Charts of Ancient and Medieval Church History

Charts of Ancient and Medieval Church History

by John D. Hannah, Johnd Hannah


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ISBN-13: 9780310233169
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 10/28/2001
Series: ZondervanCharts
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 8.44(w) x 10.69(h) x 0.44(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Dr. John D. Hannah (ThD, PhD) is distinguished professor of historical theology at Dallas Theological Seminary and research professor of theological studies. He has received numerous awards and has written several books, including The Glory of God Alone, The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History, and Our Legacy: A History of Christian Doctrine.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Church History in a Nutshell
1.A Panoramic View of Christian History
2.The Meaning of Universal History: God's Glory Revealed, Redemption Accomplished
3.A Summary of Church History
4.The Divisions of History
5.A Protestant View of Church History
The Ancient Period of Church History (from Christ to 600)
6.The History of the Church: The Ancient Period
7.Prominent Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean
8.Prominent Cities in the West
The Age of the Apostles (from Christ to 100)
9.The Setting of the Church
10.The History of Israel: The Intertestamental Era
11.History of the Intertestamental Era and the Jews
12.The Division of Alexander's Empire
13.The Maccabean Revolt
14.The Life of Jesus Christ
15.Palestine in Christ's Day
16.Politics of Palestine in Christ's Day
17.The Beginning of the Church
18.Paul's First Missionary Journey
19.Paul's Second Missionary Journey
20.Paul's Third Missionary Journey
21.Paul's Journey to Rome
22.Paul's Release Journeys
23.The Diaspora and the Churches of the First Century
The Age of the Earliest Church Fathers (from 100 to 150)
24.The Earliest Church Fathers
25.The History of the Rise of the Episcopacy
26.The Concept of Authority in the Early Church
27.The Components of Early Church Government
28.The Earliest Church Fathers and End-Time Events
The Age of the Apologists (from 150 to 300)
29.The Apologists
30.Early Church Writers and Writings
31.Emperors and Persecutions
32.The Schools of Thought in Early Christianity
33.Justin Martyr's Apologetics
34.Clement of Alexandria on Philosophy
35.Clement of Alexandria on Levels of Christian Experience
36.The Apologists and Their Understanding of Christ
37.Irenaeus and the Recapitulation Theory of the Atonement
38.Origen and the Ransom-to-Satan View of the Atonement
39.Baptism in the Early Church
40.Baptism and Salvation in the Early Church
41.The Lord's Supper in the Early Church
42.The Apologists and End-Time Events
43.Gnosticism: Perplexing Questions
44.Essential Components of Gnosticism
45.Gnosticism's Concept of Salvation
48.Gnosticism and Marcionism Compared
50.Church-State Relations
51.The Response of the Ancient Church to Heresy
52.The Old Roman Symbol: A Baptismal Confession
53.The Major Bishoprics in the Roman Empire
54.The Church in the Roman Empire
55.Christians in the Roman Empire
The Triumph of the Church over the Empire (from 300 to 600)
56.The Major Churchmen of the Period
57.The Major Councils of the Early Church
58.Adoptionism: An Attempt to Explain Christ
59.Modalism: An Attempt to Explain Christ
60.Adoptionism and Modalism Compared
62.Arianism: The Opponents and the Issue
63.The Nicene Creed (325)
64.The Arian Controversy and Trinitarianism
65.The Resurgence of Arianism
66.Trinitarianism (Error Avoided)
67.The Doctrine of God: Perspectives in the Christian Era
68.The Trinity and the Incarnate Christ Compared
69.The Major Schools of Thought in the Fourth-Century Christological Debates
70.Apollinarianism (A Denial of the Humanity of Christ)
71.The Creed of Constantinople (381)
72.Nestorianism (A Divided Christ: Denial of Unity)
73.Eutychianism (Monophysitism) (A United Christ: Denial of Duality)
74.The Creed of Chalcedon (451)
75.The Creed of Constantinople (553)
76.The Debate over Christology: The Rending of the Catholic Church
