector, and the only being interested in Jade for who she really is. Even in the darkness, the author manages to insert bits and pieces of romance between the two vampires. The world building in this one is good, as the author manages to blend modern day with a dark vampire world. The author insert lots of fine details for each of the characters and the world. The ending left me feeling like I missed a lot of detail and honestly made me want to start over. This one is definitely worth reading. Heed the dark warning though, when Addison Cain says dark, she means dark. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.