Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential

Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential

by Ilchi Lee




Change is inevitable. Both personally and globally, change drives our lives. Despite the new opportunities change can bring, many of us resist and fear it, even as we long for a healthier lifestyle or agree we need a more sustainable culture.

Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential turns this unavoidable condition of life from something fearsome to something empowering by revealing a new perspective on reality. The way we were taught to think of the world is not the way it really is. We are not a mosaic of separate beings in competition for resources. Instead, each of us is an integral part of a whole that encompasses all creation.

We are an intrinsic driver behind the force of change. As such, our creative potential is limitless. That potential comes from what author Ilchi Lee discovered over the course of his inner explorations that each of us has a beautiful mind that desires to benefit all beings. This inherent nature is our true greatness and the true power to solidify the changes we envision in our personal lives and the world.

Change is urgently needed; the current course of our civilization is no longer tenable. But major changes are not feasible, Lee says, unless we begin with changing ourselves. He says we can start a big change, no matter how daunting it is, with changing our personal attitudes and energy. Change tells you how.

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Publication date: 10/01/2013
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About the Author

Ilchi Lee is a respected educator, mentor, and innovator devoted to developing the awakened brain and teaching energy principles. Author of 35 books, Lee is the founder of Dahn Yoga and Brain Education System Training (BEST), techniques designed to enhance human potential and quality of life through mind-body training methods. He began Sedona Mago Retreat, a place for spiritual awakening and serves as president of the Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), the University of Brain Education (UBE), the Global Cyber University in South Korea, and the International Brain Education Association.

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Recognizing Nothing as one's true nature, following the guidance of our conscience -- the absolute truthfulness that comes from Nothing -- having a clear distinction between absolute and relative values, and using the Earth as the external absolute scale that matches the internal absolute truthfulness. This is where we have come on our journey together through these pages. How does this description sound to you? If it sounds close and natural to you, and if you can resonate with it, I would say it means your consciousness has gone through an unimaginable transformation during this conversation. You may well be proud of yourself even though your true nature, Nothing, doesn't have anything to feel attached to, or proud of.

However, this is not yet the destination that I desired to reach. You may have found this journey delightful and liberating, but actually the most exciting part is just about to begin. So far, our conversation has been about knowing and being, more specifically knowing what we really are and being it in reality.

From this point, this journey is about creating. Creating the changes that we desire in our personal lives, creating the reality that we desire to experience, and eventually creating the world that we wish for ourselves, others, and the generations to come. . . .

We all want to find the key to turning our desires and dreams into reality, the secret to utilizing the theory that "thoughts become things." Proponents of the Law of Attraction advocate the power of positive thoughts, which, they say, will act like magnets to bring results your way. Similarly, followers of The Secret will say, "Hold your desires firmly in mind -- for your soul mate, financial success, better health, or whatever is important to you -- and it will manifest in your life." These teachings imply, or state boldly, that you can make things happen just by holding ideas or images of what you desire in your mind.

The problem is that this secret doesn't appear to work for everybody. So you may find yourself wondering, "If the principles of quantum physics apply to everything, if it's true that observation by the conscious mind has the power to turn possibilities into reality, why doesn't my observation, my attention, affect or

change things around me?"

In response, I would ask you two questions:

1. Is it truly a good thing for you if your thoughts become


2. Do you really observe?

Table of Contents

Introduction: Discovering Our True Greatness 1

Chapter 1 We Need to Change 9

Chapter 2 What Are We Really? 33

Chapter 3 Life Particles 54

Chapter 4 The True Power to Change the World 84

Chapter 5 The Absolute Scale 106

Chapter 6 Your Creative Mind and Awakened Brain 133

Chapter 7 Invitation to a Great Experiment 172

Epilogue: Change Is Possible 211

Acknowledgments 215

Resources 217

About the Author 219

Index 221

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