77.The Divisions of the Catholic Church
78.The Life of Pelagius
79.The Anthropology of Pelagius
80.The Ecclesiastical and Literary Career of Augustine
81.The Anthropology of Augustine
82.Pelagius and Augustine: A Study in Contrast
83.Pelagius and Augustine Compared
84.Augustine on Freedom of Choice
85.Augustine's Theory of History: The Two Cities
86.Augustine and the Triumph of Amillennialism
87.Augustine and the Nature of the Church
88.The Development of Monasticism
89.John Cassian and Cooperative Grace
90.Divine Grace and the Synod Of Orange (529)
91.Basic Views in the Sin-and-Grace Controversy
92.Basic Views of Grace Summarized
93.Early Medieval Christianity and Baptism
The Medieval Period of Church History (from 600 to 1500)
94.The Emerging Power of the Medieval Church
95.The Rise of Episcopacy and Papacy in the Church
96.Europe in the Time of Gregory the Great (590-604)
97.The Medieval Church: Social Disintegration and Religious Renewal
98.The History of the Doctrine of Salvation in the Ancient and Medieval Church
99.The Emergence of the Roman Catholic Church
100.The Development of Roman Catholic Theology
101.Political Structures in the Medieval Period
102.The Carolingian Empire during the Time of Charles the Great
103.The Breakup of the Carolingian Empire
104.Viking Raids and Expansion
105.Missionary Activity in the Medieval Period
106.The Spread of the Church: The Witness of Vernacular Translations
107.Missionary Expansion to England
108.Christianity among British and Germanic Peoples
The Rise of the Islamic Faith
109.The History of Islam
110.The Spread of Islam
111.The Five Pillars of Islam
The Continuing Christological Controversy
113.The Creed of Constantinople (680)
The Division of the Church: West and East
114.Constantine's New Capital: The Seeds of Division
115.The Filioque Controversy
116.The History of the Orthodox Church: An Eastern Perspective
117.The Debate over Authority: The Rending of the (Chalcedonian) Catholic Church
The Crusades
118.The Path of the Medieval Crusades
119.The Crusades and the Kingdom of Jerusalem
120.The Major Monasteries of the Middle Ages
121.The Religious Orders of the Medieval Period
122.The Rise of Scholasticism
123.The Emerging Universities of Europe
124.University Curricula
125.The Introduction of Aristotle's Writings into Western Theology
126.Scholastic Approaches to Knowing
127.Anselm and the Meaning of the Atonement
128.Abelard and the Meaning of the Atonement
129.The Anselmic and Abelardian Theories in Protestantism
130.Peter Lombard: The Source and Application of Merit
131.Peter Lombard: The Concept of Grace
132.Peter Lombard: The Seven Sacraments as Means of Grace
133.Peter Lombard: The Seven Sacraments Explained
134.The History of the Doctrine of the Lord's Supper
135.Transubstantiation: The Roman Catholic View of the Lord's Table
136.The Accomplishments of Christ: A Treasury of Merit
137.Thomas Aquinas and Merit through an Increase of Grace
138.Thomas Aquinas: Divine Redemption and Merit
139.Thomas Aquinas and Justification: Forgiveness without Righteousness
140.Thomas Aquinas: The Steps to Salvation
141.Thomas Aquinas and Transubstantiation
142.Thomas Aquinas: The Role of Baptism
143.The Importance of Thomas Aquinas in the Roman Catholic Tradition
144.Thomas Aquinas and the Reformers: Views of Justification Compared
145.William of Ockham and Gabriel Biel: The Steps to Salvation
146.The Reformation Traditions: Different Views of the Past
The Fracturing of the Church: The Need for Reform
147.The Church on the Eve of the Reformation
148.How the Reformation Came About: Three Essentials
149.The Controversy over Papal versus Conciliar Authority
150.The Latin Vulgate: The Need for New Translations
151.John Wycliffe: A Voice for Reform
152.The Meaning of the Renaissance
153.The Renaissance Academies in Italy
154.Scholasticism and Renaissance Humanism Compared
155.The Medieval View of History
156.The Renaissance View of History
157.The Need for Reform: Agreement between Luther and Erasmus
158.The Conflict between Luther and Erasmus
159.The Failure of the Church on the Eve of the Reformation

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