Chance for Love (Gansett Island Series #10.5)

Chance for Love (Gansett Island Series #10.5)

by Marie Force


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Billionaire Jared James has everything a man could ever want except for the one thing money can’t buy…


A Gansett Island Novella

After forty days holed up in his house on Gansett Island nursing a broken heart, Jared James decides enough is enough. Determined to snap out of the funk he slipped into after his girlfriend refused his marriage proposal, Jared organizes a party for the friends who’ve seen him through the worst of his heartache. Now if only he could stop thinking about the love of his life and how he will survive the rest of his days without her…

She was Elisabeth all her life until Jared made her his Lizzie…

Elisabeth “Lizzie” Sutter knows she has no business chasing Jared after she turned down his lovely, heartfelt marriage proposal in a moment of sheer panic. It didn’t take long for her to realize how foolish she’d been. Now all she can do is hope it’s not too late to set things right with the one man she can’t live without…

Chance for Love, a USA Today bestseller: 25,000 words

The Gansett Island Series

Book 1: Maid for Love (Mac & Maddie)

Book 2: Fool for Love (Joe & Janey)

Book 3: Ready for Love (Luke & Sydney)

Book 4: Falling for Love (Grant & Stephanie)

Book 5: Hoping for Love (Evan & Grace)

Book 6: Season for Love (Owen & Laura)

Book 7: Longing for Love (Blaine & Tiffany)

Book 8: Waiting for Love (Adam & Abby)

Book 9: Time for Love (Daisy & David)

Book 10: Meant for Love (Jenny & Alex)

Book 10.5: Chance for Love, A Gansett Island Novella (Jared & Lizzie)

Book 11: Gansett After Dark (Owen & Laura)

Book 12: Kisses After Dark (Shane & Katie)

Book 13: Love After Dark (Paul & Hope)

Book 14: Celebration After Dark (Big Mac & Linda)

Book 15: Desire After Dark (Slim & Erin)

Book 16: Light After Dark (Mallory & Quinn)

Book 17: Episode 1: Victoria & Shannon

Book 18: Episode 2: Kevin & Chelsea

Book 19: Mine After Dark (Rile & Nikki)

Book 20: Yours After Dark (Finn & Chloe)

Book 21: Trouble After Dark (Deacon & Julia)

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991418213
Publisher: HTJB, Inc.
Publication date: 01/11/2014
Series: Gansett Island Series
Pages: 94
Sales rank: 473,257
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

With more than 4 million books sold, Marie Force is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling, award-winning author of more than 40 contemporary romances. Her New York Times bestselling self-published Gansett Island Series has sold 2 million e-books since Maid for Love was released in 2011. She is also the author of the New York Times bestselling Fatal Series from Harlequin's Carina Press, as well as the New York Times bestselling Green Mountain Series from Berkley Sensation, among other books and series. Marie's new erotic Quantum Trilogy was released under the name of M.S. Force in April 2015, and all three books were New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. The trilogy is now set to become a series.

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Chapter 1

It’s high time to end the pity party. That was the thought Jared James woke up with on the fortieth day after the love of his life turned down his marriage proposal.

On that Friday morning in late July, Jared woke to the sound of seagulls and surf pounding against the rocks that abutted his property on Gansett Island—and to this somewhat major development in the midst of his retreat from real life. As he did every morning, he thought of his girlfriend, Elisabeth—“with an S,”she always said. His ex-girlfriend now…

He’d called her Lizzie, a nickname she’d always hated until he decided she washisLizzie. Over time, he’d convinced her she loved the nickname as much as she loved him. As he had every day since it all went so bad, he thought of the night he’d taken her to a rooftop restaurant in Manhattan, which had been reserved just for them. He recalled his carefully planned proposal and the look of utter shock and dismay on her face when she realized what he was asking.

She’d shaken her head, which meantnoin every language he spoke.She actually said no. That was the part he still couldn’t believe more than a month later. He hadn’t seen that coming. It hadn’t occurred to him for a second that she’d say no. When he’d gotten down on one knee, he’d pictured an entirely different outcome. He’d imagined a tearful acceptance, kissing and hugging and dancing.

There’d been champagne chilling for the celebration that hadn’t happened. He’d had the company Learjet waiting at Teterboro to whisk her off to Paris for a romantic long weekend. She’d always wanted to go there, and he was set to make all her dreams come true, starting with that one.

She’d saidno.

He hadn’t heard much of what she said after she shook her head in reply to his heartfelt question. The movement of her head in a negative direction had hit him like a fist to the gut. There’d been tears, not the happy kind he’d hoped for, but rather the grief-stricken sort, the kind that come when everything that could go wrong did. He knew about those tears. He’d shed a lot of them over the last five weeks.

In all his thirty-eight years, he’d never shed a tear over a woman until he’d finally given his heart to one, only to see it crushed to smithereens after the best year of his life. He had vague memories of standing up, of staring at her tearstained face as she continued to shake her head and tried to make him understand.

But he hadn’t heard a word she said. It was all noise that refused to permeate the fog that had infiltrated his brain. He’d walked away and taken a cab to the garage where he kept his car. He’d driven for hours to get the first ferry of the morning to the home he’d bought on Gansett Island a couple of years ago and had barely seen since. He’d been too busy to spend time on the island.

Now he had nothing but time after taking an indefinite leave of absence from work.

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