Cecille Farrington and the Bone Cup

Cecille Farrington and the Bone Cup

by Milford Slabaugh

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Cecille Farrington and the Bone Cup by Milford Slabaugh

Gay erotic adventure with explicit language. Cecille Farrington is not your typical British aristocrat, when not caring for his pet alligators, he's on the road to high adventure. And when Gordon, a young American with an odd cup carved from bone comes to him looking for help, he and Cecille head out for an adventure loaded with car crashes, dangerous traps and of course, lots of hot gay sex. A 100,000 word double-length novel!

Excerpt from the novel:

“Cecille!” Gordon screamed as he hung by one hand to the ladder up the side of the train car. It was the wrong hand! With his face toward the train, he couldn’t get the other one around without falling! The vibration of the moving train, inconsequential when seated and only mildly disorienting while walking about, was like an earthquake pounding his world! He felt his fingers slipping, slipping! There was another set of train tracks beneath him, and a train from the other direction approaching it, if he fell, he’d be run over! Oh God! And he was slipping, he was falling! He was going to die! “Ahhhhh!” he yelled in sheer terror!

And a long, strong arm reached down and grabbed him by his wrist! He was dangling once again, but now it was by Cecille’s hand around his wrist! Cecille swung him like a rag doll, and that was all to the good, because it brought his body up to the ladder, and he got his feet on the bottom rung and that was enough, he got his other foot by its side and both hands on the rungs above that and he was safe!

Almost! That other train was going to pass so close! He knew the space between two trains was nearly ten feet, maybe more, but it looked like he would be crushed!

“Come on, up here!” Cecille encouraged him and it galvanized him into action. He swarmed up the ladder like the train was holding still and got onto the shuddering top of it, rounded but there were steps just here where the ladder was and he made it up to the top. Got up there and hugged the roof like it was his best friend! As if it understood, the train slowed, it must be approaching a station up ahead.

“Company!” Cecille warned and he saw where Cecille was pointing. The car just ahead of theirs in the line, there were men climbing up it. If he had any doubts about their identity, that was quelled when the first figure made it on top of the train and still lying there, fired in their direction!

“He’s got a gun!” Gordon yelled. “Get down!”

“No. We have to jump!” Cecille yelled back. The noise up here was incredible, with the second train approaching them. And they were approaching a rather long bridge across a river, the tracks making a jig inwards that shook them hard, and now the trains WERE side by side!

Gordon looked down, and it was a steep slope to the river on the other side. “Are you insane?” Gordon yelled. “It’d be safer to dive down a mountainside!”

“Not that way!” Cecille shouted. “Onto the other train!”

“Now I know you’re crazy!” Gordon shouted back. “We’ll fall!”

“Not if you aim it right!”

“I’m not going to jump that!” A bullet “wheeted” past his ear and he got hastily to his feet. “Say when to jump!”

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BN ID: 2940013616486
Publisher: Milford Slabaugh
Publication date: 07/17/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 399 KB

About the Author

I have been writing since the age of eight and sold my first short story at eighteen. I started writing gay erotica about 1985 and started my gay erotica webpage, Tommyhawk's Fantasy World circa 1990. It became a paysite in 1995 and I wrote hundreds of short stories and series for it. I am now in the process of closing this paysite for financial reasons and am pleased to have eBooks as a viable way to continue to offer my writings to interested readers.

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Cecille Farrington and the Bone Cup 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
JacksonJG More than 1 year ago
A very good,  but crazy, adventure story with very heavy on the sex!!   ( In fact,  I don't know how they managed to walk.)