Change with Confidence: Answers to the 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night

Change with Confidence: Answers to the 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night

by Phil Buckley


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ISBN-13: 9781118556559
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/18/2013
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

PHIL BUCKLEY is a senior change management professionalwith over twenty years of experience developing and executingchange strategies to achieve aggressive business goals acrossglobal businesses in Canada, the Americas, and the UK. He hasmanaged twenty-seven large-scale change projects, most recentlyco-leading global change management for the $19.6 billion KraftFoods acquisition of Cadbury with a team of forty change leadsacross sixty countries.

His change assignments include mergers and acquisitions,demergers, organization restructurings, efficiency drives, cultureinitiatives, business model developments, strategy creation anddeployments, downsizings, systems implementations, andorganizational capability developments. Phil's practical experienceworking on change initiatives in twenty countries has taught himhow to help people make lasting changes within their localenvironments and to give them the results they need. He is afrequent public speaker on change, including hundreds of corporatekeynote presentations, business facilitations, and college teachingclasses. His weekly blog is at

Table of Contents

Preface xi


The Plan 3

1. What do I bring to the project? 4

2. How do I identify what needs to change? 7

3. What have we done before, and did it work? 12

4. What other change projects are going on? 16

Communication 21

5. Who are the stakeholders who can influence success? 22

6. What is the water cooler talk about your proposed change-26

Getting Results 31

7. What do I need to know before I commit to deliverables-32

8. How do I measure success? 36

9. Will the change actually achieve the desired outcome? 40

10. How do I avoid scope creep? 43


The Plan 51

11. What does a good plan look like? 52

12. How do I get the budget to do it right? 56

13. What governance is required to run the project? 59

14. How do I prepare people to work in new ways? 65

15. How do I reduce risk? 70

Resources 75

16. How do I know what resources I need? 76

17. What makes a good project manager? 81

18. How do I get the best people to join the project team? 85

19. How do I know if a consultant can help me? 88

20. How do I set up the project team for success? 93

Communication 99

21. How do I get the leaders to personally commit to theproject? 100

22. How can I help leaders prepare for their roles? 104

23. How do I describe the better future my project will bring08

24. How do I get people to care about my project? 112

25. How do I make my project the highest priority? 116

26. How do I communicate to the organization? 119


The Plan 127

27. How do I manage my day job, change project, and life28

28. When is the organization ready for big change? 132

Resources 137

29. How should we celebrate wins? 138

30. How do I get more resources if I need them? 143

31. How do I avoid losing team members? 147

32. What do I do if someone is pulled from my team? 152

33. How do I keep the project team energized? 156

Communication 161

34. How do I manage my stakeholders? 162

35. How can I minimize change fatigue? 167

36. How do I overcome resistance? 172

37. How do I know communications are working? 177

38. How do I get a leader back on side? 181

39. How do I get a new business leader’s support? 184

40. What do I do when I don’t know what to do? 187

41. How do I communicate a delay in the project? 191

42. How do I demonstrate progress? 196


The Plan 203

43. How do I prevent the return of old ways of working? 204

44. How do I hand over responsibilities to the business? 207

45. How do I record lessons learned? 211

46. How do I reenter the business? 215

Resources 219

47. How do I plan for post-launch support? 220

48. How do I reward the team? 225

Getting Results 229

49. How do I keep the change alive? 230

50. How do I show that the project was a success? 234

Afterword 239

Acknowledgments 241

Notes 243

Index 247

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Change with Confidence: Answers to the 50 BiggestQuestions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night by Phil Buckley isan excellent primer for those in change management ... Change withConfidence is practical, useful and absolutely crucial for thosetasked with change management in their organizations. It’seasy to read (Buckley eschews useless jargon and complex butimpractical theories), and organized in such a manner thatit’s a breeze looking for the answer to your specificproblem. With this in hand, you shouldn’t need to feel out ofdepth when you’re assigned to the next changeproject.“
—Daniel Goh, Young Upstarts Blog

“If you lead change, it will be needed.”
—Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail

“Phil Buckley, in his new book Change With Confidenceprovides practical answer to fifty of the biggest questions thatkeep change leaders up at night... Here are ten of the keyquestions that apply equally well to the world of startups andentrepreneurs, as they do to large organizations. If entrepreneursanswer these questions for their startup, they will definitely stayahead of most of their competitors in the startup world. When wasthe last time you approached change with confidence, rather thanfighting it all the way?”
—Martin Zwilling,

Change with Confidence by Phil Buckley is a great handbook forworking through a big change project.Buckley's approach ispeople-centered and emphasizes the responsibility of change andorganizational leaders... This book can help any change projectfrom beginning to end and help you grow as a leader in the process.“
—Michael McKinney, Leading Blog

“If you’ve ever asked yourself “how can I makea difference?” in leading change at your organization, addChange with Confidence to your reading list. While the book isgreat for finding answers to questions as the arise, in a perfectworld, project managers and change leaders would sit down and readcover to cover so they can adequately plan for every step along theway. Change management is just as much about advanced planning asit learning to adapt to new situations as they arise. By learningto change with confidence, the future of the social enterprisedoesn't look so stagnant.”
—Marisa Peacock , CMS Wire

I highly recommend the essential and indispensable book Changewith Confidence: Answers to the 50Biggest Questions that KeepChange Leaders Up at Night by Phil Buckley, to any leaders at anylevel of an organization, who are currently involved in changemanagement or who anticipate a change project in the near future.This book will remove the questions and doubt, for change leadersand managers, and replace them with confidence andresolve.”
—Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

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